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u/The-Internets · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

GW is a awesome game. I only have 4 points left on my HoM and im real excited. You will be able to get them after GW2 comes out but might have a harder time as the GW userbase is already pretty low.

If you have a friend who wants to do it or you can find a few people, or a guild, its worth it for the first 15. The last 15 (assuming you only want the items) will take you about the same amount of time to get 1-3 points. First 15 you can do in 1 1/2 weeks.

The story is pretty good in a silly way. If you want to get the most out of GW2 you should probably buy the books 1 2, they are pretty good at least if you have played GW and stayed interested.

The game is different than most games, you will probably mostly play alone or only with friends. It isn't open world, you have to form your party and skills in towns. The game is completely skill based, if you are a bad player you will always be bad. It has a pretty decent learning curve but it throws a lot of people off the game. Also don't expect to pvp in GW, if you get in a game you are going to get pwned.

u/Palidore · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

I'll be playing with:

  • Razer DeathAdder
  • CM Storm Trigger
  • Audio Technica AD700 - Possibly. Haven't decided for sure yet.

    Also have a 3D monitor and glasses if I feel inclined to play GW2 in 3D, though after having tried it during recent stress tests, I'm not sure I will.


    On the subject of peripherals, if anyone is browsing through these posts trying to get ideas on future purchases:

    Razer products: Use caution and make informed decisions before buying them. With Razer, most of the time you're paying for the brand name more than anything. Their quality control is known to be really shoddy compared to other brands. Their mice and the Nostromo are typically good (though even then, my first DeathAdder mouse was faulty and had to be RMA'd), but everything else is average at best, faulty and unreliable at worst. I was looking into buying a Blackwidow in my mechanical keyboard search this month, but decided against it in the end because there were simply far too many reports of faulty, flimsy, or otherwise broken parts (both out of the box or down the line) for me to buy with confidence. Bottom line, do your research on the likes of Google, Amazon and Newegg reviews, etc. before making a purchase. Not even just with Razer products, but anything you ever plan on investing significant money into.

    Mechanical keyboards: They're a really great investment if you're in the market for a keyboard and can fit them in the budget. They're a lot more pricey, but you really get what you pay for with these. Mechanical keys are an absolute pleasure to type and game on compared to the cheap membrane keys which are standard today. These keyboards provide great tactility, feedback, accuracy, and are made to last far, far longer than your standard keyboard.

    Audio Peripherals: First of all, do not buy gaming headsets. Once again, you're paying a lot more for the brand and the title of "gaming headset" than the actual product quality. Frankly, most (if not all) gaming headsets' quality and audio fidelity are downright poor in comparison to dedicated headphones that you can get for the same or lesser price. The best thing to do if you want to get the most bang for your buck is to buy a nice pair of headphones, and if you're dead-set on having an attached mic, invest into something like the ModMic or mod one on yourself.
u/chuiu · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

>I understand you're interested to purchase "Guild War 2" from our website. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.
>I searched for "Guild War 2 collectors edition", and it looks like it isn't currently available on our website.
>I did find the item below that appears similar to what you're looking for. At the very bottom of the page you'll find a Feedback box with the message "Is there any other feedback you would like to provide? Click here." That will allow you to submit a product suggestion.
>Customer feedback like yours helps in our endeavor to improve the service we provide, and we’re very happy you took time to write to us.
>Your feedback will help us to improve the selection and service we provide and we're glad you took time to write to us.
>Should you have any question or concern or require any assistance at all please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to provide further assistance.
>I hope this information helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
>Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?
>If yes, please click here:
>If no, please click here:

We need to find a better way of communicating with them.

u/Scorp63 · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Hate to burst your creativity bubble, but the third books' name, author, and page-count are already known (The release date is a filler, the book is possibly already done).

It's going to involve the nation of Orr, its history, and focus around zombies and pirates for the most part. It will probably take place before GoA, like EoD, but even further back then EoD.

