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u/Karnblack · 6 pointsr/EDH

I've built my collection of EDH decks since I started playing EDH in around 2011-2012. I used to have a lot more 60-card casual decks, but then my playgroup gradually switched to EDH/Commander because it was "more fair." My collection of Commander decks include the 32 precon decks I've purchased of which about 6 or 7 I've modified. The rest of them are in their original state. I just counted the deck's I've built from scratch and I currently have 57 of them so I apparently have 89 total Commander decks.

I've only disassembled 2 of my Commander decks over time. My first deck I played a lot and it was a Naya [[Survival of the Fittest]] goodstuff deck led by [[Rith, the Awakener]]. It contained the Fruity Pebbles combo, and after I won a few times with that combo I decided to retire the deck. The other deck I took apart was a lame deck that tried to play too many big bombs without enough support, and it was a 5-color deck which made it even harder to play decently. I decided it was better to take it apart and use the pieces for other decks rather than trying to salvage the deck.

I keep most of my decks in these Ultra Pro 150 Count Clear Card Storage Boxes on a bookcase-like storage unit. I can see all of my decks and just grab the ones I want to play and throw them in my Stanley Organizer to take to game night. I've also been experimenting with other deck transportation methods to take less decks to game night since I typically only play 3 or 4 decks in one night.

I typically get to play anywhere from 1 to 4 decks per week, and I got to play 12 of my decks that I brought to Magic Fest Las Vegas. I like keeping the decks together as I feel like they're never actually done being built. I can always find ways to make tweaks to them. I also like keeping my decks together as when I play them they bring back memories of the good times I've had playing with friends and the nostalgia of playing the various commanders.

u/thenewdumb · 1 pointr/EDH

If you're doing G/W tokens, I highly recommend Trostani over Tolsimir. Tolsimir is a built in anthem, but Trostani's populate on a stick is useful, and the life you'll be gaining is not negligible. You can even just throw in both so he can swap generals.

Another fun G/W deck is Karametra. Any creature is better when it comes with a free Rampant Growth, and the extra mana she brings allows you to curve a little higher so he can throw around all kinds of goofy things. Most landfall cards are cheap, and you can get away with making the deck be mostly creatures and run Primal Surge as a win condition. Cards like Lurking Predators and Abundance are ridiculous in this sort of deck. The only real issue is that Avenger of Zendikar is amazing in this, but a bit expensive. However, you can order [Nature of the Beast] ( for 20$ off Amazon and that gets you stuff like Avenger, Rampaging Baloths, Wrath of God, Tempt with Discovery, and some other useful stuff. Just cut the red stuff and use the rest of your budget to fill out the deck.

Or since the precon is all the colors he likes, just add cards to it with the rest of your budget, but I'd still say cut it down to two colors since decent three-color manabases are $$.

u/XsiKarrade · 12 pointsr/EDH

Not joking

Each of the smaller trays fits a (non double sleeved) deck easily, and the larger trays I use for Planechase/Archenemy cards with die bricks, and the other has a notepad and a few pens. It's pretty big but it's also really hilarious.

The compartments come out easily and go back in easily so you can take each 'compartment' out when dealing with that deck. When it closes it locks and nothing gets shuffled inbetween compartments.

My friends laughed but honestly this has done good for me, other than it being fairly large.

eyyy! I put the decks in sideways with commander on top.

u/mcoleya · 2 pointsr/EDH

I agree with these, I am almost finished with all 10 wedge/shards, and have purchased and sleeved 4 of the 5 4 color decks (a buddy really wanted to make a ydris deck and I don't wanna have 2 floating around the meta) as well as a few random decks as well so far. With 16 ish decks at the moment all sleeved and ready to go I wanted some cheap deck holders for them. I use these ultrapro 100+ deck boxes for all my decks now ( not strictly true I have 1 in an old ultra pro satin which is a truly nice box just gets to expensive when going for the volume I have) and store those in I can fit roughly 12 of these deck boxes in there which makes it really snug and secure. I can also attest to these boxes protecting my deck from a fall off the table (has happened a few times), and the only real thing I can not speak to is someone sitting on the bag. While I don't treat my bag like crap I am also not being extra careful with it, I sling it over my shoulder as I walk from my car to the houses we play at and will gently toss it into the driver seat. I have not found any damage done to any of my cards.

