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u/Boohyabuddha · 15 pointsr/college

I'll try to be specific with what I recommend, giving brands and models if I can. Bear in mind, I'm from a STEM major, so some of this is stuff I've used for math and other related classes that you might not need.

  1. Uniball KURU TOGA Mechanical Pencils - These are hands-down the best mechanical pencils I've ever used. It has a mechanism that rotates the lead as you lift up the pencil (I think? or maybe as you write...) so you get a sharp, clean script nearly all the time. My only gripe is I lose the eraser caps a lot, and if you don't have them on it's difficult to click more lead. The "Roulette" model might be different.

  2. TOPS Engineering Computation Pad - I actually take my in-class notes on my Surface Pro (highly recommend it), and use my next recommendation for practice problems, but I use this paper for my hand-in assignments. I don't like ruled paper for any kind of computation work, and with plain paper I tend to veer off and don't get clean lines. With this paper, though, I can see the grid on the backside through the front, allowing me to get a clean look without thick lines muddying up the aesthetics. This isn't necessary, but for me it makes my work easier to read and organize, and it often times is the only green paper in the homework pile so it's easy to pick out as well!

  3. NUboard A4 Dry Erase Notebook - My wife bought this for me for my first semester because I was going through so much paper to do practice problems, and because I hated standing up to do work on a bigger dry erase board. It's the size of a normal notebook with transparent sheets overlapping the dry erase panels, and your notes will (more or less) stay on the board until you erase them. By this I mean that you can do some notes or problems, close the book, shove it in your backpack, and when you open it it will be as you left it. This thing changed my studying habits, and I use a lot less paper now.

    Here's some other random things I didn't think of before I realized I need them in the moment. I try to keep these things in my backpack most of the time:

    Surge Protector - I do all my studying in the library, and if I don't get there early, all the desks with outlets get snatched up quickly (especially near midterms and finals). I ended up picking up a cheap one at Micro Center and keep it in my backpack in case I need to sit somewhere further away. Also, it helps others that aren't close to one either. :)

    Noise-Cancelling Headphones - I study in the "absolute quiet" floors, but even then some people make some noise just shuffling papers, zipping-unzipping stuff, eating lunch, etc. You don't need the Bose fancy ones; anything that keeps the noise out (and, I should mention, your own music IN) will work.

    Chegg/Wolfram Subscription - These saved my academic butt so many times. Wolfram might not be necessary if you're only taking one math course as a GEP requirement, but if you're taking up to Calc2 or 3 it's great. It can solve integrations and derivatives, but, more importantly, it will also show you a step-by-step solution. Chegg, however, I think is worth it for nearly any class. I've only had one or two textbooks whose answers weren't on there, and for the others it was a lifesaver. Professors will sometimes not post solutions or answers to problems in class or on homework, and books will often only have the answer in the back. Chegg, however, not only has the answer, but, more often than not, has step-by-step solutions. I used this all the time for two things specifically: 1) Check my homework before I turn it in to make sure I understood the processes (and got the answers right), and 2) doing practice problems from the book that the professor didn't address or post solutions for.

    Hope this helps!
u/DrummerStp · 15 pointsr/DIY

Here’s one similar in size on amazon for $70:

I came up with cheaper solution that also hides the mounting points (if that matters to you). There’s very little construction involved.

Parts needed:

$29.99 x 1 - Glasholm: White glass table top from ikea (legs sold separately)

$1.90 x 2 - 16-Gauge 18-5/16 in. Retrofit Plate Strap

$0.60 x4 - M8-1.2 x 12 mm. Phillips Pan-Head Machine Screw

$2.46 x1 - 1/4 in. Zinc-Plated Flat Washer (25-Piece per Bag)

Links for materials:

White boards are crazy expensive, especially glass ones. There are plenty of cheap alternatives (white board paint, those cheap 4’x8’ white board hardboard panels from home depot), which are all well and good. But if you want something nice and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, try this option.

It’s up to you how you hang the final product. I used some generic 50lb picture hangers (pictured). I had to put a couple washers in-between the picture hanger and the wall in order for the machine screws to clear.