The books are heavily for learning about the lore, not so much personalization. GoA focuses heavily on describing the Foefire (the main character in GoA, Dougal Keane, will be in Lion's Arch in GW2), the Charr-Human treaty, and the human race in general.

EoD focuses around Destiny's Edge, both the rise and fall of that Guild, in which all 5 (6, Garm) of the "main characters" in the book play major roles in GW2, mostly around the dungeon system, such as Eir and Rytlock for the Catacombs of Ascalon.

It's a neat idea, but simply not on track for what Arenanet is after with the GW2 books, and I've absolutely loved them. A book revolving around that would probably have cliche after cliche thrown in, everything to make your character stand out as a hero. IMO, I just like the books the way they are - Adventurous, canon, and providing details of the world GW2 will have.

u/Nofear700 · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

there is also 3 published books that you might enjoy (I know I did)
they cover lots events that happened after GW1 and before GW2

Ghosts of Ascalon - I still need to read this one but i believe its talking about the events that lead to the peace negotiation between the Humans and Charr

Edge of Destiny- this book talks about the the 5 main NPC you play with throw the personal story, how they met and what happened between them before the events of GW2

Sea of Sorrows - talks about the re-creation of Lions arch after Orr risen from the ocean, how it became free city for all races and a heaven for pirates, great story

u/ClaraFee · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Something like this would be cool as hell, but I think looking for it to be built into the game is the wrong approach. There are plenty of gaming mice (mouses?) and keyboards available with custom programming software that can handle this better than ArenaNet could.

Just imagine a Tuesday game update that breaks the F1 keybind for all Mesmers, and they can't fix it until Friday. I will go ahead and confess that I'd be cheering in PvP lobby! But for everyone else this would be devastating. UGH! >:O

Those interested may want to check out Logitech's line of... meese, particularly the G600 MMO mouse. It has a third mouse button on the far right - the "G" key - that enables you to change the functionality of all the other buttons. For example, let's say you have the 1 - 5 buttons on the side of the mouse bound to your F1 - F5 skills. You could set it up so that when you press and hold the G key those 1 - 5 buttons instead correspond to 5 of your mounts. Release the G key and you're back to your F-skills. There are a lot of great possibilities.

The same is true for keyboards, though a nice gaming keyboard with single key customization is hella expensive, you can get a small macro pad for pretty cheap. I have a Logitech G13 keypad - which I did not buy for $299 - that is great for this purpose. You can get it used for cheap on eBay. I also have a Max Falcon 8 keypad that I use for mass copy-pasting at the office, but it's a pain in the ass to program. Recently I've been looking at Koolertron's keypad on Amazon as an upgrade.

Good luck!

u/squee147 · 4 pointsr/Guildwars2

Or you could get a razer naga. I'm probably only going to use 1-9 and map profession mechanics to 1-4, but if wanted to you could pretty much everything to that damn mouse.

Those keybindings look great all things considered, but when the shit hit the fan I know I would make so many mistakes trying to manage that.

u/RedmondTheRobot · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

For 1: Amazon has it for $40-ish.

I'm not too sure about 2 though, when you go to pick a server you can look at what it says for it, but I think most are either high or very high. You could also try looking at guilds on servers and seeing which ones have a large group that you may be interested in joining I guess. Playing with a guild is a lot of fun and many are pretty casual.

u/NEM3S1S · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

If all you want to know is if gems are worth it, the answer is yes. There are a lot of good things you can get. Bag slots, bank space, more mat storage, shared inventory slots, the Copper-Fed Salvage-o-matic, and so on. And then you can also buy cooler gliders and whatnot but that's all up to you.

