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u/onick8 · 1 pointr/Hyundai

I recently did the upgrade myself on with 2014 Sonata GLS without nav. parts used:

  • Kenwood DMX905S
  • Scosche HY1625b dash kit
  • iDatalink Maestro RR
  • Factory replacement harness for Maestro RR
  • Crimp cap Nylon connector

    the install was sort of straight forward. connecting the wires from replacement T harness to the Kenwood main cable may seem intimidating, but if you follow the diagram supplied by iDatalink, it will not be difficult. Maestro RR unit is very convenient and it lets me assign a single tap and hold (two functions) for each of the steering wheel buttons. one my biggest worry about losing the factory backup camera and its dynamic parking guideline when the car is in reverse. I am happy to report, the factory backup camera works, and the dynamic parking guide line shows up just fine when I am reversing the car with the Kenwood. removing the factory dash panel was not hard if you use the panel tools. the Scosche is of high quality and matches the factory dash overall, but some of the fitment was not correct. when swapping out the parts from the factory panel to Scosche panel, don't put on those green clips just yet. because for me it took a while to find a good fitment between the head unit and the panel, so I had to take off the panel, change the depth or angle of the head unit, and put the panel back on to see if the fit is good. once you are happy with the fitment, put on those green clips on the panel, and set the panel into the dash for good. I set up the microphone at the base of the steering wheel and the GPS antenna on the right side at the edge of the windshield. I channeled the dual USB cable between the two panels near the factory power, USB and audio inputs.

    I'm very impressed with the Kenwood unit. I have upgraded it to the latest firmware. then connected my phone (Galaxy S8) with the USB cable and started android auto. next time, I started my car, android auto started right away wirelessly. the screen is low res, but it is not noticeable for me. the sound quality is the biggest strength. the sound is very rich and clear. I have already swapped all four door speakers with Rockford speakers , and the two dash speaker with these. they are not a good fit at the factory slot, I have used bass blocker with the dash speaker. I have also added a Pioneer powered subwoofer in the trunk. using this wire kit.

u/miatatony · 1 pointr/Hyundai

I don't know if my base sonata had tweeters in the first place, but the ones inside the dashboard up against the inside of the windshield were pretty small. I don't know what they're rated at but I'm powering them just off the stock head unit, it was just plug and play. I'm sure if you went with an aftermarket amp you would get better sound but I didn't want to mess with all of that. my sub is also self powered so external amp for that either. here's links to the speakers I used:

side note, the smaller in dash speakers made by polk audio made a huge difference, they were more expensive than the larger door speakers I got from rockford, if I could do it over again I'd spend a little more and go with polk audio speakers for the doors as well, or at least the higher end rockford fosgate rather than the $35 ones.

u/shuaverde · 1 pointr/Hyundai

Thank you for the info, I ended up buying these BEAMTECH 9005 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh HB3 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

The parts matcher said they would fit and the reviews seem pretty solid. If they don't work, at least Amazon is easy on returns.

u/krixo · 1 pointr/Hyundai

I didn't want to do a windshield mount, and dash mounts usually require adhesive to hold in place. I was looking for something completely reversible, and my research lead me to the CD tray mount. There's a bunch on the market and it took me a while to find one that would fit without obstructing my radio screen, a lot of them have knobs/thumbscrews that stick out of the bottom to tighten the mount. Ended up getting this, lowest profile one I could find. Bonus it came with some basic charger cable management.

Very satisfied customer. Shipping takes a while from korea though.

u/borge12 · 1 pointr/Hyundai

My 2013 Genesis Coupe has significant chips in the paint. I'd recommend getting a clear bra, or something to protect it.

I just bought the 3M Paint Defender System to hopefully stop further damage.

u/betterthankinja · 2 pointsr/Hyundai
  1. I’m sure there are a few sockets available that fit but I just use a generic spring loaded one like this

  2. I’m not 100% sure but I believe they just have slightly different labels

  3. I’m not aware of any way to add that feature to another vehicle.
u/lukemcr · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

I have a 2013 Elantra GT, and I use a CD slot-mounted holder.

