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u/Jerrith · 7 pointsr/dropmix
> We're working on getting more back in stock. That being said, be sure to check around other online and local retails for them!

With that said, I recommend ordering the combined Series 1 + 2 pack from via this link. The description is wrong - it says 5 cards but it is the complete set. The shipping time is also misleading - I got mine the very next day.

As for series 3 and 4, they have only ever been available via Amazon and Hasbro Toy Shop. Both are currently out on Amazon, and Hasbro Toy Shop only has 3, so unless you want to brave the resellers on eBay, you can't get 4 at the moment.

In case you want to watch them - here's the links to the out of stock Amazon products:

Series 3:

Series 4:

They are getting more out, slowly but surely. Within the past week or so, the first playlist cases with Lucky included finally started showing up at locations other than Hasbro Toy Shop, Amazon, and Target.

Good luck in your search for cards!

u/MrDulkes · 2 pointsr/dropmix

This is the Gator GK-2110 case that has been mentioned here before, combined with the Ultimate Guard Arkhive 400+ card case. I use Ultimate Guard dividers to separate the playlists in the box, and Fantasy Flight grey sleeves (I didn't link to the sleeves, as you should not get those on Amazon. Too expensive!)

The whole bag closes well when you pack it as shown in the photo. The bag is obviously not intended for a card box that is that high, so it's not perfect perfect, but it is, IMHO, a pretty good solution, the best I have found.

The Arkhive case has plenty of room for additional playlists, and the cover folds out to become a nice "playmat", very handy to keep card sleeves clean when sorting, deck building, etc (see bottom right picture). It is a fairly expensive case though.

If you put everything together like I did in the lower left picture, with the card case at the "hinge" side of the Gator case, then it zips up like in the top picture. I don't think you will get the case to zip if you try and put the cards on the other side of the board. I didn't try, I didn't want to break things. I am quite comfortable that there are no stresses on anything that will cause zippers to break, fabric to rip, or card boxes to get crushed.

u/scented_turtleshell · 3 pointsr/dropmix

I use KMC Perfect Fits and KMC Hyper Mattes to double-sleeve everything. You can still easily get a 5+ stack to read on the board with this set up.

I also use a KMC box to store everything and it works great. Sturdy, cheap, plenty of room. Definitely recommend it.

u/Mutterfudder · 5 pointsr/dropmix

I’ve been using the following products: as a general carrying case for all my cards. It has enough room for cards and has some nice Velcro dividers. For premade decks, I use these:

The deck sleeves fit in the case a little snug, but they don’t bend the cards Best I can tell. So far satisfied with my purchase.

u/Presjar · 1 pointr/dropmix

Chiller: (USA) for the rest with a freight forwarder Too much $$ haha. I tried to buy from to a freight forward but they kept canceling my order. So I had to pay a bit extra.

The Toys R Us exclusive is obviously higher prices by scalpers.

The Discover packs are retail price

Edit: now delivers the Discover Full set 3 & 4 to Australia.
Free shipping with Prime. Cheaper than buying in USD and freight forward. Search "dropmix discover" on amazon AU.

You will still need to buy the Target and ToysRUs exclusive from EBay or Amazon USA as the Amazon AU sellers are really high prices.

u/POCKoCLOCK · 1 pointr/dropmix

There is one available on (link), but won't ship internationally. I also, though I can't seem to re-find where I saw it, noticed that the shipping origin is also from Mississippi. I tried contacting the seller and they didn't seem to be all that bright or at leas very good at understanding english. They were no help in working around the shipping issue.

As for the 2 sites listed in the post, maybe try getting a prepaid visa to only risk losing the money spent rather than a credit card account or identity. If it pans out be sure to let us know.

u/GrimSanto · 1 pointr/dropmix

Oh nice, I am totally getting that case. Thanks for the info. I ended up going with these sleves -KMC 100 pochettes Card Barrier Perfect Size Soft Sleeves, 3 Packs They fit the card just right.

u/mullen1200 · 3 pointsr/dropmix

I just got the same one. I decided to get the complete series 2. You can also get the series 1 for about 16. (3 and 4 go for over 25 dollars, seems like its the best value to me). Let me know what you go with!


u/adderrson · 2 pointsr/dropmix

Personally I'd recommend the anker soundcore, it's a great value portable bluetooth speaker with punchy bass (for it's small form factor) and up to 24 hours of battery life to a charge for about $25

u/seebee_in_TX · 1 pointr/dropmix

They have been sporadically on sale at Amazon; I picked my set up from there at the beginning of March. I have never seen them for sale in a brick & mortar store, although I stopped looking after I got mine online. But right now I think Hasbro’s shop & Amazon are your best bet.

Here’s the Amazon US link to watch, if it helps.

Hasbro Gaming Dmx Dropmix Discover Pack Series 4 Electronic Game

u/pokey9513 · 1 pointr/dropmix

Energy and Flora are up for sale direct from Hasbro/Amazon AU, why would the rest of the series not get the same treatment? Along with Discover series 3/4, Amazon AU's literally the only place to finish a collection, and I'd prefer to support it as locally as possible.

