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Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck (Black/Red)
Magna Cart is the original and world's best selling aluminum folding hand truck!Telescoping handle extends to 39" inches. Large 15" wide aluminum base and 5" rubber wheels (no air required) easily transports up to 150 lbs of cargoCompact, folds flat to only 2.5" thick for easy storage and transportation. Opens and closes in seconds--no assembly requiredIdeal for home, auto, office, travel and recreational use. Works well with Magna Cart MT3 Collapsible Storage TotesShips in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
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27 Reddit comments about Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck (Black/Red):

u/Dwf-jaken · 6 pointsr/Quakecon

Magna cart!

Seriously though, cheap folding dolly that I've used for the last 4 years.

u/wrytyr · 5 pointsr/DIY

I bought this collapsing handtruck from Amazon. It's excellent, and a mere US$35, with free shipping.

I bring this up because this design focuses on hinging the foot and uses extendable frame rods to get portability. It's a vertically-collapsing design, whereas yours seems to be collapsing horizontally.

u/ITGirl88 · 5 pointsr/sysadmin

This is the one I have:

Reasonable price, decently sturdy, and folds up small enough to fit in any trunk or whatever. Would recommend short bungee cords though. Saves you from having to borrow one or killing your back lugging stuff around.

u/Androktasie · 4 pointsr/lanparty

Check your local LANs at or as another commenter posted, google "LAN Party" + your state/region. I don't recommend searching by city since you might miss out on a sweet LAN only a few more miles down the road.

Generally speaking for most public LANs, assume that a chair and 3-4 feet of table space is provided for you, and nothing else. Cables are generally a cointoss, so always assume you'll need your own. You should bring the following at minimum.

  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • VGA / DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort cable
  • Headset with functional microphone
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • An X360 controller, just in case a racing game is played.
  • 15' ethernet cable
  • Power cables
  • All Windows Updates installed. No one likes viruses.
  • Your computer should have a screensaver password, a BIOS password, and preferably some sort of locking mechanism depending on the venue.
  • Shareable chips, soda or water, assuming they run a community chest.
  • CASH for a community pizza run. Assume $7-10 per head.
  • Consider a folding hand truck and some bungee cords to carry your PC + monitor in. They're the preferred transport of Quakecon! :)

    The LAN host will generally post a list of "the community's favorite games" or possibly even a schedule with specific games. Install all of these in advance and make sure they're fully patched the night before game day, since bandwidth may be limited or non-existent even. Put Steam into offline mode until you know it's safe to go online.

    Do NOT bring:

  • An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). They draw too much power and can trip a circuit mid-game. Don't be that guy.
  • A space heater, microwave, lava lamp, or other power-sucking device that isn't your computer.
  • Speakers. Believe me from my days in LANmaniac that this will eventually lead to a loudness war. Small USB speakers are sometimes okay (check the host's rules) for downtime in-between games if you're showing videos to friends, but they should never be used while gaming.
  • A chair, without the express prior consent of the host.
  • A monitor or TV greater than 3' in horizontal width, unless again you have permission from the host.
  • A cooler full of ice, since spills do happen and they're not fun around electricity. Use the cold packs instead.
  • An ethernet switch, hub or router. Hosts don't like troubleshooting network issues they didn't introduce themselves.
  • Any NAS devices. An external hard drive is usually tolerable, but a mini computer with its own ethernet port rarely is.
  • An attitude.
  • Loneliness. You're there to play games with others, not play WoW solo or check Facebook.

    Have fun!

u/prikaz_da · 4 pointsr/Accordion

Like /u/stargazertony, I've got a heavy instrument with a hard case (30-some pounds altogether). I tried carrying it around for a little while once and nearly dropped it after about 30 minutes. My solution was to get one of these, though; I can put the case on there and roll it around quite easily.

u/Yeargdribble · 4 pointsr/Accordion

I really enjoy my NeoTech straps. Very adjustable. It seems the price has gone up quite a bit since I grabbed two pair years ago, so you might want to wait until more are in stock as the Amazon price seems to fluctuate according to availability.