To construct, you simply mount the plate strap to the mounting holes on the back of the glass ikea table top using the machine screws. You’ll need a couple washers to make it snug. I put straps top and bottom, but you can probably get away with just one. I’d still recommend putting in all four screws to keep the glass even with the wall.

Then use whatever mounting hardware you’d like. I went with simple 50 lb picture hangers. They worked great. I put two side by side. So essentially I got a 40” by 40” glass white board for around 80 bucks.

(Oh, and please excuse the blurry pictures. My iPhone stopped autofocusing, so it’s stuck at a certain focus depth which happens to be about a foot from the camera. So anything farther than that is blurry.)

edit: formatting and grammar

u/d4rch0n · 15 pointsr/lifehacks

I had one for a couple years that I got from craigslist for free. Offices are always getting rid of shit like that.

Alternatively, I actually think it's worth buying one if you rather have a nice framed whiteboard without spending hours of work making it look solid. You can easily spend a few hours crafting your own and it probably won't end up looking nearly as good as what you end up making. You get a nice perfect rectangle with a perfect frame and a little spot to hold markers. The effort it'd take to build that quality isn't worth saving $45 IMO.

Bought this one after my craigslist one got screwed up... for $60 I think it's worth it. It's a really good size and it's super solid and screws right into the wall with drywall screws and has a nice metal frame. It's about 4 times as much as that panel board but I think it's totally worth it. I'd rather have something that looks good framed in my office and is attached strongly to the wall.

Mine right now from amazon. It is a lot more clear than it looks there - I used photoshop smudge to hide some work stuff. Unless you're going huge and 4' x 3' isn't enough, I wouldn't bother considering making my own. Now, if it was between spending $600 on those massive ones, sure. But for $60?

u/roland00 · 13 pointsr/ADHD

ADHD people do not have a good verbal working memory. They can not remember things they need to do inside their head as a verbal list, like steps, 1, 2, 3, 4. You only use your verbal working memory on things you are not actively focusing on right now. The importance of your verbal working memory is to retain information in a temporary backup, while you do the things you are focusing on. You retain the information so when you are done with your primary thing your brain can access its working memory and now make a secondary item into a primary item.


Verbally asking you to remember all these things is asking a person who has to use a wheelchair to go up stairs. If your partner is doing that and is getting frustrated or passive aggressive than this is his or her own fault and not your own. Your are ADHD, you have a disorder, you are slightly disabled.

This is not to say you do not have responsibilities, instead we need to create an artificial prosthesis, an elevator, to deal with your disability.



You need to make this information visual and you need to interact with it in your environment.

  • Instead of telling you to do the dishes, write post it notes do the dishes, and put it on the bathroom mirror or if you want to be cute, put the post it note on your forehead.

  • Buy a whiteboard, buy three like this one and place it on your fridge, your door you leave the house, anywhere where you will see it.

  • If you are a person who uses the computer often and does not have a password to log into the computer, open up word and make it fullscreen and place the note in big letters do X, Y, and Z

  • Almost everyone has a smartphone today. With Android, iOS, and Windows Phone there are calendar apps where multiple people can enter information into the calendar (sometimes called group calendar). Google Calendar is one such thing. This person can set up calendar events and reminders that you receive via text message and/or email and you can even make them reoccurring.

    Another Way to help an ADHD person is to make an event have consequences. Our brain does not retain useless information in our verbal working memory. If something does not have immediate consequences then our brain does not store it in working memory, or if something else comes up our brain stores that in working memory instead and since your working memory is limited you "forget" the other piece of information.

    So you need to have consequences both positive and negative if you do not get your chores done. These do not have to be horrible like the consequences your parents have when you were 10, they can be fun like if you do not do chores for a week, you have to dress up like a french maid, with an apron and a hat and everything, and do housework all day on the weekend while making your partner iced teas, and giving them massages while they relax and watch tv, or do whatever they want.

    One thing that will help your brain is having immediate artificial consequences even if the real consequences are delayed. Aka a token economy. Having 3 chores that have to be done daily, and if you do not get those chores done you do not get a poker chip. If you have 5 poker chips at the end of the week you two do something fun in town, like going out to eat. Poker chips are reset every Sunday, so if you do not do chores 5 days out of every 7 days, you do not get the positive reward.

