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u/sal9002 · 46 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Looks like a Carbide Scribe

u/JimmyBuffalo · 5 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I suggest this product:


It cleans up easy, is cheap, and easy to work with. I tried to monkey around with the stick on film once and it was horrible.


Just make sure you clean the window glass with regular glass cleaner and then alcohol to remove all the grease for a nice finish.

u/arixx · 3 pointsr/modelmakers

> Any chance I could do with household foil?

Sure can. That's what I'm using. Wallgreen's brand aluminum foil.

>What kind of adhesive do you use for this anyway?

Elmer's stick glue. I'm using the washable school-grade stick. If I screw up, simply peel the foil off and clean up with water.

> Any advice? :)

With the washable glue, you don't need to stress over screwing up putting the foil on. Don't fret about perfection, real aircraft panels do have some waves and bumps, it adds character.

My tools are simple. Elmer's glue, the foil, 0000 steel wool, a artist's smudge stick to burnish down the foil and bring out details, sharp pair of scissors and an extremely sharp x-acto blade (Dull blade will tear the foil).

Oh and a metal burnishing tool. That helps hide creases in the foil if you encounter them.

Try to work on one panel at a time, don't try and cover a large area with a single piece of foil. Overlap your cuts on the adjacent panel.

The best advice I can give is: Jump in and have fun. Take a horizontal stabilizer and start foiling it. You'll learn quite a bit from "just doing it". That's the way I started with my P-51 several months ago :)

Two things to help you get started:

A Fine Scale Modeler PDF on an aluminum P-38

This guy's article on his 1/48 B-29 helped me quite a bit

One word of warning... Your desk will start looking like it rained aluminum strips very quickly!

u/nickels55 · 2 pointsr/cricut

Any of them because all the circut does is create the vinyl stencil used to make the etching. Once the stencil is created you stick it to the glass or metal, then you use chemicals to do the etching part. One chemical etches glass ( and another one etches metal (

I used this instructable to help me figure out how to make the metal coasters:

Good luck!

u/B_EZ · 1 pointr/graffhelp

Anyone know if this is armour etch?

Glass Etching Solution Arts Crafts Graffiti Mop Marker