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u/bonersmoke · 5 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Here ya go pimp dawg. I'll do my best to help ya out here.

Disclaimer: I still consider myself a newb. I've only grown 5 plants, but have never yielded lass than 2.15oz, using a cheap Chinese "135w" UFO. My largest was 3.7ish oz. The two strains were Nirvana Blue Mystic and Vision Northern Lights.

That being said, here is my advice.

And here is a puppy.

I've had 4 grows in a 5gal bucket rig, and my last one I upgraded to a tote. After overthinking/overengineering my first build, I realized I was wayyyy overthinking it. This whole idea is way simpler than people make it out to be. Then again I guess if you're not an engineer-ey type of person then things of this nature can be difficult for you. Sorry I'm like at a [7] now from my bucket grown Blue Mystic.
Anyways, here is the best advice I can offer you, newb to newb:

  1. I would definitely suggest using side/lower lighting in addition to your UFO. The plant's canopy quickly fills the circumference of the bucket and, as a result, blocks out light to the lower part of the plant. Some people don't worry about this, but I've found the lower/side lighting definitely plumped up buds that my UFO couldn't reach. They're not difficult to implement. Just get a set that plugs right into an A/C outlet. Drill a 1/4" hole in the side of your bucket, feed the wire through, hot glue the hole and you're done. I had two strands of LEDs. One mounted on the upper part of the main bucket, and one mounted on a spacer. I used these, and they're great:

  2. I apologize but I cannot answer this question with personal experience. I did not install a carbon filter because I wasn't too worried about the smell. Yes your Northern Lights will smelly mighty dankly about 7ish weeks in, all the way to harvest time. From the reading that I've done, I don't believe those corsair fans will push enough air through a filter to effectively exhaust the bucket. The inline duct fan that you posted are what I see most people using. Maybe someone else can chime in here? I used A/C, speed adjustable fans so there was no wiring involved. These, specifically: They push more air than the Corsairs, but they're not exactly quiet whenever you have them turned all the way up to full cock. I guess I'm just mentioning these to show you they make fans you can plug directly into a socket, and they work fxkin great.

  3. See #2 answer.

  4. The white interior of your buckets will reflect light just fine, no mylar needed!

  5. I paid $3 per bucket at my local Home Improvement Labyrinth. Lids were separate, at $2 each, but you only need 1 to build your top. I doubt you will find lighting, fans and specific things cheaper locally, best bet is Amazon or FleaBay. But random odds and ends, for me, were cheaper at Target/Walmart/Lowes. Things such as: duct tape, hot glue, electrical tape, surge protector, foil tape, zip ties, yada yada yada.

  6. I didn't order directly from Nirvana, but I did grow their Blue Mystic strain. I've had such luck with this strain. I can't comment on Nirvana Northern Lights, but their Blue Mystic has been rock solid for me. These plants had bigger yields than my Vision Northern Lights plants. They were also easier to grow in my opinion.

  7. For my grows, I used this excellent guide. I only made small adjustments because I didn't have nearly the amount of nutrients that he has listed, but the actual step by step process works beautifully for me every time:
    My advice, specifally for spacebuckets, would be: The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to train your plant so that it's as short as possible, but not stunting it by burning it or overnuking it with light. This, for me, was learned by actually growing and observing. Pay attention to the plant and you will learn to see how environmental factors affect it. Such as, the plant will literlly grow to be the shape of the bucket that it's in. You'll learn how the leaves respond and grow with the light it's given. Do some googling for "LST" or "low stress training." This is a super easy method that I use to keep the plant as short as possible, and also to guide its growth to best utilize available space inside the bucket. It's like a super fast growing mahfuckin bonzai tree from the Karate Kid programs. Another method I use is to keep the main lighting as close to the plant as possible without giving too much light or heat.

  8. I would recommend a 2gal smart pot instead of the 1gal. Unless you want a really small plant, a 1gal might be a bit small. I've used 2 & 3. A 3 works, but in my opinion is a little large for the bucket, especially if you tack on side lighting. My first grow I used a 3gal, couldn't even get it out of the bucket so I had to water while in the bucket. It was a pain in my grundle, I much prefer to take the plant out of the bucket to water, trim, observe, etc. A 2gal pot is just about perfect.
    Here is some of my post history with summaries of my methods and ghetto grow journals. Maybe there's some tips you can pick up from those.

    Good luck homey
u/SantiagoSentMe · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I put my intakes towards the top of the bucket and my exhaust fan in the lid. It mostly depends on what type of pot you're going to use. If it fills your bucket then you'll want to have them high enough so the air isn't blocked. If there's some space around it then you could go lower but be sure to leave a little space at the bottom if you plan to make a drainage tray. I planned my bucket with a 3 gallon smart pot in mind so i kept the intakes high enough to not be obstructed. There's a link to my first bucket in my profile as Ekropf was kind enough to put it on I haven't taken pics of my 2nd bucket yet, but it's similar. That site has lots of great pictures and info. If you do end up using an intake fan you'll want to mount it somewhere that doesn't blow directly on the top of your pot as it will dry out the top layer of the medium too quickly so the wet/dry cycle will be tough to maintain.
I can't stress the passive intake enough. I was very much of the opinion that I was going to have 1 intake and 1 exhaust fan but some very good people here pointed me in the right direction before I started building. You can see the thread and comments in my profile. (Hoping I can pass along the knowledge I gained. The people on this subreddit are awesome and helped me immensely.) I was very pleasantly surprised by the pvc elbows. They're only about 80 cents each and since I had already ordered 2 fans I made a 2nd bucket. Also, if odor control is important to you then you'll want to maintain negative pressure in your bucket. Intake fans can lead to positive pressure and air leak whereas passive will guarantee negative pressure. Just Google it if you haven't read about it yet.

Regarding the fans; here's what I bought. They're plug and play for a regular outlet.
I also got lamp dimmers for my fans and they work great. Here's a link but I found them for 7 bucks at a local home store similar to Lowes or Home Depot.