    Your brain can organize towards the poker chips, your brain understands the importance of chores and such. The problem is your brain thinks 30 other things are important, so if it does not have that physical reminder, that you interact with in your physical environment than you do not store this information in your faulty verbal working memory. If the information is not in your working memory then of course you can not do it. And if you do not make the event immediate, even if the immediacy is artifical you will always put the event off for everything else seems more important to you, everything else needs to be done now, dishes can wait.
u/GrantSRobertson · 11 pointsr/learnprogramming

Yup. I've been using these as whiteboards for decades. Here are some additional tips:

These "bathroom panels" (as they are often called) are not quite as perfectly non-porous as the ceramic coated whiteboards you buy at the office supply store. If you use them without treating them, then they will absorb just a bit of the marker and it will be difficult to erase. However, all you have to do is take a dryer sheet and polish the surface of the board to essentially wax the surface before you use it. You can clean the board with a little isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel occasionally, then just wax it again with a dryer sheet. The longer you leave a marker on the board the harder it will be to erase, but I have found that it isn't too much of a pain. It's certainly better than paying over $300 for a 4' x 8' ceramic coated whiteboard, which weighs a ton.

To mount these things, I just screwed them to the wall with drywall screws. Then I fixed the holes when I moved out.

Another option is whiteboard contact paper. Here is another gigantic link for you:

You can sometimes find this stuff at education/teacher supply stores.

I have used this kind of stuff on the back of a door, on the giant sliding closet doors that were in my dorm room, even on mirrors (I don't like to look at myself anyway). The surface is actually better than the bathroom panels, but sometimes the adhesive on the back of the film doesn't stick the best. It is designed to be removed, but sometimes it removes itself under gravity. It depends on how clean and smooth the surface was that you stuck it to.

Once you start using dry erase boards, (especially large ones) you will quickly become addicted. It is amazing how much better you can think when your ideas are spread out all over a wall. It is there when you wake up, and when you are brushing your teeth. It really helps you focus while not loosing track of all the little details you keep inserting. In one studio apartment, I had the equivalent of four 4x8 panels spread throughout my apartment. I got a lot of good thinking done in that apartment.

Get yourself a large set of different colored markers, both fat and "fine" point.

Have fun. Go full mad scientist. Invent the next big thing.

u/Morophin3 · 9 pointsr/math

Get this eraser for your whiteboard. It lasts forever. I bought mine in 2014 and I've only gone through two of those sheets.

u/microseconds · 9 pointsr/networking

Start with the underlay.

Got your underlay in position? Awesome. Now add the overlay materials. Use /u/the-packet-thrower's stencils in conjunction with your overlay and underlay tools.

Need to back out a change? Use the standard change management tools prescribed by the underlay/overlay technologies..

u/xoriginal_usernamex · 6 pointsr/rutgers

Pretty sure they get left open but I could be wrong. Also if you're willing to drop the cash, something like this is pretty awesome to have in your dorm/apartment/house

u/norsethunders · 6 pointsr/lifehacks

What you really want are these, glass whiteboards. We got a bunch of them recently for our office, they're incredibly resistant to scratching and are basically impervious to staining!

u/acetv · 3 pointsr/cheatatmathhomework

I'm not having any luck with your graph theory problem, but I can help with your paper problem:

I own three whiteboards this size. I love them.

u/blooshamoo · 3 pointsr/kickstarter

So... this product already exists and it's very popular in my office.

u/ZBeebs · 3 pointsr/mac

Seeing as this has been a problem since they first started making "talkies", you might consider an old school solution.

u/sweetyi · 3 pointsr/productivity

This is a pretty simple strategy that made a big difference for me:

Get a whiteboard calendar. Draw some checkboxes on each day for the month, correlated to tasks you want to turn into habits, and check them off at the end of each day that you've completed them. I started small with a row of 4 checkboxes at the bottom of each day for a month, and have been adding to them as I think of more tasks I want to be doing (I'm up to 12 now I think).

Start out striving to check boxes off. Doesn't matter when you get them done, just fit it into your day somewhere. Just make sure you're doing some of your tasks each day. Eventually, start pushing yourself to strive for PERFECT days where you check every box. You'll still miss things sometimes, but you can visualize your progress and even when you forget to do something or you're too lazy to do it, you can look at your calendar checkmarks and say "Look at all the things I've successfully completed this month!"

