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u/Zooph · 3 pointsr/pittsburgh

It blew my freaking mind that I can buy a 36 pack of decent beer for 14 bucks, on a Sunday, at 8 am here in Wisconsin.

I do not miss PA alcohol laws at all.

Talk to me in about two months and I'll let you know what winter is like up here...

:edit: And I haven't gotten my ass kicked (yet) for wearing my Steelers hat.

u/Shoobedowop · 3 pointsr/LAClippers

You can get this festive hat Los Angeles Clippers Official NBA Colorblock Christmas Santa Hat

u/fuckmyaccount666 · 2 pointsr/caps
u/squeekycleen182 · 1 pointr/CFB
u/ala_rage · 1 pointr/BostonBruins
u/Tbola9 · 1 pointr/longboarding

That is the full setup that I purchased from a local shop. I have heard great things about the wheels. My friends have told me that I should switch out the Bear trucks. I guess they are prone to breaking. But for my usage so far the whole setup has been a dream.