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u/nastylep · 35 pointsr/nfl

Yeah; they sell powder packets now that are similar to Crystal Light singles or something like that. I keep a box in the cabinet for dire circumstances. When worst comes to worst, I just dump one in a bottle of water, shake it up, and chug it before bed. It's a lifesaver.

They're like $10 for a 6 pack, IIRC.

u/daringdelightly · 7 pointsr/JulyBumpers2017

To those who have formula fed - what's the best formula? I'm having trouble deciding on the best one. I was going to breast feed, but realized I'm not going to be able to so now I'm on the hunt for "nutritionally closest to breast milk" formula. I found this one and it seems to be a big hit. The price isn't horribly expensive either which is good. What are your opinions?

u/restringtheaxe · 4 pointsr/personalfinance

My wife tried like hell to breastfeed, but it just wasn't working. She pumped for a while but her supply just wasn't there - though it was no lack of trying on her part, that's for damn sure. We're using Earth's Best Organic Formula for our son and although we're not thrilled with giving him formula, he really does seem to be doing just fine and his pediatrician is very satisfied with his progress. He goes through about a can a week. On Amazon it's about $23/can but locally it seems to be about $30.

Edit: a word.

u/wicksa · 4 pointsr/FormulaFeeders

Similac Advance and Similac Sensitive too! I just bought three big cans of Similac Advance for like $50!!

u/johnkiniston · 4 pointsr/Tucson
u/pascha · 3 pointsr/daddit

I signed up for Amazon Mom and clicked on Subscribe & Save. Formula is under Baby Food.

It comes in 4-pack boxes

u/salty-lemons · 3 pointsr/videos

My nephew, who is 2.5 years old, has texture issues and, as you said, won't eat green beans or any veggie or fruit. His parents give him baby/toddler food packs like these as sides to his chicken or fish (which he will eat). It isn't perfect, as the first ingredient is usually fruit, not vegetables, but it's better than nothing.

u/abynum6 · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

One scoop is 9 grams. You can look at the label on Amazon.

u/bebebey · 3 pointsr/sleeptrain

I don’t know if this is applicable to you, but we picked Baby’s Only Whey Protein formula, because supposedly it is very digestible and easy on the stomach for babies. We fully switched around 7 months and didn’t notice any sleep problems or tummy troubles... good luck!

u/KT421 · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

  2. I took Reglan a couple times, but mostly I was on Zofran. The side effect list was much less scary (constipation was the worst part), and Zofran was able to keep me drinking liquids. Ask about that if the Reglan isn't working on its own. It took both of them to get me through the worst period of HG. It's my understanding (might be wrong) that Reglan helps you digest food faster, so when you do vomit a fair bit has already made it into your intestines and is safe from being ejected. Zofran actually prevents the nausea and vomiting to some extent.

  3. I was eating/keeping down less than 1000 calories a day from 5 weeks til about 12 weeks. As long as you're keeping down enough liquids to keep your pee lightly colored or clear, you're doing ok. If you can't even keep liquids down, do not be afraid to go in for IV fluids. I had to do so twice.

  4. Popsicles. Get popsicle molds and fill them with fruit juice. They'll calm your stomach a bit and get fluid AND calories into you. Also are pretty amazing for keeping you hydrated with the right electrolyte balance while not tasting of ass. However, I'd advise trying to find that locally rather than buying online, since they don't seem to survive shipping well.

    I hope you feel better soon! HG sucks!
u/Scoregasm · 2 pointsr/Coachella
u/TheOneGuyFromNowhere · 2 pointsr/cigars

Congratulations, brother! Absolutely nothing like it.

My first is turning 1 in 14 days. It's the most stereotypical and most true thing you hear: it goes so freakin fast.

He complicates so many things. My free time is relegated to when he's sleeping. I barely get the work I need done (self employed) and going out to eat is a chore.

And every second is worth it. It's awesome.

