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u/WinOSXBuntu · 1 pointr/windows

This is out of my league in terms of knowledge, as I don't know the way Unix security is implemented too well but I will say this, syncing Windows permissions to Unix will be easy, just group the write permissions into Windows into a write permission on Unix, the other way though is going to be considerably hard unless you start working with the Unix version of extended attributes, which I certainly don't know about.

For information on the Windows Security system, and how ACLs work, then the Windows Internals 6th Edition books will be your best bet, Mark Russinovich, David Solomon and Alex Ionescu practically know the OS inside and out and they are a great read for learning more about the insides of Windows. Security is in part 1 chapter 6 on page 509 or 487 depending on your reader, but it helps to read through both just in case there are some additional details listed elsewhere.

I've linked the books below on the US version of Amazon, if you are in a different country it should be available using the search box on their, additionally you can probably

Part 1:
Part 2:

Additionally I think Russinovich has a public email that you can contact him on to discuss stuff if you like. Apologies that I couldn't help a bit more but like I said, the requirements are far beyond my scope of knowledge.

u/Almunt · 1 pointr/windows

The "screenshot" you are talking about is called an image. An image is like a giant file that you can copy and paste onto another hard drive. Later if your ssd becomes corrupt or something else happens to it, you can boot into the windows recovery and restore the image.
Go into the control panel and look up "backup and restore". Once you are in the "backup and restore" settings then you will see an option to create a system image on the left sidebar. You can click it and select the disk you want to save the image to. Once you are done windows should ask if you want to make a recovery disk. Make the recovery disk, and later if you need to restore the image you just made you can boot from the disk and restore your image.
You can find more info on creating and restoring the backup here.
Note: You made need equipment to connect the hdd to the computer with the ssd if they are not already connected. Something that connects USB to SATA like this would probably work.

u/meatwad75892 · 2 pointsr/windows

Best bet is to just buy an OEM copy and do a clean install of Windows. Like I mentioned before, unless you plan on joining the PC to a domain, using group policy, etc. then Pro is just a waste of $40 over Home Premium.

Or if you want to go to Windows 8.1, I'd recommend that. It's a very stable and fast OS, and is a huge improvement over Win7 despite the internet nay-sayers. Also, the "full" copies of Win8.1 costs as much as the OEM copies of Win7. (Full=transferable license, OEM=license tied to one machine and non-transferable)

u/cluelessbutyoung · 1 pointr/windows

Yeah, last night I was able to find something like this laying around in my room. So I was able to get on the WiFi successfully!

I might end up purchasing one that can find stronger signals, thanks for all your help!!

u/vlad_0 · 1 pointr/windows

yeah its a "gaming" mouse but the scroll on those is amazing.. you can release it to free scroll, which is great form web browsing,, etc. anything requiring long scrolls.

The G900 does the same thing and its wireless.

u/angellus · 0 pointsr/windows

I am not sure you know what OEM is. If you have an install disc for Windows 7 from Microsoft, it is a Retail copy, not OEM. If it was an OEM install disc, it would of came form the PC manufacturer.

Windows 8 is available for OEM and upgrade only to most people. Meaning you can only get it if you have Windows XP/Vista/7 or you buy a new computer from a manufacturer. If you want a physical install disc and a retail copy of Windows 8, you need an MSDN subscription to get it (I am a college student, so I can get one).

You cannot transfer (not suppose to be able to at least) to transfer a non-retail Windows 8 key to a new machine. That means once you install Windows 8 on a harddrive, it has to stay there (you can probably ghost it to transfer it to a new one). If you want to reinstall Windows 8 on the same machine, you can "Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows". It is an option in the settings.

EDIT: It looks like you want the Windows 8 System Builder OEM. It gives you a physical disc and product key, but I do not know if it lets you reuse the product key. Also, it looks like Windows 8.1 will have a Retail version available to the public if you just want to wait and get that install (upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1 is free, but you could get this as an alternative to Windows 8).

u/pkkid · 1 pointr/windows

Maybe not Windows XP, but Windows 10 definetly worked on an SSD and connecting via this SATA to USB3 adapter. I would bring the drive with me to play Windows game in various places. No issues at all; Although all locations were using Nvidia cards. Bonus: I was also able to get VirtualBox to boot from the drive as well from a Linux host.

u/CooRay209 · 2 pointsr/windows

I read the exam-ref cover to cover.

