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u/NbAlIvEr100 · 2 pointsr/SwitchPirates

Hmm interesting......I still would not buy the preloaded SD card....very sketch; it's possible Nintendo hasn't set their eyes on it yet, but to each his own I guess.

Well I literally just switched a couple days ago from a 400GB card to a 512GB card because I was low on take that as you will. I have a lot of games on my cards plus I also have the entire pFBA and pSNES romsets as well as the NES, N64 and a few PSX games on my card which is well over 100GB to begin with. So it's up to you how big you want your card depending on what games you get of course.

Not sure if you already knew, but SX OS has the capability to load External Hard Drives or flash drives from the Switch dock and/or the Switch itself. If you get something like THIS, you can just plug an ExtHDD into it and SX OS will read from it. You need to get the SX Installer from their main site which basically has an internal file browser in it. So what I do is put my XCI games (Which are basically the Switch cartridge format for games) onto any flash drive I have and plug it into the OTG adapter I showed you here.........Then, I can either load them off the flash drive through SX OS or I'll go into the SX Installer file browser and copy them from the flash drive into the SD card that is in my Switch.......that's up to you if you'd rather carry around a flash drive or just copy them to the SD card that is already in your Switch. This way I never have to remove my SD card.


Make sure you also get the most recent "boot.dat" file from the SX site as well which needs to be on the root of your SD card when you boot SX OS.

u/RobertAPetersen · 2 pointsr/SwitchPirates

Yeah I’m using this adaptor to use my DS4 on Switch, it’s great. Also supports XBox one and other controllers, it’s fantastic.

u/Fly1ngHawaiian · 1 pointr/SwitchPirates

I also have an ultra. Great space. Haven’t had any issue with it. The 400 GB has a great amount of space for most of my games.

SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - 100MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, A1, Micro SD Card - SDSQUAR-400G-GN6MA

u/kalyway101 · 1 pointr/SwitchPirates

I'm using a Synology NAS. I tried to use my WD NAS but it's software was pretty limited it what it can do. If you're just starting out I'd recommend a 2-bay NAS, Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS218j (Diskless)

u/Avicularies · 1 pointr/SwitchPirates

It doesnt show in the logs, but when I try to enter rcm, the rekado app acts as if its going to do something and then just remains the same. Same with rcm loader.

^^thats thr cable I got and I used an app to check if my phone was otg capable and it said yes. Could it be that its usb 2.0?

u/CypherrX · 1 pointr/SwitchPirates

While I don’t agree with OP’s statement because I use SX OS, this is the SD Card that I just got for $24.99 and it works great.

u/LeakingCustard · 0 pointsr/SwitchPirates

Pretty much this. Get yourself an microSD card, this one is on special that ends in an hour

And use Emunand for piracy.
Reboot with Emunand off and use the legit system for legit games online

u/Thelgow · 2 pointsr/SwitchPirates

Ok, guitar playing probably has you a little more used to bending funny, although may or may not apply to thumbs.

The hori's are basically fullsize pro controllers chopped in half.

Although no wireless option , or rumble, and other things so its just a straight up controller.

u/C3Pdro · 1 pointr/SwitchPirates

RCM Jig for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con RCM Clip Short Connector for NS Recovery Mode (Black)

The box it game in had the branding for 3dsflashcard kinda website so I imagine it's very similar (or identical) to the good jigs that come with things like sx pro and other rcm loaders. Never had an issue getting in rcm yet and slides in very flush on my rail

u/frizzykid · 1 pointr/SwitchPirates

>So you need a jig as they call it to boot in recovery mode

also, if I may add, look at the reviews for the jigs you are buying. I've bought 2 jigs, they were the same price. One worked and the other didn't. Here is a link to the one I got, works first time every time for me

Also if you don't want to buy any jig, you can use tin/aluminum foil which works pretty well for some people.

u/sagiroth · 3 pointsr/SwitchPirates

That's pretty slow. You want a card with 40mb/s speeds. Installing games will take ages. You can get SanDisk 128gb for £22.

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter with A1 App Performance up to 100MB/s, Class 10, U1

u/Sevyn13 · 2 pointsr/SwitchPirates

Also I thought you needed bigger that 32gb to back up the NAND? Doesn’t it recommend 64gb when backing up? I could be wrong.

CFW is not that big, so it should fit on it I believe. You’ll have to install via USB with Goldleaf.

But really man, just get $10 - $20 dollars and buy a decent size card. A quick search produced these results.

u/captiveball · 2 pointsr/SwitchPirates

i got one of these:

it really helps when downloading larger games to have a wired connection.

u/superrecording · 2 pointsr/SwitchPirates

i happened to have the 4tb version of this:



works well in all the ports on the dock, bus powered so extra power supply to mess with. Using exFat and seeing all 4tb with sx os 2.2.1 beta. write speed is only like 122 MB/s, but that's fine for me.

u/o0joshua0o · 2 pointsr/SwitchPirates

Sure. It works 100%. You might want a larger version of the same model.

[Link] (

u/underprivlidged · 10 pointsr/SwitchPirates

Today and tomorrow on Amazon, if you have Amazon Prime, are the Prime Day deals.

You can get a name brand 400gb sd card for $45.
Example -

u/ungenesis · 0 pointsr/SwitchPirates

Hi! I used this card and then recently upgraded to a Samsung Evo Select 512GB ( I mainly upgraded for space, but I did compare load times between rounds in Dragon Ball FighterZ and they decreased by about 2 seconds. Your mileage may vary!

edit: whoops, this was supposed to go under the thread below about c10 vs u3

u/gizmomelb · 1 pointr/SwitchPirates

I have an UNPOWERED 4TB western digital 2.5" USB3.0 HDD which I connect to a USB C to USB slot adapter and the HDD is formatted as exfat and it works with SX OS for me to load XCIs with no issues.

the drive is one of these -

u/LAKingX · 1 pointr/SwitchPirates

Listen, people are going to say some f***** up shit. Just order a payload injector that is included with the rcm jig
Or if you already have the payload injector
I suggest you buy one of these because alternate methods can cause damage to your switch.