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u/creakinator · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

YouTube commentators: (Most of these are kid friendly with little foul language - it's been a while since I listened to them, so they might have changed since then)
Captain Sparklez
Coe's Quest - Really good
paulsoaresjr - survive and thrive series

Most of the videos will be using a different version that is out today. The PC version might be a bit overwhelming for him as you have to use the keyboard and mouse at the same time, but you can do the hard lifting by doing things for him or letting him run the mouse or keyboard while you do the other.

My niece can't play the PC version but she will get on the Android version with her brother and they will play together, so he might enjoy doing that with you. if you have two computers on the same home network you can both play in the same world. It might be a great way for your son and you to learn together without purchasing a server. One blogger I read suggested as a good server host to use - I have not used them so I don't know how good/bad they are.

The PaulSoaresJr Play and thrive is a great introduction as he posts the map and then walks you through how to do things and you can follow along on the same map. is another good resource, where you can post if you get stuck or have a question.

There is a set of Minecraft books: . My nephew got them for Christmas and they are very well done.

I don't know if you know there are different levels you can play, so you may want to start his worlds in 'easy' in survival mode or 'creative'. Easy if I remember correctly has no monsters and the food bar doesn't deplete, you have to go out mining to get your materials to build. Creative has all the blocks available to you and the blocks are easy to break.

Good luck with your son.

u/CreeperMan4577 · 1 pointr/Minecraft

Here's a dandy list I made.

Minecraft Wall Torch

I'm 12, and I love my wall torch! It also keeps Zombies away!!

Minecraft Lightup Redstone ore

As I already stated, I'm 12. I really want this, but I already have the torch. He might enjoy it though!

Creeper Plush

Or as I like to call it, Carl the Creeper. Its a great desk toy.

Minecraft posters

If you would prefer, you could just pick one up at a local Wal-Mart or Target.

If you don't find these items fit, here's links to great online stores that have great Minecraft merchandise, and more!


u/ThePensAreMightier · 11 pointsr/Minecraft

As others have echoed here, it is absolutely suitable for children. My stepkids play it and that's how I got into it. I had always wondered about the game and really fell in love with it when I decided to play it with them. It's been a nice little bonding activity for us too.

The "violence" is very minimal. There's no blood or anything like that. Just some zombies that you can hit with a sword and they flash and move back away from you. It's also great at sparking creativity as you can build whatever you want.

As for your second question, there's tons of stuff out there that you could get for him which just depends on your budget. There are a ton of plush dolls you could get for him. Maybe find out his favorite animals/enemies from the game? I personally love the wolves, cows, and ender dragon. There are also plenty of Minecraft Lego sets as well but I'm not sure if 5 years old is great for legos as most of the boxes say 8+. I would use your discretion on those. Again, not sure your thoughts on weapons but they also make the Minecraft weapons as toys and there's some items on that list that are in the game (mainly the guns - Minecraft has no guns). If he sleeps with a nightlight like most kids, there's even a Minecraft torch that you could get for his room.

EDIT: Also, props to being a cool grandma/grandpa and checking out what the kids interested in! There's loads of stuff that's suitable for kids his age for Minecraft. Usually any toy store these days seems to have a wall full of Minecraft stuff too if you aren't looking to order anything online. I know Toys R Us in my area has an aisle dedicated to Minecraft.

u/themangeraaad · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

search amazon for "3d glasses". I bought a pair of the $5 ones (link) and they are pretty decent. I figured if it worked well and I liked it I would rather have a comfy pair than getting some cheap crap.

Now my problem is that while the 3d works bright lights (torches, sometimes clouds, etc) go straight through the lenses and cause 'double vision'

edit: as caramonfire said, I would agree that 'ghosting' is a better term than double vision. But also as was mentioned, it is fun one in a while.

edit2: noticed that airencraken said the red/blue work better than red/cyan. Maybe I should pick up some red/blue ones to test which works better.

u/Dain42 · -6 pointsr/Minecraft

You don't. I'm not trying to be down on this guy for doing a nice thing for his son, so please don't misapprehend me! The build is really cool, and it's awesome that he took the time to do this. I'm really impressed with the way the graphics turned out, and I'm kind of curious how he managed that. Printer and paste?

But I do want to give some advice: if anyone here is looking to put together a new computer and doesn't have an SSD your money and just buy a nice hard drive on Amazon. You can get 1TB for like $60. (I'm a big fan of their slightly more expensive WD Black series, personally, but their Blue series offers good price-noise-performance balance.)

