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u/AvanteWolf · 5 pointsr/videos

I don't know too much about dash cams, but I do have this one and it is pretty good. Amazing quality overall, even at night. One thing I do have to say is to be careful with dash cams in extreme heat since they can get damaged on a hot summer day with the windows up. My Rexing did get damaged this way, but the company sent me a new one for free right away.
If you are looking into buying a dash cam, I would recommend looking at YouTube guides/reviews as well as Amazon reviews. I do recommend them to everyone though as they can be a life saver.

u/christyelaurel · 3 pointsr/videos

HAVE YOU TRIED SSSCAT?!?! Our kitten is very frisky at night, so we bought this product off Amazon called Ssscat—essentially a canister of compressed air that has a motion detector on it and releases a puff of air if kitty walks by. Not enough to really scare him, but enough to deter the behavior! We use it outside our bedroom and it has HONESTLY been a lifesaver because kitty doesn’t bug us every night!!! He doesn’t even really try to get inside anymore. Just bought one for the guest room for when people sleep over. Can’t recommend highly enough! You’re $30 away from better sleep.

Buy Ssscat on Amazon

u/PM_ME_YOUR_DATSUN · 1 pointr/videos

Good advice to get a dash cam but do NOT just go and buy the "cheapest drivepro".

There is a great market for cheap dashcams and currently the G1W holds the position of cheapest/most effective dashcam per $. Only $50 and takes microSD up to 32GB, I have one and it has worked flawlessly through winter and summer for over 2 years now. Also it does 1080p. Highly recommend.

u/coredumperror · 3 pointsr/videos

I bought the Black Box G1W-C dash cam, and put this MicroSD card into it. If you don't live in a climate where it ever gets very hot (like Southern California, where I live), you can get the regular G1W version, which is cheaper since it uses a battery rather than a capacitor (capacitors are more heat-resistant). Both versions need to stay plugged in to your lighter socket at all times, though, since even the battery version only lasts 5-10 minutes without external power.

It's too large to fit behind the rear view mirror on my Prius C, so I put it in the upper-right corner of my windshield, and aim is slightly to the left so it catches my entire front view. The suction cup that attaches it to the glass is very sturdy.

I've been pretty happy with the overall recording quality (license plates are clearly legible in the day, though you need to be pretty close at night), and it acts as a MicroSD card reader when you plug it into the USB on your computer, so I didn't need to buy a reader to be able to export the videos. And you can directly play back the videos on the device itself.

u/TotalCuntofaHuman · 14 pointsr/videos

Check out the reviews on this, I got the Rexing V1. I absolutely love it.

My only complaint at all is that it occasionally doesn't record any audio, but that's pretty negligible for me really.

I save little random clips of funny shit I see all the time with the press of a single button. Couldn't be easier. And it's stealthy because it mounts right against the windshield. No suction cup mount was a HUGE part of why I chose it. Can't bounce around, way less likely to fall off, etc

EDIT: I sound like a fucking shill, how do I prove that I'm not?

u/thbt101 · 3 pointsr/videos

Yeah, Toto Washlets are the shit. But if you don't want to spend that much money, for like $40 you can get a very effective alternative.

It'll change your life. Highly recommended for anyone with an asshole.

u/GermyMac · 48 pointsr/videos

I highly recommend getting a product called SSSCAT. It automatically sprays compressed air at whatever trips the motion detector. I've used it for a couple of months to keep my cats from getting behind the computer and on top of counters with great success.

Video of SSSCAT in action.

u/vednar · 2 pointsr/videos

Last time I saw a video on Reddit they posted this camera.

Finally bit the bullet and picked it up. Exactly as advertised. Bought a nice 32GB micro SD card popped it in, and wow, does it take great video!

u/hoffeys · 4 pointsr/videos

> I do think the Wosthof is best for a filthy casual like me,

I recommend a $40 Victorinox for the filthy casual. It will give the same performance and quality at a fraction of the cost.

u/Durchii · 12 pointsr/videos

Victorinox makes an excellent 8-inch chef's knife that sells for $30 on Amazon.

