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u/bitter_cynical_angry · 7 pointsr/1022

So for reference, I have a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x40 and it's been a fine scope. I've also used someone else's Nikon P-223 scope and it was good too, so you probably wouldn't go far wrong with either of the ones you linked. But, adjustable parallax is something I probably wouldn't get a scope without anymore, especially for .22 where the range can vary from across the room distance to 100+ yards. The key words to look for in the scope specs are "adjustable parallax", "adjustable objective" (AO, when the parallax adjustment is done by twisting a ring around the objective lens at the front), or "side-focus" (when the parallax adjustment is on a turret on the side of the scope).

If you want to stick with Nikon, it looks like they're making an inexpensive adjustable parallax scope now. The tech specs on that site say it adjusts down to 50 yards, but the mark on the adjustment ring in the picture says 10, and Amazon also says 10 yards minimum, which is good for .22.

On the lower end of the budget, I also have a number of inexpensive Leapers/UTG/Centerpoint scopes (3-9x40, 3-9x35, 1.5-4x32, and a couple others) and have actually been really impressed with them for the money. Their main market seems to be air rifles, which many people take less seriously, but air rifle scopes have to be very rugged, and typically can adjust their parallax to much closer than scopes meant for rifles. And the prices are pretty damn good for the features. This UTG 3-9x32 has almost 2000 reviews and still 4.5 stars on Amazon, is very compact, comes with a sunshade, caps, and QD scope rings (I just got a set of UTG QD rings for another scope and they seem OK so far, .22 isn't very demanding), adjusts down to 3 yards, and is under $80. Amazing what they're doing in China these days. There are a number of similar models from other brands with various features and zoom ranges, probably all made in the same factory in China. I'm not sure if any of them are notably better quality than any others, I mostly stick with UTG for my cheap scopes because I have experience with them now.

One I saw just now is this Bushnell 2-7x32, and looks like it might be a good alternative.

On the higher end of the budget scale, Vortex has a 4-12x50 and a 4-12x40 that are adjustable. That's also more magnification though.

u/justarandomshooter · 2 pointsr/1022

I'm a fan of the bipod, personally. I currently have THIS CRAPTASTIC ONE on my target build. It was super cheap and is a temporary solution. It has a little QD bolt adapter and is reasonably stable for $20.

I plan to get a better one, but that's a few notches down the list for now. When I do get a better one it'll be a lot more stable and have a swivel mount. Probably something like this.

I don't use the legs all the time when I shoot. Sometimes I'll use sand bags or even my shooting bag. I like to keep it practical and stay in the habit of shooting under various conditions with different equipment.

Finally, bipods are super hand for generally handing and laying the rifle down.

u/Starfire66 · 2 pointsr/1022

I have this barrel band on mine & love it. It doesn't rattle like most of the others with a steel loop for the sling, and gives you accessory mounts as well.

As far as a rear mount... not sure what would work without drilling into the stock, AND I would be a little leery of carting it around by a sling for extended periods of time due to the slip fit on the barrel for the takedown.

For internal upgrades, you could always respring it with this kit I have these sets in both of my 10/22's and they are a nice upgrade.

An upgraded firing pin is a nice addition as well.

And while you're at it, the automatic bolt release is also a good addition. I would stay away from the "extended" ones, as they seem to stick out a little more than needed in my experience.

Good luck & have fun!

u/rfleason · 3 pointsr/1022

I would spend a little more on the scope, the prostaff rimfire II is a fine rimfire scope but you'll have parallax problems under 50 yards and you'll never use the BDC reticle.

I LOVE the nikon target efr. It has a precision reticle, being a 22 you're likely shooting at smaller stuff which means you want less reticle to get in the way. It's also parallax free down to 10 yards which is a huge bonus. It's only about $80 more.

u/subdude1979 · 4 pointsr/1022

I just put a leapers utg bug buster on my rifle. Fantastic scope and more advanced features than you'd expect for less than a bill. Illuminated reticle is also a huge bonus if you use your rifle for dusk hunting of rodents. I can't see using a scope that's more expensive than the rifle. Check out some reviews and videos. I should mention I have a takedown and the length is just right to fit in my bag. I had a simmons before that was waaay to long. Also included are a set of decent qd rings. Imo best value for the money. Went out to shoot it this weekend and it zeroed flawlessly.

UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

u/4CatDoc · 1 pointr/1022

Can't use bipod at Appleseed.

You will need a sling attachment point fore and aft,

I like Uncle Mikes 13113

Has 1.25" rings and studs (it comes with two, so you can have a second stud up front for your eventual bipod if you already have a stud in your stock.