I use a gig bag for my accordion. So long as you know it will be safe in a soft bag, it's much easier to transport than a hard wood shell case.

I've also used a collapsible dolly in the past to move my amp. You can get them pretty cheap in a lot of places. I think I may have gotten mine at Wal-mart. I've never used it for my accordion, but it could definitely work if you want to transport it in the hard case.


As for cleaner playing... practice slower. Use a metronome. You can often hide how bad your time is by playing too fast and usually you aren't actually in control when doing so. Practice slowly enough that you are able to be absolutely conscious of time and your movements. It should be very intentional. Even with a song you think you know... try practicing it at half tempo with a metronome and you'll likely find that you don't actually know it very well.... you're just relying on a sort of auto-pilot. That sort of auto-pilot can fail spectacularly.

But if you practice with control at a lot of varying tempos then you eventually even things out. Being a rush to get something fast and make it "sound like a song" usually just means you'll pick up bad habits along the way. When you do this you have spend more than double the time fixing a bad habit than you would if you'd just been patient and practiced slowly to start with.

When you only practice correctly, that's basically all your body and brain know how to do. When you practice faster than you can control and do so erratically and inconsistently... you actually train yourself to be better at being inconsistent... and then you have to break fix those hard learned mistakes.

Over time a lot of this stuff will go on relative auto-pilot, but not that sort of blind finger memory that so many people rely on where their fingers are ahead of their brains. Instead, you get to a point where your body just responds to whatever you're thinking... like speaking or typing (if you type well). You don't have to think about how to move your mouth to make each word. You think words and they just happen. But you're still in control mentally. It's just that there's no longer a huge delay between thought and action. That eventually happens with playing a musical instrument.

It's thought that this has to do with myelin sheathing if you want to look into the mechanism that governs this. But it takes lots of practicing correctly rather than incorrectly. Also, if you aren't actually being mindful of what you're doing and just letting fingers fly for 100s of brain dead repetitions, you aren't actually supporting this process in any meaningful way.

u/kindrudekid · 3 pointsr/AskMen

I don't have that but I do have this Personal Dolly.

I live in an apartment and walking from the apartment to office to pick up my packages is way easier with this when I know I'm getting some heavy package or big box.

I also lend it to new neighbors moving in. They always appreciate saving their backs and make the job take half the time.

u/millukie · 3 pointsr/Mommit

Ditch the stroller and get something like this that you can strap the car seat to: Brica Roll 'n Go Car Seat Transporter
Then you can gate check them all. We actually used a Magna hand cart and bungee cords last time we flew

Car seats that are FAA-approved should fit in the plane seats.

u/Gbcue · 3 pointsr/Flipping
u/DongleNocker · 3 pointsr/lanparty

The monitor carrier is a great idea to protect the screen. BUT, for the cpu I suggest getting a cart like this and bungie cords to tie it all down on while traveling through the airport instead of trying to lug the case and monitor physically. I have used one of these for years, it was worth every penny.

Other suggestions:

If you have the original boxes for both, I highly suggest that you ship them via Fedex or UPS instead in their original boxes.

If you are going to fly with them, and you want to chance checking them to fly in the underbelly of the plane, I suggest you pull out your Graphics card(s) and Hard Drives, and place them in your carry on luggage, I've seen the end results of the TSA taking apart computers to inspect these part and then just tossing them back into the case willy-nilly.

u/Freonr2 · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

re: beach cart

I have one of these, collapses super small and could fit two 5 gallon bags I would guess.

u/bilago · 2 pointsr/oculus

You're not going to want to give DK2 demos running on a machine that can't output 75 fps, unless you want to get all the newbies sick. I'd invest in either a PC case for LAN use , or a simple hand truck to cart your rig to and from meetups/demos.

u/peapie32 · 2 pointsr/InstacartShoppers

Here’s the link on amazon.