I have two of these and they sharpen up with stones really well, however it usually only takes a couple of swipes on my honing rod to restore the edge. Very solid knives, and if something happens to them... well, they're only $30, so I won't cry over it the way I would a Shun.

u/PatrickNLeon · 38 pointsr/videos

He has a cookbook, I bought it for a friend. It's actually a great cookbook, funny too.

u/Clear_Watt · 1 pointr/videos

If you search for dash cameras you find that the one the above linked is from spy tech, but the top result is this. According to Amazon, That is the best seller

u/MrrQuackers · 2 pointsr/videos

I've heard good things about this one if anyone is interested. The quality looks pretty amazing from YouTube videos I've seen from day and even night looked decent.

Another thing I thought was neat about this one is that it claims it detects an accident (by g-force) and will lock the video.

u/Katholikos · 2 pointsr/videos

NPR's Planet Money podcast just covered this very recently. There's a village in China that makes many of these products for pretty much the entire planet - it's where basically everything you see in a Dollar Tree comes from. It's 20 times the size of the Mall of America, and it's basically just single-person-manned stalls. Pretty wild stuff.

I doubt that's where you'd find chef's knives being made, but it's certainly possible.

Either way, just keep in mind that a $1 knife made in Japan is unlikely to be any better than a $1 knife made in Switzerland, Germany, the US, or any other country.

Keep in mind, one of the best-valued knives you can buy anywhere in the world is from Switzerland.

u/Khatib · 35 pointsr/videos

A chef's knife. Probably 8 inch by the looks of it.

This is my favorite "cheap" one. I love this thing.

Victorinox Swiss Army 8-Inch Fibrox Straight Edge Chef's Knife

u/siegewolf · 35 pointsr/videos

Don't you talk shit about Otamotones.

Edit: Oh man I started reading some of the reviews. They are pretty great.

u/filemeaway · 3 pointsr/videos

This is the best value if you're on a budget. A honing steel is essential for keeping your edge. Maintaining a sharp knife requires honing before every use, as well as occasional sharpening.

u/rwzephyr · 1 pointr/videos

Yeah it was totally worth it, although my water pressure is awesome at my house and I made a few mistakes being over zealous with it at first leaving me a little sore for a while... Also I probably would've sprung the extra few bucks for the heated one as my water gets awfully cold too but overall it's a great unit that my wife still refuses to use.

this is the unit I bought

u/GuitarFreak027 · 36 pointsr/videos

The book Command and Control gives a good accounting of that story, along with a really interesting look into the history of nuclear weapons. I'd highly recommend the book if you're interested in nuclear stuff.

u/Narutofloss · 1 pointr/videos

I have this one. Apparently it's the same ones that the russians use in all their cars. It got good reviews. It's the upgraded version of this reviewed one and it's matt-black so it's easily hidden. Great deal for $70.

u/clumsor · 1 pointr/videos

This one
gets great reviews and is reasonably prized. I never tried it, my knive is a Güde Alpha Olive more expensive and not necessarily better.

u/Ozymandias_Reborn · 2 pointsr/videos

I just threw all his particulars into a spreadsheet - I think his income is about $125,000/yr...NET!!!

He probably sales about 360 peelers/day, while working maybe 6 hours and taking a full month vacation every year.

My estimates:

-217% markups on the peelers (same peeler for 1.99 on amazon, assumes he has a deal for a bulk rate so shipping is close to negligible, called it $3/80 peelers)

-$100/day on veggies

-4wks off/year

-6hours worked/day

-he does that - what you see in the video - 4 times/hr while working

-That video is typical: assume he does that schpeel (4mins) with that sales volume (15 peelers) with adjusted average price of $4.33/peeler (taking into account he has a scaling price, $20/5)

-Yes I scraped 28% out for taxes

I've been doing a lot of economic modelling at work lately and I'm always interested in how other jobs work as far as a payout. Anyone weird like me and wants a look at the spreadsheet pm me.