I would like to finish by saying once again I was going for a cheap solution to a lot of decks. It is bad enough I have to use dragon shield matte sleeves, I didn't wanna add another 8-13 dollars per deck for a good box. I got a good deal on the dragon shields so now each deck only runs me maybe 10 dollars extra for protection.

u/trsblur · 2 pointsr/EDH

So, first the cheap and sturdy (ultra pro 100+)[] are by far the best bang for you buck for commander decks, and come in all colors. These have served me well and even work with double sleeved cards.

I have recently converted to (ultimate gaurd 200 card xenoskins)[] and while I am more happy with these I am still not satisfied as they have some serious disadvantages for EDH storage. First I tossed out the drawer trays entirely as they don't work for double sleeved cards. Next I found that I have to be very careful not to catch the sharp corners of the sleeves on the zeno skin as it will bind up and bend the cards. Lastly you must turn the box upside down to get your deck out.

Even with these small annoyances these are very nice with magnetic closures, and they seem to protect cards well. The materials are quality and they feel tactically pleasant.

My next step is to get a metal briefcase to house 4 of these.

Good luck

u/toxiczombiex · 2 pointsr/EDH

I personally use the Stanley organizer. Perfect fit for up to 8 commander decks, and two larger spaces for anything you need. All the compartments are rearrangeable and no cards fall through because the lid seals tightly.

I suppose you could make it fit 7 commanders, and remove the 2 big compartments and 1 small one, and it might be able to fit a playmat. But i just carry the case+my backpack with my trade binder and playmat.

Best of all its super cheap, and super sturdy.

u/Engineerbob · 2 pointsr/EDH

I picked up one of these, and really like it!

I can fit 2 decks in it, one in each tray, then where the "oversized" cards are supposed to go, I put two top loaders which hold each commander. I keep the rest of my decks in fat pack boxes... but I am looking to either get more of the tower boxes, or find another solution for bulk decks.

I keep my dice in a Canon lens bag like this They make great dice bags, and dont cost anything if you buy a fancy lens first!

I usually carry everything in my camera backpack it works great to have a backpack that is already designed to hold heavy junk. (plus, I can bring my camera too)

u/sunnydaisy · 16 pointsr/EDH

I have found [[Mayael the Anima]] to be a commander that does very well on a budget and is also really easy to continue to revamp and upgrade as you please. My list is currently TCG price around $212, but by taking out the Eldrazi (Ulamog and It That Betrays) and replacing them with just about any 5/x creature you have laying around, you're down to ~$150. There are tons of lists and primers for her, and she can be really fun to pilot since you hardly ever get the same creature twice. If she's in the playstyle you like, I'd definitely have to recommend it.

You can get the basic shell in the Naya C13 precon, which is $16 from this seller on amazon.

u/tartacus · 2 pointsr/EDH

Due to another suggestion on a different thread about this very subject last week, I went and got this on Amazon for $12:

And I love it. It's great. Can ultimately fit up to 12 decks, or less if you prefer storing dice in it as well. But it's awesome. Sturdy and easy to get the decks out. You can just pull each individual plastic container out to get out one specific deck.

u/KnitPrincess · 3 pointsr/EDH

Jeez, that's hard. I feel like his best bet would be this case called "The Quiver" and then a couple smaller double deck boxes like these I have both of those and they're kinda expensive, but the quiver holds 5ish double sleeved commander decks, and the ultimate guard holds 2 double sleeved commander decks plus a little dice compartment. You could probably squish a 6th in the quiver, but I would rather not risk damaging my cards. So maybe 2 quivers or some combination of quivers and double deck boxes? Or maybe a better option would be to take a look at a pirate lab bag like this one unfortunately I don't have any experience with that bag though so I can't speak for it's quality. If he doesn't like any of these I'd go check out Tolarian Community College Youtube channel, he has an entire series on deck box reviews. Good luck!

u/xflorgx · 1 pointr/EDH

I've had a bag like this for probably 10 years now and it hasn't failed me yet.

