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u/Crazyeyes24 · 13 pointsr/pkmntcg

I decided to start collecting with Steam Siege and Generations. Figuring out the best way to keep stuff was daunting at first. After going through all of TCC's videos and lurking in this and the collection sub, this is the system I settled on:

-Each Set gets its own 1" binder. Be sure to use a D-ring style so the pages sit evenly on top of each other. I like these from Office Max/Depot because they open and close easily and have a pin-hole style of lock so it ensures alignment of the rings and minimizes catching pages.

--In the inside pocket of the cover, I put the Trainer's Guide from the ETB of the set, fits nicely in the larger of the 2 pockets. Make sure you don't put anything in the back cover's pockets, as that could make an uneven surface for your cards to rest on if you leave the binders on their sides.

--Then, each binder starts with a 4-pocket binder sheet to store one of each booster art for the set.

--After the booster page, I organize the cards by set number, starting with the core set followed by the parallel set. I use Ultra pro's 18 pocket side loading card pages for storing the cards. Pretty much hands down the best. I prefer the black backing and only want to put 1 card in each pocket. Nice fit, though I noticed some scratches/imperfections in clarity on the batch I got. Not a big deal for me, as they are still very durable, but may be for others.

---Basic cards go into a KMC perfect fit sleeve upside-down and then into the binder page. Good protection, tight fit, not too much cost. KMC's are pretty universally accepted as the best. As some have said, too tight a fit could damage a card, too loose and it wont fit for double sleeving. I've never had a KMC perfect fit that was too tight, maybe a little loose, but never tight that it could cause damage. Looser ones I just put to the side for storing non-foil cards and not for double sleeving.

---Any foil card (Holos, parallels, URs, SRs, etc.) go into a KMC perfect fit upside down, and then into a black KMC Hyper Mat before going into the binder. I usually double sleeve a stack of cards and then put them into a tight deck box or under a stack of books for a week or so to squeeze out all the air before putting them into the binder.

-Any extra cards then get stored in the ETB for the set they are from. Organize them however you like, but I keep one section for a playset of up to 4 of each card, and any copies above that go into a second 'trash/trade' section. Eventually I may put the playsets of 4 cards into penny sleeves just to keep things sorted more easily, but I don't have too much surplus yet to warrant it. Again, I always keep things ordered by set number.

--Here, any extra foil cards will get sleeved. Right now I am just using Ultra Pro's deck protectors since I ran out of perfect fits, but really don't like how they have the stippled surface on the inside of the sleeve as well. I can feel it scratching the edges/back of the card each time I sleeve one. Particularly valuable rares or holos may get double sleeved for better protection, but still get stored in the box.

-For actual play, I would stick to KMC hyper mats. Good shuffle feel, and last longer than the Ultra Pro's. I played a game with a buddy with my deck sleeved in the Ultra pro's and loved the shuffle feel, but the sleeves just break too easily if you catch a corner. Also they aren't opaque, KMC's are definitely the better looking.

u/HitenStyle · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

You've received some great advice. Here's my take (after watching countless hours of the Professor on Tolarian Community College youtube channel).

  • The ultra pro deck boxes are a great start!
  • For about the same price, try out the ultra pro 'pro-dual' deck box. It holds two decks (or one deck plus dice/counters) all in one convenient spot! (link)
  • The elite trainer boxes are a great value, and the box is excellent for storing cards. You can put cards in directly (like the picture provided above) or you can even fit the Ultra Pro deck boxes inside. (link
  • The elite trainer box also includes card sleeves that you can use to protect your kids' deck. These are not the strongest sleeves, but they look great and are much better than nothing. If the kids are yanking cards in and out of these they may get beat up pretty quickly, so you'll have to decide if it's worth using sleeves at this point.
  • Inner sleeves (or penny sleeves) are clear transparent sleeves. These will provide a bit of protection and can be used permanently (no need to ever take them out of these). Cards sleeved with these can then be 'double sleeved' in the bigger outer sleeves (like the ones included in the elite trainer box) for maximum protection. Inner sleeves are slick so trying to use them without an outer sleeve may prove difficult as the cards will slide around and not stack well. (link)

    Good luck! Check out the Professor if you really want to go deep! His 'report card' is great!
    Card Storage Report Card

u/gnarlyswells · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

As far as pre-constructed decks, I'd recommend Keldeo vs. Rayquaza. That set comes with many good trainer cards that can be used for building other decks as well:

If you're up for some reading, I recommend taking a look at the beginner deck building page in the sidebar:

The core trainers mentioned on the page are cheaper than what it says. Current price per card on tcgplayer:

0.11 Shauna

0.48 N

0.16 Ultra Ball

0.05 Switch

0.14 Rescue Stretcher

0.10 Energy Retrieval

0.29 Lysandre

Most of the other trainers should be cheaper by now too. Once you have some basic trainers I'd recommend choosing some of your favorite pokemon and building a deck around them (maybe keep them within the same type + colorless to start with).

