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u/sungbean · 8 pointsr/Music
u/littlebugs · 5 pointsr/Parenting

Here are our favorites, I'd recommend first checking your library:

Caspar Babypants, very catchy tunes with silly songs. It took us two or three go-throughs with these cds before we fell in love, but now we (and the friends we've gifted them to) find ourselves listening in the car even when we don't have kids with us.

Classical Kids story cds, we listen to these while going to sleep at night.

Laurie Berkner Band, I discovered this, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Caspar Babypants all while tweaking my favorite kids' songs on Pandora.

Wiggleworms by Old Town School of Folk Music, these have all the classic kids' songs and more in a music together sort of style.

u/davidjricardo · 4 pointsr/Reformed

Here's the relevant section from The DJR 2016 Holiday Gift Buying Guide (Mostly Books). The story Bibles all have images of Jesus, so fair notice it that is a conviction for you. The second one leans more Lutheran than Reformed, but is still highly recommended.

> #10. Resources for Teaching Children About Jesus

> [The Jesus Storybook Bible]( - does a great job of teaching Bible stories as a unified story of redemption and not just moral fables. About 30 or so stories.

The Story Bible - Best job I know of retaining the biblical wording in simplied form. More than any other children's Bible, this one sounds like the Bible. About 150 stories, great illustrations. Excerpt

> What's In the Bible? DVD series that shows how the whole bible fits together to tell the gospel story. Absolutely fantastic. Most adults in the church would learn many things from watching it. Here's a 1 minute introduction video.

A catechism for young children - a simplified version of the Westminster Shorter catechism. Even young kids can memorize a bunch. Depending on how close to her second/third birthday your daughter is, she may not be there yet, but she will get there soon. Both of my kids also know the Lord's Prayer and the Apostle's Creed.

> * Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs. There are a lot of good Bible song collections out there, but this one is the best. Lyrics are mostly straight from scripture. Quirky and catchy so that kids will learn the songs within a play or two, but grownups can tolerate (even enjoy) repeated plays. Also contains the only children's song version of [Deuteronomy 14:21].

New to the list for 2017 are:

u/StuartHayden · 4 pointsr/TheFence

My sister and brother in-law play Coheed and Cambria lullaby tracks ( for my 6 month old nephew to listen to as they put him down for a nap or when it’s bed time. They also watch the neverender dvd with him at least once a week.

u/RCS47 · 3 pointsr/TaylorSwift

I don't mean to make light of your situation, but lullably versions of Taylor Swift songs do exist.

Lullaby Renditions Taylor Swift by Hushabye Baby, contains songs from albums up to Speak Now

Listening Preview

Lullaby Renditions of Taylor Swift by Rockabye Baby!, contains songs from albums up to 1989

Listening Preview

I've never field-tested these on actual infants, but I suspect the first one would be more effective.

u/bookchaser · 3 pointsr/childrensbooks

Try /r/parenting/ and /r/raisingkids/ (slightly less toxic)

Many kids don't begin to read until they enter kindergarten (age 5). If this 4-year-old is being taught by his parents to read, or gets such instruction (say, in a Montessori preschool) find out if he's in the early stages, or he's going full bore reading regular picture books and 'early reader' books on his own. Such a child typically enters kindergarten reading at a first or second grade level.

Unless he's a strong reader, the safe and good bet is to buy books with the intent that his parents will read the books to him. So even a chapter book could be appropriate if the subject matter interests him to be read a chapter or two each night at bedtime.

There are loosely ordered by my recommendation level:

  • Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. This one is bursting with vehicles, tons to take in on every double page... mostly passenger vehicles, but all manner of other types of vehicles make their own appearance, plus lots of absurd ones (a gorilla driving a banana car, etc.) One scene is in a construction site. A thin story line ties each scene together (the pig family going on a car trip, and Officer Flossy chasing down the speeding Dingo Dog). A fun feature is a yellow bug ("Goldbug") hidden in a different place on each double page. Be sure to get the hardcover. Even when Mom or Dad isn't there to read it, the book is fun to look through.

  • Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (Amazon link). This is a true classic from 1939. A steam shovel was antiquated even in 1939, but that's the theme of this story.

  • Trashy Town (garbage truck) This one is fun if you can get him repeating the story's refrain with you... "Is the trash truck full yet? {yelling} NOOOO! Mister Gilly drives on..."

  • I Stink (garbage truck)

  • Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

  • Justin Roberts Greatest Hits CD (or MP3s). I mention this one only because he has a song Obsessed by Trucks.
u/aidoll · 2 pointsr/disney

I can't find one, but maybe you can listen yourself to the CD? Even if you don't buy it, Amazon has 30 second samples, which is pretty good since most of the tracks are 1 - 2 minutes long.

I found this blog entry too:

u/frenchmartini · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I love Phish! My husband didn't listen to them before he met me, but I love the shirt! Have you seen those albums that are lullabies of popular music? They have a Phish one:

u/mesovortex · 2 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Kids Songs 2 by Nancy Cassidy is the one I remember. Sure it was a male performer? Her voice is fairly gender ambiguous.

u/jrock1979 · 2 pointsr/phish
u/thermtheworm · 2 pointsr/Dinosaurs

Check out We Are the Dinosaurs by The Laurie Berkner Band on Amazon Music

u/mtelesha · 2 pointsr/ECEProfessionals

The best CD for Transitions is Shawn Brown's Super Fun Transitions

My Head Start Agency uses it in all 52 classrooms. Can't recommend it enough.

Clean It Up song is not on YouTube but on the rug is to give you an idea of how they sound.

His website

u/splatterhead · 2 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Danny and Dinah Two Pandas from China.

Edit: Sample can be heard HERE #13.

u/greatwashed · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

I found this ... it’s a track by some Russian clown. I listened to the brief sample and it sounds like it might be the song you’re looking for. Ngl, it looks 100x more nightmare inducing than the tuneless throat singing. Hope it helps though.

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|about artist|Hailing from Yellow Springs, Ohio, Wheels plays their own brand of music. Some might call it Americana, but they’ve dubbed it ‘outdoorsy bird funk’ – a high-energy, foot-stomping hootenanny steeped in bluegrass tradition, seasoned with classic soul and rock n’ roll, and delivered with a forward-minded and innovative approach. Known for their stunning three- and four-part harmony vocals, the band consists of Rory Papania on guitar, Sam Salazar playing mandolin, Jamie Scott providing percussion and harmonica, Sam Crawford laying down the bass, and Conor Stratton covering everything in between. (more on|
|track|The Dove|
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u/blue-apple · 1 pointr/Retconned

I didn't mean the actual closed captioning was the residue - apparently my link didn't go through? This mp3 on Amazon was it... I'm looking back at my original post and see that apparently it didn't link right. Oops. The cc led me to the jingle.

u/IronTitsMcGuinty · 1 pointr/askwomenadvice

It's small, but this album is AMAZING.

Here's a youtube playlist so you can give it a listen.

u/orksnork · 1 pointr/flyfishing

Honestly, no. It's just an old tongue twister.

When I googled it, in response to your question, I did find this though.

So maybe I wasn't too far off posting it in this thread.

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Congrats Emma and Will!

With kids in the car I would go with some semi educational yet good music like The Asylum Street Spankers album Mommy Says No!. Both myself and my 5th/6th grade students loved several of the songs.

Because everyone needs some kids albums that don't suck, I would also recommend any of the They Might Be Giants kids albums, my favorite being Here Comes Science

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