Magna Cart Personal 150 lb...

Sorry, it’s $35 not $30. The handle folds down and the flat part you load stuff on folds up. I’ve put 3 cases of water on that thing with no problem. Best investment I’ve made for this job.

u/BackdoorCurve · 1 pointr/Flipping

haha wow, just checked on amazon. Apparently I got this April, 2015 and it still works great for me. It's been used a ton, thrown around, etc and it's still holding up good enough.

u/bonzothebeast · 1 pointr/astrophotography

What are the dimensions of the box that the Orion Atlas is shipped in? I was thinking of purchasing this cart: to carry it around.
Do you guys think this will work?

u/mysteriousboobs · 1 pointr/Dreamhack

It sucks basically. I'm not sure about the registration part, but I think that's if you haven't already bought tickets online and dpn't have your paperwork/passes, etc ready to go.

You definitely want a cart if you have a tower, the first year me and my friends went we finagled my local friend dropping us off and we stayed with his comp at the center (I think that's how that went down, lots of alcohol since and during) and we got an XL Uber to get back home when we were ready to leave the BYOC.

FYI, when we left late at night the main entrances to the convention center were closed, so we had to go out another exit... Down stairs.... That was fun.

Second year was more of the same except I bought a laptop for QuakeCon and this kind of stuff so it was less stressful than lugging a tower and monitor around, but basically you've gotta huff your stuff in someway or another.

I remember sitting out waiting for our turn into the fried chicken place nearby (it's good check it out) and a poor guy was walking down the street carrying a monitor, that's no bueno, you wanna get an uber, a ride or something, just so they can pull up and drop you off at the best entrance.

So yes, get a cart like this like I've used:

And plan to have a way to drop you off at the entrance, I for sure didn't want to wheel my tower through the Austin streets and hope nothing pops loose, etc, and breaks on the way.

edit: well from what someone else has said it appears the badges weren't mailed this year, so if I were you I'd plan to get in line for registration with your computer, get your badge, then go on to the BYOC from there. If they do it like QuakeCon does, someone will come down the line and give people tags and stuff for their computers to streamline the process. Good luck!

u/aveygt · 1 pointr/AskReddit

try something like this

u/GIS-Rockstar · 1 pointr/photography

In a pinch I used a large hard laundry basket from target to carry a bunch of stands, tripods, skrims, and crap. I have this hardware cart to carry my drum/cymbal stands so I would personally use that for future shoots with lots of hardware since it's available to me already. There's probably a similar cart of some kind: direct from a camera manufacturer might be expensive so get creative with a hand cart like this (I also have that cart to carry around a set of 80-100lb scuba cylinders and it's a beast).

u/twilightmoons · 1 pointr/telescopes

Just get one of these. They are VERY strong, and compact. We have two at the office, and I liked them so much I bought one for the house.

u/pacobriente · 1 pointr/Homebrewing
u/SylkoZakurra · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

I found these.

And this which doesn’t have a basket but you can bungee cord things to. ‪

u/Im_Just_Rob · 1 pointr/InstacartShoppers

This is the one I have (this is NOT an affiliate link either) you can get cheaper ones but I wanted to make sure it didn’t fail me when I needed it.

The instacrates you can get from Costco usually, I’ve never not seen them there. Also, they’re only $7.99 at Costco and double that from amazon.. Hope that’s what you were after..

u/Scrubbybearr · 1 pointr/Dreamhack

Collapsible hand truck. Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

u/energy_engineer · 1 pointr/engineering

I modeled and analyzed this hand truck.

You could select one part... The plastic wheel, for example. Lots of interesting geometry you could use to be both visually appealing, minimal material, strength and manufacturable. Most of that might be beyond the scope of the class though. Only two points of loading too (well, I guess there are scenarios where you'd have more).