I have an older edition that only has 5 deck slots (the bottom middle one is for dice) and is a plastic divider, but I'd hope that the new cases are just as good.

One feature I like is that it has a bunch of slots in the lid where you can put individual cards or small groups that you want to have on hand. (Like tokens or sideboard cards.)

u/derankerdave · 1 pointr/EDH

I know you're looking for a box for a single deck, but here's what I'm using (despite the ghetto amazon page):

I'm not sure about the "1000" card claim, but so far I can fit 7 commander decks plus a boatload of tokens in there, so if you're eventually in the market for compact storage of larger quantities of cards in a single container, this thing has treated me well since day one.

I'd also like to add it likely fits far more than what I have in it - everything is comfortably situated, not tight at all. So it could probably fit up to 8 decks + tokens if you work it right.

u/-LVP- · 3 pointsr/EDH

$35 Talrand (U) Plays a bunch of cantrips and counters to get an army of 2/2 drakes and turns them sideways to win. Heavy counterspell may draw some hate at tables.

$50 Brion (UR) Casts fat creatures, and flings them with its commander. Has a few combo wincons.

$56 Isamaru, Hound of Konda (W) One drop commander, pumps him up with a ton of equipment to get 21 commander damage out fast.[Voltron]

I also found a blog with a bunch of budget decks, I'll dump links to all the lists for people searching this to get into the format for cheap.

$38 Niv-Mizzet (U) Draws a ton of cards to deal damage, subthemes are spell copying and spell recursion. Can go infinite with the addition of cards like [[Curiosity]] and [[Ophidian Eye]]

$27 Azami (U) Draw cards, counter spells, make flashy timmy plays. Has cool wincons including [[Diviner's Wand]].

$31 Bruna (UW) Another voltron deck, this one uses Auras to pump up the commander instead, and the commander's ability to cheat them on from the hand and graveyard.

$30 Pharika (BG) Reanimator with lots of ETB effects. Commander can create 1/1 deathtouch tokens for 2 mana at instant speed.

$36 Scion of the Ur-Dragon (Five-Color) Dragon tribal with some reanimator. Infinite combos off [[Hellkite Charger]] + [[Bear Umbra]] and[[Niv-Mizzet, The Firemind]] + [[Ophidian Eye]]

$36 Kamahl (G) Good old mono G battlecruiser. Contains tons of ramp, tokens, and Timmy spells. Commander has [[Overrun]] as an activated ability.

$38 Sharuum (BUW) Artifact reanimator with goodstuff from all three colours. Uses [[Shimmer Myr]] to play most of its deck at instant speed.

I'd also like to give an honorable mention to the Commander pre-constructed decks, which can be had for $20 online, and the newest ones are at a $35 MSRP. They're all legal and playable out of the box, but I hear that the power level on some of the older ones is lacking a bit. I'd recommend the 2014 Commander decks as I have experience with them being competitive at local tables outside of the box. I would have the warning that they're all split down the middle into multiple subthemes to allow the list to be re-focused using the alternate commanders provided, and so they end up playing fairly differently than a deck that was built from the top to be more focused.

u/E4ZYM0N3Y · 9 pointsr/EDH

Satin towers are nice but take up a lot of space compared to other boxes and are pricey as well. This box holds a double sleeved EDH deck perfectly and is clear so you know what deck is in what box. They are inexpensive, durable, and close securely.