Also don't worry about staying within the current tournament rulesets of standard / expanded - it would only serve as an arbitrary restriction on cards played for casual play.

To get some ideas on what's available, you could browse these pages for released cards:




Though for pokemon I'd recommend just searching for the pokemon name on tcgplayer because they have listings from every set. Usually newer expansions are cheaper due to availability unless it's a popular card in the current rotation.

One last side note, depending on the theme deck it can be cheaper to look up the card list and buy the deck as singles if you don't need the coin / markers.

Buying Pikachu Power as singles from tcgplayer for example:

3 pikachu = 0.12

2 raichu = 1.74

1 magneton = 0.64

3 magnemite = 0.21

2 electabuzz = 0.12

2 voltorb = 0.16

2 beedrill = 0.24

3 kakuna = 0.18

3 weedle = 0.21

2 metapod = 0.12

3 caterpie = 0.24

2 tangela = 0.14

2 doduo = 0.12

1 energy retrieval = 0.10

1 evosoda = 0.38

1 pokeball = 0.04

1 pokemon center lady = 0.47

1 pokemon fan club = 0.15

1 professor oak's hint = 0.06

2 professor's letter = 0.20

1 revive = 0.07

1 switch = 0.05

2 tierno = 0.24

9 lightning energy = 0.63

9 grass energy = 0.63

total = $7.26
(without grouping for shipping)

u/aqlno · 3 pointsr/pkmntcg
  1. The next best step is to start buying singles and build competitive decks. You could take a half measure and look for the Mewtwo vs Darkrai Structure Decks which are the best theme decks available at the moment. You won't win any events with these, but they're a huge step above normal theme decks.

    A good starter deck is Greninja BREAK, as it's one of the few (if only) competitive decks that can be bought for ~$100 total. Every other competitive deck is easily $200+

  2. Cards are typically legal in standard for 2-ish years. Sometimes 3, but never less than 2. It's also important to recognize that Expanded format is not a place where cards go to die. It's played at many competitive events still! The competitive season starts after US Nationals in July, when qualifying points for the World Championships in August can no longer be earned. Competitive events for the new season start around September/October.

  3. A pokemon's attack type is determined by the type printed on the card, in the upper right corner. Not by the type of the energy required for each attack, or by the type of energy attached to a pokemon. Each pokemon only attacks for a single type, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the card.

  4. One of the biggest misconceptions of pokemon is that you build "colored" decks. Typically when building a deck you don't consider the type insomuch as what cards are good. You ask "what do I want my main strategy to be?" and then you build around that. This leaves typing out of the equation for the most part. Typically you will see 3-4 types in a single deck. With the majority of pokemon being 1 type for energy consistency, and then 3-4 other pokemon types that may have 1-2 pokemon each for support. A popular deck in Expanded uses 5 different types (dark, fighting, water, steel, and colorless) because each pokemon supports the strategy of the deck, regardless of their type!
u/Asclepius24 · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

Not a theme deck, but this is probably the best thing for new players to learn on. Theme decks are really crummy and slow and don't give a good "feel" for what the game is actually like. This Mewtwo vs. Darkrai pack is straightforward enough that new players can learn on it but also well-built enough that it won't be boring.

I would definitely, definitely suggest getting enough sleeves for the decks though since the cards that come in there are worth more resale than the $30 you'll spend on the decks. One pack of these for the Darkrai deck and another of these for Mewtwo would work if you like color-coordination :)

u/antonjg · 6 pointsr/pkmntcg

oh ok, definetely check out the rayqauza battle arena deck right here ---> Here , there about 20$ and they come with 2 ready to play deck, these have competitive trainer cards and there good for new players, if you can get 2, that would be ideal because then you can combine them and build even better decks. The decks Come with N, Sycamore and VS Seekers which are all competitive and expensive cards so it is a pretty good deal if your just starting out. Hopefully this helps. :)

u/Phanque · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

I'd say you have 2 pretty good options as to what to buy him, it just depends on if you wanted to get him pre built decks or a large amount of packs.

