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u/notathrowaway21347 · 5 pointsr/factorio

This is the kind of engineering paper I use for everything (I picked the first link I saw, which happened to be amazon, but you can probably find it for the same price or cheaper at an office supply store, or for $16 a ream at my university book store).

The grid on this kind of paper is actually printed on the back of the paper; when you have it on the ream, the grid from all the pages sort of adds up and is visible through the sheet, but once you take off the page, you can’t see it anymore. It’s nice for keeping things organized while writing, them when you take it off it looks super clean.

I like this stuff so much that I made a template of it in Krita when I switched to digital.

(If you meant, “where do I get old exam sheets,” then good luck. If you have friends in school, they may be willing to part with some. Your library might have scrap paper too. Or you can go back to college, but short of building your own paper mill, that might be the most expensive way imaginable to get scratch paper).

u/Stephenishere · 1 pointr/factorio

> Acer Z35P

The Acer is a VA panel and the alienware is an IPS panel. The Alienware also OC to 120hz which is pretty nice.

I did a decent amount of comparisons, the Alienware seemed like the best panel for the price. The only one that will for sure beat it out is the new Acer Predator X35. That one just came out and has a price tag of $2500 lol.

u/iceman1212 · 5 pointsr/factorio

i've been working as a financial analyst for close to 5 years now and i've used this more during my first run through of bob's mods than i have in all of my working years.

imo, you'll save a ton of time in the long run if you understand the underlying math behind the game (namely, production per second of various facilities accounting for crafting speed, production facilities per belt type (it's a bit more involved for miners), and optimal pump/steam engine/boiler ratios) and simply use a calculator as it's a faster and more flexible approach as compared to referencing an online tool while in a game. (i used to use doomeer factorio tool when playing vanilla but now i just use a calculator there too.)

if you have specific questions about the math, im happy to try and help!

u/leprechaun1066 · 7 pointsr/factorio

This is a little advanced, but the underlying theories are covered by this book:



Edit: There's also a paper on it that won the Ig Nobel prize:

u/HitsABlunt · 1 pointr/factorio

I too am an engineer, been working in the Field for about 6 years, im a professional C++ developer, ive designed and implemented several simple game engines, the basics are: There is an Engine, which handles the graphicss, File IO and the other OS like portions of the game, then there is the Gamelogic, which maintains all the rules and functionality of the game, then on top of that there is game layer which would incorporate all the mods and scripting.

for ease of development, its very likely that the Game logic and game layers are implemented in LUA with the intention of rolling over into actual C++ when they stabilize to 1.0 and since the game is still alpha im willing to bet the "base game" "mod" that is in the mod list is actually a giant piece of LUA code i recommend you read that book

Edit: seeing the devs did reply, looks like just the top layer is in LUA.

u/AnotherStupidName · 2 pointsr/factorio

Get a simple track ball mouse like the Logitech m570. You can use your finger to move the ball, and then move it over to the button to click, without having to move your hand at all. (And after looking at the picture, you might be able to use thumb for the ball and finger for the button.)

I had scapholunate repair surgery in my right wrist, (with a second follow-up surgery) so know where you are coming from. I also recommend an electric toothbrush if you don't already have one, for your left handed tooth brushing. Contrary to what most people think, brushing teeth is the hardest daily bathroom activity to do with your non-dominant hand.

u/KaiserTom · 1 pointr/factorio

If you want to understand it, read through Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software. It's not a giant textbook, just a regular book (with figures to help explain subjects too) which means it is concise in its material and not overly verbose. It will give you a complete rundown of what a computer is and how it works at its most base level, starting from the concepts of morse code and electricity up to binary and mechanical relays and then the instruction codes and massive banks of transistors which end up forming what we can definitely call "a computer". It's a great book for anyone trying to delve into computer science or even just trying to understand it as a hobby.

u/Oxygene13 · 1 pointr/factorio

Also does a surprisingly good job against zombie bites!

Zombie Survival Guide

Essential Reading

u/WTMike24 · 2 pointsr/factorio

Oh hey, that's pretty close to mine. I'll test factorio later when I'm not busy with work or classes

u/Kbrooks_va · 1 pointr/factorio can this laptop run this game well? I’m getting a laptop for college and want one that can play this game

u/pshendry · 1 pointr/factorio

Well I'm no expert, I mean I still have trouble with my game-playing and my nail-tearing and my distractions (typing this at work, the irony), so by all means do what works for you :). Distancing yourself from the game (by vowing not to play today, by uninstalling it, by unsubbing from /r/factorio, etc) is a totally fine strategy. To me though, the end goal is only indirectly to limit how many games I play; it's more about feeling control over how I play, so I can choose whether I play for 4 hours, or 30 minutes, or not at all, based on whatever else is going on in my life. That way if I hit some stressful or unhappy times or something I'm not gonna cave and fall back into bad habits.

The Willpower Instinct is a fantastic book on habit-breaking in general; I'd recommend taking a read!

u/Archimagus · 3 pointsr/factorio

Sure, The Science Lab is cake made with half of one of These. The Assembly machine is two layers of cake. I made a 9x13 cake and cut two squares that were about the same size as the base of the science lab and stacked them. From the leftover pieces of cake I made the bodies and arms of the inserters. The transport belt and science packs are pure frosting.

u/ThreepwoodThePirate · 9 pointsr/factorio

Book full of really cluttered photos of just stuff and a list of things you have to find.

I only ever saw these books at dentist and doctors offices.

u/drunkeskimo · 3 pointsr/factorio

It's a Rite in the Rain Tactical They're relatively expensive for a pad. Sturdy though

u/Mason-B · 11 pointsr/factorio

You're conclusions, and some of your facts, are wrong.

I literally write game engines for a living, I know about everything you just tried to explain, and it has nothing to do with my point. A 3d version of Factorio (e.g. from scratch see edit 2) could have the same number of game updates regardless of how expensive rendering is because they would be on separate threads. Even Unity and Unreal have separate rendering threads, it's been this way for 5+ years.

Vulkan, DX12, and Metal all enable multi-threaded rendering, because older APIs would only allow a single thread to submit commands at a time. But they have nothing to do with the division of rendering and game logic into separate threads.

Edit: I own a copy of a Game Engine Book from 8 years ago that called one render thread, one game logic thread, standard industry practice.

Edit 2: Also, this FFF explains how they do have many different threads, for example, updating game logic and rendering at the same time.

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/factorio

Title | Gravity Kills - Guilty
Description | Watch the original music video for Guilty here!: "Guilty" from Gravity Kills's album "Gravity Kills". Buy Gravity Kill's album at: Lyrics: Behind closed doors your words ring hollow What you said they'd be What behavior? Who are you, but I like it Now I'm done with nothing new, sometimes green sometimes blue And I'm guilty, and I'm guilty, and I'm guilty, and I'm guilty And you're guilty too Hey H...
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