u/bauss9027 · 6 pointsr/EDH

Ultra Pro Flip Box I highly recommend these, as they perfectly fit 100 sleeved cards and can fit a top loader with your commander to make them nice and snug. Not only that, but they look awesome! 100% worth it

u/Barrett82A1 · 1 pointr/EDH

I have tried the transparencies method and printed the image reversed, then glue the image face down but that leaves tiny glue spots on the image and it is another step. I have been using Clear Sticker Paperand it is much cheaper. Sticker paper leaves no marks on the image, but the ink is exposed. I put the cards in a perfect fit sleeve and it is now protected from smudging. The extra benefit of sticker is you can peel the image if you need to and reuse the card.

u/kesa_maiasa · 4 pointsr/EDH

Depends on how many EDH decks you have. I personally use this awesome case

It pretty comfortably fits 5 double sleeved edh decks, 30 unsleeved token cards for various decks, and a box for dice and various other token/beads what have you (box is not included).

I've had it now for about a year and it's been fantastic.

u/Fellipe000 · 2 pointsr/EDH

Fat packs boxes usually do the job. They can hold up to 3 decks fully sleeved in dragon shields. And you have room to fit your commander in a top loader at the side. Satin Tower are pretty good and sturdy but if you constantly carry all your decks with you, one satin tower for each may take some space and add some weight in your bag.

Dragon also has a plastic box that is able to fit some decks in it and are stronger than a fat pack.

My dream is to have one Stanley XL fatmax organizer to hold my decks

u/mrrockabilly · 1 pointr/EDH

I thought the same thing. But I ended up getting the Amazon Basics backpack, and I could not be happier: .

I carry 12 decks, 2 playmats, lifepads, pen, tokens, extra sleeves, and a small trade binder without an issue. Granted I don't carry all of that all of the time, but it handles it without an issue.

By far the best MTG related purchase I've made this year. My entire playgroup ended up purchasing them as well. I highly recommend it.

u/SocorroTortoise · 1 pointr/EDH

I picked up one of these a little while ago. It's a little on the pricey side, but I wanted something nice and largely self contained. It comfortably fits about a hundred sleeved tokens, a double sleeved deck, three single sleeved decks, and a couple of the chessex dice boxes. Velcro dividers inside so it's fairly customizable. It's obviously not going to hold as much as a backpack, so probably not what you're after if you're carrying around a trade binder or lots of peripheral stuff, but I've liked it so far.

u/Gonna-be-hell-toupee · 3 pointsr/EDH

Hey there, I have a few double sleeved EDH decks, and I love storing them in the Ultra-Pro 150 count acrylic deck boxes. You can pick them up for a couple bucks from your LGS and they fit a 100 card double-sleeved deck perfectly. This is the deck box I am talking about:

u/kyletheguy · 2 pointsr/EDH

I have like 12 different decks, so my priorities were the ability to tell which deck is which at a glance and affordability. Ultra pro two-piece 150 count boxes are perfect for me. They're clear, so I can face each one with my commander. At $2 a pop, it only cost me $24 to cover all of my decks. Plus, they're very sturdy and have space for tokens or sideboard cards along with a 100 card single-sleeved deck.

Here's the Amazon page: Ultra Pro 81147 2-Piece 150 Count...

u/thor_play · 1 pointr/EDH

I had the same problem... About a month or two ago I started trying to upgrade my own storage (14-15 decks) and ended up with:

This backpack is amazing for deck storage, but it's pretty full with 15. I'd imagine you're looking for something like a rolling suitcase, I guess

u/kniq86 · 7 pointsr/EDH

$2 for these ones. I like that I can see which commander is in there and they perfectly fit your deck. You can decorate them with stickers or markers or whatever you feel like. Downside is you have to keep your extras like tokens separately. They can also get chipped if you let them knock together loose in your bag. It fits in those larger multiple deck deckboxes though.

u/PoppedCollars · 1 pointr/EDH

I use one of these Harbor Freight cases. The foam is perforated into squares so you can remove it to make custom spots for deck boxes. For my standard and modern decks, I made individual slots for deck boxes to fit.

