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u/bhollra · 7 pointsr/volt

I bought a used volt right after my graduation this spring. 2013 with ~41k miles. Traded up from an 04 Jeep Wrangler and haven't had any regrets at all.

To address your concerns about space:
The volt fit way more stuff in it than I was expecting, especially if you are able to fold the rear seats down. I was able to fit a foldable 8ft table, a mini fridge, two large bags of clothes, microwave, TV and a few boxes of kitchen stuff and other knick knacks if that kinda gives you an idea of how much camping equipment you could pack.
I also installed a hitch (Curt Manufacturing CURT 11221... for exclusive use with a bike rack. Did the install with my dad and with the right tools it wasn't bad at all.

As for my considerations buying used:
The general consensus I found online (largely from this sub, thanks y'all) was that Volts are well built and reliable, especially regarding the battery so I wasn't too concerned about range degradation and just and went with one I found within my budget and general location (was not a very wide selection). I maybe could have shopped around a little more, had one shipped to a dealer near me, etc. but I found one that fit most of what I was looking for and didn't really have time to be picky. One thing I do wish I would have payed more attention to was tire wear as I'm likely going to have to replace mine soon but live and learn I guess.
Having a 2013+ is nice because you get a slightly bigger battery over previous models I believe. You also get hold mode which is nice for road trips but by no means a necessity. Mine also has heated seats which I hear are great in the winter because they're much more efficient on the battery than blowing hot air. Haven't had had to test this yet and won't be a big issue for me in south Texas anyway but I think it would be worth considering for colder climates.
I don't have a backup camera. This was concerning to me at first. The volt is really pretty awful as far as rear visibility is concerned, at least compared to my jeep. After a about a month though it started feeling normal and isn't a big concern for me anymore. I thought about installing one aftermarket but getting it integrated into the original infotainment system was more complex/expensive than I deemed worth and I didn't want to mess with adding other screens or projecting to my phone or anything like that.

When it came to picking a volt in general. After factoring in the value of my Jeep + cost savings from way better fuel economy + the savings of using electricity vs gas I realized the volt would pay for itself in less than 5 years + I get nice things my jeep didn't have like Bluetooth audio, remote doors, and maybe most importantly for me reliable AC so it just made sense for me.
As a previous commenter alluded to, everyone's finances are different so it's totally up to you to decide if a volt is worth it for you.
I'm three months in and so far loving my decision. A PHEV is a perfect fit for me. I make regular trips ~400 miles to see family and friends so full electric wasn't viable. But during a typical week I get to drive on all electric all the time for ~ ½ the price of gas. As far as I could tell the Volt is the best PHEV at its price point for a used ~ 5 year old model.

Sorry for being a little long winded but I hope this helps your decision. And congrats on your upcoming graduation!

u/Superbroom · 6 pointsr/volt

I'll try to answer these as best as I can.

  1. I can't really recommend anything for the Volt since I haven't had to put any issues with lumbar support in it, but for another car I had issues with I decided to use my Purple seat cushion. I would presume anything that is much cheaper could work though.
  2. It depends on how much extra driving you might do during the day. Aside from work, do you need pick up kids from sports/go out to eat for dinner/go to a friends house across town? If you want to use the battery as much as possible then a 240v charger might be perfect since you can get a quick charge before running extra errands. With the 2018 you can also add something like this which will allow you to plug in to a 240v using your stock EVSE.
  3. We're actually in the process of this now! The company I work for has several people who drive PHEVs and BEVs so we have been suggesting for a long time that they should install EV chargers onsite rather than having all of us clamor over a few 120v outlets. Since we are building a new building on our campus they decided to include 8 EV chargers in the parking garage free to use. I definitely think that more voices would be more incentive for your company to install a few chargers. This is all still a fairly new technology so getting others informed is the best way to go!
u/GonadsOfWrath · 2 pointsr/volt

>What are the brightest headlights you guys have found?