But don't buy the Ultimate Edition. Buy the HoT upgrade from Amazon for $40, then $50 worth of gems to get whatever you want, and you've saved $10. If you decide you also want the character slot, then blow another $10 and the only thing you've missed out on are the mini, finisher, and glider, all of which are pretty meh in my opinion (only the glider is really worth it).

u/mickeyoneil19 · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

It's a gaming mouse made by Logitech. It's very similar to the Razer Naga, but it's made by Logitech. I got mine a week before launch, and it has been my favorite purchase in a long time. It did take some getting used to, but it has greatly improved my efficiency and I am able to focus on moving while attacking. This is the first MMO I've ever really got into and I'm now able to hang with a few of my friends who've been playing MMOs for years.

u/omlech · 4 pointsr/Guildwars2

Of course you can, GW2 takes place 250 years after GW1 so some stuff will be familiar like old places and probably stuff mentioned in books or something, but otherwise the stories are pretty much self contained. If you're interested in getting into the lore prior to GW2 coming out, then go check out the books. The end of Eye of the North in 2007 was the starting point of everything that happened in-between GW1 and GW2 with the Beyond content giving you more of the story leading into GW2.

Also, someone can probably link you to a primer for the lore on youtube.

u/graven2002 · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

Here is a video playlist for Keybinds and Combat tips.

Here is the best video for setting up Action Camera.

Playlist with lots of New Player Guides. (Good for reference, you don't have to watch before playing.)

I also highly recommend getting an MMO mouse like the G600, so you can keybind more important skills to you right hand and not just your left.

u/Godflow_ · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

I'm using the Red Dragon Perdition. It's not super well known, but it's really one of the best mouse i've used at an amazing price.

u/bracobama · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

this might be our only hope! Thanks for finding the link :)

EDIT: They now have the standard edition available, which I bought

  • got the key straight away!
u/trueseer · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I used one of these when I played WoW and it worked wonderfully.

u/ViddlyDiddly · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

The only possible sales is if 3rd party stores like amazon, gamestop, best buy etc. hold a sale for prepaid gem store cards. These occur if at all during usual video sale times i.e. before Xmas.

u/marcustyphoon · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

As far as I know yes, but HoT is $30 on DLGamer (legit, Anet authorized, I and many others have bought HoT from them) or $32 on Amazon if you can get free shipping, so unless you can get the original for less it's not worth it.

u/khorren · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

Every few months or so there's been a 50% off sale, it'll be a while til the next one though since we just had one. But Amazon has it for $31 USD right now: also a place called DLGamer, which is a partner site usually has it at a discount.

Codes are one use only, so you can't buy someone else's account, no. Also stay away from grey-market reseller websites. If it's not listed on the retailers site it's probably not worth the risk.

Also keep in mind the core game is play for free, so you can just download and create an account and see if it's manageable for your ping :)

u/isoprovolone · 17 pointsr/Guildwars2

If you're supporting a non-profit via Amazon Smile, please use!

This sale (no matter what URL you use) is for today only!

u/arien12 · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

Not the most expensive rig in the world, but I love every part of it and recommend it all:

i7 2600k w/ Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

4x Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 4GB 1600 RAM dual channel

2x GTX460 1GB DDR5 in SLI

Corsair HX 750W power supply

Asus Xonar DG (Dolby Headphone virtual surround) sound card [link]

Logitech G13 gamepad [link]

CM Storm Xornet mouse [link]

Logitech K120 keyboard

Superlux HD681 headphones [link]

Zalman ZM-MIC1 clip-on microphone [link]

u/baldturtle · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

The physical copies comes in standard edition while the digital copy only comes in least for now. As someone who has the deluxe edition, it's not really worth it. But it's up to you :) glad you enjoyed the game.

u/GuildWarrior · 0 pointsr/Guildwars2

Thanks for the pointer, but I still can't get the game!
I checked the digital edition available at amazon If you look at the 'Product Details' section, it says that - "Downloading: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States and who have a U.S. billing address."
I don't have a US billing address! do you know any other place where I can get the game?
If I order for the PC edition it will take around a week to reach me, I already have the downloaded client (took from a friend) so I am looking to purchase the digital edition to get started ASAP.

u/rub1k · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Thanks but the picture and description clearly state "Pre-purchase" and not "Pre-order".