I do have an SSD in my computer now because I pulled it out of a laptop that I'd had it in (not for the speed, but for the not having to worry about jostling as much). I reinstalled Ubuntu to one partition and I store Windows games on another (I dual-boot). It is a little faster. But boot and load times were already very fast with my WD Caviar Black. I've gone from ≤30s to <15s from power on to OS running, which is noticeable...but not that big a deal.

If you're looking to spend a bit more money on a build, add extra RAM first (up to 16GB, more than that is just a waste at this point). It's much more worth it than the SSD, in my experience.

EDIT/ADDENDUM: I specifically do not store my Minecraft directories on the SSD, because it does a lot of write operations which can take their toll on an SSD over time.

u/atticdweller · 1 pointr/Minecraft

I used to do this but it got so annoying. I got good 3d glasses but the ghosting was always in the way. In dark places you just can't see anything because the image isn't bright enough.

The feeling when I first tried it was amazing. I loved the 3d view from my sky train. But after that 3d feeling went away, it was just a nuisance. Try it for a while with cheap glasses then if you can still tolerate it, go for a good pair.

These are the glasses I got:

u/overwatch · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

Download the music from the game records and play it while the kids are eating and hanging out.

Make your best attempt at a Desert Temple cake.

Set up a small LAN where the kids can play the game itself and introduce their friends to it. This is a good "cool down" activity after cake/presents/etc.

Print out block textures, and use those as wrapping paper.

Give some books like these as gifts

or just have them around at the party for kids to look through.

For an activity how about some minecraft papercraft?

Maybe get some minecraft themed food for all to enjoy.

Cake, cookies, bread, steak, potatoes, milk, mushroom stew, quite a few options.

u/Korlus · 5 pointsr/Minecraft

Example build (not cheap, nor expensive):

u/cravf · 1 pointr/Minecraft

It's 3D Dot Game Heroes A PS3 game that's pretty much an homage to the Legend of Zelda games. It's really fun, and looks pretty nice. I recommend playing it if you own a PS3.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Minecraft

> completely

Hey thank you so much man! This was totally helpful. looking for a laptop for requirements now.

Really appreciated.

But do you really think this could fit the Bill?? I would totally buy this in a heart beat.

you suggested it

This could run around 60 FPS?

u/Gh0stP1rate · 3 pointsr/Minecraft

Actually, it looks like the official minecraft site ( has a link for digital gift codes which redirects to amazon:

If you buy from that link, I think you'll be well protected.

u/SukaBlyad101 · 0 pointsr/Minecraft

there are many tutorials on youtube but i recommend the essential handbook by mojang themselves. although it is outdated, it will help you with the basics https://w here is the link for it on amazon. become an epic gamer!


u/Cobra800089 · 3 pointsr/Minecraft

Make sure you get red/cyan glasses. These are the ones I bought and they work great. (Mine fold even though the picture doesn't look like it)

It strains your eyes after some time and it may take a little getting used to at first but I have a lot of fun playing Minecraft in 3D on my 32" TV.

u/theinternetftw · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

Another book I really respect in this vein is Charles Petzold's Code. It's not as step-by-step, here's-how-you-make-a-real-product as TECS, but it explains more and does so in a more approachable way.

Both books are great.

u/AmayaUsagi · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

He might like Minecraft Story Mode.

There's also the Minecraft Blockpedia and as someone also mentioned, The complete Handbook collection. The construction book in that set is good for making nicer looking houses.

u/Mitoni · 1 pointr/Minecraft

as for apps, if you are on iOS, farlanders made a nice guide book a while back.

edit: for a nice book, not an app, this series was awesome, especially the redstone guide.

u/Kokopelli872 · 3 pointsr/Minecraft

How about the Mojang Official Minecraft Handbooks?

I knew this guy who had these books for his kid, they looked pretty cool. There's like 4 different handbooks. One just on Redstone.

They're in your price range and the reading level is 8 and up.

u/dizzyzane · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

Minecraft is very CPU heavy, as it runs in a JVM rather than a nested programme.

Go for a single/dual core PC with a high clock rate and 8/16 GiB of RAM. An Intel HD integrated graphics card will run the game quite smoothly, however will be completely unable to handle any form of shaders unless you have 1-2 GiB vRAM.

After a quick Google, this looks to fit the bill, however you may want a machine that has the "Red Dot" as a laptop default cursor is not that good, and is heavily limited.

A normal mouse would be an issue to carry around, especially if not on a good surface.

Basically, my recommendation is to go for a laptop with a red dot and a good CPU, along with a medium sized storage (64/128 GiB SSD will be both fast and moderately cheap), and a integrated graphics card or slightly better.