If you wanted to do the packs I would recommend an Elite Trainer Box. An ETB comes with 8 packs of cards, 5 of each type of energy, status and damage markers, 65 card sleeves, and the box itself is designed to be used as storage.

There are several available.

As for pre built decks, there are quite a few to choose from. There is a new Arena Deck that comes with 2 pre built 60 card decks, perfect for 2 people to play and learn with. It's rather cheap as well, and you could supplement it with additional packs or additional pre built decks.

I'll mention that the pre built decks are definitely meant for younger players and are not very good in competitive play, but that's more of a disclaimer than anything. They're still fun and perfect to learn with.

u/shizure · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

If I had to choose, I would actually recommend this Darkrai/Mewtwo Battle Arena Set. The Mewtwo and Darkrai are good cards in themselves, but the sets have a LOT of nice cards that you will use in a LOT of decks such as VS Seeker, Prof Sycamore, Muscle Band, Lysandre, Level Ball, etc.

Here is the full set list: Ta-Dah!

For me, the main draw is that it is a set that will help you learn the game really well AND they are easily recyclable cards for a huge variety of decks.

u/chezkevin · 10 pointsr/pkmntcg

Depending on her playing level, a great competitive entry point would be the Keldeo vs. Rayquaza Battle Arena Decks. It has two decks, so she could play/learn with her parents or a friend. It has numerous trainer cards that are seen in competitive play (VS Seeker, Professor Sycamore, N, Lysandre, Ultra Ball), so once she "outgrows" the template decks, she could take those trainers and build a deck of her own.

At the moment Amazon already offers the set with $6 off -- it's a great deal.

u/Quokimbo · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

This is where I got mine. I love the stitched edging and if you use some sort of imaging program to ensure your resolution is fantastic you will get comments on it. Everyone notices mine, mentions the stitching, and design! Because it is what I do lol I will post a link to the order space and my mat...'cause I like showing off my stuffs.

Image of my mat.

u/MapleA · 1 pointr/pkmntcg

It’s better to get perfect fit cards meant for double sleeving which would fit inside of traditional sleeves. The advantage is that if any liquid spills the double sleeved cards won’t be affected at all. It has saved my ass so I double sleeve important cards and the deck I play with.

u/Theopholus · 3 pointsr/pkmntcg

I would recommend using KMC Perfect Fit sleeves. They are great for double sleeving, and for storing cards in a binder. Also, make sure not to use a 3 ring binder with the loose ultra pro plastic pages, the rings can damage your cards over time. Use a side loading binder like This.

u/TazerIsMyBae · 3 pointsr/pkmntcg

I suggest you put together a garchomp and an empoleon decks for you guys to play together. You could probably spend <$30 on them and do well enough with them.

There's also the World Championship decks which aren't legal for competitive use but you can just play for fun.

You could also get some Battle Decks

u/Spahrep · 9 pointsr/pkmntcg

Trainer kits, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!!

  • Two 30-card decks, each with a specially selected foil card
  • Two guided game booklets to teach yo how to play, card by card, step by step
  • 2-Player playmat with great game tips and rules on the reverse side
  • Damage counters, special condition markers and a game coin with a cool Pokemon design
u/WillTheHatter · 1 pointr/pkmntcg

I can't at all vouch for the quality, shipping or anything else of these because ive never ordered one but you reminded me of a listing I saw on Amazon so here ya go and hope it helps:

Personalized Custom Playmat w/ STITCHED EDGE Any image you want

u/Mujera · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

Anything from China is fake. DO NOT buy any cards from China.

What is your son wanting to? Collect? Play competitively? Both?

If he wants to collect, I'm not really sure if SM is the best way to start. The set features 20+ secret rares (usually 1 per 2 booster boxes) and each SR can go from $15-$30 each, depending on which Pokemon.

In order to get the best deal for collecting, its only two words: BUY SINGLES. If you try and collect sets with only booster packs/boxes/etc., you are probably going to spend triple or quadruple the amount you would spend on just buying singles from the set, and keep in mind Sun and Moon costs around $300-$450 to complete it.

If he wants to play competitively, I'm gonna be that guy and say that you should buy a Keldeo vs Rayquaza Battle Arena Decks. The decks include most of the trainer staples you'll need for a deck, and Keldeo-EX and Rayquaza-EX aren't bad EXs in the Expanded format.

u/I_Hate_Robots · 3 pointsr/pkmntcg

Battle. Arena. Decks.