The absolute brightest would be these guys. These are 9012+30 bulbs--9012 bulbs that put out 30% more light than stock 9012 bulbs.

>I switch to LED and they are just a little bit brighter than the stock ones I took out.

That's because LEDs can't be focused correctly by your Volt's headlamps.

>I just don't want to waste more money buying stuff that is not very bright.

I've personally used and tested the 9012 bulbs linked above and they are very good. Better than the standard 9012 bulbs, and better than any 9012 bulb with blue tinted glass. There are also a bunch of Russians who tested these 9012 bulbs and found them to put out 30% more light than a standard 9012 bulb.

u/davethetaxman · 4 pointsr/volt

Remember that you only get the lesser of 50% or $500 for both the charger and the installation/ESA inspection for a maximum total of $1,000 incentive.

Some suitable alternatives:

Super economical charger that delivers near 5kw of power. Not hardwired but has a weird sized plug. Good for the Volt, but maybe not a future vehicle and also on the list of eligible chargers:

Another economical charger that gives you a little bit of future-proofing as it delivers 9.6kw of power and on the list of eligible chargers. Hardwired though so tougher to take with you if you're going to move:

ChargePoint chargers - good for future proofing, wi-fi connected, but a little more on the expensive side. Comes in both hardwired and plug versions. 10% off right now helps, but discount expires July 9:

u/stevewm · 3 pointsr/volt

Individual conductors with no protection or insulation.

Using a outlet box with no apparent sign of strain relief.

220v plug with no apparent sign of strain relief.

Given that you are using a outlet box I assume you mean to permanently install this? This is not recommended... A NEMA 5-15 outlet providing 220v is not something that should be permanently mounted, because then it would look like any standard 120v outlet. Someone could easily plug a 120v device into it.


Something like this: is considerably safer and the way it should be done.

Even better, a pre-made 6-50 adapter cord can be had here!:

u/montyprime · 1 pointr/volt

I see no need for 240v. It is perhaps a move to future proof, but not needed right now. 12amp will charge the car overnight even if the battery is empty. As long as you have a good 15amp socket that can handle 12amp or a 20amp socket, you are fine to charge overnight.

If you want to leave a charger outside all the time too, I would recommend using a 3rd party charger to avoid having the factory one nabbed. I leave the factory one in my car for trips. I use this one every day and leave it outside: It can work with 240v also if you do upgrade the outlet in the future, no need to buy another charger. The ends are easily removable and replaced for different outlet shapes with a screw driver.

You can also keep any charger out of the weather in a deck box if you need to charge outside because of no garage: I use this one, cut holes in the back at the top. The charger sits in the box out of the elements and keeps the charger off the ground and makes it a little harder for someone to see it and nab it so I don't have to constantly put it in the car or inside. Also this is free standing, so no need to mount to your house. You can put it in the best spot near where your car parks and not on the wall of the house.

u/wazzel2u · 2 pointsr/volt

I bought this GeeMai All-in-one Conversion Kit a little over a year ago for my 2013 Volt and have been completely satisfied with them.

They're really great lights AND unlike some kits that require drilling and mounting cables/drivers, these lights and drivers fit into the existing headlight opening. It's literally like changing a bulb.

u/SolarFlare- · 3 pointsr/volt

Haha, that's some interesting stuff they want you to pay for. Firstly, check your maintenance schedule on page 11-6 of your owner's manual or here:

In that maintenance schedule, with the Volt, the only thing you should do yearly or every 7500mi is rotate your tires (assuming you don't use winter tires in the winter). Oil change is done whenever your oil life system tells you to do it--make sure your dealership reset yours to 100%! You can ignore the every 45,000mi maintenance (inspection unnecessary, engine air filter DIY I'll explain below). The only things you have to do are the 97500mi spark plugs/transmission fluid and the 150000mi fluid flush.

