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u/NaughtyRhombus · 2 pointsr/PokemonTCG

For my high value cards, I double sleeve them. First I load them top first into perfect fit sleeves, then load them bottom first into a larger sleeve like the ETB sleeves. I like the extra shine from the silver on the ETB sleeves and they're nice and big. Then, they go in a top loader.

For any mid-range cards I at least put them in a single sleeve.

At a minimum, you should be putting cards you care about into sleeves and then a top loader. Putting the open end of the sleeve down into the top loader would definitely be better to protect against dust or accidental water exposure.

u/AdventuresOfWellUmMe · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

I sat down with my wife to play the game the other day and it was so much fun. Some of the most amazing cards too, they just look awesome.
The game is also really easy to play and would be good with a group of people.

Amazon have them listed for sale still -

u/Ologolos · 2 pointsr/PokemonTCG

I'll try!

This is the magazine boards. They work well and are nice and thick, but you might be able to find a cheaper alternative card stock.

BCW-BBMAG - Magazine Size Backing Boards - White - (100 Boards)

6 x 9 sleeves, I like these most

Wowfit 100 CT 6x9 inches Clear Cello Cellophane Plastic Bags, Re-Sealable Self-Sealing Cello Bags Great for 6x9 Print Photos A7 A8 A9 Cards Envelopes and More (6 x 9 inches)

One pocket pages, these are a little frosty, not as crystal clear as I had hoped, but they work, and are cheap.

AmazonBasics Sheet Protector - Non-Glare, 100-Pack

u/JustInBasil · 5 pointsr/PokemonTCG

I've tried a number of different sorting methods and the one I'm using now I think is the best for a player's active collection. If you're not a player, you might be able to adapt what I do to make it good for you anyway.

So, for starters, each set gets its own binder. In addition, I have a binder for trades and secret rares, a binder for promos (one for each card generation, so SM Promos, XY Promos, etc.), and a binder for playable singles, sorted by set. At the front of each binder, I've also got a sheet protector that houses the booklet that comes with the set's Elite Trainer Box.

Each binder gets the card pages necessary to house a playset of each card from the set (secret rares excepted). I have created a spreadsheet in Excel that, in addition to calculating the necessary number of pages, will calculate the size of the binder the set will need based on the number of cards in the set. Each card is then organized by card number all the way through to the last of the special energies. I prioritize regular holos over reverse (prefer them) and reverse holos over non-holos. For alternate arts, I keep whichever art I prefer as the playset in the binder (for example, I prefer Alolan Vulpix GRI 21a over 21, so I keep 21a in the binder--when it's not in a deck, of course).

As for cards that exceed the playsets? It depends on whether I've considered them playable bulk or regular bulk. If I don't intend to try to trade it away, playable bulk goes into the playable bulk singles binder until it hits a full playset (always 4, even for cards that can only be one ofs in a deck, like prism star cards). Once it hits a full playset, the playset goes into a penny sleeve and then the playable bulk box (like this), which is sorted by set (using a divider from its Elite Trainer Box) and then divided by little plastic dividers (like these) into the following sections:

  1. Grass
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Lightning
  5. Psychic
  6. Fighting
  7. Dark
  8. Metal
  9. Fairy
  10. Dragon
  11. Normal
  12. Trainers
  13. Special Energies

    If I consider the card not playable, it goes into an Elite Trainer Box from the set it belongs to (or bulk boxes like the one I use for energies mentioned below if I don't have one), sorted by card number with same sections as above, just in case a card gets reclassed (like Chimecho CIN 43 did just recently). I still use the dividers with sets prior to Black and White, but the dividers are numerical instead (every 10 card numbers).

    Basic energy cards are sorted into bulk storage boxes (like these).
u/CookieMisha · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

there is new pokemon movie coming very soon in theatres and they released some tie in cards that looks very nice. Look for detective pikachu case file on amazon. The cards look super nice, Also there is a Charizard one, and everybody loves Charizard.

u/MrAllahdin · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

What I prefer to do is put all my cards in binders. I have four 2" binders with each of them having 100 pages of 9-Pocket Plastic Sheets. If you go the path of the card holders for binders, I would suggest making sure to only put one card in each pocket, otherwise the pockets will get expanded then the cards will fall out really easily.