You can make your tasks whatever you want. Some of my examples are exercise, reading, guitar practice, cooking a meal for myself, logging calories for the day, etc. Even small successes build up momentum.

u/CleftDub · 3 pointsr/DnD

Apologies but it is my first time posting on DnD and I was being careful about not breaking the advertising rule, even though I don't represent the company or anything. The brand I use is called Magic Whiteboard. They come in big rolls like cellophane.

UK £17.49:

US $65.99:

I'm not sure if the sizes of those two products are exactly the same but I believe so.

u/The_Almighty_Cthulhu · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

Oh don't worry too much. This kind of thing is super common.

I deal with it by having a small whiteboard I write on.

In combat have everyone roll initiative, then list everyone from top to bottom in order, including creatures, enemies, npcs.

Then whenever some effect is applied to someone, buff, debuff, hiding, hexed, prone, unconcious, poisoned, etc. I note it next to them. I also write the current damage on each participant in combet here as well.

Then I just go down the list, looking at the modifiers on them during their turn. Then i can remind myself to apply effects to the enemies, and remind players that they have (insert buff/debuff here).

This is the kind of whiteboard i have.

u/sterling_13 · 3 pointsr/ROTC

Get one of these:

It's a foldable whiteboard that can fit in your pocket, or in your notebook holder. This was one of the best tips I got, and this thing was awesome. Useful for posting the timeline for the next day, sketching out your TMK, or just having a large space to jot some ideas down.

u/ifnecessary · 3 pointsr/ADHD

Buy a calendar dry erase board and write all your assignments, appointments, due dates, etc. on it. Don't just buy a blank dry erase board, get one meant for calendars.

Buy a pack of multi-colored dry erase markers for each subject. That way when you look at the Calendar in a glance you can tell what is due when and what subject otherwise if it is all in black one tends to tune it all out. Keep the markers in a coffee cup right below the dry erase calendar.

Buy color matching notebooks for each subject.

My system: I have the calendar hanging on the wall right in front of my desk.

Microbiology: Green Notebook + Green Marker

Chem: Blue Notebook + Blue Marker

Ethics: Black Notebook + Black Marker

Calculus: Purple Notebook + Purple Marker

You'll find more and more that on Adderall one quite enjoys doing things like organizing fun little systems like that, and they do work very well.

u/rreighe2 · 2 pointsr/LocationSound

I second what Qualsa said. Don't feed into cameras when you can avoid it. hopefully you can get someone to slate and log the shots down. it'll save your lives and make things SO much easier.

notice how your Zoom writes the file names. I think they are usually STE-000 or MONO-000 depending on how you record it (haven't used 4 channels yet) and then write that on the slate. I also have an h4n so the naming conventions might be a little different. for films i'd recommend it naming by the shot or take over by the date. it'll be easier, trust me.

next: don't worry about lavs. Not yet. you have enough to worry about and lavs and 50 cables are going to tie you down, OR you're going to have a hell of a time trying to figure out what frequencies are usable and not. plus you can even still get interference on frequencies that you thought were empty, but they actually weren't. So, please avoid that for now. You need to set aside non-project time to get that stuff right. Even then, it's different in every county or city.

now, Learn what your mics can and can't do. This is essential. The Zoom has great warmth, so maybe for closeups in the studio, you might get better audio using the zoom's sensitive microphones verses a shotgun or something with a long pole, but I can't know for sure without being there, so that one is up to you.

third, back to the slating, if you've never slated before, here is a good one we are using for a feature we are filming. God it has helped out tons:
Right here

if you want to make things a little easier, you can get some [Gaff tape]9 to write down things that wont change. IE director, production name, etc. that and a sharpie will save a lot of time.

