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u/Tanaban · 2 pointsr/Abode

Non-abode cameras are limited as to what will work directly with Abode. Not a major loss in my opinion. I have one Nest camera, from my girlfriend's old apartment install, tied in to abode but it doesn't do too much with abode. It only seems to pull a single capture upon me manually telling it to. There are only a few that intergrate with abode.

That said I haven't delved to deep into it. I personally mostly use poe IP cameras with the feeds piping to a local computer running Blueiris. Cheap, local, and pretty robust software.

Automation is fairly good with Abode. Check the list on the sidebar of this sub-reddit. Use that list for official and unofficialy supported devices. Not all zwave devices are automatically compatible. I have most of my light switches with zwave connections and a garage door controler. Beyond that and Abode's devices I use other individual apps to control it. Neato vacuum and Rainmachine sprinkler controls for example I'd rather have their own company's interface.

I've gone with the Leviton brand switches. I liked the feel and control of their dimmers, while still being similar to a regular switch. This is a plus when the tech illiterate or guests come over and try to use them. They synced up first time with no issues. Fast and responsive when commands are sent. Dimming works well through Abode. I also have a Phillips color light strip that works just as well.

For my "dumb" ceiling fans on or off control (no stage or variable speed remotely):
Leviton DZ15S-1BZ Decora Smart Switch with Z-Wave Plus Technology, White/Light Almond, Works with Alexa

Leviton DZ1KD-1BZ Decora Smart 1000W Dimmer with Z-Wave Plus Technology, White/Light Almond, Works with Alexa

For bedside lamps, and a few other lamps:
Leviton DZPD3-2BW Decora Smart Plug-in Dimmer with Z-Wave Plus Technology, White, Works with Alexa

I have other Wemo switches in the bathrooms that don't interface with Abode. I did this because they offered a more direct way to put automated countdown trimmers on exhaust fans. I really couldn't find a way with Abode & IFTTT to do countdown timers based on when I clicked the switch. Abode with IFTTT can do sun up, sun down, specific times, and other triggers but not count downs from when the switch was clicked on. There may be a way but I'm not much for programming. I also liked the wemo dimmer switch look, but only for the bathrooms since they couldn't do a two/three way switch. I don't normally need to control the bathrooms remotely, but can through the Wemo app if I need to.

I can't speak to voice automation. I have an Alexa pod but don't like to use it for other reasons.

Beyond that I went with Abode sensors. They work very well. I got onto Abode in part because of the water leak sensors. They work and saved me some water damage when the AC froze over and started leaking in the attic. The occupancy sensors are neat but I haven't made good use of them. The temperature sensors work but I wish they kept a running history of temps.

Windows and doors I used the old security system's reed switches and wiring soldered into individual abode door sensors. Works like a charm and is completly hidden. Added in acoustic and vibration/glass break sensors in various rooms for added layer of sensing.

Smoke alarm detector works well with my existing smoke alarms. They call you pretty darn fast with the monitoring service. I'd like to upgrade to something like Nest's smoke alarms but they currently are expensive to replace a large home's worth of fire alarms and don't automatically call the fire department through Abode.

Let me know what other questions you have and I'll try to answer them.

u/Animum_Rege · 3 pointsr/Abode

Be very careful when buying smart switches to ensure that they will work with LED bulbs. The Leviton switches listed by abode as compatible will NOT work with LED bulbs.

If you want to use Leviton switches that WILL work with LED bulbs, this is their newest Z-wave switch.

Leviton DZ15S-1BZ Decora Smart Switch with Z-Wave Plus Technology

I have that switch and it works fine and dandy; just got it about a month ago. I'm assuming the dimmer would work just as well, but it's just a guess.

Others here have had good luck with the GE switches and LED bulbs. I started down the Leviton route and didn't want mixed brands, so haven't gotten any GE switches yet.

Also, it might be worth it to make sure you have neutral wiring in whatever location you want to install a switch. I have neutral wiring throughout my house, but there is one room where it looks like the electrician got lazy and the switch was wired from light, and therefore I don't have a neutral in that one.

u/da51d · 1 pointr/Abode

We have one with a key: "Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Keypad with Z-Wave, Satin Nickel, YRD226ZW2619":

and two without a key: Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Plus - Key Free Door Lock with Touchscreen Keypad (YRD256ZW2619):

They work well for us. You don't need to get the August version, as they will connect to Abode via Z-Wave.

We don't use geofencing to unlock the doors.

Good luck!

u/eterrya · 9 pointsr/Abode

I sprayed a door/window sensor and magnet with Plasti Dip and then mounted the sensor to the gate and the magnet to the wall. I would have preferred to mount the sensor to the wall and the magnet to the gate, but there wasn't enough clearance between the gate and the wall for the sensor.

I figured I would try it and see if it would fail after a few weeks or not and so far, so good. It has been on for about 10+ months and has survived the weather in Arizona (heat, thunderstorms and sandstorms).

The tape used for mounting (I don't think I used the standard tape it came with) has also held up well. I did make sure to scrub the area with an alcohol swab or two before mounting.

When it is time to replace the battery, I'll remove the coating, which can be peeled off, replace the battery, spray it again, and then remount.

The black coating makes it blend in to the black frame of the gate, so it does not stand out, which is nice, and I am getting ready to do the same for another gate real soon.

(This is my first post, so I'm not sure how to add a picture of it.)

u/mrjohnc1 · 1 pointr/Abode

This one works great for me.