I also watched this series of videos from Microsoft Virtual Academy.

You can also get free practice exams at

The practice exams helped me to get used to answering the questions in the style they are asked on the exam. I was nervous too. I'm a backend c# developer and didn't have a lot of experience with JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS3. I ended up passing the exam with room to spare.

You can also google 70-480 study guide and get a lot of blogs on resources to study.

Good luck.
Edit: Typo

u/drakontas · 0 pointsr/windows

Windows 8.1 is currently $100 on Amazon, so there's $20 off to start with.

$100 is a decent amount of money for a student or someone unemployed, but it's important to remember that the software is what makes your computer run. If you drive a car, you invest more than that each month in your vehicle's operations (i.e. buying gas) -- in that context, how much of a burden is it really to put down $100 every couple of years to upgrade/maintain something you rely on every day?

Edit: If you are a student, you have access to Windows licenses free or very cheaply through your school -- look into that.

Edit 2: If you're OK with reinstalling Windows 7 and then upgrading, Windows 8 upgrade licenses can be obtained for $75-$80.

u/BobJ8 · 1 pointr/windows

You can straight clone the drive with Macrium software.

You will need a drive bay.

If the drives are the same size it or the new drive is larger you can just use a hardware clone machine.

In both cases I suggest this one. It has a nice offline clone feature.

Inateck USB 3.0 to SATA Dual-Bay USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station with Offline Clone Function fit 2.5"/3.5" HDD SSD SATA (SATA I/II/ III), Support 2x 8TB and UASP, Black (FD2002)

u/aryaazar78 · 1 pointr/windows

Try booting into safe mode and playing an audio file to see if maybe another program is interfering. If it fixes it, figure out which program is interfering. If it doesn't fix it, try using a USB to audio jack converter like this.

u/Bals2oo8 · 1 pointr/windows

Xbox 360 wireless dongle - $17.

official Xbox 360 wireless controller - $27.

And usually someone is offering deals, like I recently got 2 white ones for $35. And everything is officially built and supported by MS and is all plug-n- play

u/eschatonik · 1 pointr/windows

I was in the same boat as you a few months ago. Here's what I did.

  1. I went to Amazon and ordered this HD cloner.
  2. When the cloner arrived, I plugged it in and inserted the target SSD and my old drive with Windows on it.
  3. I then pressed the clone button.

    Perfect copy, worked like a charm. No muss, no fuss.
u/iamofnohelp · 3 pointsr/windows

Found a link to a small mom and pop shop that sells them.

Good luck.

Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit (OEM) System Builder DVD 1 Pack (New Packaging)

u/Borsaid · 8 pointsr/windows

You can tell what the current state of how to licence Microsoft products is when the answers thus far can't directly answer the question.

Until someone else can give a better method and price, Amazon is the most straight forward, legal, way to buy a licence that I know of.

u/halcyoncmdr · 4 pointsr/windows

> but you can't just but a new OEM key. OEM keys can only be purchased with a new computer (or significant amount of hardware)

Yes you can... you can even buy them on Amazon all by itself.

u/wolfcry0 · 2 pointsr/windows

I can't seem to find any, but you are right, they used to exist

IMO you'd be better off just grabbing a copy of 8.1 and using that

u/darknessblades · 1 pointr/windows

with a tiny bit of search i found a (70$ more expensive) one that has a 500GB hdd, 4GB of ram and a bit of a better processor:

it should be able to run torents fine. (my laptop (XP) out 2005 still runs movies that are streamed on a fine/decent speed)

u/oscillating000 · 1 pointr/windows

You could look for something like "Windows 8.1 for System Builders" or something like that. IIRC, You don't get support from Microsoft, which drops the price a bit.

Here's a link.

Did a little more reading. Turns out, the licensing is a little different. You're not allowed to run this copy of the OS for personal use. It is intended to be installed by an OEM (or "system builder") and then sold to an end-user with the computer it is installed on. *wink wink*

u/haploid-20 · 1 pointr/windows

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u/mfskarphedin · 0 pointsr/windows

Well, I didn't want the OEM, because I'm not sure if this rig will last 'til the end of the day. I'm shit-poor, so I wanted a copy that would let me install it on any hardware and service me for another decade.