But what's a slate without a log book? We've been fine with just:

Roll | Scene | Shot | Take | Audio File | Good/bad/fair
01 | 1 | 1 | 1 | STE-000 | **
01 | 1 | 1 | 2 | STE-001 |
(train horn)
01 | 1 | 1 | 3 | STE-002 | (distant horn during whispering line)
01 | 1 | N/a | N/A  | STE-003 | ADR - Whispering Line
01 | 1 | 2 | 1 | STE-004 |
(actor fell down)
01 | 1 | 2 | 2 | STE-005 | (might have clipped)
01 | 1 | 2 | 3 | STE-006 | ****
01 | 1 | 2 | 4 | STE-007 |
01 | 1 | 3 | 1 | MONO-000 | Wide

This is how we've been slating:

It's pretty simple and saves a ton of time when editing. If you don't have your own adaptation of logging things, this is a great time to get in the habit. If you think you can handle not logging it, at least make sure to see if you can call out your audio file name and get a loud CLAP once the camera has started rolling and before the director calls action and definitely before yall both cut. that way the editor can know what file to look at.

if you cant get it during the shot, try and ADR. If you can ADR on set in between shots or once yall wrap up, please do. it'll be so much easier to do while everything is fresh on the actors minds. Don't be afraid to get everyone quiet. sometimes you can't get in that sweet spot where you know it sounds the best, but they gotta get the shot. So pull the actors aside and get their audio if you need to. But try try try and get the audio as best that you can so you don't have to do the extra work and can move on to other things.

DEAD CAT'S for the external mics. Find one that fits your setup.

and RED HEADs for the zoom.

Those will save your life.

feel free to correct me. I am just another dude learning his craft. I told you everything to the best of my current knowledge. I'm sure that eventually I'll find better methods than what my crew is currently using someday down the road.

u/Midnight_Moopflops · 2 pointsr/learnprogramming

I love using the static whiteboard sheets you get in a roll. Great for me as I can't drill holes in my rented bedroom wall.

u/TheRubyRedPirate · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Before the Goddamned Marines get all of the credit.

My husband is in the Army. He's actually at basic right now and was hospitalized a couple weeks ago. We're unsure if they will let him continue training or send him home. I'm not sure if I count since I don't know if he will stay in nor not.

This whiteboard would really help me so I can write down due dates for bills, groceries, and things I need to remember.

u/suckinonmytitties · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I live with five other people so we use a whiteboard to hammer out all the things that need to get done around the house- like who's doing what chores for the week, who fed the dog that day, and who bought cleaning supplies and household items last. Sometimes there are even passive aggressive notes, like, "Cardboard needs to be fucking recycled not put in the trash" and when I read things like that I let out a surprised little squeak. Luckily those have been less frequent lately. But anyways ours recently broke so I would love this whiteboard so that we can hammer out all of the house details!

I swear to puppies I'm going to throw a psychotic fit.

u/onedeeone · 2 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

Dunno; the site says it's made of something laminated. But the reviews for Version 1 and Version 2 on Amazon seem pretty favorable. I might try one out myself.

u/adragonisnoslave · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is on the low side for you - but I think it's perfect to celebrate your job so you can do your hair all purty! Then treat yourself to this so you can relax after work!

Andddd this would help me out A LOT! woop-di-woop!

u/hrocson · 1 pointr/college

I got a one-week whiteboard and it saved me from forgetting so many things, especially my classes during my first month! Mine also had a strip of cork on the bottom to tack stuff on.

Just looked it was $9 when I bought it and now it's $30. I would've sent you a link otherwise. I'm sure you can find something much cheaper.

EDIT: okay, link

u/nnngey · 1 pointr/GetStudying

I ordered this one because i wanted a really big one to work with, but something like this will do just fine!

u/Kangaroo_Addict · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I can't wine and dine without proper cookware! Link!

It's no broom, but my car gets me to where I need to go. Broom, broom! Link

This will help keep me organized on those days where I have to wear many hats! Link

These will help me accomplish the oldest trick in the book! Link

Elephants have trunks, but so do trees; my cat would appreciate one of these! Link

Without any way to hear music, I'd be an unsung hero. (And heroes have to have their capes, you know.) Link

u/Jennrrrs · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Keep track of your personal documents. I recommend getting a file box like this. Organize your health documents and social security card, car documents, important financial documents, school stuff, etc.

Also, make a calender for your bills and expenses. Write them down every month, checking them off as you pay. I also like to write down my estimated debt to income ratio so I have an idea of how to budget for the month.