I sort the cards by set then the number within the set. There is one binder for trainer cards, one for energy cards (sorted by type, then set), and two binders for the pokémon. The benefit of this system is that it is easy to find specific cards and it is easy to organize and when new sets come out, a total rearrangement isn't necessary.

u/psychgrad · 0 pointsr/PokemonTCG

My local game store had a large blind box of 200 mostly commons for pretty cheap. She was wowed by the amount of cards and had fun seeing what was inside. This is just for fun or collecting.

I got her a trainer kit to teach me and her how to play the game. I keep this together like a board game, not mixed with the others:

Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon Trainer Kit Lycanroc & Alolan Raichu Card Game

u/thewookie34 · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

Top loaders for really expensive cards.

I normally use a thick sleeve idk what they are called bit they are normally a solid color or have a picture on them. And place it in a top loader.

Normally it's like 200 for 12$ on Amazon for non brand picture sleeves.

Here are some examples:

You can get like 100 top loaders for 12$ as well mine came with 100 penny sleeves as well but idk if they all do.

Side loading binder pages. I just ordered these so I have not tried them but a few people recommended them.

I store my bulk in MTG fat packs or in the pokemon world what would be elite trainer boxes.

I also have like 1000 penny sleeves laying around just in case:

I just use old binder I used when I was kid or your can just go to any office supply store and get three ring binders for a few dollars.

u/The_Last_Raven · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

KMCs are ones that Magic players use and should work well as inner sleeves for double sleeving. My personal preference is to use KMC Hyper Mattes and over KMC perfect sleeves for inners.

I go through a TON of sleeves for MtG (play pokemon casually), so those are what I use for tournament play and the $56 is well worth it for me.

Edit: If you want to see more about sleeves for reviews, I suggest watching the Professor's channel here:

Primarily for MtG, but all of the sleeves he reviews generally are kosher for tourney play.

u/Reposer · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

Second in regards to protecting it - the best method would be a perfect sleeve followed by any form of deck protector and then into a toploader - and of course keep it in a dark place that's relatively temperate, if possible.

In regards to your question - it really just depends on if you need money now or not. It will rise in value as time goes on for sure, so if you're not hard up just keep it.

u/denemy · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

In Japan they sell $5 60 cards decks based on a specific energy that are great to start with. Otherwise you can get two 2x 30 card deck learning sets for $10 and learn to play with them.

u/StickyLavander · 3 pointsr/PokemonTCG

Pokemon Sun & Moon SM5 Ultra Prism Theme Decks EMPOLEAN & GARCHOMP

Best theme decks I’ve played

Pokemon TCG: Battle Arena Decks, Rayquaza Vs Keldeo Card Game

Best battle decks I’ve played at a decent price. These also come with holo energy cards.

They are ready to play out the box, but you can always switch a few cards around to beef it up.

u/minusthebrett · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

BCW Monster Storage Box, Holds 3,200 Standard Sized Trading Cards | 200 lb. Test Strength | (1-Count )

Big fan of this one. Simple but effective

u/Amaz0n24 · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

I think something along these lines could be really cool for you. Also, I think your card would make a nice display piece since there’s so much sentiment attached to it :-)

u/Raptorjesusftw87 · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

It's a model car display I found on amazon. Couldn't find a great case that fit it more snug but it works since it's just sitting in my book shelf.

Pioneer Plastics Clear Acrylic Display Case for 1:24 Scale Cars, 9" x 4.375" x 4.125" Amazon link to the cases.

u/Motorblade7 · 2 pointsr/PokemonTCG

I got it off of Amazon. There are smaller sizes as well, depending on how large your collection is.

u/jmoss- · 3 pointsr/PokemonTCG

There are Jumbo Toploaders you can get that fit the large promo cards. Here's the Amazon Link.

u/J4H1_TCG · 3 pointsr/PokemonTCG

Also I would use these on any cards that have value. The binder will keep them safe, but over the years they will still get scratched and worn from not being in sleeves.