But you're right, I forgot I do need the 32-bit version. And if my hardware blows (AGP graphics card or mobo,) it's cheaper to build a 64-bit system than to repair this one even with used parts. Considering that, even the OEM is probably a waste of money. I should probably just re-install XP and wait for the old girl to go tits-up for a new OS. Hey, maybe 9 might be good... shrug

The $600, btw, was on Amazon. $500-something, actually.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 1 pointr/windows

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u/manormortal · 2 pointsr/windows

if you can add $50 + tax then the Asus T100 might be worth looking at. Its as powerful as the venue 8 pro but has a bigger screen,, longer battery life, and comes with a keyboard/trackpad, usb 3.0, and an hdmi port.

u/TheMuffnMan · 1 pointr/windows

Amazon, NewEgg, Microsoft, etc

Purchase a retail copy of Windows 10, Home or Pro. Vendors should offer a digital download rather than the USB key.

Please do not buy one of the incredibly sketch $30 copies of Windows...

An OEM copy, like this from NewEgg is the lowest price you should pay. OEM licenses are not transferrable though. Retail licenses are.

u/BlueViper85 · 1 pointr/windows

It seems to be happening for me too. Weird.

I don't know if you need it immediately, but you can buy a key and download from Amazon digitally and still get the same price and nearly immediate key.

Here's regular Windows 10 home. Non-OEM or anything so still all the usual transfer capabilities if you have to install it on a new PC later down the road or something.

u/scottswan · 1 pointr/windows

This one should work for eight bucks. I wouldn't mess around with Win95 running anymore for fear of making a mistake and loosing files. With the caddy you can pretty quickly back up the whole HD and all is safe. Then do a search for *.jpg to find all the photos.

u/remixdave · 2 pointsr/windows

I had a similar issue, it's an issue with some sound chips built into the computers.

Pick up something like this inexpensive USB adaptor and plug your headphones into that. It solved the problem for me.

u/chrisma08 · 1 pointr/windows


Windows 7 Pro RETAIL VERSION: $245

Window 7 Pro OEM VERSION: $140

Buying the Retail version is only slightly less expensive than buying the OEM version twice.

u/Jimbozu · 18 pointsr/windows

The wireless 360 controller doesn't use bluetooth, it uses a proprietary wireless protocol, so you need to buy the adapter MS sells.

u/milkybuet · 27 pointsr/windows

Buy OEM version, they are significantly cheaper even on Pro. They are not fully supported like retail version, I think that means no phone-hand-holding, but if you know your way around your machine that's not actually an issue.

On Amazon, OEM version of Windows 10 Pro is $94.

u/4444444vr · 1 pointr/windows

Congrats! I was intending on buying that book ( but the reviews seem terrifying. I have heard some good things about practice tests and am thinking of getting one of those and combining that with PluralSights playlist: but... ¯\ (°_o)/¯

u/adison024 · 2 pointsr/windows

So buying and using a wifi USB Adapter, like this, will solve the problem?

u/DoTheEvolution · 1 pointr/windows
  • You buy windows 10 PRO
  • you install windows 7 pro with a valid code that you get from somewhere
  • you contact microsoft support, they will allow activation using the automated telephone system

    I think it has to be OEM version of windows 10 pro, like this one, retail does not allow downgrading.

    I did this and had no problem. I would say MS employees did not really cared. First I called if they allow downgrade and what should I do. They said yeah downgrade no problem just that I need valid windows 7 pro installation using some key, they dont care from where.

    So after I had that set up, installing with valid key offline, I called second time, explained what I need and what was told to me the first time, and they just switched me to automated telephone system that activated the windows... none of them asked for that windows10 key that I had on sticker which was rather surprising.. but whatever...

u/edmod · 53 pointsr/windows

Clickbaity title for sure, but Thurrott is incredibly right. When Apple and Google have laptops and systems without the crapware, it makes Microsoft systems look inferior.

As far as computer subsidies with software is concerned, does anyone know of some factual data that software manufacturers are actually having machines subsidized with software vendors paying to be on the systems, or is this just something taken as dogma?

When I look at an item on the signature store, and compare it with something not there, the prices look comparable (if not the same).

ASUS X551MAV - Signature Store

ASUS X551MAV - Amazon

Of course, I'm assuming the Amazon one has the crapware. Am I missing something here?

u/mojo8675309 · 1 pointr/windows

Oh Shit. I posted the wrong one. This one has 64 gb SSD and 1.86 quad core atom