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Cape Cod Polish Co Metal Polishing Cloths Foil Pouch 0.53oz, Stainless Steel
Re-Closable foil pouch contains two individually wrapped 4" x 6" polishing clothsExclusive anti-tarnish formula with a pleasant vanilla scentUnique pre-moistened cleaning cloths deliver an incredible shine that lastsSize: 4" x 6" eaAffordable wipes that will save you time
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21 Reddit comments about Cape Cod Polish Co Metal Polishing Cloths Foil Pouch 0.53oz, Stainless Steel:

u/rckymtnrfc · 9 pointsr/hwatch

Someone bought these polishing sheets on Amazon and posted the results. Looked good as new. I bought them also.....they are sitting on my counter.

Cape Cod® Metal Polishing Cloths Foil Pouch 0.53oz

u/FluxChiller · 8 pointsr/iPhoneX

Yes, plenty of people including myself have done it. Purchase these and just polish them off. Your phone will end up actually looking better than new.

Be carefully to just polish the metal and not the glass. I used painters tape to mask off those areas. Also try and steer clear of getting the polish into ports and holes. This works for fine scratches like from case rubbing and being in pockets with abrasive debris etc , these will not work for deep scratches from dropping it etc.

u/rmkjr · 7 pointsr/AppleWatch

Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths Foil Pouch 0.53oz

u/boostdd · 4 pointsr/AppleWatch

They are surprisingly easy to repolish.

I use this and the watch looks brand new when I'm done. Removes scuffs as well!!!

u/samsterk911 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


This one is always my favorite!!

My add-on and this

u/Augie956 · 3 pointsr/RepTime

Hey guys, so idiot me managed to bang my watch into a table a cause it to dinged up. Luckily I found this cloth and after an hour of buffing it, the dent is almost completely gone. Really surprised it worked as I was looking at changing the bezel insert.

Thought I’d share in case anyone else has dents or scratches they’d like to remove.

Cape Cod Polish Co Metal Polishing Cloths Foil Pouch 0.53oz, Stainless Steel

u/sometimes-yeah-okay · 3 pointsr/AppleWatch

this works wonders for the SS version but if it's aluminum you're out of luck

u/deathbeforeupvote · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Cape Cod cleaning cloths? It's pretty easy and quick to get a decent shine on brass mods.

u/mithikx · 2 pointsr/hwatch

Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths, I've had luck with them for minor scratches, any deep scratches would probably need to be taken to a professional. Also the cloths only work on the glossy portions of the watch, the brushed/satin portions such as the sides of the watch cannot be polished off with the cloth otherwise you'll rub off the finish, again a professional should be able to polish and resurface such areas.

Not sure if professionals work on smartwatches though as I've never tried asking, and it might cost more than it's worth considering the diminishing value of old smartwatches. ($100 - $200 for a professional's service on the upper end, and around $50 for minor jobs)

u/guildymaster · 2 pointsr/AppleWatch

Try these, just wear nitrile gloves while doing it. Once you’ve polished them to your liking, simply put the cloth back in the pouch & wipe the watch with a microfiber cloth.

u/Norwegian-would · 1 pointr/jewelrymaking

Whoops - I purchased this guy yesterday to try it out:

But if I end up liking it, I will get the full tin, as you say.
I guess what I've been doing when I polish is applying the polishing compound on the cloth disk, and giving up instantly as soon as I see that it is turning my pieces grey and cloudy. I'll give it a bit longer this time. Thanks for your reply! All the best.

u/Mammal_Incandenza · 1 pointr/Watches

For the polished bezel - Cape Cod Polishing Cloth...

For the brushed parts, a set of 3M papers...

Nothing will 100% match a factory finish, but those are the easiest things for most people to do at home - and if you’re patient and work slowly/carefully you should get close.

Brushed area is harder to match, so make sure you work somewhere stable and with a steady hand using the 3M papers. One direction only...etc. Hardest part to “freehand” would probably be the circular brushing on the caseback.

u/purged363506 · 1 pointr/rolex

It won't take it all the way off but it'll look better if you use a cape cod cloth on it.

Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths Foil Pouch 0.53oz

Any competent watchmaker could polish that out as well.

As far as too deep.... It all comes down to how much surrounding metal you want to loose. Usually if your fingernail catches good on it, it won't come out unless you really polish the hell out of it.

u/Gariond · 1 pointr/AppleWatch

These will be your best friends. They're great for mostly everything but the deep deep nicks. Take off your band from the watch, turn off the watch, put on gloves scrub away, rinse. I do it about once a month and mine looks brand new each time.

u/Investinwaffl3s · 1 pointr/Watches

If you are trying to remove smudges/scratches - pick up a high quality microfiber and I honestly use glasses lens cleaner. You need liquid for lubrication so you aren't "rubbing" the surface, but more "buffing" because the liquid is doing all the cleaning/emulsifying. Spray onto the cloth then apply to the watch

Lens cleaner works great for removing oils and such, crystal or metal doesn't seem to matter. Most lens cleaner is designed to be safe for AR coatings


After that, you can use some metal polish or polishing cloths to help level the area around the scratch to "remove" the scratch.


Note: that you can't really remove a scratch, but you can level the surrounding area so the scratch doesn't exist any more.

Also be very careful when you are using polishing cloths or compound - you don't want to affect any brushed areas or it will change the finish. I don't have too much issue with that personally, just need to be careful.


u/B3M3W5 · 1 pointr/rolex

Just this?

I’ll just wipe it on the clasp? Anything that can go bad with this?

u/AYfamily · 1 pointr/RepLadies

My Angels Birkin pins also were very tarnished. I used tiny Cape cod polishing cloth and it lightened a bit, but not perfect like my UB’s Kelly pins. Angel’s bags often have tarnished pins unfortunately.