As for the $400 your dealer wants:

1a. The cabin air filter is an interesting one because the 2013 Volt doesn't have a cabin air filter installed standard, so it's not a maintenance item. That said, it's a good idea to buy one and replace it yearly if you don't want to breathe dirty air, at the expense of probably <1mi of range due to having to blow air through it. This one is $11 from Amazon and it takes 1-2 minutes to install with a flathead screwdriver, super easy process, compare that to what your dealer wants for the part+labour.

1b. If they meant engine air filter, which is every 45,000mi, that one's somewhat easy to do too, check here or page 10-13. The key to this one is NOT to buy it, either third party or from your dealer, until inspecting it--I was due for a change recently, opened it up, and what do you know, it was almost spotless! I just shook it up and put it back in, good for another 45,000mi. Only replace it if it remains dirty after shaking it off. Heads up: if you ask your dealer to do this, or if you're there for anything else, it's a common trick by dealers to take it out, cover it in some dirt, and come show it to you saying it needs to be replaced, far above cost of course.

1c. If they meant oil filter, that should have been done with your oil change.

2. Brake fluid flush is done at 150,000mi. I would strongly doubt that you would need it before that unless you've been having brake problems. In fact, I'd suggest against doing it unnecessarily in case they screw something up, brakes being serious business.

3. Air Conditioning fluid a) needs to be refilled when low if your air conditioner is failing to cool, i.e. if you set it to 'Comfort' and 'LO' it blows hot air, b) needs to be flushed and replaced every 10 years--seeing as you have a 2013 Volt, they're bullshitting you.

Overall, if you're not at 150,000mi, I think they're deliberately trying to screw you out of money here. AC flush is a money grab unless you specifically mentioned a problem. Air filter may or may not be legitimate, but at any rate you're MUCH better off doing it yourself.

u/mafco · 1 pointr/volt

This scanner works great and only $10.99. The MyGreenVolt app gives lots of interesting stats.

u/PDXPayback · 2 pointsr/volt

If you’re still looking for a replacement, I picked up [this EVSE]( for traveling, and it’s worked great, and it was the cheapest I could find. Also looks like the one being used in the picture.

u/Cewkie · 2 pointsr/volt

You would need the vehicle interface device. I wouldn't begin to know what's a quality interface or what's recommended, but I think I've seen one of these posted on here before.

Then you would need to purchase a subscription with GM TDS to get the software as well. It's about 60 dollars for 3 days. I'm not entirely sure what subscription is the one you need or what software you would need. This is the site, I believe.

Either way, I would not recommend this at all. You could end up irreparably or at least have to take it back to the dealership or even MORE expensive work like reflashing your car's computer or potentially replacing it.

u/GreystarOrg · 2 pointsr/volt

I have this one and it's been very good and has gotten very good reviews.

There's also a version that only does 1080P, the A118.

u/rvolt20170619 · 1 pointr/volt

I have a 2014. Here's my setup.

I used a simple circuit tester like this one in order to find a fuse in the driver's side box that would switch on/off with the car's power.

I went with an A118 capacitor style camera that would hold up better under heat.

I used a simple add-a-fuse adapter into the power-switching fuse that I found, then used an appropriately sized fuse to support my camera but not set the car on fire. Then I soldered the add-a-fuse adapter to a simple 5V hardwire power supply. Don't forget to ground. Finally, it's a matter of mounting the camera (left of rearview mirror in my case), running cables, and plugging in the camera.

It's worked just fine for over 2 years. There's many ways to hardwire a camera, but I was cheap and this is what I did. Hope this helps.

u/Quillava · 1 pointr/volt

Can't say much about ios compatibility, but I ended up getting this one - BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices - for my Android phone. Using it with the myGreenVolt works without any issues. There's a ton of similar products on amazon that look like the same thing but re-labelled as iphone compatible.