I'm not sure of the brand of the one I use, but if it's not the one I linked it's something very similar. Works quite well.

u/video_descriptionbot · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

Title | How to Remove Paint Scuffs On Your Car (Paint Transfer)
Description | How to remove paint scuffs from your car. Learn how to safely remove paint transfer from your car's paintwork without causing any damage to the paint underneath. Foam Abrasive: Dash Camera I use: WD40: Clay Bar: Wax I recommend: Compound: Remove Scratches from Wheels: Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes: https:/...
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u/jcommisso · 1 pointr/Hyundai

So basically the headunit came with an adapter and I had to buy the metra adapter specific to the car. I had to solder these two together. The wires are the same color so it’s very easy. Some people splice the wires right on the car, but I didn’t want to modify anything.

adapter I purchased

u/GoodBoyNYC · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

Yea. I bought something like this at a local autoparts store to polish my some older headlights and even my glossy PS3.

u/red359 · 1 pointr/Hyundai

It sounds like the car is putting itself into a limp mode or safety mode due to the computer thinking there is a problem. There may be an actual problem, or perhaps a sensor has failed and is falsely reporting an engine overheating issue or fuel flow issue. (I'm just speculating, there are many possible issues here).

Check the car parts stores and local mechanics in your area, there should be a few that will check the on-board computer for free to see if any issues are getting logged.

You can check it yourself if you get a scanner like this that pairs with a smartphone or tablet.

u/tobyarch · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

Headlights (you only need one pair. the cutoff is outstanding)

Map lights, license plate lights, running tail lights, and side marker lights

Reverse lights

Front turn signals (accessible from under the vehicle - pin remover and 10mm socket needed)

Rear turn signals (requires tail light disassembly)

Turn signal resistors (required to prevent hyperflashing; soldering is recommended)

Brake lights (requires tail light disassembly)

Daytime-running lights (pliers needed)

Trunk light and dome light

u/b1jdm · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner - 12 oz.


Learn more:\_sw\_em\_r\_mt\_dp\_U\_FvKmDb2PMQDDQ

u/PolycountEr · 1 pointr/Hyundai

This should work for what you need, Metra's website states it works on Santa Fe 2009-2012 model years.

u/TheGuy968 · 3 pointsr/Hyundai

I just ordered one of these and got this app. It tells you quite a bit about the car, speed, coolant temp, you can even run 0-60 times 1/4 miles. Way cheaper than getting an actual gauge.

u/agent_of_entropy · 3 pointsr/Hyundai

I use Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment routinely in my car. It's cheap insurance.

u/alwaysready · 1 pointr/Hyundai

I vacuum and then lightly spray this mothers stuff, and microfiber it off. xpost this to /r/AutoDetailing

u/gh0stdylan · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

This is what I'm looking at. Sorry for long link, I'm on mobile

Curt Manufacturing 11402 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (1/1/4 and 2-Inch Receiver)

u/RedTib · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

There is no "specific" adapter. It just works because most wiring for Hyundai cars made around the same time period will be the same. This one works for a 2009-2013 Santa Fe, including Limited.

u/FulltimeHobo · -4 pointsr/Hyundai

Fuses are a fail safe in case there is a surge, they don't control how much current goes through the outlet. But even if there is a surge you still have the charger as a secondary fail safe. If the bigger fuse still blows, then it's the charger. Car fuses are dirt cheap at a few cents a pop, and you should have them in glove box anyways.

u/suburbazine · 3 pointsr/Hyundai

Fastest way to get rid of a keyed nut. They're dumb anyway as a criminal can just take it off with a cheap extractor. You also have a high chance of stripping the key out too, leaving you stranded with a flat tire.

MAXIMUM 1/2 Inch Drive Impact Lug Nut, Bolt & Nut Remover/Extractor Set, 5 Pieces. SAE/Metric Sizes: 3/4 inch (19mm), 13/16 inch (20-21mm), 7/8 inch (22-24mm), 15/16 inch (24mm), 1 inch (25mm)