These are just a great place for new and returning players to get their start. They all have a decent number of competitively viable cards (though many are Expanded) and are somewhat competent in terms of their design (unlike theme decks).

After that, it's just singles, man. Find a deck list that you like and order the cards.

u/hoppenscooter · 4 pointsr/pkmntcg

Theme decks are not the way to go. More often than not, theme decks are, well, terrible. They're a great start for beginners, but its not a good thing to buy just to get energy cards. This box or this box is a good way for beginners to get into the game. They give you five energy of each type plus a bunch of packs and some other goodies.

u/borokato · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

Ultra Pro 6 x 9 25 pack top loaders on Amazon for $15.94 with prime shipping. They fit the cards well enough and look good on the wall. The cards actual measurements are 5 3/4" by 8" so these are the closest I could find.

u/koramar · 0 pointsr/pkmntcg

I use this, it holds playsets of your valuable cards, doesn't have rings to fuck your cards up and has a stiff front unlike the ultra pro binders which can bend and damage your cards.

Now to be clear, binders, while convenient for accessing your cards are not ideal for keeping them in perfect condition. Sleeved and in a box such as an elite trainer box or a BCW box is the ideal way to prevent any damage to your cards.

As for commons and uncommons storing them unsleeved in a BCW 4 or 5 row is more than sufficient since you will accumulate a large amount of them over time.

Someone else in the thread mentioned the Ultimate Guard ZipFolio which is honestly probably the best binder out there, im just not interested in moving all of my cards from the binders they are currently in.

u/vandergus · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

5$ would get you a 50 card bulk lot on ebay but nothing coherent enough to be considered a playable deck. You can get the Sun and Moon theme decks for about $10 a piece but they have limited long term playability. The best value is the Keldeo v Rayquaza Battle Arena Deck but you'll have to expand your budget if you want 6 decks.

u/ragno422 · 9 pointsr/pkmntcg

The Mewtwo vs Darkrai Battle Arena Deck is my favorite by far. It's balanced and fun, but not so advanced that it'd be intimidating for a newcomer. Plus if you decide you'd like to build your own competitive decks, you can use many of the cards in this deck to construct it, as it includes many necessary supporters. It's a little pricey on Amazon, but I've seen it for $30 at Barnes and Nobles and Target.

u/YouthfulEdge · 3 pointsr/pkmntcg

You are using the wrong size of perfect fits. You need these:

They are standard size for MTG and Pokemon. I play with KMC perfect fit inner sleeves and dragon shield outers. My deck is all reverse holo, holo, or full art. No warps at all.

u/Fadaching · 1 pointr/pkmntcg

TCG Battle Arena Decks: Mewtwo vs. Darkrai Card Game

That's the Amazon link but it's expensive on there. Best bet is the Walmart one the other guy posted.

u/l3uster · 1 pointr/pkmntcg

Not to shoot down the idea of buying a booster box and splitting it up, but I think after shipping it would ruin the cost savings.

Quick search on Amazon shows a B&W booster box for $92.99, free shipping, bring it to $2.58 a booster.

But each person could get their own three pack (cheaper than the five pack), for $8.30, free shipping again. $2.77 a booster that way.

u/leesan43 · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

They do indeed exist. I use the KMC Character Guard Mat and Clears which have a fantastic shuffle feel. The mat texture on the back does make the artwork of your sleeves appear slightly cloudy but it's really not a big deal. I can send you a picture of a side by side comparison if you're interested.

Here's where I got mine:

u/collectiblecurls · 9 pointsr/pkmntcg

Yea man, most decks run at least two copies of it. Except greninja, which runs one i think.

if you wanna pull one yourself you should get a [guardians rising elite trainer box] (, or check out sites like [troll and toad] ( or [tcgplayer] ( :]

u/phenomworks · 1 pointr/pkmntcg

I'm going to second this, and add that if you guys are interested in going to tournaments (especially expanded) then I'd recommend each of you pick up 2 of the Keldeo vs. Rayquaza Battle Arena decks ( you get full playsets of the most commonly needed trainers and have enough to build a nice little Archie's Blastoise deck or a Rayquaza/Eels deck.

u/Goblin_Axeman · 5 pointsr/pkmntcg

If you're thinking about picking up some packs, maybe an Elite Trainer Box. You get some packs (eight), some sleeves (not amazing, but effective), dice, the acrylic markers, and a few dice for damage counters. It's cheaper than buying packs individually (especially at big box stores), and there's some nice goodies included. I've picked up a couple of them to give my little one a pack from it as a treat for doing some small chore or some such.

u/PricklyPricklyPear · 1 pointr/pkmntcg

I wouldn't put nice cards in a regular binder with card pages. If you have stuff you really care about, get a purpose-built side loading card binder. If you are going to stick with a regular binder, make sure it's a D ring so that the cards don't get warped during storage.