I'd recommend getting a temp/humidity weather monitor and try your bucket with 1 fan first. You can always install a 2nd if needed. It's important to check temp/humidity with your pot and medium in the bucket...I found its much different than an empty bucket. Something like this...

I found cheap bricks of coco at Petsmart. It's also used for bedding/substrate in reptile terrariums. Roughly 6 bucks for 8 quarts...add about 30% perlite or vermiculite and you can easily fill a 2-3 gallon pot.

Here's what I did for led side lighting and power supply. It's not an absolute must, but definitely helpful from what I've read.

If you have any more questions, feel free to pm me. I highly suggest looking through'll give you lots of different ideas and you'll be able to see how they work before building your bucket.

Hope this helps!

u/staggernaut · 4 pointsr/SpaceBuckets


Three 5-gallon buckets and one lid (Ace Hardware has white ones for $4, if you don't want orange or blue from HD or Lowe's.) All three cost $12-13.

THESE LEDS from Amazon. $13.59

THIS POWER SUPPLY, the Supernight LED Charger. It is $20.99. You will also need a power cord for it, which I recommend just going to literally ANY thrift store and picking out a nice three-pronged power cord. I'm fairly certain that any three-pronged power cord will work, so if you have one you're not using at home, you can use that.

THIS LED GROW LIGHT, which is 300w and cost $50.99.

TWO of these PC fans. Total cost $10.04.

I bought one of this black duct tape, one of this foil tape (although I recommend buying two, as I ran out with my first roll and had to buy another from the store), and also some double-sided tape, because, if your LED strip is like mine, the adhesive backing is almost nonexistent and the tape becomes necessary.

Oh, and good-quality velcro adhesive patches!

You will also need a power drill and a sturdy box cutter.

I started by taping the entire interior of one bucket with the foil tape, save for the bottom portion where the soil goes. Then I covered the outside with the black tape. Next I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage.

Then I took two of the other buckets and used a ruler's width to mark a cut line right below the lip of each bucket to create spacers. The process of cutting the plastic buckets was definitely the worst part of the process, especially since I didn't have a great cutter, so if you're getting a new one, don't be too cheap. I got this one and it's blade locking function no longer works after this project, so be advised. I lined the spacers with foil tape.

Using the remains of one of the other buckets, I trimmed more of the bucket down so that it's now only the bottom and stands 5" tall. I found some random large screws in my toolbox and drilled them around the circumference, which allows the rest of the bucket to be easily lifted off of the drain pan.

I then drew a circle about 1 cm in from the lip of the lid and cut that out. The light fits perfectly on it. There is lots of light escape at the rim, but it looks pretty cool, so I don't mind it for now.

For the power supply, I cut off the female end of the three-pronged cord I got from Arc Thrift and stripped the wires down a bit. There were three wires inside, green (ground), white (neutral), and black (live), which I then connected to driver. I was certain to unplug during any wire-play and I hope everyone else is, too.

The sidelights were sort of a struggle. I used a scrap of the buckets, like maybe 4-5 inches of bucket from about half-way down to a quarter, so not much. I then lined the inside with the double-sided tape, cutting strips, in an effort to conserve tape, which feels very stable. I drilled a hole and fed the cable through, then determined the best spot to drill a hole on the exterior bucket. It's about at the center of the bucket, or in my case, 13 cm down from the lip. Finally, I fed the LED cable through the exterior hole and the lights were basically in place, where it would sit right above the soil.

I didn't want to have to extend any cords, so I found an ideal spot to place the driver on the exterior so that all cables (LED strip, both fans) could reach their appropriate ports. I fixed the velcro onto the bucket and the driver and tidied the wires with some more duct tape.

Finally, I sealed the edges of both fans, inside and outside, with their respective tapes.

I'm pretty sure that's everything I've done to this point, but if I think of anything else, I'll add it. I'm likely going to black-out the spacers to reduce light leak.

Please let me know if you have any advice, questions, comments!

Thank you /r/SpaceBuckets, for the inspiration and wisdom!

u/firecrackerrock · 10 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Lights: I have the mars hydro 300 (132 true watts) as my main light on the top, and plan to add a couple strips for side lighting in the near future.

Ventilation: As you may see from the pictures, I have the heat exhaust on the top side. The exhaust is being pulled into a secondary tote. In the secondary tote I have a large carbon filter attached to a 6 inch inline fan with variable speed control. This kit. Definitely overkill but I like the room for expansion.

I plan to start growing in a 3 gallon smart pot knock off, with some ak-48 autoflower seeds.

I have really enjoyed watching this community grow through the years.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful contributions. Guys like /u/Ekrof, SAG, /u/Halfmpty, /u/exactly25smeckles, and the rest have really inspired me to try this for myself.

I would like to add some filtration to my passive intake, any suggestions?

u/Ekrof · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

If you want to go with CFLs then this could be useful:

Its a photography 4 way socket that comes already wired. I've seen it used a few times in the sub, though I can't find an example right now. I have that socket on the home page of the website, it saves a lot of time and wiring. You can't put the bulbs sideways with this configuration though, but it will work fine.

The other option was already mentioned by /u/trancepticon, UFO LED lights are great for bucket grows, they fit perfectly in a lid.

Cheers and good luck! Welcome to the sub

u/Amargi_Awoken · 5 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

My favourite books about growing cannabis are:

  • True Living Organics (2nd Ed.) by The Rev
  • The Cannabis Grow Bible (3rd Ed.) by Greg Green
  • Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible by Jorge Cervantes

    These books are quite comprehensive. As you may already suspect, True Living Organics is primarily about building living, organic soil, and the techniques that the author uses to maintain the soil and maximize the quality of the end product.

    The Cannabis Grow Bible covers all things related to growing cannabis, as well as producing extracts. Very comprehensive and an excellent tome for any grower to have, from wide-eyed novice to salty veteran.