These are two things that helped me keep track of so much.

u/Product_Helper_Bot · 1 pointr/skateboarding

After analyzing your comment, you might benefit from this!
^^I ^^apologize ^^if ^^I ^^am ^^way ^^off, ^^but ^^I'm ^^working ^^on ^^it, ^^so ^^please ^^bear ^^with ^^me ^^- ^^Product-Helper-Bot*

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ohhh lord things to make a movie. As a film/production major, this list is gonna be long. cracks knuckles


Wagon wheels

Saloon doors and hay backdrops

Signs and cutouts

Western Centerpiece

Old milk set

Plastic mini boot glasses

Horse balloon

Cow colored balloons

Chicken balloon

Old compass

Declaration of Independance

Feather pen and ink

Betsy Ross flag


Pilgrim Hats


Shoe buckles

Ben Franklin costume

Hat with wigg and feather


Movie Props and Decorations and Things

Hollywood cut outs

Directors Megaphones set

Movie studio lights paper lantern set

Light that looks like an old camera

Black directors chair

Another fake camera

Things that will help you make a movie

Alright. I would suggest that if you have a smart phone, you film on that. Iphones and Andriods particularly have fairly decent cameras on them. As for computers-PC, you have windows movie maker built in. MAC, you should have Imovie. These will be your editing platforms. If you don't have a smart phone, A cheap video camera will do. A mini tripod will make your life loads easier. It will make it so all your footage does not shake. However, you can make a cheap monopod to fit anything. String, and a metal washer or something else circular and slightly heavy will do. You can find out how to make it here Skip to about 2:45 to see how to do it.

A dry erase board works as a great teleprompter-reminder, guide, silent directions, etc. (It also works pretty well as a bounce, but I am 100% you won't be doing that, haha. But hey if you ever get more into movie making, anything white makes a good bounce!) That's really it (be careful of your audio. You could potentially get a cheap mic that'll pic up noise better, but you should be alright if you're just careful about it!) you should be good to go with all of that.

u/-filly- · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

There is no way you didn't buy a magnetic white board at some point in time.

u/writerlib · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This dry erase/corkboard will help me stay organized and on top of weekly tasks.

Congrats on graduation! I too have had a long struggle completing school due to the reasons you listed above. I just keep telling myself that I have to keep swimming. I guess that would be my biggest life lesson not learned in school. That sometimes things don't always go as easy as you think it should or as easy as it does for other people, but you just have to keep going for what you want. I'll get there eventually.

I was schooled.

u/AuthorX · 1 pointr/rpg

My group uses a magnetic initiative tracker similar to this one. Except, for 7th Sea (2nd Ed) we needed to track number of raises left (with characters moving down as they used raises) instead of order, so we started using the magnets on a blank whiteboard - that way there's more room to queue up characters on the same line.

So what you could do is just get this extra magnet set (or the above combat board if you'll also use it for other games), a magnetic whiteboard, and write the numbers 1-12 down the side of the whiteboard. Put everybody's name on a magnetic label. Each round, move all the labels down towards 12. When someone's action is resolved, move the label back up to their Speed.

u/treetrnk · 1 pointr/FATErpg

This is what I do for aspects. I also bought one of these dry erase notebooks for whenever I need to draw out zones.

u/rjcarr · 1 pointr/learnprogramming

So get a whiteboard that's the size of a piece of paper.

u/IntrospectThyself · 1 pointr/Gifted

Some examples of flowcharts I have would be the interconnected factors which make up my vocational challenges. Another is the pattern I noticed I go through regarding my social needs (I titled it "the gifted shame-coping loop" and another, most recent, "the gifted mirroring-discernment loop"). Another flowchart I have is a map of my values and how they relate to each other. Sometimes I get discouraged because I can't quite make a visual of the pattern I recognize but want to. I mostly started making these flowcharts because it was much more efficient in communicating my challenges to new therapists or people who care to understand me.

I am wondering if glass boards are any good? Like this one, for example:

u/Ralmaelvonkzar · 1 pointr/Pathfinder_RPG

There might be cheaper alternatives but I have one of these

It's a fold up dry erase board with a grid on one side. It's great for student stuff and bringing dnd stuff with you where ever

u/roastduckie · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

How about this?