The link for the pre-order version is this one and there are other links for the other editions as well.

u/Ratheous · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Comes out to a $10 discount over Amazon which is new w/free shipping if you have Prime (not sure how to get the shipping amount without it).

Woot's worth looking at just for their description though. Thanks for posting that =)

u/Hoewhoew · 6 pointsr/Guildwars2

Don't worry, it's on Amazon as well. At least on the German one, I've been able to find it quite easily.

German Amazon book

u/sgpigeon · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

have you thought of using the Logitech g13? It would seem that would be an easy fix for your issue. I have one and it is fantastic, I am the traditional mouse on right kind of guy, but I feel like this would help you.

u/Dime-Baggins · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

I used to use the Corsair m95 until I found this one the "Redragon Perdition" It's badass and I've have had 3 other friends that play mmo's buy them after they tried mine. Not sure about the Mac thing though.

u/Halluza · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

The book that was released tells their entire story. Short read, pretty fun. Dunno if anyone's got a pdf copy.

u/Andele3025 · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2 - all 3 books (which cover a lot of kinda importantish lore and if i may recommend in case you just wanna get one, it should be SoS from Ree Soesbee) for 25$, but most important passages are on the net, Gw2guru has its own lore section, but the core plotlines are in the original GW, in the personal story and kindaish here

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

I used my G13 for WoW and I expect it'll work very well for GW2.

u/bluebelt · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I recommend the Logitech G13. I use the thumbstick for movement and it is awesome. Responsive, easy to adjust to, and frees up more fingers for skill use. I tried the razer equivalent but the d-pad just doesn't work as well as the thumbstick for me.

u/Diknak · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

In terms you should relate with:

A/D + Right Mouse Button = Left joystick on your console controller

A/D w/no mouse = Right joystick on your console controller

When playing shooters on your console, you strafe constantly. The same applies here. You should be strafing by holding the right mouse button.

I use a Razer Naga and I only use my left hand for WSAD, shift, CTRL, and Space. All abilities and dodge are controlled by my mouse. It takes a lot to get used to it, but it is worth it.

u/Schrodinger_80X · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

I highly recommend a gameboard like the Logitech G13.

I have all my skills bound to the Gkeys on it, movement bound to the thumbstick, and jumping, diving, targeting and interaction controls bound to my mouse (a Logitech G700).

u/Andele4028 · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Redragon Perdition is imo far better (with the weight config and a better thumb curve for claw girp) and also on sale.

u/mithikx · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Digital Edition
Digital Deluxe Edition

Standard Edition
Collector's Edition

Obviously the digital editions don't come with boxes and all you get is a key and the other two are physical boxed copy like you would get in a brick and mortar store.

u/___Fay___ · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I use the Redragon M901, it's really good! I wanted a multi-button mouse but I have small hands and most multi-button mouses are massive, this is a perfect fit for me. It's lasted me for two years so far and it's less expensive than Corsair.

u/R34vR · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I would highly recommend the two Guild Wars 2 novels, Ghosts of Ascalon and Edge of Destiny, if you are interested in lore.

Ghosts of Ascalon is first and it serves as a primer on the races, basic interests, and relevant history of Tyria. You are introduced to some notable characters, and it is an entertaining read.

Edge of Destiny is the second book and it deals more with a cast of characters that features a prominent role in-game and is more focused on the current situation of Tyria. It is also a very fun read.

There is a third book currently being written, Sea of Sorrows, that was supposed to be released before launch but was delayed.

Ghosts of Ascalon

Edge of Destiny

u/kaloryth · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

I recently bought this mouse and am very happy with it. I shied away from mice like the g600 because they had far more buttons than I wanted. The buttons have distinct shapes to avoid misclicking.

