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u/mrush007 · 3 pointsr/ImperialAssaultTMG

Here is my list I will put links when I can.

Citadel Shades- also known as washes. I would suggest Nuln Oil as your black wash and Reikland Fleshshade as a brown wash. Example you would black wash the probe droids but I would suggest the brown wash for the wookie.
I find these washes great for new painters because you don’t have to do anything to them. Use them right out of the pot.

Also the Citadel base paints that have the metal look to them like lead belcher are excellent for doing highlights on metal surfaces like the blasters or the droids.

For all my normal colors I only use the 1$ acrylic paint from normal craft stores. They work just as well as long as you water them down. You pay more for the special miniature paints and Side by side I did not see the difference in my Minis.

For primer I use white for most things even stuff that will be dark. It is much easier to make something darker. It is harder to lighten up it back up. The washes especially the black wash will darken up the mini as well so it is important for the colors to be brighter than you think they will needed to be.
Some talked about having to do more than one coat and for about half my colors I normally do two coats but the white gives me the freedom to just do one coat if I want it to look lighter. Example I have to paint a mini one time that was wearing jeans. I only applied one coat of blue paint then used the black wash over it. This gave the jeans this faded look and was done much easier than having to do the lighter highlights by hand.

For brushes a size 0 1 and 2 would be a good start. For washing I use a side 3-4 as well since that makes it quicker.

Varnishes there is only one to use Testors Dull coat

Ok here are items that are just really nice to have that you may not have thought about

You will need something to put the models on while you are painting them. I use corks and you can get those at a local craft store then you pick your brushes up. You don’t want to be holding on the mini while painting as your figures will pull even some of the dry paint off with enough handling.
Best way to attach them to the corks is poster tack. It is reusable and holds them very secure.

For priming I have seen a lot of people use a box to prime the minis and I have done this but I find it sometimes hard to get primer over the bottom of the minis. My solution to that is a yard stick. You are going to get paint all over it so make sure it is not one you ever plan on using as a yard stick again. Use the poster tack to minis to the stick. This allows me to flip the minis over completely to be able to get primer even in the hard to reach spots. I can spray about 12 minis at one time.

Edit wanted to add some examples of my work. These are the first minis I ever painted.

u/Inquisitorsz · 6 pointsr/ImperialAssaultTMG

Here's a few quick tips.

Never leave your brushes standing in a water pot. The bristles will bend and fray very quickly (like less than a minute).

Never let the paint get on or around the metal ferrule part of the brush. That's the bit where the bristles join the handle. Paint is hard to get out of there, and when it dries, it can push out, bend or cut the bristles.
Try to keep the paint to only half of the bristle length.

Wash often and thoroughly. Don't let paint dry in the bristles. Keep it wet, or wash out and get more paint. As above, keep the paint volume minimal. You can load the brush up a bit more if it's a more watery paint like a wash or glaze.

Further to above, you can use brush cleaner or conditioner. It helps get the paint off a bit better than water and can help hold the shape for longer. Can also help remove dried up paint.
I've recently started using Masters Brush Cleaner (https://www.amazon.com/General-Pencil-Company-Masters-Preserver/dp/B001TNR7VM). Comes in heaps of sizes, will last for AGES and it's amazing how much extra paint it gets out of the brush.

Try not use detail and high quality brushes for "rough" painting or drybrushing. That sort of motion can damage and bend the thin bristles. Use a specific drybrush or a cheap $2 one for that.

Generally more expensive brushes are better, but there is a limit to that. I jumped over to Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes and it made a big difference to my painting, however, they still get damaged and they won't last forever either. Obviously, good care will make them last longer but I've been pretty bad at that lately.
For a new painter some of the Army Painter or GW range is a pretty good start. Once you get better and learn to care for the brushes properly, then grab yourself some more expensive stuff.

u/Gorphax · 1 pointr/ImperialAssaultTMG

Find a picture or make your own and print them off in decent quality. Then adhere them to something like this.