Need a sling. Best deal on the web is the cotton sling from the Appleseed store:

AS918 - Cotton Rifle Sling $12.95

You are best served with a scope that allows Objective Adjustment since you'll be at 25y. You can't beat the $43 deal at Amazon for the Simmons 22 Mag AO.

An extended rail (just a few more picatinny spaces) allows you to put the scope forward enough to best use the prone position.

Option 1: 20Moa rail by EGM $36

Option 2: Scout rail. This does rub on the barrel a wee bit right at the action, otherwise it free floats over the barrel .$18


If you have a barrel ring, take it off, it harms accuracy.

Tighten your takedown screw to 15-20 in-lbs every time.

u/HotLoadOfTom · 2 pointsr/1022

VooDoo Tactical 20-9421001000 Buttstock Cheek Piece With Ammo Carrier, Black

Comes in 4 different colors. Ammo carrier is really just for show for 10/22.

The straps are too long but I folded them over and placed the ammo holder over them. Other redditors have cut the straps and modified by sewing to fit the 10/22 better. I don't have a sewing machine and can't sew by hand so not really a option for me right now.

I like the cheek rest though my eye lines up with the scope perfectly now. There may be a better fitting one out there for a 10/22 haven't really looked though.

u/JMTaco · 3 pointsr/1022

It’s actually a cheap Simmons from Amazon. It surprisingly nice and clear! It feels pretty sturdy as well. It’s an awesome scope for the price!

u/drowsyengineer · 4 pointsr/1022

I got this pic rail off Amazon along with some quick release scope rings. It all works great and really holds a zero nicely after taking the scope on and off. This pic rail does allow me to see the factory sights bit if they were a hair taller it would be way better. Any suggestions? Extra points if they are fiber optic/fire sight style.

Pic rail


u/doomrabbit · 1 pointr/1022

If plinking is your major use, consider getting raised rings so you can still use the iron sights. See under the scope.

Also note that the standard recommended 3-9x scopes will add a lot of weight to a very light rifle. Can make long plinking sessions not as much fun. Add a rail and quick detach rings if you want the flexibility to remove it. Bonus with rails is you get lots more options on optics like red dots, etc.

Also, check if your scope is 1/2 1 inch or 30mm before buying mounts like I just linked.

u/MoneyKeyPennyKiss · 0 pointsr/1022

USGI sling can be found here.

If you choose to buy elsewhere, be sure to buy cotton, not nylon. Nylon has a tendency to slip, especially in the loop configuration you'll learn at Appleseed.

You'll also need sling swivels and sling studs. You can get them as a set here.

Tip for installing the studs on your synthetic stock: Start with a small drill bit about 1/2 half the size of the screw on the stud. Pre-drill holes in the stock. Insert a nail through the sling stud and twist it into the stock until the holes are perpendicular to the bore.

You're all set. Good luck and happy shooting.

u/orntar · 4 pointsr/1022

I picked this up a few weeks ago.

Simmons 511039 22 MAG 3-9 x 32 Riflescope (Matte Black)

Works real well. Seems like a good scope to me. I also got a nicer weaver rail and weaver scope rings to mount it.

u/schnurble · 5 pointsr/1022

Yes. You definitely should make sure you mount everything with the correct torque. I recommend the Wheeler Fat Wrench for installing scopes, mounts, etc.

u/edheler · 2 pointsr/1022

I am sure you, like most of us, have a more mechanically inclined friend who is also into firearms. I understand your trepidation making modifications. You can get a part which attaches to the barrel band on the front end so you don't have to drill there. Here is a kit.

Keep watching gunbot for .22LR ammo. It comes up from time to time. You have to jump on it when you see it for reasonable prices. ($0.30 or more per round is certainly not reasonable!) I would seriously consider placing an order with CMP and being happy when it arrived 6-12 months later since their prices are reasonable if you don't have anything other than that one brick.

The TSA annoys me even more than various States carry issues and restrictions! On top of that I actually like driving. I have traveled as far as a 9 hour drive to an Appleseed but going west which would be about the drive time to Connecticut. One of these days I will make it up that way.

u/bizzyqu · 2 pointsr/1022

Thanks for the thorough response.

Yeah I just wanted to maintain use of irons with the scope removed with a QD setup. Are these decent and compatable with my selected scope and rail? other options?

Thanks for the link on the TRS25 quick mount adaptor.

u/Ken808 · 2 pointsr/1022

This is what I have on mine, it has adjustable objective too, best of luck!

u/setthehook · 1 pointr/1022

The scope is a BSA sweet .22, I used medium rings but because of that I have a chin weld. I think I could have gotten away with low rings, that way you can have a cheek weld. But its fine with me the way it is, I love it.

u/lapetitefleur · 2 pointsr/1022

I'm pretty happy with these rings that mount directly to the receiver and have a window to still see iron sights with a mounted scope.