For my commander decks, I removed all of the foam except one layer around the end and one divider up the middle. Then pop 2 of the KMC Card Box 1000's in there and it holds 16 decks pretty perfectly.

u/xylltch · 4 pointsr/EDH

I bought this and it's been great so far:

I have the main compartment divided into thirds; an 800-card BCW box fits perfectly in the middle and there's room on either side for individual deckboxes or a fat pack/toolkit box. I can post some pictures with examples if you want.

u/windwolf777 · 1 pointr/EDH

I only have 1 deck at the moment, however I have a few yugioh decks and [this] works absolutely wonderfully. It comes with several velcro dividers that can keep your decks separate,

TCC did a review of it [here] starting at 5:08. I also recommend just going through his entire review series.

Oh.....Huh, interesting choices gatherer

u/quackor_sg · 6 pointsr/EDH

I bought two of the 10-compartment versions so I can have all deck-sized trays in one box, but upon receiving it I noticed you can actually fit the nice crystal commander boxes in place of the yellow compartments, so you should be fine just buying one and replacing the double-size trays with those.

u/Garyislord · 1 pointr/EDH

I bought a backpack made for camera equipment, it has adjustable partitions inside to help hold/cushion all your stuff. It carries 8 edh decks a modern deck(all in ultra pro mana flip boxes) a fatpack box and a dicebag snuggly. Also can fit 2 ultrapro card binders in the front pocket and has a thing on the side meant to hold a tripod that I use for my playmat tube. It's basically perfect. Here is the link

u/spiruru · 1 pointr/EDH

I will always recommend this bag:

It holds tons of decks, is dividable like the Pirate Labs bags, super sturdy, and doesn't cost quite as much.

u/freehand59 · 1 pointr/EDH

Now you've got me curious. Any idea how well these ultra pro clamshell boxes would fit? Ultra Pro 2-Piece 150 Count Clear Card Storage Box
I use those for all of my commander decks. It is annoying having to jam them all in my backpack though.
Also, the fit of these?

u/Mr_Finesse · 9 pointsr/EDH

I use this:
It's basically indestructible (maybe I wouldn't drive a car over it) but it protects my 10 decks from my 3 year old well enough. The compartments come right out and can be shuffled around to suit needs. I find it handles all of the extra stuff as well dice, tokens, etc.

u/chefsati · 1 pointr/EDH

Yep, the satin tower is primetime. I have separate mana magnetic flip boxes for each of my EDH decks for storage, and I bring the satin tower with me to events or friends' houses because of the dice compartment. Very nice product.

u/5150-5150 · 1 pointr/EDH

My way of doing it:

I only ever take 3 decks with me anywhere

They are inside of this deckbox:

The 3 deckboxes, and counters/dice, are inside this cheap case:

Works like an absolute charm and the whole package cost me basically nothing. Not to mention I love that deckbox I posted - while it doesn't latch like most do, it makes your decks look awesome on a bookshelf, you can show off your commander within each one. If you only transport your cards in a carrier, you don't really need to latch your deckbox.

u/tyler77189 · 4 pointsr/EDH

I use these and they're super cheap. This might not be the best place to buy them. A card shop near me sells them for 1.50. They are 150 count but perfect with sleeves.

u/Tropicalkings · 4 pointsr/EDH

As stated in other comments a cheap DSLR backpack will work well.

Another option is a part organizer:

This one can hold up to 12 double sleeved EDH decks.

Always be on the lookout, some of the best deckboxes out there are not made for cards but happen to work better than branded crap. I like to use the boxes my cellphone came in to hold whatever deck I take to FNM.

u/MustangDuvall · 3 pointsr/EDH

To carry all these, I don't think there's a good "premium" solution. However, I got the Quiver deckbox (
and it carries all 6 of my decks. Pretty nice.

u/QueenofCoils · 1 pointr/EDH

This isn't anything fancy but 1000ct KMC Box is really sturdy, I used to store my EDH battlebox in one & me and the hubby store our standard/modern/pauper collection in them as well :)

u/smokekeef · 7 pointsr/EDH

I used to keep each deck in a case like this to showcase the commander. Now that I doublesleeve my decks don't fit in those boxes as well, so I use these. I think it's easier than grouping all your decks together.

u/improbitas · 1 pointr/EDH

Kmc 1000 card box. Holds exactly 8 edh decks. I have 8 in mine, sleeved with dragon shield matte (the thickest sleeves you will find), and about 10 double sleeved cards in each deck on average, so there is a bit of extra room.