Find the right size for your needs. You can get them at craft stores as well. I just looked up epoxy stickers and didn't check dimensions tbh

We've used these for homemade tokens for other games in the past. It gives you a good bit of durability and if you have a steady hand when making the tokens, they look good enough to use as spares.

u/JoshGiff · 3 pointsr/ImperialAssaultTMG

[Map tile storage](AmazonBasics Nylon CD/DVD Wallet (128 Capacity) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DIHVM36/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_5GHHybPRNJ1BF). Holds everything that has come out with a little room to spare. I keep my biggest tiles (5 or more spaces wide) separate from this in the tackle box.

[Everything but the large figures and map tiles](Plano Angled Tackle System https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006PKXVAA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_WIHHyb258HRW6). I used pluck foam in each of the areas where I have painted figures to keep them from moving around. Bantha rancor and AT-STs don't fit but I used pluck foam to make an insert in my large core box to hold the large figures.

[Pluck foam](Pelican 1301 Replacement 4 Piece Pick N Pluck Foam Set for 1300 Case https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000172ZD2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_mLHHyb0TX1640). Used this stuff to line my figures in the tackle box and create an insert for the core box. Might be worth getting two sets to have extra plucked foam for minis in the tackle box. If they're unpainted you should be fine to do without though.

I can post pictures when I get home. I don't have everything from Jabba's realm in there yet and I haven't made the rancor insert yet but it definitely will fit.

u/Yoduh99 · 1 pointr/ImperialAssaultTMG

two of these were great for me for organizing everything in the core game + twin shadows + wave 1 ally/villain pack figures all into the core game box. All the figures went in 1 plano box, all tokens and small cards fit in the 2nd plano box. larger cards I divided into labeled baggies that fit them. Most map tiles also fit into ziploc bags which I labeled and divided by map tile number, 0-10, 11-19, 20-29 and 30-39. Only the AT-STs, round/threat dial, and the very largest map tiles are put into the box unorganized (if I hypothetically had larger ziploc bags then I could have all map tiles organized and stored), though they're pretty snug in there surrounded by everything else.

After I got Return to Hoth I added all I could to my first two plano boxes but still had to use a 3rd small plano box to fit additional figures. I keep this box and hoth specific map tiles in the hoth box.

u/SeijiTataki · 1 pointr/ImperialAssaultTMG

You may have to shop around for thickness, but something like: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002BXXAJM/

You line the edge near the door so that it will be flush against this when it's closed. This will create a barrier that prevents dust from getting past the cracks into the display case. You are obviously giving up a little bit of visual flair for dust proofing since brush seal isn't exactly pretty looking.

u/CaptKirkRx · 1 pointr/ImperialAssaultTMG

Here's what I use https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MS434O/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 they're about quality of penny sleeves as opposed to standard games sleeves but better than nothing.
I haven't tried them out but clear Passport sleeves have the correct dimensions just not cost efficient.

u/Lameguy01 · 1 pointr/ImperialAssaultTMG

Use something like this and just draw the maps out on them, and easily make custom maps as well.


u/Ixiv · 1 pointr/ImperialAssaultTMG

If you're playing the campaign, a 2nd set of dice is pretty handy.

You could get the dice pack and at least have replacement black dice while you're waiting for it to get fixed.


u/HeliosLancer · 3 pointsr/ImperialAssaultTMG

I have a plastic File box that latches closed at the lid (something like this). Inside I have 5 Accordion folders(pretty close to these) to hold the tiles (Core, Hoth, Jabba's Realm, HoTE, and all of the small boxes together). I also have all of the 1x2 and 2x2 pieces sorted out into zip lock bags that are in the box as well. I keep meaning to go back and make some custom fitted plastic sheets so they stack together even nicer inside of the folders, but I haven't gotten there yet. It usually takes me 5 minutes or less to put together or tear down a map.

u/MythicalMothman · 1 pointr/ImperialAssaultTMG

I just ordered some more of these which I use for Armada - I did a dry fit and I think I can cram all the tiles and big models into the deep one and everything else into the other.



u/motionmatrix · 1 pointr/ImperialAssaultTMG

I use this binder. It has pockets that can handle all the paperwork, manuals, character sheets, etc.

I use these for the small map pieces They go in the binder.

I use these for larger map pieces. They also go in the binder.

All dice, tokens, and cards go in this box.

I ordered the box inserts for all the boxes from these guys. That covers all the minis except for the largest stuff (AT-STs), which got a case from them instead.