    I have an older edition of Marijuana Horticulture from the early 2000s, and use it quite a bit less than the other two, but it was very useful to me when I was starting out. I would recommend The Cannabis Grow Bible first and foremost, however.

    I hope this helps! Don't get overwhelmed by all the information out there; best thing I can recommend is to pop a few seeds and just give it a go. Don't let your inner perfectionist prevent you from attaining perfection through time and experience!
u/W1ckedWench · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I just figured this out and started using this method just recently and I'd love to share it with everyone. I took two PREUSED dryer sheets sewn them together on 3 sides leaving 1 side open (u could probably use masking tape if you don't sew). I then took a full bag of carbon, bought from pet store, and emptied the full bag into the dryer sheets then seal the dryer sheets with tape or sew. I then placed 2 pieces of carbon sheets that I cut to fit bigger than my fan hole. Put the carbon dryer sheet between the carbon sheet cuts, sandwich style, duct tape around the sides to seal everything together. Take the whole assembled filter and place over your fan. Seal with duct tape around it completely. I also put a sheet of carbon over my intake fan (I like to burn candles). If you can completely seal off that bucket you will not have a smell problem at all. I don't have computer fans in my bucket I used 4" personal desk fans, I thought it would be a little more powerful, still am unsure if they are. But I've been keeping an eye on my temp. It did raise it a degree or two but it needed that anyway. Here's a link to the carbon sheets but you could probably find it at the local hardware store and if you go thrifting keep your eye out for fans. Another idea for being stealth when I smoke is I take an old toilet roll, a USED dryer sheet, fold it into fourths then place a piece of carbon sheet over it. Then place on the end of the toilet paper roll. Place a rubber band around all of this to hold it to the end of the roll. I use a balloon for when I smoke. I inhale from the balloon and exhale into the roll. I can actually smoke right next to my bf and he cannot smell it at all (he doesn't smoke). It does feel silly doing all this stuff but if you have to be safe you have to be stealthy. I love you all and stay safe! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Any questions or if you need me to clarify let me know.

u/40minutesto5 · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I was in the same boat, just using distilled water and didn’t think I would need to worry too much, but after nutrients etc I was in the upper 7’s.

I use this stuff for pH adjustments and use a meter similar to this one for measurements. Sets you back about $21 which I was expecting worse. As the poster before me said, test strips may not be a bad idea as they’re easier to use with no calibration. I personally like knowing exactly what it’s at. I also bought a 7.0 pH solution for calibration, and I keep a tiny bit in the cap to keep the node on the pH meter saturated when I’m not using it. Just needs a quick rinse before each test.

I think you may just have a nutrient lockout, again I’d flush the plant pretty good with stable, clean water and shoot for the 6.3-6.5 range for everything! Most of the plant looks pretty healthy still, hopefully just that small correction and you’ll be golden

u/Akujinnoninjin · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

His 'secret' isn't what he knows so much as his entire attitude to learning.

What sets 'experts' apart is that at some level they question everything instead of taking it at face value. Questioning something forces you to really think about it: you have to turn the idea around a few times and examine it from all angles. You can't help but gain an understanding of the reasons for something - not just of the thing itself. Teaching others works in a similar way - being able to clearly explain an idea requires deep understanding.

It sounds condescending, but that really is what it comes down to - curiosity and critical thought.

Nothing we deal with requires more than a high school knowledge of science - for example, while you need to know that light levels and frequencies affect photosynthesis, you don't need to know the exact quantum/biochemical processes involved. You might be curious though, so it becomes a new avenue for you to research - and what you find out might change what you thought you knew, or might lead you on to new things.

Think about what you don't know that you wish you did - and then go try and find it out. Who knows what else you'll discover in the process?

Now, as for some specific learning sources - for the basics you're looking at things like Jorge Cervante's classic Indoor/Outdoor Medical Growers Bible. Beyond that, there's Reddit - eg SAG's own /r/HandsOnComplexity (googling everything you don't understand) - or some kind of introduction to Botany - the Botany For Dummies book is pretty good. College classes might also be an option.

There isn't a huge amount of current scientific research material - largely due to the War On Drugs making it less attractive. That said, if you go back a way it does exist and is now being reprinted - for example Michael Stark's Marijuana Chemistry and Robert Clarke's Marijuana Botany. Both were originally printed back in the 70s, but were fairly extensively researched. They are dated in places - but the scientific rigor was solid, and they both have wonderful bibliographies of research papers that I hadn't come across elsewhere. Newer papers can be found on Google Scholar. (As a general rule, trust scientific publications over books and books over unsourced websites.)

u/MikeInCincinnati · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

While Jorge's books (and videos) are fantastic, the total novice whose typical reddit posts range from a photo of a 1 week old plant growing in a window sill asking "how does my plant look?" to "first timer, please tell me everything I need to know to grow" style posts are not going to seek out and buy those books unfortunately. I don't doubt there are mistakes to be found but I don't believe the information on GWE is quite the evil collection of misinformation you describe it as. But with that said, its is always advisable to perform your research from more than just one resource. GWE has an easy to digest format and lots of different instructional articles all under one umbrella. If you have a better free recommendation, please share. While I have purchased Jorge's grow bible, most new growers will not, unfortunately.
Edit: if anyone is ready to buy one of Jorge's books, I would recommend this one It's even pricier but contains most everything you will find in his bible that was published a decade earlier but includes much more including some updated techniques as he has perfected his grows. Jorge Cervantes is THE master, that's indisputable.
One last edit: check your local library, Jorge's books can often be found there, even in non legal states.

u/Sammy42 · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets


2 black 32 gallon trash cans from Home Depot

black gorilla tape

1 black lid

1 grey brute lid- has actual flat top on lid which makes light mounting easy...

rotary tool- drill bit and cutoff tool

3 cans of white spray paint + primer

300w mars

24 hour timer

surge protector


90 degree black PVC elbows(top one is 5" pvc I think??? street style(?) has longer bend, bottom one is 4")

bottom half of brute is set up as drain pan

With the lids, I wanted some way to keep the light well ventilated and cool, but also not slide around so I made hole just big enough for the lights to shine through on bottom flat lid and then I cut off everything sticking up on black lid and mounted that on top with a larger hole.