For the lazy

u/ranique · 0 pointsr/Guildwars2

would you kindly go this link and hoover your mouse over the bottom-left corner of the box and tell me what it say ;)

In Europe the box got PEGI-rating. In NA it got ESRB

u/tulisin · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I preordered via Amazon and played the beta, but upon finding out that preorders get in after prepurchases, I cancelled my preorder and did

The code was immediately available after purchase in the digital downloads page, plus a $5 Amazon credit code in my inbox, neato.

u/zanobi_gw2 · 9 pointsr/Guildwars2

I've used the Redragon M901 PERDITION for about a year and a half and it works well. It won't be the highest quality product, and the buttons can feel cramped if you have large hands. On the plus side it is only 35$ compared to the typical higher prices of better quality gaming mice.

u/therosesgrave · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

Yes, Amazon offers a Kindle Edition for all three books.

u/Quisee · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

I've just found that beautiful watch which they get from Anet

u/Zaxus125 · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

Mouse buttons are my savior. In PvP, I find it incredibly useful to be able to still move with my left hand, while attacking with my right hand (and camera movement).

That said, I used to use a Razer Naga, but the right mouse button recently died on me. I just picked up a Redragon Perdition ($37 on Amazon) and I am pleasantly surprised at its quality for that price.

u/Elewem · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Ah, fair enough.

Though, if it's an option, you can get a digital download from

Also, I play a Mesmer, so lets hope you target the right me. :P

u/SageoftheMists · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons

I've used this logitech mouse for years because of a modifier button built into the pinky rest, they call it the "g-shift." When holding it down it activates a second profile for each button on the mouse allowing for quick and diverse actions through the mouse. When you release the "g-shift" key the buttons return to their base profile.

Software is also easy to use to program buttons. You can even have multiple profiles set up for individual programs and games. The software can also "auto-detect" what your playing to automatically switch profiles.

u/stregone · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

I have been playing a warrior, my 2nd character and it should be fun with the stuns and knockbacks stuff. its just a pain in the ass to play with the default keybindings. Trying to move around avoiding damage and also react quickly and reliably hit a utility skill across the keyboard is impossible. Does anyone have any tips?

Does anyone use something like this? Would it help?


u/OperativeLoop · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

You should check out Guild Wars : Ghosts of Ascalon this book deals with the events that took place to create the treaty between the Charr and the Humans. Pretty fun read, I liked reading Guild Wars: Edge of Destiny a little better, it tells the story of Destiny's Edge, and I can't think of anything else to say that wouldn't include spoilers.

Edit: Oh I see now you said in game content... Well I don't want to spoil too much but after reading both of those books I've found references to things from them in game.

u/Folseit · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

You can get her a gamepad like Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad or Logitech's G13 Gameboard. Set the joystick to movement and everything else for skills and others.

u/eak125 · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Something like this. You can either use it to go wasd or use the thumb joystick to move.

u/DZ302 · -5 pointsr/Guildwars2

Yes it is true.

See what I did there? Do you have a citation?

TERA Pre-order
GW2 Pre-order
TSW Pre-order

Also for example, another game with no release date:

>PlanetSide 2 has now officially shown up for Pre Order for 49.99 on several websites!

Where are these options to reserve a game for $5? In every MMO I've ever seen/played, a pre-order was always a full game purchase, you just had the option to cancel it before release.

u/Hiroaki · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I'm looking into it now, which version is best? On Amazon there are four versions. The original is twice as much as the 2012 version.. wtf?

u/beef_swellington · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

ohh, somebody's using URL shorteners to hide their amazon affiliates reference ID!

The full URL is:

FYI, everybody, OP is making money from every person who buys the game (or anything else purchased during the session) through this link.

u/CheraFox · 7 pointsr/Guildwars2

For those who don't know, this book comes in a physical hardcover release as well. It already has a page on amazon, tho the pre-purchase is not available yet:

u/dunkah · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Amazon has the digital version for download as well. ($59.99)

u/Keorl · 5 pointsr/Guildwars2

Ty. Cleaned the link, see below. Btw if Amazon sells the same item in different countries, it often has the same reference. So no need to search on amazon sites on by one to find it for your country (or to find that it's a lot cheaper to order something abroad) : you can simply replace the domain.