This is one of the few times I'd recommend Lenovo.

Don't go Alienware, they'll rip you off.

u/lewie · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

If you've never seen season 3 (and to a lesser extent, 4), you must! It gets really awesome. The series is available at Amazon:

u/bigdirkmalone · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

My 6 year old loves the handbooks:

You'd be surprised what a kid at that age can build on their own in Minecraft.

u/capfan67 · 19 pointsr/Minecraft

The official way to give Minecraft as a gift is to purchase a minecraft gift card. These can be purchased in most brick and mortar game stores, and can be purchased online (Amazon Link).

Your bother will use the code when creating his account and will own the game.

Resist purchasing the game directly (as others in this thread are suggesting) since the license will be tied to your email, not his.

u/DogemondSword · 5 pointsr/Minecraft

The game moves way too quick for any book to be relevant except for a short amount of time, although these are really nice looking books that i plan to buy even if they are outdated.
just look for the official mojang handbooks that look like this.

u/myheaditches · 1 pointr/Minecraft

Amazon ahoy! I really enjoyed re-watching it.

u/TinyBreadBigMouth · 1 pointr/Minecraft

Minecraft does not make distinctions between different regions. A Minecraft code is a Minecraft code, and will work anywhere. Buying a code on Amazon, for example, is a completely legitimate way to send a copy to your friend. (Ignore the "Mac/PC" label, it works on Linux too.)

u/RickVince · 6 pointsr/Minecraft

Seasons 1&2

Seasons 3&4

ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition

I really wish I knew about the complete series edition before buying the seasons 1&2 edition. Oh well...

u/GloryToMotherRussia · 1 pointr/Minecraft

This would get you a stable 50+fps in Minecraft, might struggle if you try a mod pack.

I have the i7 version of this laptop (would not reccomend the slow harddrive version,) and it's solid. You could play some AAA games on low-medium settings/1080p.

u/Galaxy_2Alex · 3 pointsr/Minecraft

You will have to enable your credit card for international transactions to the EU/to Sweden. I assume the prepaid cards are not available in Pakistan (, other than that, also, there is potentially Amazon US (since it's only a code, it shouldn't matter too much, it's not available on

u/jub672 · 1 pointr/Minecraft

I'd get this No laptop at $400 can play even minecraft reasonably. This is basically the lowest end gaming laptop you can get it's still very good even for intense games on low-medium.

u/Valriete · 1 pointr/Minecraft

You can adopt them from the Humane Society.

I believe this is the creeper in question, too.

u/NotCoffeeTable · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

Yeah... if you want something outside of Minecraft I'd read "Code"

u/dybt · 1 pointr/Minecraft

While not specific to redstone/minecraft, this book is a great introduction to the workings of computers and the concepts apply to redstone computers as well. It takes you from why flicking a switch turns on a lightbulb, to a stage where you can make sense of and implement fairly complicated circuit diagrams such as this in the length of an average novel.

In terms of applying it to minecraft, just read the redstone related pages in the wiki. I think this relies on the fact that a redstone signal can pass through glass but not solid blocks so you can store data using glass as a 1 and another block as 0 and the pistons push them around in a circuit.

u/Blacvelvetpengun · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

I just bought three 30 packs from
Amazon for $22 (usd).

u/ReverendDizzle · 4 pointsr/Minecraft

It's an official book, published by Scholastic Press. There is the redstone one featured here as well as an essentials, construction, and combat book.

u/nikondork · -1 pointsr/Minecraft

Dude, fuck off trying to shill your overpriced, shitty cardboard red/cyan glasses like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

If anyone wants a cheaper, better alternative, you should try these over at They're like half the price of this guy's rip-offs, and they have a nice sturdy plastic frame with nicer, larger hard plastic lenses.

Also, the 3D anaglyph mode in Minecraft isn't all that great and isnt much more then a novelty. You'll try it for about a half hour before your eyes begin to hurt from the strain, you start developing a headache or you have difficulty telling which blocks are which in your hotbar from the muted colors. It's really not all that great and everyone I know, including myself has only tried it once or twice briefly before switching back to traditional view.

u/falthazar · 1 pointr/Minecraft

Hmm, according to wikipedia, they are slated to make a movie still? Also, they released them on DVD recently, finally. They better make that movie, or I will be very very sad, I've been looking forward to a revival for a while now.

u/DillDeer · 1 pointr/Minecraft


Here’s a redstome one for a little cheaper

u/thenuge26 · 2 pointsr/Minecraft

The quickest way to kill a software project is to add more people to it.