Bucket is in closet where temps are currently 77 F inside and outside bucket. The temp of the room connecting to the closet is about 2-4* cooler and the closet door is open. However I am running a 40w CFL way above the rooting clone which probably isn't helping temps.

I currently have my original clone in the bucket but since it is not the healthiest plant and I've learned a lot since getting it, I have a clone on the side that I'm waiting for to root and then I will put it in smartpot with coco, throw out old plant, and start fresh with my new setup and knowledge.

Biggest issue I'm having is the exhaust fan is rather loud and I'm not sure what product to buy to slow it. The fan has an AC plug on it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Big thanks to this sub for inspiration, knowledge, and help with my builds!

u/SuperAngryGuy · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

>I was a bit uncertain about the color temperature for my lights

For an all purpose light 3500K will be your best bet. Traditional metal halide used in veging is 4200K. 6500K were the first CFL color temperature and it kind of stuck.

That driver is capable of 143 volts so be careful.

Most plants don't need as much light as cannabis.

I use these pH strips. If you get these only use the pH 5.5-8.0 version, not the 1-14 version. They can directly measure damp soil, don't require calibration or special storage techniques.

As far as fertilizers this is largely dependent on your soil.

With LEDs and heat sinks, the Veros are in the ballpark of 50% efficient conditional on drive current and LED junction temperature, so you only have to cool half the wattage rating on the heat sink. The rest on the energy is radiated away as light.

edit- slight correction and Cree is coming out with white LEDs that are >60% efficient at high power levels. >55% efficient red LEDs are hitting the market as are around 80% efficient blue LEDs.

u/NIS3R · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Such a good site! Very detailed explanations with good quality photos!
I'm new to this so I can't speak as an experienced grower but so far any answer I haven't found on this sub I've found in their site!
I'd also recommend this book:
It was recomended to me by a long time grower and I've really enjoyed it. I really enjoy the scientific explanations of why different things effect your grow in different ways. It really helps me understand the concept instead of just regurgitating information I half understand.

u/Tri0ptimum · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

So, you can try to get adapters to make the 2 hole plug into a 3 hole plug (they do exist, check Amazon or ebay maybe) and use a fan controller or splitter, and "IDE / 4 pin molex" power supply, as shown here:

But, that is an expensive method that requires a lot of parts. I'd suggest just cutting the connectors off and wiring them directly to a cheap 12v power supply. You can use wire nuts or crimps and electrical tape so you don't have to solder. If you do this, and need help, let me know, I can show you a diagram and more information on how to wire them. Here's some basic info:

Here's a page with some information and a link to a 12v power supply you can get (although I'd get a similar 2amp one for the 3 fans, not the 1amp one they link):

Another option is to use AC powered fans, linked in the guide above. These are really powerful and well worth the extra money. Then there's no custom wiring or anything, each fan has a regular wall plug :). Also, the AC fans are able to push through a carbon filter better if you ever add one. They have 80mm, 92mm (linked) and 120mm versions. Make sure to get the high speed variants.

I'd go the AC powered fan route before buying a fan controller or many adapters for your existing fans. However, the cheapest way would be to direct wire the fans you have, you'd only have to buy the wire nuts / crimps and 12v power supply. So maybe $10.

Make sure to pick up a GFCI adapter, too!

u/pineapplechunk · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

You can use distilled, but unless your dehumidifier is creating over a gallon of water every other day, that won't cut it during later stages of growth. In the long run you definitely want something like this to manage your pH, because then you can easily use water from the tap.

u/BanginNLeavin · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I am using a 138w UFO in my first grow. The plants are doing nice, I am sure more watt would be good but it suits its purpose of being a cheap intro.


Strip Light

I would say this intensity is suitable for seedling. The strip lights are between 0.1 inch and 5 inches from the leaves and the UFO is about 7 inches from the canopy right now and its fine.

I will be buying stuff for a second bucket and refining my technique and I will opt for a brighter UFO, thinking whether I should reorder the LED strip or not though as it seems like its good.

u/seven_leaf_love · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I really do agree, I think the LST was a great route for this bucket. She's filling the bucket to the edges, which is a very efficient use of space. Let me know if you have any questions about, I'd be glad to help! /r/spacebuckets and /r/microgrowery communities have also been a tremendous has Jorge Cervantes' Marijuana Horticulture grow bible.

u/Ser_NSFW · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Hey man, happy birthday!

For lighting, check out this MarsHydro 300W LED that's been on sale for the last few months for $89.99 (might be Prime-only?). It is absolutely worth it.

I successfully grew three autoflowers in a 5 gallon bucket and they each had their own peat moss starter pot (you can plant the starter pot directly into soil), but they didn't get too big. I'd start with one autoflower at a time till you're comfortable with the grow process and feel like you want to move up.

I you want to just grow 2-3 plants from the start, consider using two 18-gallon plastic totes stacked rim to rim (like a GNK Power Droid from Star Wars) - you'll have plenty of space, and it's not much different from a 5-gallon build!

u/HashComMander · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

These are the strips SAG recommended that I use.

I never did like the drops and the vial, but I LOVE the pH strips.

I bought a few gallons of purified water early on, but now I just fill them with just tap water or tap water with the FF Trio Nutrients .

I use the strips to test the water each time, and then use the pH Up or pH Down when needed.

u/wobblyparadox · 11 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Combination of parts from Amazon and ebay. Not all of them are necessary, fittings and Brute trashcans and such are from Home Depot.

u/justanormalpers0n · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Hi everyone, here is an update on my first ever grow. So far my plant hasn't been as vigirous as I would have liked, I would love to hear what you guys think. Below is all the information on my setup.

