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u/Sarstan · 2 pointsr/Bakersfield

Not at all interested in cigars, but you haven't lived until you've gotten yourself a straight razor.
I use something similar to this which has replaceable blades so you don't have to sharpen the razor to get you started and you'll also want a shave set if you want to get really serious, but any shaving cream will work just fine if you don't want to lather up.
And the best part? You've got 100 razors there with that set I linked and another 100 are only $7.50. Tons cheaper than some Gillette 4 blade crap or even cheap throw aways.

I hope this helps someone get started with a straight razor. It takes a little longer and you'll nick yourself every so often, but the self-satisfaction is more than worth it all and a great talking piece of someone spots it.

u/Not-That-Other-Guy · 5 pointsr/Bakersfield

Attended valley baptist over a decade, rarely to never would they care about politics to that level, especially during a main service. to be entirely fair Southern Baptist Convention leadership is pretty anti-trump,

u/Em3PO · 3 pointsr/Bakersfield

We have a kiddie pool filled with water in our backyard for our dogs (Australian Shepherd mix, husky/Aussie mix). We clean it out every few days to prevent mold/gross stuff from staying in it. We keep it in a shady spot to keep the water pretty cool.

We also freeze chicken broth in an ice tray to give them as treats- they love it! Helps cool them down.

Outside our dogs have two cots (these ones ) They're great because they keep them off the hot ground.

That being said our dogs are mostly inside during the summer months. If it's above 95, they're indoors. We put them outside in the morning and have a relative with a spare key that comes and let's them inside around noon during the week, since we work.

u/standingintheshadows · 1 pointr/Bakersfield

Correct Pest Control (589-5835) did wonders for me when I moved into a house with a roach infestation. I had to leave for a couple of hours and couldn't unpack my kitchen for a couple of days, but it was well worth it. I didn't see a live roach again for months, and the ones that I did see were dying already. It's reasonably priced and they come back out if you need them.
When my neighbors moved out we also used this and it worked well. Pest control was better.

u/VentingSalmon · 0 pointsr/Bakersfield

Do you know anyone who lives in 93306? You can also just make up a random address, its not like they are going to murder you if you tell them a little lie.

I use this trap. You can find much cheaper ones, but if you ever have feral cats, this one is great. It has two doors, so I set it up, throw a banket over it and it catches them every time.

If the animal sees an end to a cage, or even the cage itself they freak. Having two doors looks like an easy to pass through tunnel for an animal.

u/hardonchairs · 3 pointsr/Bakersfield

OP, I'm assuming you have checked to make sure that the mobo can't be updated without a processor? There seems to be a few that can do that.

Also keep in mind that you can get an 1151 processor for about $45. I think this one is Kaby Lake, Is that why you need to update? - Skylake

And it might be hard to find someone who would be willing to "rent" out their processor for less than that considering it will probably be a fairly new build and all the trouble an risk involved in taking it out. I would imagine a PC repair place would exceed $40 pretty easily as well.

Then you could sell the celeron for like $30 to someone with the same problem and then this only ends up costing $15.

u/w3rty · 2 pointsr/Bakersfield

I just had that pyschology course at BC. [This] ( book is the same as the book they ask you for at BC, just not printed with BC's coverpage. The book cost me 50$ to rent, I hope this helps.

u/rocan91 · 1 pointr/Bakersfield

I don't think I've ever seen that in all my years in Bakersfield, but if nobody else responds, you can always order it from Amazon.

u/NAS89 · 3 pointsr/Bakersfield

I’d go with this one over the one OP posted. link here

It’s similar form factor but full 60FPS at a higher resolution for negligible cost. I’ve had mine six months and I’ve already turned the video into evidence twice (once for a hit and run and once for some teens robbing and assaulting a homeless guy).