Sleep when you can, enjoy every moment, take lots of pictures and in about 6 months, buy these. Thank me later.

u/JVani · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Looks like a fortified apple sauce or baby food similar to this. Companies will often put new products and flavours in generic packaging while they're still trialing it.

u/mdengler91 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

I hate to be a debbie downer but I've wasted so much money on Vitamin C pills and then learned from a doctor friend that they actually have no medical benefit- all placebo. WebMD, while not the most reliable source- says that "After reviewing 60 years of clinical research, they found that when taken after a cold starts, vitamin C supplements do not make a cold shorter or less severe. When taken daily, vitamin C very slightly shortened cold duration -- by 8% in adults and by 14% in children". Not tryina throw shade, just tryina help ya'll save money haha!

He said the best thing you can do to stay healthy in these marathon sitations is stay as hydrated as possible. I think pedialyte powder is the sweetest way to do that with a ton of electrolytes to boot. Also makes shitty festival water taste way better! Good luck friends- see you all there :)

u/redgrrrl · 2 pointsr/lupus

I'm so sorry :( I am in a similar situation right now, but something I find that helps a little with the pain is to force yourself to sit up (for about 15 minutes; it seems to help to redistribute the swelling to your thighs and legs), making sure you have your blankets wrapped around you so you stay warm. Gentle stretches (roll your head (gently!) in a circular motion to get those kinks out of your neck) and try to lift your arms above your head. If you can do it, are there any easy-to-digest leftovers in your fridge that you can reheat in your microwave?

One thing that has helped me is Neocate jr, which is easy to absorb, since it is all absorbed in the small intestine, which is super helpful if your kidneys are leaking protein. A low-residue formula like Neocate reduces a lot of the work the kidneys have to do. Warm up some water in the microwave (not too hot), add a few scoops (check the label for dosing info). The Unflavored version (which I recommend) doesn't taste great, but it will get you through until you feel a little stronger.
Order here:

Also, if you have any baby food hanging around, eat that. (I like sweet potatoes and apple).

Fatigue can be a real monster. Try to get some food in you as soon as possible so you don't grow weaker, but only eat as much as feels comfortable. Don't try to shove things down :)

/hugs and squeezes

u/VaccusMonastica · 2 pointsr/running

Curious to know how some of you guys that don't use gels, beans, GU, fuel for your marathons.

I began my marathon training today and I was thinking of going a more natural way. Someone even suggested using this baby food as it is very digestible and has
many of the nutrients needed in going 26.2. Or maybe gels and the like are what I need.

What have you found that allows you to keep on keeping on after Mile 18?

u/ernieball · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

> current recommendations are to heat cold water to boiling to mix formula then allow the formula to cool down

The reason boiling water prior to mixing is recommended is that powdered formula isn't sterile. Mixing it with boiled water kills whatever bacteria has had a chance to grow. It's not an issue with the water, which is a common misconception (not that you said anything about this, just... since we're on the topic for whoever's reading). Bacterial growth is more of an issue for premature or otherwise health-compromised newborns; most healthy, full term babies will be able to digest the bacteria with little or no issue. If you're concerned, check with your pediatrician! Mine didn't stress it for my son (though we used RTF for a few weeks in the beginning because it was just plain easier), but I know others that have.

You can get around the boiling issue by bringing Ready to Feed (RTF) formula (in whatever brand you choose) with you to the hospital and using it at home until given the all clear by your pediatrician to use powder.

u/Brothernod · 1 pointr/videos

Buy Pedialyte packs. They’re for sick kids, been around for ages, but have the same impact on hangovers. I know many a friend that swear by them.

Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder, Electrolyte Drink, Variety Pack, Powder Sticks, 0.3 oz (24 Count)

u/dweaver33 · 1 pointr/daddit

My daughter had some dairy issues when she was a baby. We used this formula with great success:

Went from being a fussy, non-sleeping child, to a happy baby.

u/growingupsux · 1 pointr/Fitness

Nutren and other complete nutrition supplementation is tailor made by health professionals with several decades of science and existence to back it up.

u/Eisefin · 1 pointr/randomgifts

Wishlist : My baby in California - Because my flair is to another list of mine.


u/duenotsoonenough · -2 pointsr/beyondthebump

we used Baby's Only organic. i went pretty crazy over formula's and did a ton of research and decided on a formula from the UK because I liked their standards better. so i went with one called HiPP. but damn if shipping formula from the UK wasn't the most expensive sh*t ever. I just couldn't afford to keep doing it. So the next best one in my mind was Baby's Only.