Light: 180W Apollo ufo

Side Lighting: None

Growing Medium: scotts osmocote plus organics vegetable and herb mix mixed with 1/3 perlite

Temps: 21-24C (70-75f)

Humidity: 35-55%

Distance from top of plant to light: 30cm (12 inches)

Water ph: 6

Runnoff ph: 5.5

Nutrients: None (3 months of feed was advertised in the soil I used)

I fim'ed roughly 7 days ago. Is that supposed to dramatically change how the plant grows? It seems as though the plant is back to growing normally just with slightly shorter leaves on the top two nodes. I also lst'ed last week by bending over the main stalk. Finding a place to wrap the plant wire around without blocking nodes was kind of hard as it is very short and bushy.

Based on the pictures and information do you guys have any recommendation to increase the rate of growth? Also how should I be preparing her for flowering?

u/innob · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

With a strong exhaust fan passive intakes work great on these bigger builds.

An AC infinity muffin fan would work perfect if you have no plans for a carbon filter.

u/FromMars2k · 10 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

The buckets I used are 20l (5gal) buckets, which I glued milar sheets to the inside and duct tape to the outside.

For lighting I bought a cheap Ufo light off amazon with "150 W" (something like this.

The exhaust is done by an inline duct fan (240 m^3 /min or 4 cfpm) that I fixed to a carbon fliter with duct tape. The duct fan is probably far too strong for my build, but this way I don't have to worry about a fan to circulate air inside the bucket with an additional fan. My fan is similar to this and my filter to this.

I opted for a passive intake for my build, just making holes twice the area in sum as the exhaust and made them lightproof.

Additionally Im thinking about making a second spacer and adding some side lights this week. Hope this helps :)

u/ilvcatz · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I'm using that roledro light now in my bucket for my first grow, works great. I am using these led light strips LEDMO 5630 LED Strip, Daylight 300pcs SMD 5630LEDs 16.4Ft DC12V Waterproof IP65, 25Lm/LED, 2 times brightness than SMD5050 LED Ribbon, LED Light Strip You need to get the power supply which is sold separately. Good luck!

u/FatTin54 · 5 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Positronics Auto Express...a little over an ounce. Nice herbal scent. Bought from Sensible Seeds.

Happy Frog Potting Soil 70% Fafard Perlite 30%...get them BOTH at True Value Hardware store for less than twenty bucks. Order online, pick up at the store.

Did not use any medial light strips. DID use Low Stress Training.

Used "The UFO That EVERYBODY Has."

But watch it, keep an eye on it, this is OFTEN on sale.

Used Modified Lucas feed starting one month in...this means a teaspoon of Maxibloom per feeding.

Grew in the basement, and my casa is big enough that I didn't need a carbon filter...kept an ona block outside the door, but I don't know if I even needed that.

This was a nice plant. Well behaved, quiet, low maintenance. Kinda like a Golden Lab without the blonde hairs.

Such a nice plant that I even took it for an occasional walk.


u/frankyfigggs · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I don't have an answer to your question, but I would like to add a question of my own. Should I go with standard white on the color? I have seen several buckets with blue or other colors. I assume that red would be best, but what do I know.
PS. I see some waterproof strips for $7.85/free shipping on amazon.

u/FreeRangeAlien · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Ok, here is my build list minus a couple things that I bought locally.

Century 24 Hour Plug-in Mechanical Timer Grounded

ON Smart Solution Household Power Strip-4 Multi Outlets with 4 USB Ports-15.5W Universal (100V~240V) Charging Station-600J Surge Protector Power Bar-6

Roleadro UFO 138W LED Grow Light for Home Grower

AC Infinity MULTIFAN S5, Quiet Dual 80mm USB Fan for Receiver DVR Playstation Xbox Computer Cabinet Cooling

Plus a roll of black duct tape, roll of reflective ducting tape, and a 3 gallon smart pot

Edit: Oh yeah, and 4 Ace Hardware 5 gallon buckets

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  1. I use Botanicare nutrients (FYI they were bought by Scott's), they are a truly organic fertilizer and they have produced me some beautiful plants. Grow for veg, Bloom for flower, and CalMag for all stages. I like using distilled water and add all the nutrients, the tap water here is shit.

    Honestly, buy gallon jugs of each nutrient. Runs like $40 a pop but is significantly more cost effective.

  2. I use Roots Organic. Very high quality soil that will feed your plants for a bit and drains extremely well. Their website has a tour of their facilities. Just don't buy anything at all from Home Depot or the likes l, that shit is just shredded forest waste. I don't use Fox Farms because everyone seems to have issues early on with it.

  3. General Hydroponics liquid test kit.
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I had a look on and the "Amazon choice" one at $49.99 would be sufficient for 1 plant in enclosed conditions like a spacebucket.

Then you will want to get a 5630 led strip for side lighting. Like this:

Although I wouud recommend searching on Amazon for "5630 led strip" and looking for one that is both waterproof, adhesive backed and has a usb connector for easy installation. The one I linked is just the LED strip on its own.

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Looks like pH issue. pH testing solutions aren't too accurate for the range we need. I recommend getting these which is what I use and they work very well. Meters are okay too, but they're delicate and a lot of people end up breaking them when they try to clean it. If you get a meter, I'd still get those strips as a back-up.

That said, 6 is right around the minimum. 6.2 - 6.5 is where I like to be.

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I ended up just buying this book and it's worth it. The only thing the book doesn't cover is LED lights but you can get a sense of what you're supposed to do from this sub as well as the book coupled together. Having friends I can ask questions to admittedly helps a lot too.

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Honestly I thought the same thing, but it was a lot easier than I thought. Without having to wire anything, it was all pretty common handiwork with a drill or a Dremel saw. It's a GardenMate 8 Gal grow bag


I used an Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 180W LED Grow Light



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Just discovered the Space Bucket method for growing and I'm super excited to try it out.

