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u/MinMaxRex · 1 pointr/totalwar

I could play on Medium with a 7 year old PC, with a GeForce GTX 760. So if you can't afford this PC and the SSD, go to your local PC shops/craigslist and see if you can find a 1-3 year old gaming PC, if it has 8 GB of DDR3 or DDR4 RAM, and like a GeForce GTX 960 or something better, you should be fine honestly as long as you can get a good deal on it. Then you would just want to buy a 500GB - 1 TB SSD drive and replace the (C:) drive with the new SSD. Honestly as long as the PC has an i5 or i7 processor from within the last 3-4 years, with just enough RAM, and a halfway decent graphics card along with an SSD, you should probably be able to play on High settings I would bet. Medium easily. Below is a link to an $81 500GB SSD that should be sufficient.

u/skeptidelphian · 1 pointr/totalwar

Some of the good Rome books I've read over the years:

In the Name of Rome by Adrian Goldsworthy

Caesar: Life of a Colossus by Adrian Goldsworthy

The Complete Roman Army by Adrian Goldsworthy

Rubicon: the Last Years of the Roman Republic by Tom Holland

A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome by Alberto Angela

Now, as someone lucky enough to have lived 6 weeks in Rome, the best prep is to somehow get yourself to La Città Eterna and visit where it all went down. The Palatine Hill and the Appian Way are places with less tourists and allow you to contemplate the power and splendor of Rome.

u/aahe42 · 2 pointsr/totalwar

For more about the time period read the book romance of the three kingdom or try watching the 2010 tv show Romance of the three kingdoms its really good if you can deal with subtitles, there is also some youtube videos from kings and generals, Three kingdoms oversimplified by Oversimplified Cody Bonds channel has overview of all the starting characters in the game with some historical context heres one of them I'm sure there is a lot more other could suggest.

u/G-Love80 · 2 pointsr/totalwar

Does this laptop look like it can play Total War games effectively? I'm mostly interested in the new Three Kingdoms game and the Total Warhammer games. Looks to be a pretty good deal, and I'm thinking about taking advantage of it!

Intel i7-8750H

GTX 1060 6GB


u/Oakley_HiDef · 4 pointsr/totalwar

The best book I recommend is specifically called "Roman Battle Tactics" which comes from Osprey Publishing. The book comes in a short digestible form with great insights and graphics on the basic tactics used by the Romans during the late Republic and early empire.

I would also recommend the book "In the name of Rome" by Adrian Goldsworthy. This one is definitely longer but focuses specifically on the great generals throughout Rome's history and the ways in which they wielded their armies.

u/charfei70 · 2 pointsr/totalwar

In the Name of Rome - Adrian Goldsworthy

This book gave a lot of interesting insight into the thought processes and decisions of many of Rome's greatest generals and I found it an enjoyable read.

u/John_Stalin · 1 pointr/totalwar

If you go on amazon you can get a hard copy of Napoleon and Empire combo with all dlc, you can activate it on steam too using the product key from the case.

I recommend both games as they are both brilliant games that you should play

u/fluffy_cat · 7 pointsr/totalwar

Ah got some sources here if you like:

u/topher_hkr · 1 pointr/totalwar

Actually, you can get it on Amazon here, if you want a physical copy and here, as a download for a pretty good price.

u/Intranetusa · 3 pointsr/totalwar

Rome 2 is more like a 100% price increase rather than 50% off. Rome 2 Emperor Edition is now supposedly "on sale" for $30...but before those DLCs came out, Rome 2 Emperor Edition had been around $15 for the last 3 or so years.

According to this price tracker on the price of Rome 2 on Amazon, Rome 2 hit $30 back in January of 2014, and $20 on May of 2015 on Amazon 3 years ago. And this is Amazon, which usually sells games at higher prices than STEAM. Then you see this huge spike in price around late fall/winter of last year due to the new DLCs.

And according to this price tracker on the price of Rome 2 on STEAM, Rome 2 first hit $15in November 2014 - which is 3-4 years ago. So according to this one, Rome 2 has actually been on sale for $15 for 3-4 years.

u/Gadshill · 4 pointsr/totalwar

Just read Archaon: Everchosen two weeks ago. Good stuff. Also, read the first two books in the The Empire Omnibus, also fun stuff.

u/arcainzor · 1 pointr/totalwar

Bought mine for 3£ with the super saving shipping off amazon, arrived in 5 days


u/KingofAlba · 1 pointr/totalwar

You may need steam to play it, but it might not be the cheapest option. It's also a very large game (33GB I think) so if you have a slow internet connection or download caps, you'd be better off getting it on disc. If you're in the UK it's on Amazon for £25.

u/NorskTorsk · 2 pointsr/totalwar

I'm reading Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of An Empire by Simon Baker right now. It's a great book!

u/nova_rock · 1 pointr/totalwar

Currently reading The Poison King in preparation.

Great read for anyone who likes Pontus and Mithradates

u/templight23 · 1 pointr/totalwar

Just ordered mine from Amazon.