Only the GB and IT ones are unavailable atm.

u/TheActualBoneroni · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

OP, I see a lot of comments telling you to get an mmo mouse. I'd like to take a moment to recommend this cheap device that I've been using heavily for about 3 years now and still works fantastically. It comes with software that allows all 12 side button and even an alt click to be programmed to any key/action/macro (I have my alt click programmed to double click for all those pesky loot bags). The color of the lighting is fully customizable as well as the DPI of the mouse movements, and all of these can be set to 5 independent profiles that can be switched at the push of a button. There are also weights that can be added/removed to change the mass of the mouse to your preference. The only hangup I have is that the software can be finicky at times but once you've found a setup or two that you like there's no reason to use it anymore because the information is stored on the mouse. Can't recommend it enough.

u/Yezhik · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

Here you go mate, grab em while you can! :D

Edit: Although, think about it. You really don't want the digital deluxe? Don't regret it later :P

u/Kupper · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Sad that you were influenced with the LoC people here on reddit. It will go on sale again, or even for $40 it is a great deal.

Edit: Amazon has it for $30

u/PhineasSurrey · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I use the Logitech G700 (so perfect for this game!! :D)

Weapon Skills: 1, 2, 3, 4, E

Self Heal: Q

Utility Skills: G8, G9, G10

Elite: R

Dodge: Shift (pls don't use double tap...)

Strafe: A, D

Mark & Call: G6, G7

Switch Weapon & Pet: G4, G5

Look behind: Mousewheel

u/joe14joe · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

I bought [this] ( version last week

It wokred out fine, just got the codes and placed them on the GW2 website. You can however get the game cheaper if you don't mind waiting the three days and not doing the headtstart

u/ITBarista · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

If you can't get anything from, Amazon still has copies here

u/Kintobar · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Currently Amazon is selling gw2 for 30% off here.

u/jcjono1998 · 3 pointsr/Guildwars2

I think so, I bought it from Amazon Digital Services LLC, using the link below:

u/ProgenitorX · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Physical copies are readily available:

Sure you have to wait for shipping, but it beats waiting for keys to be sent out. You can upgrade to digital in-game if that's what you wanted.

u/zp_ · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

You can still get it elsewhere, for example Amazon has a digital version where they give you a serial code.

edit: Make sure you choose PC Download, should be on it by default with the link above, but just in-case.

u/auraness · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

Don't even need to go out to buy it. Amazon has it.

u/slinky_1 · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

You can't even Amazon is sold out.

u/Bridger15 · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I've had this one for a while, but FWIW, you can get that mouse for $75 on Amazon

u/-Greeny- · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

This page doesn't tell me that they are out of stock. I can even add it to my cart.

u/thavleifrim · -5 pointsr/Guildwars2

It is a thing that does not exist, are you thinking of the physical collectors edition? or the digital deluxe edition?

u/YukiPho · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

It does have a book though:


u/hyresin · 5 pointsr/Guildwars2

DLGamer has it almost permanently on 20% off. ($38.99 USD) (US site) has it for sale at 30% off at the moment. ($35.00 USD)

Alternatively you could check out the list of approved retailers to check if any of them are having a sale.

u/KingHavana · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

If you're gonna pay $60 you may want to just work to get another $20 so you could get this.

u/jgzman · 6 pointsr/Guildwars2

If you want a secondary controler, get an N52. I literaly can't play without one.

You want this one.

u/Seilaerion · 2 pointsr/Guildwars2

If you're willing to pay the extra $20, Amazon has the Digital Deluxe version still in stock.

u/TASagent · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Is there a problem with amazon?