I'd really appreciate it if someone can answer me this; I'm planning to grow around 3 plants. Can they all be put in the same pot inside the bucket? Also, what's the LED wattage required for such a small crop?

Would these lights work:

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If you ever care to look at numbers to give you an idea (the next time you build a bucket or upgrade perhaps?) check for CFM (cubic feet per minute, higher=better.) Some fans will be better despite being USB, PC might be tend to be stronger due to the 12V vs. 5v issue discussed below.

That said, why limit yourself to USB? I didn't feel like doing any wiring (aside from reversing the fan in my LED UFO) and so bought two of these and am planning on plugging them in directly to my power strip, as I am currently building.

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np. I did accidentally link one that uses USB, though they do sell an adapter. AC infinity does have fans that plug right into a wall, like this one that I thought I linked. Unfortunately, the ones that plug straight into a wall outlet don't have those variable speed switches.

Shameless plug: I posted my own space bucket two days ago, which uses AC infinity's USB 80mm fan. since you're not planning to use a filter, I would recommend their larger USB fans with their AC adapter: bigger fans means more CFM, and then you can tune the fan setting to be as quiet as possible while maintaining safe temperatures inside your container. I personally keep my own fan at its quietest setting, and I obviously wouldn't have been able to do this without the speed switch.

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Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 180W LED Grow Light for Plant Growing

Yeah I had this light too close for a little too long. Raised it for the last couple of weeks. Now I know for the next grow!

Smell was stronger than I expected, smelled great though. Seemed to have a citrus smell too it while trimming.

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I had a similar idea when I started my first bucket. It was a single plant bucket with a 4 way split of LED lights much like the ones you're thinking about. The main problem with the light set up was that it created way too much heat and heat stressed the plant so I switched to a UFO LED within a week.

My bucket had good airflow and currently maintains ~74 lights on with a UFO but with the 4 LED bulbs it was ~92 lights on. I'm not saying you can't do it but it would require a much better way to dissipate heat compared to a traditional setup
I grew 1 plant under 2 LED and 2 CFL (couldn't handle the 4 LED's heat) and temps were ~80 but the results weren't as good compared to my UFO grow which had less actual draw than the 4 bulbs.

Personally I still recommend going with a UFO LED, it might be a little more expensive but they are becoming much more affordable and if you get a product from china it will save you a lot. Aliexpress has some cheap lights, this light is 150W for 46USD.

However if you do decide to go with a 4 bulb adapter, I advise using this to avoid overloading 1 socket. Plus it has 2 on/off switches so you can control your bulbs seperately

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This is the LED that I used:

Using a UFO LED is pretty great for a spacebucket since it fits well in the cover, and they're not too expensive. I would use this with the blackout guide that is stickied.

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Put it this way... as soon as you need to check your pH to troubleshoot your plants, you'll wish you had one handy. Then, after a couple week of using the cheap pen and calibrating it way too often, you'll wish you bought the Oakton :)

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Those are all very good points. You may have made a convert of me lol.

I was hoping to avoid most of the wiring by using something like this

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Thanks /r/SpaceBuckets for being such a great resource!

Right now I'm using:

  • Philizon 600W LED blurple light (actual ~100w)
  • 5 x Blumat stakes
  • 2 x AC Infinity 120 V fans
  • Fox Farms trio of nutrients (haven't started using them)
  • 25% perlite, 60% local potting soil that doesn't have extended-release nutes, and 15% MiracleGro organic soil (will see how it goes...)
  • 2 x ~40gal heavy-duty totes
  • Oodles of electrical tape
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It’s a roll that you cut to fit. I’m not saying it’s super strong and helps since I haven’t used it. But my thinking is even something is better than 0% smell proof?

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I'm actually just researching my first build and these are what I have saved on Amazon so far.


More Lights

Power Supply

Anyone with feed back on these would be very welcome.

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I use something similar to . I use ones on a little wider PH scale and they work great.

edit: the nice thing is you only need a tiny strip making the test strip roll last a LONG time.

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I've been using this in a 5gal bucket and growth has been amazing:

full build with plant photos, keep in mind I'm only just over 4 weeks in:

u/RollTidepoke · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

well, I just ordered this, should make my life much easier. Thank you China!

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Hi space bucket folks.

Here is my bucket build. I at the stage of testing the temp and humidity. Next steps are to tack down the wiring and power supply, buy a cabinet to stash the bucket in...and then start growing!

Here are the parts I bought off amazon:



power adapters and mylar:

(shout out to /u/mcscroggins for posting his build. I referred to it while building. And thanks to other posters in this sub for posting pics of their builds for ideas and such).

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They are incredibly bright and very helpful! Here.

u/Hasralo · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Is this something that would be more appropriate? It seems to be on sale for a pretty good price and it's about 4 times the advertised wattage of my current lamp

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This $40 ufo worked wonders for me
Make sure you get a high speed exhaust fan for ventilation and a low speed intake fan to stimulate trunk development
Use smart pots to hold the soil and plant - you should start in a small pot and graduate up to larger ones, but you can also just pop your seed into the big one. Be sure not to overwater.
Amazon brand power strip for 4 dollars

Buckets and reflective tape from Home Depot

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>Is this the older 5mp RPi camera? Or the newer 8mp one?

This is the new v2 8mp camera. So far, it is a giant POS. Terrible focus.

>How long is this video capturing?

This video covers roughly 12hrs with 6hrs of darkness removed

>What lights are doing the heavy work of nourishing the plant?\

Primary grow light is an [Apollo 180w UFO] with [Warm White LEDs].

>what language is the code?

Simple Python script I found [here]

>Are you just cron-jobing the image capture, and stitching the photos together by hand? Or is the gif/time lapse created automatically?

