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u/burnt_wick · 3 pointsr/CrownVictoria

I also have this one (in black) and I really like it. Fits well, armrest is comfortable, and it holds lots of stuff.

u/SgtMustang · 1 pointr/CrownVictoria

Here it is. This is the most widely recommended manifold because it is an OEM equivalent and is from what I know, the only one that will not lose you horsepower. I certainly feel a difference coming from the Dorman.

Note I did this on a 2007, so make sure the fitment is correct for your vehicle first.

Let me know if you have any questions at all. I also have photos from my breakdown. Several lessons learned on my end. Some big ones were:

  1. Removing the windshield wiper assembly and cowl. The joints that the arms swivel on can be pulled apart and regreased, which I did.

  2. Filling corrosion/pitting around the coolant ports on the heads with JB weld

  3. Disassembled fuel rail, cleaned all the injectors by hand, and replaced their O-rings. Used the Fel Pro rings, two rings per injector.

  4. On the Dorman, a lot of the mounting bolts were replaced by self tapping screws, so I had to match bolts to get the Ford part back on. I can give you the specs for those if you need them.
u/adventure_dog · 2 pointsr/CrownVictoria

Gabriel Front shocks $58.99

Gabriel rear shocks $80

These Spring assisted gabriels can be replaced with basc hand tools and need 2 jacks to be replaced.


Front and rear shocks $135

Other than needing a single car jack and hand tools this set can be installed easily.

how to front shocks

coil spring $61

Coil spring $64

Coil spring insulater $5

coil spring tool $15 - $50 or you can rent a tool at your local auto shop for a refundable deposit.

how to replace coil springs

If you have basic tools this entire repair can be had for as little as $250. You would pull out the shocks and springs then install the springs first then the shocks.

u/Snownel · 3 pointsr/CrownVictoria

It's free, see here, you can register as many 3-month trial licenses as you want. It requires an OBD2 reader that plugs in under the dash, I use this. It also requires a laptop with Bluetooth. You can do a lot of diagnostic stuff with Forscan but you can also connect that OBD2 reader to an Android phone if you have one and run apps like Torque.

u/The__Fat__One · 2 pointsr/CrownVictoria

Feels good to hear that!

My stock housings were all fogged, cracked and shaken up inside when I got the car, so the first thing I did was buy these off Amazon.

u/telecom_is_fun · 1 pointr/CrownVictoria

Here is the harness adapter I used on my '05. Should work on your '03.

I also got this deck. I don't really need a CD player, or anything other than AM/FM, and an aux-in. I've been very pleased with it.

u/PhyscoFighter · 1 pointr/CrownVictoria

I've done 2 plugs now with the following kit. It's easy to do, and never had any issues with them since. Take your time, follow directions, and don't rush it. They hold solid and I've never had another issue:

u/Director_of_the_CDC · 4 pointsr/CrownVictoria

Get one of these. Ingnore that amazon says they dont fit CVPIs. I have one in mine and have been absolutely thrilled with it.

u/LolYouFuckingLoser · 3 pointsr/CrownVictoria

Not OP but I found this on Amazon and it looks like it's the same one

OP did you get a new seal or reuse the one that was there?

u/highlord_fox · 2 pointsr/CrownVictoria

I don't remember. I'm fairly sure it's a Dorman Products 265-813, but remember to cross-check that with model/year/transmission. Probably Amazon.

u/Grinch89 · 1 pointr/CrownVictoria

Oh, and I installed a Rampage center console based on other Redditors' advice.

u/Mister_Johnson_ · 1 pointr/CrownVictoria

Get yourself one of these lil guys. It checks both your battery and your alternator.

u/NobleAssassin96 · 2 pointsr/CrownVictoria

Metra Electronics 70-5520 Wiring Harness for Select 2003-Up Ford Vehicles

im using this one.

u/Exfiltrate · 2 pointsr/CrownVictoria

I've tried looking and forums and what not, and can't find anything conclusive. Could anyone confirm that this is the right belt for the p71?****

According to someone on, this is the right one but he has an LX Sport. I can't seem to find anything conclusive to state that the P71 has a different belt.

u/horror3 · 1 pointr/CrownVictoria

i've never worked on a car before; i'm going to look for some quotes throughout the county over this weekend, and if i can't find anything under $1000 i'll pick this up and install it.

u/Willington420 · 3 pointsr/CrownVictoria

I have like 300lb of stereo and tools in my trunk. I put in air lift 1000's and it raised the car back up 2" and you can vary the pressure from 5-35psi. Had them in since April 2017 (approx 25-30k km) with no issue.

EDIT: here's the link

u/Killtrend · 3 pointsr/CrownVictoria

RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 31515 Denim Black Deluxe Locking Center Console for 1976-1983 Jeep CJ5
Squeezes in between the seats of my 2011 crown vic. No install needed.

u/Chris_Dorner_420 · 1 pointr/CrownVictoria

I'm using this one. I actually haven't used the generic, so idk if this one is worth the price jump. The description says you can make some changes, so maybe I'm wrong about needing a wired connection/laptop. The wired connection info is from the forscan website. I've only used it to make a custom dash on my double din.

u/redwingvksm · 2 pointsr/CrownVictoria

I just replaced my 06 CVPI. I replaced with factory ( and like it better than the dorman. Dorman/aftermarket fitting is weird (it works, but some bolts are 'tight' threading in) and the flash/roughness leftover from the plastic casting is rather nasty. It's a part you'll only replace once, I'd stick with oem. Ive done 30+ of these (I'm a mechanic.)

u/pjor1 · 1 pointr/CrownVictoria

The turn signal clicking comes from the internal flasher in the LCM, yes.

Many of the LED relays on the market eliminate the click noise. I'm not a fan either.

Get rid of your load simulation or resistors. Just get this and it will do the trick with no problems at all. It is weird that the hyperflash is intermittent, though.

Here is the exact same flasher I bought, except on eBay instead of Amazon

This one works on full LED systems (LED at all 4 corners).

Install was a pain in the ass and ached my back underneath the dash. I went into detail in my other comment.

Out of laziness I decided to say screw the LED 3rd brake light and just put regular incandescent bulbs back for now, so I can keep my remote start and cruise control. Maybe someday I'll wire in a resistor or dummy bulb, or make a homemade LED 3rd brake light assembly entirely. But that's all unrelated to the turn signal flashers anyway.