Given that Fantastic/Instinct came out in Dec, was hoping to see them soon and not pay out the ass like I've had to for Chiller and Flawless.

u/zippyd00 · 1 pointr/dropmix

It’s good that they’ve got the cross-branding, but not at that price. The Ultra Pro Platinums are great and much cheaper. My board will recognize at least a 10x stack with these on.

u/matrix121391 · 2 pointsr/dropmix

I am currently using this to store my cards (sleeved), which is perfect for wave 1 (one compartment per genre with dividers to separate each playlist, as organized in the app's Collection section):

I might end up getting another one for wave 2.

For the Dropmix board itself, I took the advice from several threads around here and on Discord:

The deck box I specified fits pretty well in the front pouch. The main compartment is a tad bigger than what the board requires, but you can probably use the extra space for more deck boxes or speakers.

I can take some pictures after work if ya'll would like!

u/SnickySnacks · 2 pointsr/dropmix

So it looks like the cards are 63.5mm by 88mm.

If I wanted to be parnoid and double sleeve these, I would want to get like this:

And this:

Does that look right?

Any suggestions on card cases to hold the whole collection? The dragon shield boxes seem to hold 100 or 400 cards, but reviews aren't clear if I can stuff all 300 cards in there double sleeved, since it makes them a bit thicker. Any suggestions on a box that will hold the entire season's set of cards?

Or am I overthinking it and should just get like a generic white cardboard box?

u/Mechsae · 3 pointsr/dropmix

I've been rocking a Gator GK-2110 Gig Bag for Micro Controllers. Holds the board well enough and some space for Ultra Pro deck boxes with Ultra Pro penny sleeved cards. The front pouch is big enough to fit an iPad as well, so everything is in one place!

u/p4ndreas · 1 pointr/dropmix

I use something like this with a simple folder. Most of the time I mix freestyle by myself, which makes it perfect to browse through. I also see instantly when a card is missing.

u/beingmused · 1 pointr/dropmix

> Currently they are only available through 3rd party resellers

Is that true? I just bought Bomb from Hasbro's account on Amazon (edit: yes, it appears to be true)

u/sparkthedarkness · 1 pointr/dropmix

I was checking threw the packs for season two in the collection on the app and the two that are available on amazon are flora link and energy link which are currently sold out. I found that fantastic and instinct are coming out as well but can’t find them on amazon. If anyone has info on these sets let me know.

u/tweettranscriberbot · 1 pointr/dropmix

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It's happening! Chiller is now officially available for pre-order from @Amazon! Use the promo code "20CHILLER" at checkout to save 20%!

Attached photo | imgur Mirror


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u/ClubP24 · 1 pointr/dropmix

Series 4 is currently in a cycle of being in and out of stock on Amazon. However, there is a pre-order for a new Electronic Playlist Pack, Chiller. I'll provide a link for the pre-order. :)

Chiller Preorder Link

u/awook · 2 pointsr/dropmix

The sleeves I saw suggested here on Reddit, Ultra Pro Card Premium Card Sleeves Pack (100 Sleeves)
The container I found on Amazon, Ultra PRO All Team 2-Piece Storage Box, 4 Compartment, Clear

If there's ever more than just chiller, I'll have to buy another container.

u/thablackknight1 · 2 pointsr/dropmix

Evelots Protective Clear Plastic Cassette Tape Storage Cases, 25 Pack

u/HMXMudry · 21 pointsr/dropmix

This is an error and is being looked into. Nothing to worry about. DropMix will be back up on the Hasbro Toy Shop as soon as possible.

Also, if you do need a DropMix board, there's a sweet deal on Amazon right now for 50% off.

u/fuckuspezintheass · 1 pointr/dropmix

Check this out

I had seen all the packs like you mentioned and they say that they arrive at random, but I found this one that claims it is the full Discovery pack with no duplicates - like what is sold on the Hasbro site. So Hasbro is $30 - this link is $25. It arrives tomorrow so I'll confirm if it does not have duplicates.

u/troivi · 2 pointsr/dropmix

This is for the sleeves. It says unavailable and won't let you order or pre-order.

They don't list the deck boxes at all.


u/Ardaglash · 1 pointr/dropmix

Both Series 3 & Series 4 are back in stock as of this morning; after I just bought one of each, there are 18 left of Series 3 and 10 left of Series 4.

Series 3 -

Series 4 -

(edited to add links)

u/Fake_Drummer · 1 pointr/dropmix

Buy from amazon US :

It's $63 (There's a $1.92 discount voucher, remember to click it!) which includes shipping & import fees to the UK.

Just login to with your account. Go to the product page, tick the voucher box, add product to basket and then pay. It's roughly £47.50

Don't have a payment card that does USD? No problem! Check out They are an international pre-paid mastercard which you can top-up from your UK debit card. Download the app to your phone and you can see how much it's going to cost in whichever currency you need before topping up the card.

I've used this method for most of my Dropmix imports to the UK. The advantage of over ebay imports is that collects and pays import fees in advance. Ebay is risky as you may (or may not) get charged import fees and then Royal Mail will slap on an additional admin fee which will make the costs very high. This is why I used because the price you see is the only price you will pay.