With my first setup, I was using ffmpeg to capture with a cronjob then combining them in Adobe After Effects. Now, I'm using the Python script to automatically capture ever 2min to a network share. From there, I combine it with After Effects and convert to GIF with photoshop which is then uploaded to Imgur.

I'm sure there is a way to automate the workflow but I kinda like doing the edits.

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I'm using the Apollo. It's awesome. I was originally going to go CFL, but after seeing everyone's grows with LED I was convinced.

u/Zachaweed · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I went with these fans and im very happy wire nuts or electrical tape required, and there about the same price. Also if you are looking for a good light set up use this This is my build

u/SpaceBucketFu · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

People typically use the SMD 5630, water-proof LED strips, as seen here

For more build-material info, check out the materials page

The SMD5050 variety would work, but are less efficient.

The larger chipsizes such as the SMD7020 draw too much power and get quite warm, increasing difficulty in the heat management department as well as probably being just a tad too bright to be positioned so close to the plant canopy.

edit- Added 7020 info and accidentally admin removed/approved

u/EXACTLY25SCHMECKLES · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I haven't had any problems with the non-waterproof strips. I usually take my plants out of their containers to water, so I haven't worried about them. However, if I were to buy more side lighting I would get more of these warm white 5630 waterproof strips. Their spectrum is a little cooler than the 7020s and they seem somewhat brighter as well.

u/ikillforctu · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I am Helen Keller when it comes to tools and building things, but making this was fairly easy. The hardest part was taking the time to tape everything.

I started off with planting inside the bucket in mind, but decided on using separate pots.

I have a slight phobia when it comes to electricity. Instead of wiring my own sockets, these are the lights I am using:

LimoStudio High Quality 4 Socket Photo Bulb Adapter

My intake fan is on the bottom, and my exhaust fan is on the top side on the opposite end.

u/sandbull · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

On the spacebuckets website someone recommends using the following

and I went back to amazon and searched for one with white LEDs. I found only this one

Do you have one that you could recommend?

u/CampCodeCycle · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Thanks for asking! The plant shown in the imgur album has a 180W (not sure it's actually putting that much out) UFO light,

u/mortarmanmike · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

My main lighting is CFL, so I’m a little confused as to what you’re asking. If you’re asking about the LED strips, this is what I got:

LEDMO SMD5630 LED Strip, 16.4Ft, 300LEDs Warm White 3000K, DC12V Waterproof IP65, 25LM/LED, 2 times brightness than SMD5050 LED Light Strip, LED Strip Light

I got both cool and warm white.

u/sonofbum · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I have this one and this I have been happy with both also I hear the strips are the way to go if you want the cheapest most reliable

u/thisisntmethisisme · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

These lights and unfortunately atm i cannot get an approximate distance but i can recall the tops of the plants are maybe 3 spacers away from the light ? ik they are starting to get close and i planned on making more spacers next weekend. other than the main i’ve got this strip along the halfway height of the plants.

u/bacon_flavored · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Dude I gave up on digital pens. Even with constant calibrating its just not as reliable as these. I love them and haven't looked back.

u/MetalHead_Literally · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I am using this fan with a 4" carbon filter and it works great.

u/i_dont_translate · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I found this. If I were to get two of them and divide the space into two separate chambers for flowering and vegging, would that be enough? Or would I also need an intake fan as well?

u/HighGuyTheShyGuy · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I would look into upgrading your lights. If you want to go the LED route, I would look into getting a ufo grow light like this one.

If you don't want to drop the money on an LED grow light, you can always go the CFL route. There are numerous builds on here that you can pull inspiration from.

u/TheTrixsta · 6 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I second this. This is what I use to filter my 3x3 tent.

All-Filters CP-6005 Cut to Fit Carbon Pad for Air Purifiers

VIVOSUN 4 inch Inline Duct Booster Fan 100 CFM, Low Noise & Extra Long 5.5' Grounded Power Cord

And just used a hose clamp to clamp a piece of the carbon filter over the intake of the fan. So it sucks air from the tent outside. Keeps my tent at perfect temps and scrubs smell.

u/rougewitch · 5 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Get this book- its filled with an amazing amount of information

The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana

u/AudioPhoenix · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

LEDMO SMD5630 LED Strip, 16.4Ft, 300LEDs Warm White 3000K, DC12V Waterproof IP65, 25LM/LED, 2 Times Brightness Than SMD5050 LED Light Strip, LED Strip Light

u/newbiespaceman · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Most of the people use these. They also have ones that come with a power adapter and dimmer switch on ebay as well. Get the warm white water proof ones.

u/tokenaccount86 · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Just do it is my main thing to get across. You'll not have all the answers and you'll have a few curve balls thrown at you but it forces you to read about it and ask questions. You'll learn by doing. I recommend this book

u/m0h3k4n · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Lights: 92w of CFC and 50w led strip

Medium: Fox Farms Ocean Forest, 3gal fabric pot.

Fertilizer: General Hydroponics FloraNova

Ventilation: 1 120mm PC fan exhaust out the top and a desk fan blowing up through the canopy.