u/Smar_tass · 1 pointr/videos

Came here to say this. Read a comment saying the same thing a few days ago. Bought this, installed it and it's actually been kinda fun shitting. Yeah you wipe to dry. But it's a nice clean butthole after that.

u/Norumu · 1 pointr/videos

I've just done a bunch of research for my own purchase interests. From what you're asking, I think the Rexing V1 might be up your alley, if you can mount it in a good spot where its buttons are comfortably in reach for you.

u/TheScottThompson · 1 pointr/videos

The victorinox 8 inch chef's knife. Best value for a knife ever.

u/yukmu · 1 pointr/videos

Here is one that has been mentioned on Reddit multiple times when dash cam videos get to the front page. It's reasonably priced and great for its value.

u/FutureCrabFisherman · -31 pointsr/videos

The Lord isn't going to help you out. If he was, the truck wouldn't of flipped in the first place. What is going to help you out is to A: stop panicking and B: perform chest compressions until the paramedics arrive. I know it's hard to keep calm but believe me, if you don't you are not going to be able to think clearly or decisively. And this will cause you to make mistakes and forget things you normally wouldn't.

Also PSA everyone should have one of these keychains no matter what it's cheap and could save someone's life's when precious seconds are a matter of life and death.

u/hrmiracle · 19 pointsr/videos

Hey thanks bro - I'll look for ones that have these specs. /u/K2QJXuGmtcNPKsA8 recommended the G1W and it sounds like it hits all your recommendations.

u/Multidimensionall · 17 pointsr/videos

nice ad, but if you want a nice bidet, you don't need to spend $69 on one. i've used this one for years and it's absolutely perfect.

u/dog_in_the_vent · 126 pointsr/videos

There was infighting between proponents of nuclear safety and proponents of nuclear readiness in SAC and Los Alamos. Some people wanted to have multiple independent safety devices to prevent accidental nuclear detonations or launches, others wanted nothing but a big red button to launch the missiles.

Command and Control by Eric Schlosser does a very good job of telling this story, as well as the story of a nuclear accident in Damascus Arkansas.

u/RidiculousIncarnate · 3 pointsr/videos

Can cook it yourself with this awesome book.

Pretty funny read too.

I always had fun showing people this book when I worked at Borders. Surprisingly quite a few of them bought it. I just don't think they thought it was an actual cookbook, but it is, written in some rather saucy language to boot.

u/tapkap · 16 pointsr/videos

I appreciate you giving the movie title. I found it on amazon. In a box set. With 11 other similar movies. For $6. Epic.

u/TreeMonger · 3 pointsr/videos

The New Jim Crow

Once in a great while a book comes along that changes the way we see the world and helps to fuel a nationwide social movement. The New Jim Crow is such a book. Praised by Harvard Law professor Lani Guinier as "brave and bold," this book directly challenges the notion that the election of Barack Obama signals a new era of colorblindness. With dazzling candor, legal scholar Michelle Alexander argues that "we have not ended racial caste in America; we have merely redesigned it." By targeting black men through the War on Drugs and decimating communities of color, the U.S. criminal justice system functions as a contemporary system of racial control—relegating millions to a permanent second-class status—even as it formally adheres to the principle of colorblindness. In the words of Benjamin Todd Jealous, president and CEO of the NAACP, this book is a "call to action."

Called "stunning" by Pulitzer Prize–winning historian David Levering Lewis, "invaluable" by the Daily Kos, "explosive" by Kirkus, and "profoundly necessary" by the Miami Herald, this updated and revised paperback edition of The New Jim Crow, now with a foreword by Cornel West, is a must-read for all people of conscience.

u/jimbonics · 2 pointsr/videos

Man, that sub is all over the place. The sidebar recommendations are pretty outdated as well.

Flipflopping between this

and this

Any thoughts or opinions?

u/comin-in-hot · 1 pointr/videos

Using a headrest or the metal part of a seat belt are just as effective as one of those hammers. In water, you won't be swinging that hammer fast enough to shatter glass. Neither are very effective.