You can also find it on ebay. Recommended!

Only bad part is the unsymmetrical space dividers, but thats not much of an issue. Its actually makes it perfect if you want 6 decks + dice and tokens..

u/JRandomHacker172342 · 12 pointsr/EDH

If you want an inexpensive, less-fancy box, I like the Ultra Pro 150 count storage boxes. They also stack nicely with each other, which is convenient if you're the kind of person who builds a bunch of decks.

u/onyxavenger · 3 pointsr/EDH

I use the [KMC Card Box 1000] ( and have been satisfied with its capacity and durability. Single sleeved, it can hold 8 decks if you're not picky (two decks will spill over the fixed dividers), or 6 decks with two nice sections for tokens/counters/dice.
EDIT: Fixed link

u/PHOTON_BANDIT · 1 pointr/EDH

we must be talking about different boxes lol

perhaps i wasnt using the right name lol.

this one has a magnetic latch

u/Darth_Meatloaf · 5 pointsr/EDH

I have a fat pack box to carry some of it, but I also have three of these to hold my decks. It says they are sized for UltraPro, but I can confirm that a deck sleeved in Dragon Shields, which are slightly thicker than the UltraPro sleeves, fit just fine.

u/ShockwaveMTME · 3 pointsr/EDH

May i suggest this?

It allows you to keep 3 double sleeved Decks easily.

This may also suit your needs if you prefer a more fashionable exterior and secured from accidental opening.

u/Gulaghar · 2 pointsr/EDH

I use one of these. It has 12 cups, each which holds one of my decks.

Here's one cup all filled up, and here's what all goes into each one.

It's not technically the most efficient thing, but I rather like it even so.

u/sonictech170 · 1 pointr/EDH

This are advertised to hold 150 but once you sleeve up the 100 cards + a small sideboard/ tokens it fits quite nicely.

u/joqose · 1 pointr/EDH

I use this.

It does require using some dividers since the compartments are fixed, but it fits 8 sleeved decks very nicely.

u/abielins · 8 pointsr/EDH

Ultra Pro 150. It fits 100 sleeved cards perfectly if you put them in sideways. You get to see your commander without opening the box, and it's not gaudy or decorated with any sort of logos or designs.

u/Nothing-more · 1 pointr/EDH

This works great for me.

I removed the cardboard dividers and it holds 15 edh decks if you single sleeve and use the smallest box.

u/2ByteTheDecker · 2 pointsr/EDH

you want the stanley toolbox.

the small compartments hold an double sleeved edh deck with the commander in a toploader. the large compartments are perfect for dice/counters/tokens/draft sleeves w/e.

I can tell all the decks apart based on the sleeve color.

u/Froglift · 3 pointsr/EDH

The people at my LGS use a few cases like this. I can find the exact one they use the next time I see them if you would like.

u/The_Super_D · 12 pointsr/EDH

I have 30 decks and have 28 of them in these:

They hold a (depending on brand) double sleeved EDH deck. They're compact. You can lay the commander on top for easy identification. Best of all, they're $2.00 so buying 30 of them won't break the bank.