In a 5 gallon bucket build build. Some mylar on the inside repurposed from some chip bags.

u/YourStonerNeighbor16 · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

So I used this:
Sorry for the long address, but it work well and hasn't been effected by the moisture from my spray bottle. What are your concern, water getting into the socket?

u/carpart · 5 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Get this instead... it's cheaper, and certain to be the right LEDs. 5M 5630 300Led SMD Warm White Waterproof

u/speedysanic · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

My roommate gave me the lights but this looks pretty close to the same thing

Susay Waterproof LED Light Strip 12V with 300 SMD LED Cool White (no adaptor or connector included)

u/spaceghost_n_moltar · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

First of all, Dank ass coffee man im actaully drinking some right now. second, more light. id get 2 Y splitters for the sockets and add 2 more lights. or better yet These this should add a bit more penetration for a bushier plant. next would be top it at least once, and LST that puppy. drill some holes around the top edge of your bucket about every inch and get some plant training wire.
my question for you is, what nutes and soil are you using? all and all looks frosty!

u/bmxdk · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

As loz3vi says. This kit is cheap and it comes with the products so you can adjust the pH levels. What kind of nutrients are you giving the plant?

u/Tyme2burn · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Here’s the side lighting im using

LEDMO 5630 LED Strip, Daylight 300pcs SMD 5630LEDs 16.4Ft DC12V Waterproof IP65, 25Lm/LED, 2 Times Brightness Than SMD5050 LED Ribbon, LED Light Strip

u/MrModMan · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

If you don't mind spending a few extra bucks you can go with something like this.

u/t1me4change · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

By the time you buy two sets of bulbs and a fixture, you could get something like this for about the same price:
Roleadro UFO 138W LED Grow Light for Home Grower

u/PM_ME_YOUR_VALUE · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

You wouldn’t need to print the whole lid. Just a module that would sit on a cutout. I currently use something like that for my main light

I made a bracket that goes around and tightens with a zip tie, and has a lip to hold it in place.

u/Korova · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I haven't used these yet as i'm still sourcing all my parts but these were called out in a couple of threads I saw. Also not a bad price for not having to deal with any power management.

u/NoMouse · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I'm concerned about this but I'm hoping that having a strong enough exhaust fan at the carbon filter and having the exhaust at the top of each bucket to stop hot air building up it won't be too big a problem. It's not like I live in a tropical climate either which will help. I will run the system with lights for a while before I add plants to try and get it right.

You're not in any way discouraging, if it works I'll post detailed plans with an AMA. I got the idea for a perpetual harvest bucket system from reading this book by Jorge Cervantes although he describes a much larger commercial scale of growing.

u/erik_working · 5 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

A picture of the bucket

Light socket referenced on

Bulbs - Philips LED bulbs, 8$ for 4

Trash can $22

5 gallon bucket - $3

Fans - free

power supply on

LED strip - see amazon

Fan board, somewhere on

At full blast, fans, LEDs & lights, it uses 100w (I plugged it into a Kill-A-Watt)

2 months Veg, 3 months flower

Produced 1.8 oz (53g) of dried flower, after trimming from stems.

Totally worth it, but the place !smelled! crazy-strong from veg through flower (gelato is much stinkier than any of my previous grows)

u/MrMonicotti · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

AC Infinity MULTIFAN S5, Quiet Dual 80mm USB Fan for Receiver DVR Playstation Xbox Computer Cabinet Cooling

u/Qdice · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

The bottom 2 holes are the intake and the top two bigger ones are pushing air out.. is that not intake/exhaust?

Those are the 92mm fans at the bottom and the top are the same but 120mm

u/jugend_ · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

If you're talking about this 4-Socket bulb adapter, you can just plug it directly to the power strip.

Regarding the 8x8 fan, I'm not sure. Maybe /u/Ekrof has more information.

u/legalpothead · 7 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

A grow tent. It's going to be more efficient to use one larger space for all your plants; you'll only need 1 exhaust system, 1 lighting system, etc. I grow 2 plants at a time in a small grow tent. I use 1 Marshydro 300, and get a yield of 60g cured bud per plant. I think with more light I could get a bigger yield, though.

u/Bohgeez · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I got these I think the we’re the ones recommended on the space buckets website.

u/discordantT · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I'm using the cheap UFO LED that can be had from Amazon (usually for around $100 US).

u/greeniebaby · 4 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Using this thing.

No problems with it so far! Just flipped the fan around so it works as an outtake instead of intake and good to go.

u/ticklemyelm0 · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Probably not because then you will have stale old air sitting in your bucket when plants need fresh air in order to grow properly. I'd 100% recommend getting a cheap pc fan for intake man, at the very LEAST drill some holes lower down for passive air intake(and I don't mean small homes, 1/2" at the bare minimum, and a lot of them). What do you mean carbon filter? The fan I was talking about is this one:

It is very sturdy, simple, and moves a shit ton of air. There is no real use imo with adding a carbon filter on the intake unless you have really gross smelling air or something outside of your bucket. You COULD add a carbon filter to the exhaust if you wanted to help keep the weed smell down later in your grow, but that isn't until late veg/all of flower.

This is the exhaust fan I got, crazy powerful.

u/Pizza_The_Hutt · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Here's one I use for $20:

You should also get some ph up and down:

It only takes a few drops. The size bottles in that link will last years.

u/Cbeebees · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

This if i was to buy it would it work too?

u/Scolor · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets


Do you think something this accurate for use on a plant that is not having issues? I have the same brand of strips that covers the entire spectrum, so obviously less accurate. I usually get the PH around 6, airing on the side of 6.5 if possible. Should I be going for something more accurate?

u/growtato_chip · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Unknown about the wall. Probably less than that. The 180 UFO I have is the Apollo. I forgot to mention I also have 1 strip of LEDs wrapped around the walls.

u/hiddent69 · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Here’s my LED recommendation as for the light strips

u/kdttocs · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Check this out: Roleadro UFO 138W LED Grow Light for Home Grower Roleadro

I got 1.17oz from this and 5050 leds.

u/Tauntduck3 · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

this is the light i use it has smaller versions if u need it.

waterproof led pight

u/nerv9 · 4 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Everything was going great but then my lights (CFLs with the suggested 4-socket adapter) fell on my plant about 2 weeks from harvest. Burned a few spots on and around the main stem, plant pulled through like a champ though. It's a stupid mistake, but make sure not to be lazy about taping shit down and do regular bucket checkups to see how it's holding up.

u/Raptor5150 · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Im using 2

for my tote build 27 gal as well. We shall see how good it works :D moves ALOT of air buy themselves but my exhaust will have a DIY Carbon Filter on it so I need it to.