You would want a spring loaded tool like this one.

u/flyingwolf · 1 pointr/videos

It was a cheap 50 dollar one from Amazon.

I just tossed a cheap 32 gig SD card in it. It sits behind my mirror, is always on and has worked perfectly.

u/orchardrivington · 1 pointr/videos

There are, in fact, many, many facts to support my position. Just because class (which happens to be closely tied to race) also plays into the equation doesn't mean that racism isn't at the heart of the problem. Educate yourself, my friend:

u/VirulentVoid · 2 pointsr/videos

An excellent book that covers the Damascus Incident is Command and Control by Eric Schlosser. I've read it myself and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the US nuclear arsenal and the accidents surrounding it.

u/kraze1994 · 3 pointsr/videos

G1W-H is a great starting point in dash cams.

u/AdrianBlack · 1 pointr/videos

Ssscat does the job very well, and the videos of it working are hilarious.

u/TriflingGnome · 1 pointr/videos

I bought this one. The build is kinda cheap and it's a pain to navigate the menus, but the quality is perfectly fine and its plugged into my cigarette lighter so it starts recording when I turn the car off / turns off when I stop.

u/LLotZaFun · 2 pointsr/videos

I've patiently awaited the opportunity to share this.

u/Hovsky · 4 pointsr/videos

Good a time as any to remind people to carry something to help escape a car that's under water/on fire.

u/Electric_Rectum · 3 pointsr/videos

Cooks Illustrated consistently picks this knife as one of the best chef knives, even when compared to $100+ knives. At $37, it seems to be a pretty damned good deal. I haven't used one yet, but I'll probably get a set of Victorinox Fibrox knives when my current ones need to be replaced.

u/eggbabies · 30 pointsr/videos

Cats aren't dogs, they don't react the same way. When a cat is trying to get your attention, any kind of attention is a reward. They don't understand "no" and will just come back once you shut the door again, because the sound makes you open the door.

Placing something like this outside the door is what they should do. It is a motion activated air canister that will spray air at the cat when it comes near the door, which will frighten it. It will learn to stay away from the door, and won't connect the discipline negatively with you.

u/CapybaraHematoma · 1 pointr/videos

For the money, I think Victorinox's chef knives are amazing. Link

u/achenx75 · 1 pointr/videos

I bought this one:

I've had it in my car for a year and a half and it still works great. I live in New Jersey, so it has experienced roasting in hot summer days to freezing in frigid winter mornings.

u/MilitaryPawn · 3 pointsr/videos

Or you could buy the DVD along with 11 other hilarious films by Andy Sidaris for only $6!!!

u/jaysunh · 2 pointsr/videos

Sure can. I've been through several of them for varying reasons. I've been using the G1W for the last couple years, though. I love it. It just works. (you may be able to find it somewhere cheaper. That link was just to the first result when I googled).

The only advice I have, though, is this... There are two different types of cars in the world. Ones that cut power to the cigarette lighter when the car is off and ones that keep power going when the car is off. If yours cuts power when you turn off the ignition, you never have to think about the cam again. If you're like me, and the power keeps going when the engine is off, you have to remember to turn the cam on and off when needed. And if you forget to turn it off in the summer heat, the camera will melt. I've ruined several cams that way.

My GF, on the other hand, has a car that cuts power when off. She never has to worry about it.

u/Ezzwardo · 4 pointsr/videos

Here is the one I am going to get. Not too expensive and pretty much every feature you would need.

u/generik777 · 3 pointsr/videos

Try searching "dash cam"

This one is pretty decent and fairly cheap. It's the one i use.

u/apathycoalition · 5 pointsr/videos

Don't forget that Coolio has a Cookbook. It's actually a fairly good cookbook.

u/squinkys · 1 pointr/videos

hahahahaha right? If you're interested in what happened in Arkansas, or any of the large number of "Broken Arrow" events, check out "Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety" by Eric Schlosser. It's a supremely well written account.

u/vapeducator · 1 pointr/videos

I tried those syringes and squeeze bulbs in the past, but the problem is that they constantly need to be refilled because they contain so little fluid, and the angle to use them is difficult for using it on yourself. This Elephant Ear worked much better for me because it holds much more liquid and the flexible tube lets me use the squeeze lever much easier.

