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u/Quinnelton 路 7 pointsr/AskGames

You're going to be doing your ears and the ears of the people you're talking a disservice to by getting a "Gaming Headset." I've owned a Steelseries Siberia v2 for a couple years now and I regret it every time I use them.

Average is the greatest compliment I can give them. Average soundstage, average bass, average highs and average mic quality. And if you're going to be spending ~$90 on a head set you want something that will be more than average.

This is what I wish I went with years ago and what I still wish I could justify buying while my Siberia is functioning:

  • $95 Audio Technica ATH-AD700 - "Good for Gaming, Movies (very open soundstage). Good bass response but not bass presence (not thumpy). Comfortable and very very very large." -HeadFi

  • $190 Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 80 ohms - "BASS!!! Great soundstage for a closed can. Very good movie and gaming can.+ -HeadFi

  • $10 Zalman Zm-Mic1 High Sensitivity Headphone Microphone - Clip on mic that attaches to your headphone cable. Everything I've heard about this mic have been glowing reviews, amazing sound and fantastic sensitivity.

    By going with a pair of headphones that are high quality and feature an exceptional soundstage, which basically means how far around you you can hear (good for picking up footsteps and locating bullet shots), and top of the line sound reproduction you're setting yourself up to have the best of both worlds, gaming and music.

    This is all coming from someone who wishes they had more money to spend on audiophile gear. Make sure to check out /r/audiophile as well, they have a lot of good information there as well.

u/Venomousx 路 2 pointsr/AskGames

As someone who also loves FFX (My personal favorite FF), I think you should try to play it yourself. Sure the graphics are a little, meh, but there's still plenty of fun to be had. I started with FFX then went back to play FF7 in later years and was still able to enjoy it quite a bit.

If you have a ps3 you can buy it (digital download) on PSN for $10 I think. Or, if you have a PS1 / 2 you can get it on ebay or amazon (For about $25 is seems, or 30 for greatest hits version: ) or if you're feeling lucky you can try Craigslist.

I've heard bad things about the PC version, so I can't really recommend that. If PC is your only option, you might as well emulate it.

u/ebol4anthr4x 路 6 pointsr/AskGames

No, do not buy surround sound headsets, even if you play CSS. I spent around $100 for my pair of 5.1 surround sound headphones (Tritton was the brand -- the audio division of Mad Catz), and while they were a very blatant step up from the shitty generic Logitech headsets I'd used in the past, they are not even close to the quality you get when you just purchase a normal pair of high-quality headphones, especially considering how much more expensive they were.

Immediately after going through two different pairs of surround sound headsets, I decided to just buy normal headphones and a separate microphone for voice chat. I currently use a JVC HARX900 and a Zalman mic, which will cost you about $70 altogether, but it's well worth it in my opinion. The sound quality is fantastic, and most FPS games are made well enough that you can get distinguish sound coming from different directions, even with stereo headphones.

Surround sound headphones are entirely unnecessary, and I wish someone had been there to tell me that before I bought mine.

As a side note, listening to music on stereo headphones vs. a surround sound headset will make no difference, as pretty much 99% of music is 2 channel anyway, so having 5 speakers makes no difference. Yes, it can be upmixed to 5.1, but if you just buy a good pair of stereo headphones, it will sound equal to, if not better, than the surround sound headphones.

u/p337 路 3 pointsr/AskGames

Get headphones and buy this mic. For a budget, the smartest thing you can do is decouple your mic and headset. If one breaks, you have to buy a new one. Also, the mics on gaming headsets blow, whereas that 8 dollar mic is pretty good. Then, when you are rich and famous, you can buy a nice pair of headphones and keep your mic.

u/[deleted] 路 2 pointsr/AskGames

First off: as a rule of thumb, "gaming" anything is a big red warning sign unless you're buying mice and mousepads (or in recent years some models of mechanical keyboards).

Gaming headsets are in general overpriced and have a short product life span due to the (usually non-removable, non-replacable) cheap mics dying well before the headphones themselves pass.

As far as I'm concerned, the only reasonable option in terms of price-efficiency is to get a pair of proper headphones (Sennheiser HD555 would be top contender for the sub-100 dollar range if you can find them) and a table or clip-on mic.

The Zalman Mic1 is probably the most price-efficient mic in existence. The mic quality is more than good enough for talking and they are more durable than one would expect for the price.

If you're willing to get spendy with the headphone part I would recommend my current pair: Audio-Technica ATH-AD900. Some of the best sound quality I've had the pleasure of getting acquainted with.

u/dafzor 路 2 pointsr/AskGames

what /u/trashpantaloons said is correct although there's also a wireless adaptor available but I wouldn't recommend it due to limited support (example: wireless adaptor doesn't work with a steamlink while the Bluetooth controller does).

