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u/bloodbond3 · 2 pointsr/ouya

Much like a Steam login, the owned game is attached to the account used, I believe; though I've not attempted to add another account to my OUYA. Will update when I test it out. As far as killer apps, here's my list of apps I can think of:

Before we start, I'd greatly advise you buy a USB Drive (32gb or 64gb). You can install games and store game ROMs and video on it. 8gb will not be enough, trust me.


  • Crunchyroll streaming for Anime and Asian Drama lovers.
  • XBMC: Media center that can play just about any audio file, video file, DVD ISO, and it also has plug-ins for YouTube, Twitch, 1Channel (for movie/TV show streaming) and a LOT more. XBMC essentially has its own ecosystem of add-ons for media. Well worth looking into IMO.
    • Pro tip: the version downloadable from the official website is better than the one currently posted to the OUYA store.
  • Netflix (Unofficial): You can finds and side-load the apk for Netflix and it streams in high quality. I love it.
  • Twitch: Self explanatory. Watch game streams. Good times.


  • Snes9X (SNES) and the ".emu" emulators (NES, Master Drive, Gameboy, etc.) are all made by the same dev. They are all free. He added a cool feature that can make the OUYA sync to a Wii Remote or Wii U Pro Controller. You can also set custom keymappings and visual styles.

  • I also bought SuperGNES, which is prettier and way simpler to use, but I can't map controls with it and it has to authenticate via internet to reactivate the paid features.
  • FPse (PlayStation 1): This one I recommend buying. It's well worth it and a great quality emulator. It has tons of features and, since you can link a PS3 controller wirelessly, it's way satisfying to play with an official controller.
  • Mupen64 (N64): This one takes some tinkering to get it running smoothly but it's a solid emulator.
  • PPSSPP (PSP, unofficial app): Tested it myself. It sadly can't smoothly upscale the graphics so when running smoothly it will look like a stretched PSP but it's still satisfying to play with a PS3 controller.


  • TowerFall Ascension: By far one of the must-haves on OUYA, this chaotic, 4-player game was the first exclusive to put OUYA on the map, games-wise.
  • Too Many Me: This game. Is so fun. It is a great platformer with an awesome art style and fun gameplay. It's available to try before purchasing.
  • Final Fantasy III: This game was well worth the money for me. It is a classic game that was only released in the U.S. for Nintendo DS, and smartphones at the time of OUYA's release. The OUYA was the first TV console release and it is such classic RPG fun.

  • Honorable mentions go to Whispering Willows, Neverending Nightmares, Amazing Frog?, You Don't Know Jack, The Cave, DubWars, Knightmare Tower, BombSquad, and so many others I probably can't think of. These are only the games I have played. The other high-rated games in the store are pretty great too.
u/obamunistpig · 9 pointsr/ouya

Depends on what you want to use it for.

Your app selection becomes considerably more convenient if you load the google play store:

If you want to rock some multiplayer gaming and you have an XBox 360, one of these will be super handy (adapter to use your wifi controllers through Ouya USB):

Also, you'll want a nice spacious USB stick if you plan on storing lots of games:

If you're low on funds maybe just opt for 32 GB:

If you plan on using several USB peripherals, I really recommend a powered USB hub:

These are all suggestions and you likely have a bunch of this stuff already. Just know that most games work great with an xbox or PS3 controller. If you want just some cheap USB controllers for friends to play with, Gamestop is currently selling the Gamestick controller for $10. It's not wonderful, but that's why you make your friends use it :) YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY WITH GAME COMPATIBILITY. These worked for me with Towerfall and NES.EMU but not for some other games.

Must have apps:

Toto Temple Delux

As for hiccups, when pairing controllers, you need to be very careful. Whenever I am pairing controllers I need to do things in this order for best results.

1.) Power on Ouya with nothing paired
2.) Pair all OUYA brand controllers
3.) Pair all PS3 Controllers
4.) Pair all USB (Xbox 360 Controllers)

If you try to do things out of order, things get screwy.

Other than that, just know that a lot of us have screwed with the thing quite a bit and if you have any questions we can likely help you out.

Welcome to the club!

u/omgmrj · 3 pointsr/ouya

This is probably the wrong subreddit to state this is, but I've been having a great time just doing this on my phone. Plus my Snapdragon S4 Pro is smoother than the Tegra 3 in the Ouya. Admittedly, in the end the price (not including the phone) is similar to Ouya, though.

  • Nexus 4

  • SlimPort to HDMI adapter

  • Dualshock 3 controller

  • Sixaxis Controller app

  • NES.emu

    I really like the setup. I think it's a big plus to be able to play any game on the Play Store this way (with appropriate touch mapping profiles, if necessary) or sideload any game, like Humble Bundle.

    That said, I really think Ouya's heart is in the right place, it would just have to deliver performance closer to what I'd expect from a tv-dedicated console. If it had a Snapdragon 800 SoC, I'd snatch one up in a heartbeat.

    Edit: Reading other posts on here, it appears you can sideload .apks to Ouya. I guess my only complaint is the aforementioned SoC.
u/Moonlight-Games · 1 pointr/ouya

Well you could just buy a Raspberry Pi, follow the instructions to turn it into an emu device, and buy a USB game controller for cheaper than Ouya. Ouya makes it a lot less complicated, but you will pay a premium for it and the controller isn't exactly worth the $100 ...