u/uid_0 · 12 pointsr/videos

If you want to read more with some amazing technical details of the Titan silos, I highly recommend Eric Schlosser's book "Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety". It's a compelling read.

u/Looger · 2 pointsr/videos

Hijacking this thread to recommend The New Jim Crow for anyone who is interested in taking a deeper dive into the racial implications of the drug war. It lays out exactly the history and policies that made the war on drugs effectively a sophisticated system to enforce racial caste.

u/zunk1 · 1 pointr/videos

Dude get this and change your life. The amount of stuff that will come out your head will blow your mind.

Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy

u/Mu4dD1b · 1 pointr/videos

I went with this [one] (, it has served me well for two years. It comes recommended on

u/Acidictadpole · 1 pointr/videos

The price difference is astounding on this item.

u/OliverBabish · 1 pointr/videos

Hey - I wholeheartedly recommend the Victorionox Fibrox 8" Chef's Knife to beginners and experts alike!

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/videos

I have a G1W. It's a basic cheap model, but I've had it for a year and it works fine (I checked it this week). I was surprised by the high video quality, for the price I thought it would be bad. I bought 2 more for my sisters around the time I picked up mine.

$50 for dashcam + $15 for a good quality micro SD card

/r/Dashcam for info about buying, etc

/r/Roadcam for dashcam footage

u/VulturE · 2 pointsr/videos

Amazon is saying:

and a mix of 75% warm water and 25% vinegar

u/corvettee01 · 44 pointsr/videos

I have a Rexing Dash Cam and I like it a lot. You just run a cable from the cam to an aux port in your car and it does everything else for you. It records on a loop, so if nothing is saved from previous driving time, it goes back and deletes that data so you don't have to worry about your SD card getting filled up. Just turn your car on and you're set.

u/ReplyYouDidntExpect · 4 pointsr/videos

Those are some chinese knockoff

this is what they're supposed to look like:

u/slyx64 · 1 pointr/videos

Last time a video like this was around quite a few people pointed to this camera. Amazon Link

u/ZombieCakeHD · 113 pointsr/videos

It took me a bit of researching and digging, and by researching I mean Googling "yellow smiley music toy thing" and scrolling around. This thing is called an Otamatone, made by a Japanese company by the name of Maywa Denki.

Here's the product listing on Amazon, they're absurdly expensive for some odd reason.

Knock yourselves out.

u/Tatex · 1 pointr/videos

And here's one from Amazon UK for us Europeans!

u/veRGe1421 · 0 pointsr/videos

Step your game up my stank-ass brother. This might just change your life and bring you into the 21st century.

Or this if you're down to drop an extra $10 for a slightly nicer version.

u/golfrinserepeat · 1 pointr/videos

I got this one on order, along with a kit to hard-wire it. Just in case you were curious, which you probably aren't! LOL

u/ROBOKUT · 1 pointr/videos

I found the peeler on Amazon. It's known as the Star Peeler AMAZON THAT SHIT

u/001100010010 · 2 pointsr/videos

I would buy this peeler from him or his daughter if I could. Even if they had a website and it was more expensive.
However because I cannot, here is the amazon link to what appears to be the same Swiss Rex vegetable peeler.

u/a420 · 3 pointsr/videos

You can still purchase these on Amazon. Though not with the same experience. RIP Joe Ades

u/weseeu · 1 pointr/videos

Here it is on amazon for $2 +$2 shipping.

u/newbachu · 1 pointr/videos

You can pick up the entire Andy Sedaris Collection on DVD for 5.89 on Amazon. That's 50 cents a movie. Everyone should own this...

u/MaGlCMaN · 1 pointr/videos

I sometimes wonder if I have impacted ears...

I can stick my fingers in both ears and it feels like my finger hits a "wall". I always assumed that was just my eardrum blocking my finger from going in any farther. Is this not normal?