Boulders are my second choice for many of the same reasons above, but they're more expensive and less transparent.

u/Rithe · 1 pointr/EDH

I have been buying the "Ultra Pro Plastic Box" for each of my EDH decks. It fits a deck comfortably even when double sleeved. And then I get their colored ones for my other legacy/casual decks

Then you can hold them in whatever you want. I've been using a small tool box that holds my 4x EDH and 5x legacy(casual) decks + tokens/playmats just fine

u/Bioautomaton · 1 pointr/EDH

For less than half the price, you can get this:

It's what I use for all of my EDH needs. The back flap is great for binder(s), front flap for life pads, pens, etc. Side pockets hold spare sleeves for rares or hard sleeves. Interior is padded and rearranges to accomodate multiple deckboxes easily. That side tripod holder? Put your mat tube there with a bit of e-tape around it to give it a stop that's not the cap.

u/Agent_Eclipse · 2 pointsr/EDH

I use this. Slightly smaller than the Fatmax XL but at $20 less it works fine and you could buy two. Each bin holds a deck easily with room for tokens/extras...12 decks if you trade out the big bins for small bins.

u/BriceLamotte · 3 pointsr/EDH

I use this box :
It's recommended by the prof at the tolarian community college and by me :)
It fits 6 commander + tons of token.
Here is mine with 4 commanders, 2 unfinished ones, tokens and a double sleeved modern deck.

For taking it from one place to another, I use a normal backpack.

u/nebulatr0n · 7 pointsr/EDH

This box is amazing. I hold all my sleeved EDH decks, dice, tokens, sideboard, trades all in one lightweight waterproof see through container.

u/MrAxel · 4 pointsr/EDH


hard, modular and portable :-)

Can fit upto 12 decks or 11 with space for lots of tokens/dice etc.

u/lglugo · 3 pointsr/EDH

I've had this link saved for a while since someone posted a full art foil black lotus. You can make your proxies on this and stick it to acetoned foils and it turns out pretty well. Not super extra thick and not noticeable if you double sleeve the non proxies

u/fmadmonk · 1 pointr/EDH

Stanley FatMax Pro Organizer is what I use. Compartments hold double-sleeved decks, it locks, I've tested it out in the rain and nary a drop makes it in. It really is great.

u/TheWorldHatesPaul · 3 pointsr/EDH

Any idea if the case would fit several Ultra Pro 150-Count 2-Piece Plastic Boxes along side the yellow bins? I am thinking have a few bins for dice, etc, and then all my decks in the 2-piece boxes. see:

u/Scarecrow1779 · 1 pointr/EDH

I.... kinda bought two of these for that reason. I already have Molderhulk, Satyr Enchanter, Spellheart Chimera, and Savage Ventmaw. I am working on putting together Disciple of Deceit and have about another 80 lists that I play with friends in Cockatrice. This has all happened in about a year.

I think I have a problem.

u/Popcynical · 1 pointr/EDH
I highly recommend this case, it fits 7 sleeved edh decks snugly with Velcro dividers so you don't have to bother with boxes, however it only comes with 5 Velcro dividers so I need to use one of the hard plastic dividers to separate the sixth and seventh deck.

u/Zylo_001 · 3 pointsr/EDH

I quite like the Quiver ( ) for carrying my decks to play. Hold about 6-7 decks in boulders + room for dice. When they go on sale they are at about $20 usd/each. Satin towers end up getting too heavy when carrying multiple of them and aren't compact. Rather just have a dice/token bag if I need one. I'd consider the Stanley cases, but I haven't seen any with square enclosures in my country.

u/GenerousWineMerchant · 1 pointr/EDH

Yes! I am separating my cards into 3 of these boxes + 1 shoe box:

Box 1: EDH Staples that I am very likely to put into a deck

Box 2: Excess EDH staples and cards I may put into a deck, but probably won't

Box 3: Basic land and other junk cards

Shoe Box: junk I probably should throw away and excess basic land

I sort by color:



Non-basic Lands






u/jankyclown · 1 pointr/EDH

I keep hearing good things about the KMC 1000 card box. If it fits your needs, I think it's hard to beat for the price.

u/dablackcat0 · 5 pointsr/EDH

Buy yourself one of these puppies. It holds 12 decks. The compartments fit just about any 100+ deck box or you can just leave the deck in the compartment on its own.

u/WittyGoat · 9 pointsr/EDH

I use this.

Only $12 and it works great.