I started off buying a cheap $8 one that didn't work at all and had to return, so I would suggest looking at something in the $20 range like this one. The only downside is that my knees are constantly bumping into it when I drive, because of how much it sticks out under the steering wheel.

u/Phaedrus0230 · 4 pointsr/volt

Definitely don't buy from the dealer. You could buy it new online for less

Also, plenty of 3rd parties make them far cheaper.

u/M34TST1Q · 1 pointr/volt

If your buying a volt this is what you want, it gives the ability to use apps like myvolthold and myvoltlifetime, apps made by a developer in the community. Also myvoltstar which is damn near an onstar replacement.

Link to Scantool OBDlink MX

This is the OBD scanner recommended by the Dev himself. It gives you more info for GM and Ford products then any other tool. You can read more at

These apps are only available on android, but that won't stop you from buying a cheap-o prepaid phone and taking advantage of them.

u/ahecht · 1 pointr/volt

I would highly recommend the Clipper Creek/AmazingE holster. Inserting the plug is so much easier in the dark than with the smaller and cheaper ones that I tried, and it protects the button from icing up:


u/mlor · 2 pointsr/volt

We have Leviton 240 charging stations at work. They look like this. The cars with disconnect alarms enabled definitely go off if unplugged.

u/somms · 4 pointsr/volt

Replaces the previous 48hr access for $55 subscription option that wasn't locked to a single VIN. Useful for DIY'ers to enable programming the most current GM calibrations for the multiple modules equipped on their Volts via an appropriate OBD-II programming tool.

u/packnplayful · 1 pointr/volt

I just installed these:

Torchbeam 9012 LED Headlight Bulbs With Canbus Kit Mini Size 12000LM 6000K Cool White Replacement Bulb

It took me about 15 minutes and they made a world of difference.

u/chevyman142000 · 2 pointsr/volt

This is what I use and is suggested on the GM-Volt forums. I think it is worth it, you can update any of the other modules too, if you need.


u/Btsx51 · 8 pointsr/volt

I used an add a fuse to a DC USB converter. I've had mine in for about a year now with no issues. I went through the horn fuse. I set one up to the right of the TPMS sensor and one in the back in the small glass panel underneath the rear window.
Edit: here is what it looks like,




u/bryanchalker · 5 pointsr/volt

Several out there should work fine, but I got this one:

Just remember you will need to install the custom PIDs (requiring the $5 purchase of the Torque Pro) for the Volt/Bolt, in order to use properly.

u/phiednate · 3 pointsr/volt

Not quite. They are called switvhback. It's a bulb with about 10 leds on it, half amber half white. When driving normal they glow white but when you the turn signal they flash amber. This is what I picked up: JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright 3030 Chipsets White/Yellow 7441 7443 7444 Switchback LED Bulbs with Projector For Turn Signal Lights(Brightest Switchback bulb on the market)

You also need to pick up some resisters since they don't pull enough power and the car will make them hyperflash as if a bulb is out. I have some of these: 4Pcs Aaron 50W 6ohm Load Resistors - Fix LED Bulb Fast Hyper Flash Turn Signal Blink Error Code

u/SoftwareETC · 1 pointr/volt

$9.66 fix yourself and enjoy a much better plug that what it originally came with. It is a flawed, defective design. '

u/MetalSavage · 2 pointsr/volt

I bought this one: ALEKO WAC105015 Heavy Duty Welder Adapter Cord 12 Inch STW 10/3 RV Adapter 50A Male to 15A Female

u/BelayMeMaybe · 2 pointsr/volt

I bought this a year ago; it was the cheapest option outside of a used leaf charger (which I couldn't find). It's worked so far:

Electric Vehicle Charger Portable EVSE - USA Level 1 J1772 110V 24' Station for EV Charging

u/relayrider · 1 pointr/volt

i made my own (as i was connecting to an older 30A circuit for an older welder), but i've seen this one mentioned more than once for people who don't want to make their own:

and close enough, considering the cost difference.