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u/thamasthedankengine · 8 pointsr/Tennesseetitans
u/Volcomcj16 · 3 pointsr/NYYankees

Oh ok I wasn’t sure of the rules for that on this sub here’s the link

u/strawkid · 3 pointsr/devils

Here is the link to the jersey she ordered. They run small so I would buy a large for a Corgi. Also, my little buddy here just turned 7 months. Love the little guy to death!

u/russbuss31 · 3 pointsr/BlueJackets

found them on amazon. here is one

edited: better link

u/CinCin4275 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon I wanted to send something that reminded me of where I am from and that is Maryland. I hope this is something you like. The Terrapins are cool. You said you like surprises!!

u/TurnerJ5 · 2 pointsr/nfl

Oh yeah. And she'll be rocking one of these, too. Hard.

u/rawrbunny · 2 pointsr/penguins

This is where we got Max's. He's about seventeen pounds and wears a large. It's a little big on him, but the medium is too tight.

u/ambidextrous_gecko · 2 pointsr/caps
u/SpideyJen19 · 2 pointsr/TampaBayLightning

Oh man, I wanna say he's around 12 pounds but I haven't weighed him recently.

Also, here's the Amazon Link.

u/DSMpanther · 1 pointr/BostonTerrier

I got it from Amazon: Sporty K9 NCAA Footbal Mesh Dog Jersey, Iowa Hawkeyes Small

It’s a size small. She is just over 6 months, so wonder if I will need to get a medium eventually. However, I got her a medium of the Northern Iowa Panthers jersey and it’s a bit big on her.

u/MyHeadIsFullOfGhosts · 1 pointr/caps

She wasn't pleased when I was putting it on, but she seems pretty chill now. She's sleeping at the moment.

u/Just_A_Pterodactyl · 1 pointr/Saints

Littlearth NFL New Orleans Saints Premium Pet Jersey, Medium

No problem, here you go! I ordered a small for mine.

u/ocicataco · 1 pointr/cowboys

Hopefully this link works! Littlearth NFL Dallas Cowboys Premium Pet Jersey, Medium

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Show some team spirit dress up the furbaby! That has been on Minnie's wishlist a little while - mostly because of my hubby. He is the football fan :P

u/8064r7 · 1 pointr/corgi

May I interest you in a slightly more burgundy-ish jersey for the pupper not bedecked in a cow skull?