A bit bummed that I have to wait until the 30th to play it (when it gets delivered), but having the physical is worth the trade-off.

u/freepenguin · 2 pointsr/totalwar

I've brought a few steamworks games of Amazon and they all work fine. If you scroll to the bottom of the Amazon page it states: Additional Information
Requires Steam account for installation and activation.

u/rhiever · 2 pointsr/totalwar

The important bit of information:

> If you're thinking of getting Shogun 2 and/or Fall of the Samurai, wait until tomorrow both will be $7.50 on Amazon.

(The Amazon sale is going on now.)

u/davidyourduke · 3 pointsr/totalwar

It's a toss-up between this an Attila FOTS type expansion: (the release date was January for awhile)

and this:

The acquired the rights at least in late 2012, if not earlier. It could just bo the Attila expansion for now with the Warhammer game coming later, maybe not branded as TW just based on it.

Also, the Warhammer game wouldn't use the 40k version it is based on the fantasy one, so battles might look more like this:

u/GrayFoxCZ · 1 pointr/totalwar

If you wouldnt mind to pay a little extra, I would rather get this laptop - as for your laptop: CPU is okayish, about 15% better than older i7 7700HQ, but GPU is not prolly going to cut it. You will be able to play on high/medium with FPS cap IMO.

u/mearco · 3 pointsr/totalwar

I would recommend, "Roman Army at War" by Adrian Goldsworthy. I'm only half way through but it really is fascinating and very rigorous.

u/IMMADOGWOOF · 3 pointsr/totalwar

Theodore Ayrault Dodge has a wonderful trio of books on ancient generals, Alexander, Hannibal, and Caesar, with emphasis on tactics and overall strategy. Though old (he fought in the civil war) they are still extremely relevant, and filled with maps and such.

u/Lordhood · 3 pointsr/totalwar

well now that the sale has started here it is

u/BigG123 · 1 pointr/totalwar

All we got is this book on amazon.

And there was an interview (in Greek) with a voice actor saying how he worked on a game called Sword of Atilla. I can't find it though right now. I'm on mobile

u/WildVariety · 3 pointsr/totalwar

Oh no, definitely not. The box art is absolutely amazing too.

u/bookist626 · 1 pointr/totalwar

Thats the Serpent God Edition. I want the Limited Edition.

u/MachaHack · 2 pointsr/totalwar

This is a good deal for Americans, but if you are from the UK, or any country where delivery from the UK is reasonably cheap (like Ireland for me), a hard copy from is still cheaper than Steam.

(If you are American, a digital download from is 3c cheaper than Steam)

u/Wartz · 1 pointr/totalwar

I bought a box copy of Shogun and I was able to install off the DVDs.

I think this is a box copy of Rome II.

u/taw · -3 pointsr/totalwar

Oh for fuck's sake, stop this "Steam OMG% off" nonsense.

Steam listed price is typically 1/3 higher than retail price you can get on Amazon every day.

For example - Shogun 2 "OMG Steam 25% off" costs £22.49.

On Amazon it's £11.64. On just a regular no special promotion day.

Shogun 1 and M2 are currently cheaper on Steam, but their nowhere near % they claim. On the other hand - Steam version of M2 (and very likely everything before it as well) is a steaming pile of shit and it's really hard to use mods with it. Get retail version if you can.

u/AlbrechtVonRoon · 1 pointr/totalwar

I usually get mine from zavvi (free UK deliveries!), and you get a hard copy, unlike going through steam. It should be noted, almost everywhere it will cost the same, within about 0.01 of a penny;

Zavvi, £29.98

Amazon, £29.99

Game Stop, £29.97

Steam, £29.99

So, Game Stop from those options is cheapest, and you get the Greek Culture pack etc. with all of them. It is about the pre-purchase nature of it, not who you buy from.

u/alexkon3 · 1 pointr/totalwar

There are many cool books: The empire omnibus has a bunch of stories about the empire.

The sigmar omnibus for the story of sigmar

Then there is the sundering series which tells the story why there are high & dark elves.

The war of the beard series about why the elves and the dwarves hate each other.

The tyrion and teclis triology for some elf action and also the backstory of the two high elf LL's

The gotrek and felix series for general warhammer stuff.

The thanquol series for skaven

The nagash omnibus for the backstory of the guy who's responsible for the undead in this setting.

The vampire wars omnibus for the backstory of vlad von carstein

Then there are ofcourse the armybooks, the three heraldry books (empire, skaven, helf) the liber chaotica, of the skaven and all their vile kin, the life of sigmar and a billion other super awesome books.

One word of advice tho is.. stay the hell away from the endtimes!

u/AlphaOC · 2 pointsr/totalwar

I took a class on Greek and Roman warfare in college and one of the books was Soldiers and Ghosts. It's not light reading at all, but it describes how they fought and why they fought that way (the Greek system of war was especially strange and the Romans were hilariously inflexible about certain things).