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u/frcanadawelsh · 2 pointsr/IBD

I used to take 5 billion bacteria, found that different brands didn't do much of a difference VS different strenght for me. Also, for me more was not better, and I never finished the pot of 12 billion, was a bit too much for me, and went back to 5 billion.

I stopped taking them now as I've bought a yogurt-maker and I make homemade yogurt as per the SCD diet (I don't really follow the diet entirely though, only reduced and not removed carbs). My understanding is that basically probiotics from live yogurt are always better than from a pill, but I couldn't have too much yogurt before as I became somewhat sensitive to lactose. The SCD yogurt ferments for 24h, so the lactose is gone by the time it's done.

Might be worth considering, in particular if you are worried about price? My yogurt maker cost £25, and all I need to buy each week is a pot of plain yogurt (say £1, lasts 2+ weeks), and some UTH milk (can't be bothered to boil normal milk in advance to sterilise it) (another 50p?), and one batch on that baby makes 7 little pots, so lasts a week. I take it for breakfast on an empty stomach (with fruits or slice of bread if you tolerate it), overall much better than when I was taking probiotics in pills. You could also have more of it per day than I do, or buy a model that makes one big batch rather than 7 small ones. If you go that way, make sure the yogurt maker is a plugged-in one that can therefore be on for 24h (many use boiled water for temperature control, which is great, but won't keep your yogurt warm enough for 24h).

Hope you are doing ok, don't hesitate to use this subreddit to vent or talk to someone. You'll get better!!! :)

u/hitbyIBD · 1 pointr/IBD

Yes I'll be happy to tell you more.

I guess in circles outside the common health system it's well known that bacteria in the gut controls the immune system?

By recolonizing the gut with bacteria from a healthy donor the gut will re-balance and the immune system will be operational again.
This is at least the theory and in many cases it seems to work!

I'll suggest you have a look at this:

u/karma_is_a_joke · 1 pointr/IBD

The surgery is a lot to deal with but when it's over you will feel like you have your life back. I bought a bidet from amazon and it really helps me.



I like to be clean because the movements are more acidic.

u/costanza_vandelay · 5 pointsr/IBD

This is a great thread for discussion. If I may add...

  1. Even better than a peri-bottle is a washlet. Basically an add-on bidet for a standard toilet. If you can get one that has HOT and COLD water, you will LOVE cleaning your bum with warm water. It chips away at pain quickly and dries without TP in a few minutes. Here is one on Amazon.

  2. If you've got cash to spare, or if you want convenience while not at home, Toto sells a portable washlet that I've been tempted to buy. The description is misleading since you have to put warm water into it beforehand.
u/duncanlock · 1 pointr/IBD

You've got lots of great replies already, so I'm just going to add one suggestion.

In addition to whatever else, start taking l-glutamine - something like this:

L-Glutamine is an amino acid, available in powder form, sold as a body building supplement. If you take a few teaspoons of it with water, twice a day, it really helps heal the gut and clears up diarrhoea. It can clear up bleeding, mucus and diarrhoea within a couple of days of starting taking it. It's very reliable and it's dose dependant - if the bleeding is bad, up the dose. Don't over do it though - more than a tablespoon twice a day is too much.

u/GorphusNL · 2 pointsr/IBD

You could try the road by eating certain types of food, as stated in this book:

Only bananas, ripe (brown spickles on the skin)

Juice of bananas, apple and celery

Steamed sweet potatoes with steamed carrots

Try this for a few days/a week and see if it helps.

Quit eating animal food and dairy products and stop using oils.

If it does help and your stools are normal and there is no blood, there is a followup as stated in the book. It’s really worth reading!

u/tedcurran · 1 pointr/IBD

I take Prebiotin (prebiotics) and then some high quality probiotic pills my wife buys at a holistic pharmacy.
If you have a good health food store, ask them what they recommend. I also have incorporated kombucha and yogurt into my diet.

u/lizzehness · 1 pointr/IBD

I buy these, they have helped me so much. Amazon has the best price, I've looked.

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/IBD

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:



^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/chileroX · 2 pointsr/IBD

There's a new book out called "The Wild Life of Our Bodies" that has a lot of great info on the current research in this area.

u/sprazor · 1 pointr/IBD

One of the best decision I ever made. It takes some getting used to but worth the learning curve.

u/entent · 3 pointsr/IBD

I've never had that problem myself. If anything it eases it. Have you tried vaping? I smoke out of bongs using hempwick and my MFLB for vaping. If anything the butane lighter fluid could be an irritant for you.

Beeline Hemp Wick

The hemp wick also gives the bud a more natural taste instead of tasting the butane. I've had the same spool for a year now and it's only about 1/3rd done.

u/ComicFoil · 3 pointsr/IBD


Also, like others have said, maybe hold off on the drinking in the club if it can ultimately ruin/end your night.

u/ucolitis · 1 pointr/IBD

I've tried several and don't have a strong preference. Most recently I've used Healthy Origins (two caps, twice a day... which is probably a lot):

u/maritime64 · 1 pointr/IBD

I have just started the SCD diet for my Crohn's and Colitis.
The book is found at:

Lots of content online about this diet.

u/BaconFlavoredSanity · 1 pointr/IBD

It is. My wife and I use a lot of the recipes from Michelle Tam's Nomnom paleo book. Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans

We follow a loose version that allows occasional rice/ potatoes. Plus We fall off the wagon.

But I will say, I desperately miss orange juice but fruit juices give me the exact symptoms your husband describes.

u/imnotjonsnow · 1 pointr/IBD

Yeah, I am not happy about that they done that. I wasn't even showing signs of infection in my blood. But I listened to my doctor.

I've been using this one so far. It's indeed really expensive, though, but this is the cheapest I could find with the most strains and amounts of it.

Also taking some other store bought ones with it during my colitis at the moment.

VSL#3 seems to be expensive if I look it up online - $56 for one bottle?

u/weirdal1968 · 8 pointsr/IBD

I've felt the exact same thing for many years - no matter how much I slept I rarely felt normal. Staying awake/focused in class or meetings was nearly impossible. Coffee/soda was a temporary fix and usually my UC would not appreciate the boost.

In my experience "brain fog" is low-level inflammation that causes systemic pain. Sometimes it helps to eliminate refined sugar or dairy from your diet. It definitely helped me when I did but that alone was not a "cure". Another thing to try is Wobenzym N - its a formula of enzymes that chews up stuff in your bloodstream that your (overactive) immune system may be attacking. In my case the root cause is probably bacterial overgrowth caused by poor digestion aka SIBO. Still working on a permanent fix for that...