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u/kt-bug17 · 26 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

I don’t know what your dress looks like, but there are definitely “won’t break the bank” ways to add unique touches to your dress to make it stand out from your sisters.

  • Satin or rhinestone belt
  • A long elaborate veil (maybe even floor or even cathedral length?)
  • A fascinatior for all day or to change into just for the reception. (I wore a feather one to my wedding and loved it, definitely a fun and unique way to spice up your outfit)
  • Shoes dyed in your main wedding color
  • Super sparkly shoes
  • Unique jewelry (bold drop earrings are always a great statement- you can find gorgeous CZ earrings for less than $50)
  • Hem your dress to tea length (if possible with the cut and style of your dress). It’s a super cute and unique look
  • Ombré/dip dye the bottom hem of your dress
  • Wear a colored petticoat
  • Colorful/patterned underskirt that peaks out when you walk (or you can angle the front hem of your dress to a high-low hem so it is always seen)
u/Estrella37 · 10 pointsr/NoPoo

I'm a nurse with seb derm symptoms and it can be hard to find something that works. I tried a lot of things, and asked a lot of doctors, but what ultimately worked for me was the ACV shampoo bar from Wildland Botanicals. The ingredients are wonderful. Neem oil, Shea butter, apple cider vinegar, etc. I use it now approx 2-3x a week. Itch is gone, dandruff is gone.

u/ClimbingHalfDome · 6 pointsr/tressless

Afterwards you should be massaging a quality oil mixture gently into the scalp. I've been using this one for the last few weeks, liking it so far.

u/Vanska1 · 6 pointsr/NoPoo

As this is r/nopoo I'm going to recommend a lowpoo option. Check out the ACV Shampoo Bar from Wildland Botanicals. (also on etsy) As you're already sulfate free you won't have a problem transitioning. It's vegan and its got anti-fungal properties (which has totally gotten rid of my dandruff) which might be good for your situation. It doesn't strip your hair at all. It's on prime so it ships fast. My routine is similar to yours except I dry my hair straight with a hair dryer and a big brush a couple times a week and don't use any product at all. I've been using it for a couple years now and I think because of the oils I don't need to use a separate conditioner anymore. So considering that it's the only thing I use with my hair I don't mind the 14 bucks.

u/luvs2p33outdoors · 6 pointsr/tressless

Sounds like a solid plan, tbh. You won't need a conditioner with the ACV bar. Along with saw palmetto it's got Shea Butter, which leaves your scalp feeling great. You'll want that to deal with the itch. It helps me out a lot.

u/blueberry96 · 5 pointsr/Naturalhair

Best advice I can give you is start using the ACV bar. It's a solid shampoo bar that is just amazing. Vegan product with no sulfates, no preservatives, just lots of apple cider vinegar, neem, shea butter, castor, etc. And this shampoo bar lathers like crazy! The smell is a little weird, but it after rinsing it smells great. It took about a week to adjust to using a shampoo bar, but my dandruff & itch are pretty much gone. :-)

u/Bobloblaw878 · 5 pointsr/malegrooming

The only reason it's a problem to wash every day is because a lot of shampoos are pretty bad for your scalp. Just try something that isn't so harsh. Use a natural shampoo or like some others suggested try washing with a good healthy conditioner. I use this for example but there's lots of sulfate free shampoos out there that wont make your hair a fire hazard.

u/Mirthless92 · 4 pointsr/tressless

Not sure if these specialty shampoos actually work, but my thoughts are that it's at least worth trying. What can I lose using a good shampoo, right? Tried regenepure, didn't love it. So right now I'm using the ACV bar which was recommended. Lathers up nice, my scalp feels great and it's got all the things I'm supposed to be using. I still use Niz twice a week, but this on my off-days.

u/sunshinenfundip · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

my dream would either be a nice set of crochet hooks, a popcorn maker, orthis

the crochet hooks because I don't have a complete set and the ones I do have are cheap. The popcorn maker because popcorn! and the tiara because I'm a goddamn princess!!!

u/friendlyforreal · 4 pointsr/SebDerm

The best one I've found is the ACV bar from Wildlands. All natural, vegan product that soothes the scalp. It took me about two weeks to adjust to the shampoo, but my itchies are gone and my hair looks great too. I just love it. I get it on Amazon here. Good luck!

u/rachel32socal · 3 pointsr/NoPoo

Well, I was using a conditioner, but with this shampoo bar I've stopped needing conditioner (I think it's the shea butter that helps with that). My hair comes out with good volume & squeaky clean (think it's the ACV that's built in to this stuff). So right now I just shampoo when necessary, then hit it with some product. GL!

edit: Oops, didn't see that you'd asked for a link, sorry! Here you go:

u/Ikotoo · 3 pointsr/tressless

I tried making my own oil mix, but it's not for me. Just get something like ScalpWorks. It's got all the oils you need plus all the stuff you want. Check out the ingredient list. I'm really liking it...

u/MassEffected3 · 3 pointsr/NoPoo

I started using ScalpWorks after getting some advice from the ppl over in /r/tressless. I don't saturate my scalp in it, instead I just massage a little in every night before bedtime. It's definitely helped.

u/Harbinger955 · 2 pointsr/NoPoo

It's also on Amazon. Free 2-day shipping on prime.

u/NateT86 · 2 pointsr/tressless

ScalpWorks. Warm up a few drops on your fingertips before bed, then massage it in to problem areas.

u/2nd_acct · 2 pointsr/tressless
u/BeckysMamma · 2 pointsr/dandruff

I know this is going to sound counter intuitive, but I think you're washing your hair too much. When you wash every day ones scalp tends to get dried out. Especially if you're using a sulfate based shampoo, which will strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. So the way to retrain your scalp is to wash less and to wash without the sulfates, which seriously make ones skin a desert. (I use this)There are some good sulfate free shampoos out there but go with something with ingredients you recognize. If its all chemicals its probably not awesome. Then start trying to wash less often. Start washing every other day. Or start with washing 2 days in a row then skip one. I know, you're head is going to get greasy. It's not going to be pretty. But after a while it'll get used to not washing every day and it'll slow down the oil production. Most people take a week or two to 'reprogram' your scalp but once it does you wont have to wash as often and your scalp will be healthier and less dry. Check out r/nopoo for more information on alternative washing methods. If you use a body wash or something similar you might rethink that as well. All that stuff is bad for your skin.

u/Hybrid909 · 1 pointr/tressless

I like the ACV Herbal Shampoo Bar - Its got the Saw palmetto and Nettle which are DHT blockers, Neem oil which is antifungal (which is mostly all keto is) and a bunch of anti inflammatory oils. It's $13.95 on Amazon prime.