Additionally Steam Controller Software now supports most controllers. That means you can easily use controllers like the Dualshock 4 for PC gaming if you'd like to consider that option or alternatively rebind your keys on your xbone/360 controller.

u/jacenat 路 1 pointr/AskGames

Masters of Doom. Tells the story of John Carmack and John Romero. Touches games like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Daikatana and Deus Ex.

It's not the best written book I read, but certainly one of the ones I enjoyed the most.

I read it a few months back and if you have questions about content, lenght or other stuff, feel free to ask.

u/richicrow 路 6 pointsr/AskGames

The Xbox controller is great, I have 2. Many games in Windows support them natively. But I think the dpad is a weak point.

I haven't tried this Logitech gamepad but it is very popular.

I wouldn't buy a very cheap gamepad, when quality gamepads aren't that expensive and can last much longer.

This is for PC, I don't know about ps3.

u/AdviceWithSalt 路 1 pointr/AskGames

If you have any issues you can buy a PC adapter ($24) and the vibration works regardless of when you turn it on. I was using the controller that came with my Xbox One so I needed the adapter. I just recently got an S controller so I could use that controller for my Xbox and just continue to use the dongle and it works perfectly.

u/badpenguinow 路 2 pointsr/AskGames

I just got this clip on jawn and it works really well for this purpose. My xbone controller has bluetooth so no wires or anything, it just works.

Might want to look into a steam controller and a clip for that if you don't want to be as restricted with the games you play.

I've had good luck with these guys in the past, but they're designed to fit a specific phone model and they won't fit if the phone has a case on it. It worked very well when I had it, but the above caveats meant that I had to take the case off every time I wanted to use it, and it was completely useless after I upgraded my phone.

u/paladdinsane 路 0 pointsr/AskGames

You can use any PC controller you want to play a game on your PC. The 360 controller included. The standard wireless 360 controller will require a USB Receiver($16, amazon) I'm assuming this is what you mean?

*edited for correctness

u/wrendamine 路 3 pointsr/AskGames

To my best knowledge, and I've looked, there is no legitimate digital source of The Sims 1, and there never has been. Even if there was, EA pulled Sims 2 from Steam the same day they removed it from Origin with no warning at all, and I'm sure the same would have happened to TS1.

You could try Ebay or a retro games store in the hopes of getting a physical box but they're all over a decade out of print, so it's highly unlikely you'll find it.

EDIT Apparently a physical box wouldn't be hard to get: just one left in stock though.


u/asian_persuason 路 3 pointsr/AskGames

Here's one i found:

Its a cheap price and possibly poorly made but theirs other ones on Amazon. You could check Gamestop.

u/FallenWyvern 路 1 pointr/AskGames

I totally agree that it's sketchy as fuck, but Op seems to have the game working now.

The game is popular enough, it could be found elsewhere easily though. If anyone wants a legit copy, seems to work although being in Canada I'm sure as hell not ordering at that price.

u/nietzkore 路 1 pointr/AskGames

For the wireless 360 controller, you have to have an adapter to communicate with the controller. The microsoft branded plug-n-play cord that a controller comes with is not a data cable. It only provides power to the controller. You need either one of these or a generic one for Windows 7. However, they are not compatible with Windows 8 according to their own documentation.

As far as I know, a wired XBox 360 controller should work on Windows 8. The cheapest way to get one would be through a used game accessories store like a GameStop. Plus if you can't get it to work you can return it within a week or so. Even the generic ones should work. For Windows 7 you have to down some drivers from Microsoft to get it to work, but otherwise its really simple.

If you wait until November, Microsoft is releasing one of these: Xbox One Controller + Cable which is described as "Windows 7 and Windows 8-compatible controller" for $59.99 from them. It is a wireless controller, but you have to plug it in to get it to work on PC. It will still double a s a wireless XBox One controller. If they make a wireless adapter for it later, then you will be able to use it for that also.

u/quenishi 路 1 pointr/AskGames

Playstation Store has some stuff.

There seems to be an official artbook.

That's what I can find as far as "official" merch. Found one poster, but it was sold out... so most other stuff will either be unofficial or secondhand.

u/ReferenceError 路 1 pointr/AskGames

I had this one when I was younger, I think this is what you're looking for. Definitly buy a used one.

It has Galaxian, Dig Dug, Pac Man, Rally X, and Bosconian

u/FreewarePirate 路 2 pointsr/AskGames

I remember there was a one-handed controller for the Sony Playstation from Agetec. It might be a viable option with a PS to USB convertor. It seems to be fairly cheap on the US Amazon site and eBay.

u/Pi-Roh 路 1 pointr/AskGames

You don't always need to set the axis to it. A lot of them have an analog stick where your thumb would be.

Like this. Though it is for right-handers.