Here's what you'd need to do the RPi setup (I use one myself, works amazingly):

Raspberry Pi Model B Console ($35) :|pcrid|33870392901|plid|&CMP=KNC-GPLA

4GB SD Card: $8

USB Controller: (Found these USB SNES controllers for cheap on Amazon)[referrer|[type|link[postId|498561192[asin|B0034ZOAO0[authorId|5716493564230329059


Here's a full tut,

I'm not trying to bash Ouya, however from personal experience I think that it's important you weigh the two options and figure out which is best for you :)

u/leshylabs · 4 pointsr/ouya

While it definitely isn't worth the $45 and you are probably much better off with a DS3 Controller, I found one good usage for these. Android devices are picky over what controllers they'll pair with over bluetooth. It looks like DS3 controllers can only be paired on rooted devices. Ouya controllers on the other hand, have paired very easily. They aren't great controllers, but sometimes it is handy to be able to easily connect a controller to an Android device, and the Ouya controllers (at least with my devices) have worked well for that.

u/dyniper · 4 pointsr/ouya

The problem is that Ouya didn't want to spend <0.01$ more on the controller, so they omitted grease on the plastic-on-plastic movement of the triggers. I did that for both my controller (maybe I should have made a video...):

    1. Remove the 2 face plates and batteries
    1. Remove the 6 screws of the controller and open it up
    1. Get yourself non conducting grease (like this one)
    1. Apply one small dot of grease at all these areas (basically everywhere plastic slides on plastic)
    1. Action the trigger many times to distribute the grease
    1. Re-assemble the controller, and enjoy stick-free triggers.

      I really wish Ouya would have done that first-hand. It is a very easy thing to fix that would not have cost them much... Hope that helps!

      EDIT: grammar
u/callmelightningjunio · 1 pointr/ouya

I have one that I use on a pc that's stuffed in a cramped location. Almost full size, light, long keyboard stroke compared to some laptop keyboards. I'm not much of a fan of touchpads vs. mice, but the tp is ok, I guess. It's a good compromise between a full-size keyboard, and a mini keyboard like the 'candy bar' style or 'game controller' style.

u/Groty · 4 pointsr/ouya

Works great! Only thing I wish it has was a backlight. You can use the media buttons and touchpad. Just familiarize yourself with the keyboard controls. Very long lasting rechargeable battery. Works out of the box.

Edit - It also works fine with Ouya apps when you need to type text. Pick up one of these USB hubs if you don't have one.

u/pier25 · 1 pointr/ouya

Yeah, something like this and then maybe a USB hub.

I've used USB ports on Android set top boxes and in all cases they have accepted keyboard, mouse, and USB sticks. The iStick even accepts USB drives.

u/fat_baby_ · 1 pointr/ouya

Pretty sure the controllers are just mediocre unfortunately. I've heard laying the ouya down so the top faces you helps with lag but I haven't really messed with it. Also some people have talked about using something like this to solve the wifi issue and use Ethernet.

u/a1blank · 1 pointr/ouya

I opted to go with this one (for use with xbmc) since it had bluetooth support and seemed more generally useful. I expect I'll post something about it once my OUYA arrives (haven't gotten email yet). I feel quite well versed using a keyboard for navigation and then, of course, I can always fall back on the controller.

u/ComptonEMT · 1 pointr/ouya

I'd be curious if i could use one of these ... I still have all my N64 stuff. =) I could just play it on my n64 but thats no fun right?

u/thanamesjames · 3 pointsr/ouya

This is a great controller. If you want one and a USB drive, or two controllers you'll have to get a powered USB hub. If you aren't wanting to go this retro, I think the dualshock is the way to go!

u/reddit_reaper · 1 pointr/ouya

Bluetooth keyboards don't work to well in my experience. I use this and it works great. Tried a Bluetooth first and it didn't work at all

u/something224 · 6 pointsr/ouya

Check this out on AMZN: SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 32GB USB Flash Drive (SDCZ33-032G-B35)

u/tehdiplomat · 2 pointsr/ouya

There are Wireless Adapters for 360 controllers that work. Something like:

u/GoldPanther · 2 pointsr/ouya

You can get something like the product linked below (I don't own one so I don't know how well it preforms). I personally have a monitor hooked up to a receiver with hdmi in.

u/ColaColin · 2 pointsr/ouya

There is an adapter, that is not the problem. The problem is that the adapter is an US-one. It does not work for german power outlets. It simply doesn't fit physically. The only other adapter like it have I have is the one from my router. Without a router however I don't have internet. Without internet the ouya is pretty pointless.
I already ordered a US-to-EU adapter (®/dp/B000KY2XQ0/ref=pd_sim_sbs_computers_8), I know what I need, but it will take time. I have the console sitting right next to me and cant use it.

u/Rakudjo · 1 pointr/ouya

I have this. I looks and seems to be genuine, came with a Microsoft-marked driver disc that looks professional. If your PC reads the inputs without problem, then I assume it'll work just the same with Ouya.

u/thekilowatt · 1 pointr/ouya

I have a standard Sony PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller (Black). This should be sold at most any game / electronics store. You may want to pick up or borrow a Xbox 360 controller, I don't have one to test and its probably the other most commonly used non-ouya controller out there (no stats, just an assumption).

amazon link Sony PS3 controller

u/victorsmonster · 3 pointsr/ouya

Any usb hub should work, and it doesn't need to be powered. I use this one to hook up four f310s to my Ouya:

u/Zetaphor · 2 pointsr/ouya

I've been eyeing one of these little things ever since I got my Raspberry Pi.

u/uesc_alt · 5 pointsr/ouya

According to the AMA in july, we should have news on what discounts ouya users are getting for razer products. The AMA mentions Q4 2015. However, based on the forge reviews I'm not sure if razer is the way to go...

u/Titanium09 · 3 pointsr/ouya

If you have a DVI input on your monitor you can get one of these, but you won't have sound. I use this for my xbox on my monitor but xbox comes with an audio dongle so I output to a stereo.
Unsure of the headset question.

u/tauisgod · 2 pointsr/ouya

Have you seen the price of powerline adapters? They've gotten ridiculous cheap.