Weaver 1-Inch Steel Lock Mounts for Ruger 10/22

Getting a good cheek weld with a raised scope is difficult though without any riser.

u/misawa_EE · 3 pointsr/1022

I think you will be fine - just make sure you bring instructions on how to adjust.

Personally I have a UTG Bug Buster that works great on a 10/22.

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/1022

My 2 cents:

I just bought my first gun last night. It is a 10/22. I went to Sports Authority. The wood stock model was $239, the synthetic stock was $269, and the take down was $359. They didn't have anyone that was at all versed in firearms so I took to Google.

The general consensus is to get the wood stock since it's the cheapest, and for the extra cost of the other parts you can just upgrade on your own and get better components. Not really sure what you mean by "portability", it's not a very big gun to begin with. The take down is not significantly smaller once it's in a bag or other case.

As for a scope, I ordered this one from Amazon. It's cheap and gets good reviews for my purpose (squirrels, rabbits, plinking).

The thing is, there are so many options for upgrades with the 10/22 that it doesn't make too much sense to buy an expensive base factory setup. It's like buying a new car and paying the dealer a few hundred bucks for floor mats when you can get the same thing (or better) elsewhere for cheaper.

u/putamare · 3 pointsr/1022

I've used my takedown at the appleseed I attended modified by the addition of tech-sights. It was perfectly fine and held the point of aim through several takedowns.

For the sling I used a barrel band on the front and the back end of a sling I already had that was just nylon and velcros on and off. Both performed just fine for the holds required by Appleseed, and did not require any permanent modification.

u/mthoody · 1 pointr/1022

Save the money you would have spent on a gunsmith and buy a $50 torque wrench.

Depending on the rings you buy, you may need blue loctite. Before you tighten anything, close your eyes and find your natural cheek weld. Open your eyes and move the scope forward or back to suit. Level the scope. You can use bubbles, but I find squaring a flat surface on the bottom of the scope to the rail is more foolproof. Use torque wrench to tighten everything following instructions that come with the rings.

u/stinkytrou · 1 pointr/1022

The picatinny option is very cheap via Amazon.

I also put a TRS-25 on mine, it did best with a riser underneath it.

u/ho_merjpimpson · 1 pointr/1022

the one i bought(utg) had a ton of people people saying that you could... and you still cant. like... you sort of can, but you aint hitting crap with em.

ive considered tossing some more money at it and seeing if this one would work

it definitely looks more streamlined.

same with these

u/diagela · 1 pointr/1022

is this not the Simmons in black?

also I did not know any Simmons scope had a good reputation anywhere. I would definitely put it in the same class as Barska though.

u/bmx13 · 2 pointsr/1022

I have a set of these, a little loctite on the screw's and holds great. Plus can still use the stock irons..... It's a 10/22 so if you put 45° sights on it you will 100% look like a tacti-cool douche.

u/bdnicho · 2 pointsr/1022

I also have a Simmons .22 Scope. It works great for the price.

u/gnrlysrs · 2 pointsr/1022

TRS-25 $60

Atomic Arms Barracude Stock $179

Champion Stainless Bull Barrel $89

Ruger 10/22 Carbine $179

That's about $530 and basically my gun, which I really enjoy shooting and it turns heads all the time. Maybe an extended mag release would be a good idea.

u/Brunzwick · 1 pointr/1022

Do you want iron sights or a scope? If you want iron sights, check out the NODAK sights or Tech sights. If you want a scope, check out the Simmons 511039. It's very popular for 10/22 and is extremely cheap. Here's the link to the Simmons:

I run both the Simmons scope and the NODAK sights on mine using these mounts:

u/buh_weezy · 2 pointsr/1022

any idea on how it compares to a simmons truplex .22 mag scope?

I have this one on my 22 right now but I cannot seem to get the crosshairs to focus with the target focused at the same time, one is always blurry...

u/GrocknRoll · 1 pointr/1022

Here's one that I have.

Picatinny Barrel Band for the Ruger 10/22 - Black Nylon by Superior Concepts

u/Zefirus · 4 pointsr/1022

I can vouch for the Simmons .22 Mag scope (also available on Amazon). For the 30 bucks that you pay for it, it's an amazing little scope.

u/haburner · 3 pointsr/1022

I got a 10/22 carbine for Christmas (one of the Shooting Store versions

I added a Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9x40 AO ( with the Nikon A-Series Medium 1'' rings ( and took it to a local 50 yard range last week to test it out and zero-in the glass.