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Plus - Key Free Door Lock with Touchscreen Keypad - Works with SmartThings, Wink and More (YRD256ZW2619) in Satin Nickel

u/jdubbs23 · 1 pointr/Abode

The newer version that supports z-wave plus. Just the on/off model, not the dimmer. Model #14291.

GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Switch, On/Off, In-Wall, Includes White & Light Almond Paddles, Works with Amazon Alexa, 14291

u/Bogustus · 1 pointr/Abode

I have looked at some WiFi plugs on amazon for around $10 that will integrate with IFTTT and do what I need. I might go that route but wanted to see if any plugs in that general price range ($10-20) could be added to the abode system directly. IFTTT, while pretty solid, does have periodic lags in activation.

Securifi Peanut Smart Plug

Saw this mentioned in the past. Anyone using this or something similar?

u/_CLE_ · 2 pointsr/Abode

You have a big enough gap at the top for the sensitive strip, which is my favorite door sensor so far, I can’t even tell that it’s there

Sensative Z-Wave Plus Ultra Thin Door/Window Contact Sensor Strips Guard, Good for Outdoor Installation

u/canikony · 1 pointr/Abode

When you say triggered, do you mean like when someone breaks into your house?

I have it currently setup so that when I get home, the garage door opens ( and my interior lights turn on.

To get the lights to work, I have GE Z wave switches ( and some GE Link LED bulbs (

I don't have any Hue products (yet) but I believe they require a hub to allow them to communicate to abode (not sure though)

u/aimless_ly · 5 pointsr/Abode

I prefer using the Irwin Speedbor Max in lieu of old-school spade bits in most cases. They drill faster and cleaner, and clear chips better. IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR Max Speed Wood Drill Bit Set, 3-Piece (3041003)

u/Fluorinated · 1 pointr/Abode

For dusk to dawn you can buy a $8 sensor from Lowes. I know it's fun to have everything on the Abode hub, but if all you're going to do is dusk to dawn, the sensor is easy. I have these on all exterior lights.

Or you could change the light switch that controls the outside lights to a Zwave switch four about $38 and control it that way.

u/calisean · 1 pointr/Abode

I use Ge z-wave plus switches and dimmers with abode today and they work great.

u/czrabode · 1 pointr/Abode

Thanks! Is the DZ15S-1BZ physically identical to the Leviton 5601-2W 15 Amp, 120/277 Volt, Decora Rocker Single-Pole AC Quiet Switch, Residential Grade, Grounding, White ? If I mix these Leviton smart and dumb switches, will they blend well?

u/blackbirdx17 · 2 pointsr/Abode

Smart switch is in fact the solution. I'm using this Leviton to do exactly what you described.

u/Etzel_ · 1 pointr/Abode

Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but it works with abode and it's a dimmer.

I have it programmed to turn on when an alarm is triggered. Pretty sure it can't flash though.

u/abodesupportBP · 7 pointsr/Abode

We recommend using the 3M or Scotch indoor outdoor Mounting Tape. It's gray with a red peel off backing that you can cut to fit. It can be found at Walmart or your local hardware stores. Below is a link to the tape from amazon:

u/robmcguinness · 2 pointsr/Abode

I kept forgetting to turn on/off my porch lights so I installed GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch, In-Wall, 12722 and enabled two IFTTT recipes If sunrise, then turn off Porch Lights switch and Turn on lights at sunset. It's fantastic.

u/51_50 · 1 pointr/Abode

I find Z-Wave locks are always a pain in the ass to get paired initially, otherwise it works perfectly. I can send you my automation tomorrow, was pretty easy to get working

u/nrcaldwell · 6 pointsr/Abode

The Peanut Smart Plug sells for $15 on Amazon and pairs directly with Abode.

u/abode-Pro · 3 pointsr/Abode

Here are some techniques that other customers have used and had some success with.

A. Use a 2" long peace of Monofilament fishing line or dental floss as a saw to cut the 2-sided tape. Place the line between the device and the surface it is stuck to, and saw as you pull the line across the surface.

B. Using a dull butter knife by prying at the corner of the device and slowly work your way around the device while prying a little at a time.

abode does not sell the two sided tape so we recommend using the 3M or Scotch indoor-outdoor Mounting Tape, it is gray with a red peel off backing and you can cut to fit. Found at Walmart and your local hardware stores.

Link to the tape of choice:

u/dekas_guitarhero · 1 pointr/Abode

You can buy the GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

Those are compatible with Abode system. I bought one, integrated it with my Abode and now it can control my Liftmaster. It's been working great, I set up automatically closing after a few minutes and when alarm mode is changed to Home or Away.

There are some reviews saying that this controller only works for about a year and then quits, so I'd recommend buying the extra warranty (it was $10 bucks for 3 years on Amazon).

u/ronbrinkmann · 1 pointr/Abode

Check out the Sensative strip sensors too - these look slick (and no drilling needed).
They also claim up to 10 years of battery life (but there's no way to change batteries - they're effectively disposable at that point.)

I just got an email from Abode saying they plan to support them 'in the near future'.

u/Yetzz · 3 pointsr/Abode

You can plasti dip them.

There's someone on here that did this a while back and it was working fine.

u/dmethvin · 2 pointsr/Abode

The most temperature sensitive component in the sensor is the battery, they don't like extreme cold and would go bad earlier. It's possible you'd have issues with humidity depending on where you live.

If you're concerned about temp/humidity in the garage you could use a standard set of wide gap magnetic contacts and run its wires into the house. Connect the two wires across the Abode sensor's reed switch and discard the magnet.