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u/go_jake · 5 pointsr/BarBattlestations

For bar tools, most of what you need is probably already in your kitchen (paring knife, spoon, drinking glasses, mesh strainer, etc.). Beyond that, you'll want a measuring jigger (the OXO jigger is my favorite) and a citrus squeezer. Maybe your next step is a shaker, but I almost never use mine. Then build up your bar tool kit one piece at a time as needed.

As for alcohol, the five bottles suggested elsewhere on the thread are a solid start. I'd pick up a small bottle of Angostura aromatic bitters, too. Then add options (syrups and liqueurs) as needed. If you like a martini, grab some vermouth. If you like a negroni, pick up an amaro. If you like a margarita, pick up a triple sec. Most of us build our home bars this way.

Good luck and happy mixing!

u/ChelseaRC · 5 pointsr/BarBattlestations

Not sure what you mean by freezer - but, I have this one and we have used it for a year now with numerous BBQ get togethers, birthday parties, weekly game nights and just everyday use. It is still going strong and does a great job. Makes the ice quickly and holds a decent amount in the reserve. The cubes aren't visually cocktail grade since they're shaped oddly due to how the machine works, but if that's not an issue then I think this could work for you.

u/daveybaron · 2 pointsr/BarBattlestations

Not sure what your budget is like but you could get something like this. Pretty sure you can find similar stuff for cheaper.

You can combo this with some steel inserts for an ice well and bottle chilling.

u/KurtVonnegetsome · 2 pointsr/BarBattlestations

Here's the amazon link, I'd def secure it to the wall if you can, but other than that it works great!

u/murrayhenson · -1 pointsr/BarBattlestations

I'd agree with this. Buy a couple of molds. Big cubes are nice: as are medium-sized round balls: ...if you want to keep it fresh (no freezer smells) just put it in some big Tupperware or a lock-n-lock. Make as much as you think you'll need.

The ice you get from a freezer/ice maker is fine for shaking/stirring with cocktails.

u/katrane · 4 pointsr/BarBattlestations

Of course. I got it off of Amazon for $127. Assembly took a few hours and was somewhat tedious. The handles for the cabinets ended up being too short for the holes that were already drilled in, so I ended up going to Home Depot and getting 4" handles that look better anyway. Otherwise, I love how much storage space it has. Let me know if you have any more questions!

u/rrgeorge · 3 pointsr/BarBattlestations

Yeah, apparently you can get some pretty fancy ones made of sterling silver. I’ve never used one, I just happen to know what it is.

As for a mixing spoon, I personally like these:

u/pdxbourbonsipper · 3 pointsr/BarBattlestations

Thanks! I was thinking something like this.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/BarBattlestations

A citrus juicer was one of the best purchases I made.

u/dfmz · 1 pointr/BarBattlestations

These are Nick & Nora glasses.

It's a very classy glass for cocktails.

u/Flowers_for_Alger · 3 pointsr/BarBattlestations

I have been struggling to make clear ice...would be so proud to serve an old fashioned with quality ice at my home bar!!!

Came across this, read some reviews and I think I'm gonna try this...

If link fails, it's called TRUE CUBES CKEAR ICE CUBE TRAY on Amazon. $39.99

u/Devoz · 2 pointsr/BarBattlestations

Another one you might consider, Bar Chef ( My wife told me it is part of my Christmas present this year. I'll let you know how it is. It is from one of the top bars in Toronto. So, as a Canadian from Toronto, I must have it for my collection.

u/all_equal_parts · 3 pointsr/BarBattlestations

Here ya go:

The Mini Back Pack: The First Simplest and Cleanest High-End Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand for Home Mini Voice Assistants by Google - Designed in USA (White)

u/xopethx · 1 pointr/BarBattlestations

I think they're 8oz, I got them on Amazon

u/TheKingOfGhana · 1 pointr/BarBattlestations

Hm I'm not sure tbh. each bottle is probably around 20 or 30 bucks. The ar set was 40 here's the one I got.

I tend to buy one bottle per paycheck and go to vintage and thrift stores for all the glassware.