I was happy with the gun and the scope but unhappy with my cheek weld.

Just today I installed a Matthews Fabrication Bear Paw Right adjustable kydex cheek rest riser ( It feels really solid and allows me to get my weld in just the right spot.

I haven't ground down the bolts or taken it to the range yet, but I'm very excited!

u/223slash556 · 2 pointsr/1022

Nikon A-Series Medium 1'' Scope Rings - 16167 currently on sale for 10$. Good cheaper rings

u/musashi66 · 2 pointsr/1022

I got these to try for dirt cheap

Weaver 1-Inch Steel Lock Mounts...

They look good, but haven’t had a chance to shot them yet.

u/MO_plow_boy · 1 pointr/1022

I've had this scope but with the AO and target turrets for about 5 years and thousands of rounds and 4 moves and it still holds zero very well. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Edit: My variation of this scope

u/GTFOScience · 2 pointsr/1022

Do you have the mounting plates for the DD rings? If so, you can take off the picatinny and see if the base plate's screw holes line up with the holes on the top of the receiver. If they do then you're done.

If they don't, then put the picatinny rail back on and buy these:

UTG 1"/2PCs Med Pro LE Grade Picatinny QD Rings: 22mm Wide

They're what I use on my 10/22 and they're fine.

Edit: just realized that mount might not be the same size as your optic. Be sure you check the size of the scope and get the appropriate size mount. UTG makes several options, but buy whatever brand you prefer.

u/onken022 · 2 pointsr/1022

It works great! I got this one: MSP Ruger 10/22 Long See-Through Scope Mount - Mil-Spec Picatinny. BLACK

Here is a crappy pic:

u/brzcory · 1 pointr/1022

This deal just popped up this morning:

Adjustable parallax and a known-good company. Decent reviews. I haven't personally used it, but it took a lot not to click that "Add to Cart" button.

u/SimianRex · 1 pointr/1022

Looking at this scope.

Any suggestions on an extractor?

u/armmmmm · 1 pointr/1022

Here are the two scopes I am talking about



u/gio98 · 10 pointsr/1022

No, you're best bet is a Bushnell TRS-25 or one of the cheaper Primary Arms red dots.

Buy Once, Cry Once.

u/cacrouch · 2 pointsr/1022

No problem. I use this:

UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

I'm not sure if links are permitted here, so mods can take it down if they need to I guess. I'm not trying to sell these things, just giving an example of one that's worked well. I use my 10/22 as a squirrel gun, and I can take headshots at 30-40 yards with no problem. I'm sure other scopes would be the same.

Have fun!

u/the_duck17 · 1 pointr/1022

I added a rear Tech Sight, then cut a pic rail to use the raining 2 receiver screws to mount a micro red dot I keep in my range bag for fun. Front sight was swapped out with a Tech Sight too, but was a little bit of a pain since I had to take the flash hider off to complete this.

Edit: wait, I remember now...I didn't have to take the flash hider off for this, it was to get this barrel band thing on, thinking this was good enough for appleseed, but ended up having to switch it out for an Uncle Mike's sling swivel set for my GI sling (had to drill & epoxy the rear swivel to the hollow plastic stock).

u/cynicallyoptimistic · 3 pointsr/1022

$350-400. The tough part is finding one in stock; I had to basically just call every shop within driving distance until I found one that wasn't marking it up to $600.

In regards to using it for appleseed, make sure you do some googling about this model. It's not easy to attach a sling to it. Here, have some tidbits I've learned since getting mine:

Try and only get Ruger-branded mags (look for BX-25 especially). If you have the chance to get an off-brand, I've found that my two "Doc Banks" mags are TOTAL shit, but the two "Butler Creek Steel Lips" mags I have both worked with three different ammo brands with no issue.

If you are going to turn it into a LTR for Appleseed, look at LOTS of videos about attaching a sling to it before you decide what to do for yours (incidentally, I'm going to go with this and this as my solution). Also, when you order your Tech Sights for it, make sure you also buy Loc-tite (medium/blue) and some brass punch tools if you don't have any (you need the punch tools to tap that front sight out).

Try not to pay more than $.10 a round for ammo; keep an eye on the .22lr section of for a deal. If you have the luxury of choice, stay away from "Remington Golden Bullets;" they are already filthy as hell, but worse is they're also dusted with this glittery bullshit that makes you look like you've been fondling dirty strippers after every re-load.

That bag doubles as a bench-rest/pad for you to set the rifle on and shoot with.

Enjoy that rifle; it's fun!