I have 8 decks all in the smaller containers and use the large ones for random cards and lands currently. I could put two in each of the larger ones but would need to make a divider of some kind.
I uploaded some pictures to imgur. Also shook it to show there is some play, but no issues if the cards are in sleeves. I have heard of some people putting a small piece of soft foam to hold the cards in place more but I have never felt the need.

u/LucanDesmond · 6 pointsr/EDH

Everyone has already made great suggestions for your current collection so I'm just going to add a suggestion for the future if your collections expands. I have 22 decks. For a collection of that size, all those individual boxes are a pain, get these:

u/Autoloot · 9 pointsr/EDH

I use the ultra pro 150 count 2 piece boxes. You can place 99 cards double sleeved into them sideways and then put your commander on top so that you can know what deck is which at a glance.

These are them:

u/bantknight · 2 pointsr/EDH

I use this KMC to hold my edh decks: Card Box 1000 The professor reviewed it and recommended it. I use it to hold 3 double sleeved decks, 4 single sleeved decks and tokens/extra cards.

u/thromdul · 5 pointsr/EDH

I recently moved away from deck boxes and am using this parts organizer. (Stack-On DCOG-10)

Each small bin easily holds a sleeved EDH deck. When the cover is closed the cards will not slide out of their bin. I paid $12 but it seems to have gone up in price.

u/Kerrus · 1 pointr/EDH

Here's the case on Amazon, but your local tool store, home depot, or wal-mart/target/RONA should carry them.

u/alf666 · 4 pointsr/EDH

For those wondering what he means by "Stanley toolboxes", this is the product he is talking about.

u/Awful_Antagonist · 1 pointr/EDH

I bought two of these. With some rearranging, one will hold six ultra pro boxes (inserted sideways), 7 Commander decks and one more compartment for tokens and dice. Having it just filled with single compartments will hold I think 12 Commander decks.

u/darth_something · 1 pointr/EDH

I use one of these for my decks:

I have 8 EDH decks, 1 standard deck, a box with extra sleeves and a dice bag in it. I'm going to attach the tube with my playmat in it to one of the sides using velcro strips.

u/shahdawg · 5 pointsr/EDH

I have one of these that I store a lot of my decks in. Very cheap too. And if you wanna replace the big bins with smaller one's theyre only ~$2

u/xfeignx · 1 pointr/EDH

THIS. Stanley Organizer. This thing holds multiple double sleeved decks and I ended up using one of the leftover spaces to hold tokens and dice.

u/ProtoJMan · 1 pointr/EDH

Something very similar to this. Take out the yellow containers and use my plastic double-sleeved dragonshield cases and single-sleeve normal cases with art on them. Fits 12ish decks, maybe more.

u/abx1224 · -1 pointsr/EDH

If you want boxes for all of them, the most efficient options for 100 sleeved cards are here:

Single boxes

These also include detachable dice compartments if you want to include a couple of D20s and D6s for life and counters.


Dual boxes

Pro Tower Deck Box, Black

These hold 2 decks, and come with an extra slot that holds 10ish sleeved cards, or any die smaller than a standard D20.

u/Morbidrequiem · 1 pointr/EDH

Personally I use an Amazon basics camera bag. I put my decks, all double sleeved, in boulder cases and the inside of the bag has dividers that velcro adjust for lens, etc. I just make 3 rows and stuff my decks in. Currently I have 12 decks, dice, and a playmat rube in it, along with my trade binder, etc.

It has the waist support straps pictured but I just cut those off. If I need more room I can take the mat tube out and use the tripod holders on the side., though I wouldn't recommend that for MagicFest style events.

u/incognit-oh · 1 pointr/EDH

Is there really any need to carry around 10 decks at all times? I feel like it's a little high risk if anything got stolen everything would be lost. But anyhow there's a backpack that might not hold 10 but I think it comes close.

u/xDrSchnugglesx · 2 pointsr/EDH

They never break, are dirt cheap, and you can tell what deck it is at a glance.

Literally the only downside is that if you drop one half of the box, it’s loud as balls. But don’t drop them and you’re fine.