I use this sort of binder > ultra pro

u/OneArmSteve57 · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

I just ordered one from Decktutor so i'm looking forward to trying it out. I just hope it isn't a fake :(

u/daveed2001 · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

TCG Battle Arena Decks: Mewtwo vs. Darkrai Card Game

These two decks are probably the best two starting decks you can buy open up and play right off the bat.

u/MistaWhiska · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

I think sleeve pages for a binder is fine. Though I'd suggest staying away from normal circular binders as the front and end pages could bend or get caught thus ruining those cards. This style of top loader binder is best. When you plan to upgrade I would suggest this Ultra Pro Pro-Binder.

u/asdjklghty · 1 pointr/pkmntcg

Here is a post I made earlier about getting into the game.

>To give you an idea on deck building, here are some information that you will find helpful.



>Now, I will also give you some important information what stuff you need to play your deck.

>Purchasing cards

>For purchasing cards, I recommend buying a booster box and an elite trainer box for each new set that comes out then purchase singles. An elite trainer box also gives 5 of each Energy type and burn and poison markers as well as nice dice! One for flipping and the others for keeping track of damage They're made of acrylic, not cheaper cardboard that come with preconstructed decks.


>Also, I can't stress this enough but, you need sleeves. I recommend Ultra Pro Matte Sleeves. You would need 66mmx91 mm ones to fit Pokemon cards.


>You can never have enough sleeves. Extras are used to replace ones that look worn out. If you play with worn sleeves (marked) you can get in trouble.


>Another important thing is a play mat. I really don't like seeing players struggle to scoop up cards on the table instead of a mat; damaging their sleeves in the process!


>Deck Boxes

>Get a couple deck boxes. I prefer boxes that match the colour of my sleeves. These tower ones are the ones I use. They store a lot of cards and you don't need dice bags to store your dice!



>Lastly, you need dice. They are used in place of damage counters and coin flipping. For coin flipping die (in competitive play we use them instead of coins), you need a clear one. The rules state you need to.



>Storing cards

>I store cards in a mix of binders and boxes. For binders, you either can use these or try to save some money and get these and these

>For boxes to store non-EXs, secret rares and Trainers, I use [these[(

>You also can use cardboard boxes for cheap here but I don't like them because they aren't secure.

>You can always check out other sites for the same or similar items.

u/icebear518 · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

also if you buy the trainer box you get packs and some energy cards as well of all types

u/bateloche · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

Man, take an Ultimate Guard portifolio, there's a lot of size and models but all of them are top quality and side loading (cards don't fall).


For expensive cards I would use nothing that has no zippers so even if the card slips out of the pocket it won't fall off the binder.


I personally use ZipFolios with 12 pockets.


u/Ipokeyoumuch · 2 pointsr/pkmntcg

yes there are this one is my favorite, but it can get very pricey if you are doing one of each Pokemon or for all cards printed for that Pokemon.

u/ieatpoptarts · 1 pointr/pkmntcg

This place has the box for $96.41+$1.99 shipping.

u/LookAtMeNoww · 8 pointsr/pkmntcg

Battle Arena Deck are good options, as they have strategies and actually some viable cards. Gives you a base to start with and can be upgraded from there. Unfortunately the newest iteration of them was just canceled, but you should still be able to find the Keldo vs Rayquaza or Black vs White Kyurem in stores and online.

[Amazon Keldeo Link] (

Amazon Kyurem Link

u/soulblade64 · 0 pointsr/pkmntcg

Only opened one, not ready to open them all. this is the listing, I'm not surprised it wasn't in the box as it would be cheaper to send them individually from the US to Australia.

The reverse holo in the deck, 103/114 also appears to have a lightly scratched background on it... I'm not sure if that's normal either, or if that's just the age of the packs, or even the actual style of the card.

u/thesolo1 · 1 pointr/pkmntcg

binder I use:link
Sleeves I use: link link

I double sleeve my cards then put them in the binder. Ultra pro sleeves in my opinion are very cheaply made and poor quality.