(I phrased it like this because I assume she already checked here. For example, depending on where she lives this could be a problem)

u/AncientKarka · 6 pointsr/Guildwars2

If you don't want to support someone quietly adding their referral link, you can go here:

u/RandommUser · 8 pointsr/Guildwars2

OP has a weird link, these should be correct ones



u/Asataro · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

> Pre-purchase Guild Wars 2 for PC download and get a $5 Video Games Credit plus 3-Day Head-start access

reading the description on would help...

u/Skankintoopiv · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

Should be noted I have no idea the order of books and all, if someone wants to chime in on this please do. I haven't read any GW books I just know this one exists.

u/RabidDuckling · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I'm sure it does. "The code to setup your Guild Wars 2 account early and access Beta Weekend Events will be emailed at least a few days before the release of the game."

u/ajpearman9 · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

If you live in the U.S. and you don't feel comfortable buying from (this is directly from them and you can ask for a refund if health problems arise), give Amazon a try.

This product should allow you to get a pre-purchase code, giving you permission to play in any more stress tests before release, and let you play Aug 25-27th before the game comes out and ArenaNet asks everyone for a full game key. You can cancel the order after they give you the code, and not have to pay $60, but you should give it a try before you just go and cancel! I've never seen a game that justifies spending $60 more than GW2.

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That watch goes for $65 on Amazon, normally $120. Damn.

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Gw2 is only $20 right now on Amazon (NA at least).

Even if you end up hating this game, you're only down $20.

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Here is the physical version that I bought. I have downloaded, played stress tests and will have headstart access. I also get the heros band. They sent me a code the day after I pre-ordered the game and been in stress tests ever since. I think your info is a bit wrong.

delivery estimate: August 28, 2012

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To anyone who is having a hard time with GW's own website stock lockup issue, GreenManGaming's horseshit problems with order confirmation or bank rejection, Amazin has the game in stock for download in both editions---

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Yea. I wouldn't expect that they have any obligation to do it, but it's worth a try. The way I look at it, neither ArenaNet, nor GamesRocket has a real blame for it. The only reason I suggest to ask ANet for help is that they might be able to do something. You might be right that there's some legal reason that will prevent them from doing it, but I think you're making an assumption. ANet claims that "when you buy a EU copy, you support your EU data center". Whether there's some regional market deal at play, who knows. I personally think they just struck up distribution deal in various countries, and nothing more than that. Some retailers like GMG sell both.

But before we crap all over GamesRocket for "mislabeling" their product and being misleading, I'd like to point out that most other retailer also don't label the regional restrictions. Let's look at a few English ones:

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  • My first character will be either a Norn Necromancer or Thief.

    I'd rather play the Necro in PvE and the Thief in PvP mainly because of my choice in play style.

    I have two things that won't necessarily make me the best player, but will reward me with efficiency above that of most other players. The Razer Nostromo and Razer Naga.

    Never having to take your hand off the WASD keys provides constant control of positioning, dodging ability, etc. Instead of using your 2/3/4 fingers for hitting number skills and the F-keys, I'm able to use the numbers on my mouse for skills and the joystick for my F1-F4. The round button above the stick will be used for weapon swaps, and the button next to Mouse1 will be for things such as Death Shroud, Burst Attacks, Steal, etc.

  • As for combat style, I already have many plans and styles for fighting each different profession and their weapon sets, but only with my few first-choice professions.

    Thief: Extreme mobility, most likely going to favorite the Sword/Dagger and Shortbow, but this will all change depending on the combat scene. Larger groups will need to be tackled with more of an AoE control, so I may take Blinding Powder, Caltrops, and Signet of Shadows along with my Sword/Dagger for big group support and direct spike damage.

    In PvP, depending on the size of the confrontation, there are many ways to change and anticipate coming battles on the fly. As a Thief, I may come across an Elementalist with flaming hands, signifying his current attunement. I can prepare for heavy dodging and a lot of movement, possibly reverting back and forth between ranged and close-quarters-combat. I'd prefer the Dagger/Pistol and Pistol/Pistol against an Ele with Scorpion Wire, Apply Poison, and Roll for Initiative. This will allow me to dodge his slow casting, slow moving fire attacks at range, and in close range I can deal enough damage quickly to get him to relinquish his heal and maybe a couple utilities then finish off with a quick dual unload after RfI.

    I could go on and on..