Or if you like them bigger

u/tuctrohs · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

I think post-its would be better but here's a wrist-mount dry erase board

u/Ralph90009 · 1 pointr/dndnext

A magnetic dry erase board and magnetic tape for tracking initiative. We cut strips of the tape for each character and sharpie the character name on it, then I drew little skulls on the side of six more. Then when initiative is rolled we just write the number in dry erase and move them accordingly. The included magnetic eraser can indicate the current turn, or another piece of tape can be decorated! We also ended up making custom status markers for spell effects and the like.

Board & Tape

We also use page tabs stuck to their bases to label the enemy minis to make tracking of individuals or groups easier.

Page tabs

u/pondpebbles · 1 pointr/littlespace

I'm not disabled, I only have anxiety and ADHD and so on, but if you have a smartphone you always carry with you can try using apps like HabitRPG ("Unlike most task management programs, Habitica takes the form of a role-playing game") and as far as I remember you can have party members there.
If you don't have a smartphone but can easily write or at least print out pages and stamp checkboxes, try out always carrying a small notebook journal with you in a pocket or carry pouch. A so called bullet journal where you or your dom have also made trackers for you, and you always looking in your journal to see if you're on track with your current task!
Especially if you've read about the Getting Things Done system you can implement as many parts of it as you want with your bullet journal, such as breaking down all your tasks into action steps only and making nestled ticky boxes so that you always know what you're supposed to do next when you lose track.
Otherwise a clipboard with a printed out todo list and attached sticker page might help, or index cards held together by a binder clip or rubber band or fancy case (e.g. "Hipster PDA"). Or put some sort of note board on a wrist strap and attach a pen to it, here's for instance a blackboard version:

Relevant links: One of the many how to Bullet Journal videos. (You can make your bullet journal as bare bones or as decorative and festive as you like!) (system using loose bunch of prepared index cards instead of journal pages)

u/Ganatron · 1 pointr/PhotographyJobs

Hi there,
My product is a whiteboard. I'd like to get some shots that are on pure white background and some lifestyle shots. Take a look at the links below. 1st one is of my product, and 2nd is of a competitor that has better pictures. I like how you have staged some of the product shots, what kind of ideas do you have for my product?

Here is a link to my product


u/glassjester · 1 pointr/teaching

I just use the ones from the dollar store. They work well for probably a month or so. I don't mind spending a dollar a month for a new, clean eraser.

There's also this one, which lasts for freakin' ever. Well worth it.

u/gandothesly · 1 pointr/FATErpg

I bought one of these: The Notebook Ltd. Noteboard Pocket-Size Dry Erase-Board.

It's great for mapping areas, brainstorming, and other things non gaming uses, too. I'll probably buy one more for gaming, to have two.

u/-AcodeX · 1 pointr/Pathfinder_RPG

Could be true, but the Amazon ratings are solid enough for me to give it a shot at just $13.50 a pop.

Here they are:

4.5 out of 5 stars (91 reviews)

5 star 63

4 star 17

3 star 4

2 star 3

1 star 4


u/TIG23 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Well naturally you'd need [a tutu] (, and matching [knee high socks] (

But after that, I'd go with [a tape dispenser] (, [post-its] (, [hole punch] (, [paper clips] (, [stapler] (, and absolutely 1000000000% [this calculator] (

Because pink is the new black . That's why. :b

u/telepathetic_monkey · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Stapler and staples.

3 Hole puncher

Powerstrip, this is a more subtle item, but once he sees it, he'll realize you went all out.

Pink is the new black.

Thanks for the contest! Will you post before and after pictures??

u/t3hb3th · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hello! Yay educator contests!

  1. Bitchin' pink swingline holepunch I require my kids to keep English binders so they can organize handouts and assignments. It also helps them create a portfolio of their work! Of course, there are always moments where I'm running copies and realize afterward that I've forgotten to hole-punch them. Stinks!

  2. I teach 7th and 8th grade English. Middle schoolers, woohoo!

  3. There is nothing better than the feeling I get when I watch a student "get it" with a new skill we're learning. You can watch their whole face light up and then they want to run around and help other students understand as well. This brings me all the warm-and-fuzzies.

  4. This is me including the point that "students are the future."

    Edit: Fixed broken link