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u/TheBigMoney33 · 1 pointr/FIFA

FIFA is a great way to get into soccer. You can start out in career mode to find a team/players that you enjoy using. Once you identify those players and tactics that you're comfortable give FUT a try. It's really enjoyable for me to build a team and compete online against people, even though I'm not very good. Also, I would recommend reading this article: for a humorous look at picking a Premier League team.

This book is also amazing and offers a good look at what an American moving to England and learning to love the sport goes through:

u/PotsnobsUnited · 1 pointr/FIFA

> Thanks for all the help guys! This was great!

> I have it narrowed down to 2 monitors - please help me select from among these two:

> The Benq - This is the more expensive one, and also smaller by 3 inches. It's a shade under $200, and is the preferred brand by gamers it appears. However, I'm a nerd and like big screens (I'm moving from a 55" 4K TV) so the next one caught my eye.

> The ASUS - This is the monitor I use at work - its 27" vs 24", and still offers 2 ms response time. I feel like this one would allow me to see more of the pitch, while not sacrificing ms's.

> So, that's what I got - what do you guys think?!?! Leave me thoughts or just comment 1 or 2 so I can get this sorted. Thanks again Fifa Reddit, I don't care what the rest of the internet says about us, we are alright man.

u/cn19 · 1 pointr/FIFA

The Gerrard Final

Hopefully his prime drops to under 1mil so I can finally afford it. Though I might wait another couple of weeks and buy the new Special Stevie 🥰

u/trev4whatev4 · 1 pointr/FIFA

Everyone is different but this book worked for me, changed the way I thought about smoking. Encourages you not to look at it as 'giving up' anything. Worth a try >

u/Fozzy62 · 1 pointr/FIFA

I bought this 24" BenQ a few months ago. I don't know if I would want the 28 inch that you linked, especially if your gonna keep it within like 5 feet of your face. Anyway, mines been great!

u/bad_takes_haver · 1 pointr/FIFA

Read a book, I am reading this Eduardo Galeano book and recommend it. Each chapter is usually one page, and max four or five pages. Great for intermittent reading.

El futbol a sol y sombra (Spanish Edition)

u/Funnellboi · 1 pointr/FIFA

Just posted this to some one, this is a good one but if you can afford more go for an upgrade, i have a better version of this one and it is worth it.

u/Tsorkin561 · 1 pointr/FIFA

LOL are you a 10 year old kid, or do you just have no respect??

Here, have a look at this MathiTheCheeze

u/sparcd · 2 pointsr/FIFA

Interesting, so the Ronaldo edition (same link) is available but does not ship to the USA.

Meanwhile, the USA physical copy is still unavailable:

The same product is available at Best Buy:

Last I checked, the 20% Amazon Prime discount didn't apply to Best Buy purchases :(

u/pFx95 · 1 pointr/FIFA

Completely unrelated to this post but if you're still looking for tunes similar to "voodoo ray" I'd recommend "The Haçienda Classics" and "Hacienda Acid House Classics".

u/dabu7 · 2 pointsr/FIFA

Either the classic Merlin (How much?!)

Nike Premier League Merlin 20th Anniversary Official Match Ball

Or the ball it always seemed United used at home on the 90s

Umbro Ball

u/de_baser · 1 pointr/FIFA

Exactly. You must have the dongle thing to recieve the Xbox signal, otherwise a standard issue controller will do. They usually sell together, like here:

u/Tbid · 2 pointsr/FIFA

Ever tried something like this?

Logitech G13

Razer Tartarus

I think these might possibly help but I'm not sure of your exact condition so maybe not.

u/Im-That-Dude · 8 pointsr/FIFA

Try this one. Doesn't really save space but doesn't waste space either. Tip: You can store things under this lid and under the legs when it is stored away in the cabinets.

u/alextheplayer · 1 pointr/FIFA

"Level the Playing Field-An all-new Adaptive Difficulty Engine assesses your proficiency in the core skills areas of football, then tailors the experience to match your playing style"

u/epik · 2 pointsr/FIFA

I concur. Occasionally goes on sale for $25 at Amazon.

u/mytommy · 10 pointsr/FIFA

Just to clarify:

u/LKMarleigh · 2 pointsr/FIFA

FIFA 12 is the earliest FIFA game that was available on Origin

You can buy a physical edition from Amazon for hardly anything

However FIFA 10 on pc is far worse than the console version of FIFA 10, it uses a much worse engine and it wasn't until FIFA 12 that both console and pc versions used the same engine

u/MeddlinQ · 0 pointsr/FIFA

Is that making you angry? Personally, I don't care, at least I have a time to dry my hands and my controller. But if that makes you angry, it's good. Not that I would want to intentionally piss you. But if you are angry, your game is worse. Same with playing "shit (noob/cheesy/sweaty/whatever)" strategies. Does that work? Check. Does that make you angry? Check.

Playing to win by David Sirlin guys...