I also remember not doing so hot at one of those hearing tests they have you take in elementary school but I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, including my parents. (They told me to tell my parents..)

I honestly don't hear very well and I'm starting to consider buying this..

u/Nefarious- · 3 pointsr/videos

I doubt this comment will be seen, but they are made by a company called Zena, in Switzerland. That particular model is the Rex.

They are on amazon for $2.00:

u/JamesCowap · 0 pointsr/videos

For people who want to purchase this, Enjoy.

u/PiggyBankofDespair · 2 pointsr/videos

>Zeus's own cumcoction

Did he get the recipe out of Natural Harvest?

u/Tiki-God · 3 pointsr/videos

Here's the recipe book for you then, Natural Harvest

u/adremeaux · 1 pointr/videos

Or you could get this one which is literally the exact same photo, but 4x the price!

u/uranus86 · 163 pointsr/videos

Victorynox didn't have it but i managed to find it on Amazon, this looks to be the exact one he was selling. Reviews basically confirm it.

u/alpacalyptic · 1 pointr/videos

To everyone wondering where you can get this: Amazon link.

u/BLMdidHarambe · 36 pointsr/videos


*The different versions are a bit perplexing. The "English white" one is about $30 shipped.

u/moby323 · 1 pointr/videos

Dude on the Otamatone kicks ass!!!!

u/GrumpaDirt · 172 pointsr/videos

There ya go, and its even 1.10 cheaper than hes selling them for. Probabl even cheaper if you buy several and get cheaper shipping. Buy a bunch and sell them the same way he is.

u/SyrioForel · 1 pointr/videos

Seriously? You do realize he didn't MAKE them, right? He bought them wholesale. He's a salesman. You can buy these same exact peelers from Amazon:

$1.99 for that

You can also pick up the "upgraded" version labeled "STAR", which is the identical model shown in the video, for around $7. The only difference between the STAR peeler and the REX peeler for $1.99 is the material that the handle (not the blade) is made out of. ZENA, the manufacturer of this product, actually sells a variety of different peelers based on this original model, and they're quite famous around the world. This isn't exactly an exotic or unique item.

u/WaltzingacrosstheUS · 3 pointsr/videos

Seeing a few posts about wanting the sandwich cutter.

Buy it on amazon

u/wedgiey1 · 1 pointr/videos

I have issues with impacted earwax too, but I just use this thing when I feel it coming...

u/Appulse · 0 pointsr/videos

I just got this one

read from /r/videos/comments/2adhhp/failed_fraud_guys_back_into_a_car_and_blame_the/

u/MayoFetish · 1 pointr/videos

This one has lasted me 2 years. Get a 32gb memory stick and you should get 5+hours of 1080p video.

u/omapuppet · 1 pointr/videos

Not sure what's being used in the video, but other videos with similar quality were taken using a G1W

u/RedOrmTostesson · 1 pointr/videos

> Get rid of that shit, or use it when you suspect brigading. It's rankly insulting to label someone as a "donald user". I read and post there occasionally, and it's usually a dissenting opinion.

Yeah, and that's why I responded to you. I didn't mean to insult you, but you have to recognize that you're the 1/100 I clicked into and didn't find something horrific. It's a useful tool so I don't waste time digging up links just so someone can respond "lol retard libcuck." And that happens often enough that someone made a tool to stop it.

Anyway, I'm glad that you seem like the rare conservative who seems repulsed by police brutality. If you're interested in the subject of our (in)justice system, check out Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow." It really opened my eyes as to the iniquity inherent in our policing systems.

u/Hug_me_im_gassy · 4 pointsr/videos

[Sscat cat control system](PetSafe SSScat

video of it in action

I'm allergic, and it kept my roommates' cats out of my room and, by extension, off of my pillows.

The sensor isn't the most reliable thing in the world, but it works most of the time.

u/Ax3boy · 55 pointsr/videos

Here's what he was selling, but you won't get as good as a deal, though.

u/POTUS · 2 pointsr/videos

This one:

Pop a 2gb MicroSD in it, wire it to your ignition, point it to the front, and forget about it.

u/CrazyTillItHurts · 1 pointr/videos

> Every time the mom was begging for the fire department to break the window--depends on the vehicle and the skill of the firefighter.

Not really. They should all have one of these already:

u/magnus007 · 114 pointsr/videos

This sort of road rage, even in New Jersey, is very rare. But I picked up one of those Russian anti-scam cams for $45 + a microSD. - Looks like it's up to $65 now.

u/beanbaz · 1 pointr/videos

Hey /u/sknabcv2 I was able to ID the hardware, but what is running on the MacBook?

Novation Impulse 49 USB Midi Controller Keyboard

Boss RC-505 Loop Station

I noticed you replied to my latency question but can't seem to find it anywhere :/ what did you say about latency?

u/codenamegamma · 1 pointr/videos

the syringe sucks though, its hard to refil and in my experiance while it can work the pressure and water flow more then anything is whats going to help get that crap out. what i use is this.

when i need to i take a shower fill it with warm water and then give it a few squirts, if something is really in there, because its a spray bottle you can really run a lot of water to clean out really bad ones.

u/MechanismZero · 308 pointsr/videos

Eh, my worry is that in the chaos, I won't have time to grab the hammer doodad, and by the time the car is full of water, I won't be able to get enough power with the drag of the water to break the window with the hammer style ones.

I own this badboy.
Spring loaded window punch and still has the seat belt cutter. You just press it against the window and it does all the work.

u/Yargyarg · 17 pointsr/videos

In case you didn't know, car glass is actually lamenated glass, which is why it's so hard to break. Obviously you wouldn't want it to be as brittle as regular glass, otherwise every time your window got hit by a rock doing 50mph, it would break.

Although it wouldn't have helped much in this scenario if the owners of the car had one (probably would have helped if someone else had one in their car), there are many tools on the market designed specifically to break car glass. It's a VERY good idea to buy such a tool in the event that your car goes into the drink or any other event happens in which you need to break your own car window fast. Such tools are as follows:

Imagine, instead of a kid being stuck in the car, you lost control of your car and went into a river. You can't get your window open because of the pressure differential and you need to get out, QUICK! There's a problem, though: it took a 250lbs man and a massive pipe multiple tries to break the window from the outside, how the fuck are you going to do it with nothing to help from the inside? Seriously, buy something like the above, keep it in your car. You may never need it but wouldn't you rather spend 20 bucks on something you never use than not spend 20 bucks on something and die as a result?

u/nickiter · 2 pointsr/videos

I'm currently reading a book about the US nuclear program, and based on what I've read there, you are incredibly wrong.

We aren't nearly as close to the brink as we once were, but one bomb in a bad spot could kill tens of millions of people, collapse the world economy, render hundreds of square miles uninhabitable, and create billions of dollars in chronic health care costs.

That's one bomb. Imagine just five. Or imagine a "limited exchange" between i.e. Pakistan and India - the death toll could be in the hundreds of millions.

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Why don't you read /u/Cumbox15 or /u/lawrnk comment history, then get back to me. Also, what you're saying has merit, and I'm not saying everyone in here is racist. Racist does get thrown around a lot. However, as is apparent in our current political climate, racism is still going very strong in this country and a lot of accusations that people are racist is right on the money, despite what most will say in response to being called racist. The cognitive dissonance is astounding. Waving a Nazi flag and demanding segregation, but they aren't racist. They just believe in ethnic purity. Fuckin serious?

Some people just don't like the content, and that is their prerogative. But "thug" and "he got what he deserved" are low blows, especially considering the content and the message that was being expressed in the video.

If you want a better idea on subtle racism and how destructive it can be, read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. Don't just write it off, that book is a game changer and is met by unanimous praise in the legal community, taught in colleges around the country, and will leave you disgusted at the state of our prison industrial complex and lamenting the state of inequality across the sociological spectrum. I'm open to reading material you suggest; all I ask is that it is from a reputable author. Michelle Alexander is a Stanford Law School graduate and has an extremely impressive resume if you look into her.