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Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
Cowboy BeBop: The Complete Series
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u/StarPupil · 40 pointsr/sciencefiction

The Swordfish from Cowboy Bebop, a show about a group of luckless bounty hunters. I recommend it. Kind of like Firefly, but within the next hundred years and no overarching malicious empire. Most people, including me, recommend watching episode 5 first, and then watching the rest in order.

u/Hitesh0630 · 13 pointsr/cowboybebop

> creator commentary


For the curious -

Special features
Session #1: Audio commentary with Koichi Yamadera (Spike) and Unshou Ishizuka (Jet)
Session #5: Audio commentary with Wendee Lee (Faye) and ADR Producer Yutaka Maseba
Session #10: Audio commentary with Wendee Lee (Faye) and ADR Producer Yutaka Maseba
Session #17: Audio commentary with Director Shinichiro Watanabe and Composer Yoko Kanno
Session #24: Audio commentary with Megumi Hayashibara (Faye) and Aoi Tada (Ed)
Interview with Wendee Lee (English voice of Faye Valentine)
Interview with Cartoon Network Producer Sean Akins
Tank! Full-Size music clip
Tank! Club remix music clip - UK version
Original opening and closing songs
Textless opening and closing songs
Original and textless closing song Ep. 13
Original and textless closing song Ep. 26
Memo from Bebop: The dub sessions remembered
Ein's summer vacation
Cowboy Bebop session #0
U.S. trailer

u/Radioactive24 · 11 pointsr/anime

The "Bebop Crew Edition" has the coolest design and the most useless add-ons:

Digipak cases suck and PVC Bookends are useless

But $500 is reasonable, right? Just to know how bad Funimation is trying to fuck you:

u/SmiteThyFace · 9 pointsr/evangelion

Well, it kind of depends if ADV can get the rights to Funimation, if they can't then we might not see NGE Blu-Rays in NA. If they can however, Funimation is really good about getting boxsets on the market for cheap, see Cowboy Bebop for refrence.

u/Skellysword · 5 pointsr/cowboybebop

Weird, because it’s the exact same one as this: Not sure why it would be labeled limited when it’s just the standard complete series blu-ray

u/DreyfussFrost · 4 pointsr/TwoBestFriendsPlay

There are a ton of good anime out there, and a lot that also have good dubs, but I'm going to start with what I think are the best of the best, to avoid overwhelming anyone.

-Cowboy Bebop. This scene is from the movie, not the series, but the series is even better! This masterpiece was not only my favorite anime for over a decade and STILL to this day the #1 gateway anime for the uninitiated, but also the first time I felt like I might be selectively gay. It's not freely watchable online, but that doesn't matter because you should have this one in your collection anyway. Still, here's a decent upload of episode 1. If you want the rest (and you should), do the right thing.

-FLCL has one of my favorite scenes to listen to on full blast. Also known as Fooly Cooly, it's rare to see such a good dub for something so off the wall, but it's a good thing considering it's one of the best ever anime made, dub or not! It's also only 6 episodes long, so you'll be at the end (and starting your second viewing, which you'll need to understand the plot) in no time! They're even available free on Hulu!

-Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (don't watch the related videos if you want to avoid spoilers). Not only is it a great series to begin with like everything else I'm listing here, it's also another great gateway series for sci-fi or cop drama fans, just like Cowboy Bebop. Plus, the ENTIRE English dub of the first series is available for free on Manga Entertainment's channel. It's completely legit, they own the license and host some of their shows for free as a courtesy to combat piracy and market their work. When you're done watching that, get hype to know that there's still another full series called 2nd GIG (with an even BETTER intro, R.I.P. Origa) and a movie called Solid State Society.

-Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood. Don't watch the series that isn't labeled "Brotherhood," and when you watch Brotherhood, skip episode 1. Why not? The original series was made before the manga was finished, and it's a totally different story after the first half (they caught up when the manga was still only about 1/4 done). Brotherhood is twice as long, but started airing at the same time the manga was ending, so it follows the original (and much better) story. Since the first 13 episodes or so of Brotherhood basically retell the exact same events as the original series, the makers decided to show off with a totally original first episode which didn't happen in either the manga OR the original series, and it's completely throwaway filler that doesn't service the plot whatsoever. It even spoils some things for any first-time watcher that can pick up on foreshadowing. That's why the best place to start is Brotherhood Episode 2. However, don't let all those stipulations turn you off! The 63 episodes that you will see if you follow my instructions tell an incredible story that everyone can enjoy. This series is the best at gripping you emotionally in a way that's not forced or unwelcome. It has excellent action without defying its own rules, excellent characters without falling back on references and templates, and excellent drama without making you roll your eyes. This is the sort of storytelling that lesser shows only manage to imitate. Unfortunately, it only seems possible to watch up to episode 4 online without Netflix, and Netflix only has most of the series, not the whole thing.

-Last Exile (not "Fam, the Silver Wing", the original). It's not quite as good as Fullmetal Alchemist. In fact, in my opinion this is the weakest of my list, but it still deserves to be on here. Like I said above, this list isn't just good dubs, it's good dubs for anime that were already good to begin with. It gets a bit weird near the end, but the presentation, writing, and drama throughout are among the best. If you don't mind the Little Miss McGuffin, you may even like this one better than the rest, so try it out! Just be prepared for a major shark jump in the last episode. To be fair, that episode also has TWO of the most heartbreaking moments in all of anime, so if you don't mind being incredibly sad, it may be a net gain. It also has one of the most beautiful credits sequences in the entire medium. If you'd like to watch the whole thing freely, FUNimation hosts this series subbed on their channel, but even better, the ENTIRE dub is free on Hulu, no membership required! You do have to sit through a lot more ads than Youtube though.

-Hellsing Ultimate. Holy shit, Hellsing Ultimate. You want METAL? You don't get much more metal than motherfucking Alucard! You want limiter releases? How about multiple levels of limiters to release? How about the first level makes you an indestructible god of battle? Where do you go from there? You want gore? How about half of someone's head getting shaved off cell by cell like it was against a sanding belt? Ready for Being a Badass 101? Note: Hellsing ULTIMATE, not just the old "Hellsing". This is another Fullmetal Alchemist situation.

-Kill La Kill. As LordRaison said (same link), the dub is pretty good in general, with the exception of Senketsu. Senketsu unfortunately sounds like he isn't invested in what's happening at all, totally the opposite of the original. Besides that one problem, it's a good dub, which is more than I can say for Gurren Lagann. Gurren Lagann currently my favorite anime of all time. It's the one that finally unseated Cowboy Bebop after its decade-long reign, but the dub is just awful, and it doesn't make me happy to say it ;_; Definitely watch Gurren Lagann, but watch it subbed. If you need another reason to watch Kill La Kill, listen to this and then realize that that song goes with the character in the video. The dub isn't easily available anywhere online, but the subbed version (which is just as fantastic as Gurren Lagann) is on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

-Spice and Wolf. It's a half romance, half slice of life, half fantasy, half sports anime, if you consider economics a sport. It definitely won't be to everyone's liking, but there are few better waifus in the world than Holo the Wise Wolf. It's not often you get a respectable, distinguished performance from an actress, since the roles they're hired for in this medium are rarely as respectable or distinguished as Holo herself. Of course, there's nothing respectable about being perfect. Holo is no perfect fantasy, cute in every way she's not capable. She's stuck-up, jealous, needy, high-maintenance, and a fiend for alcohol, but also intelligent, confident, compassionate, funny, and adorable. As ultimate proof that it's not just a show about a moe girl, the male lead is a fully developed character himself. Lawrence is naive but charismatic, ambitious yet realistic, manipulative but also generous. If you want an anime that respects both genders without worshiping them, this is it. Are you ready to leave behind your old waifu? Hulu pulls through again, with the entire first season.

-Dragonball Z (the FUNimation dub), obviously. Everyone's either seen it, or will see it eventually, so get on with it.

And of course, Ghost Stories (NSFW). Sorry! I mean Ghost Stories (really NSFW). SHIT, GHOST STORIES (really, REALLY NSFW)! Fuck it, Ghost Stories.

u/redditgoogle · 3 pointsr/anime
u/SuperSonicGanja · 3 pointsr/cowboybebop

Yes the cat sound is different too.

The originals I have on dvd look like this...
I am pretty certain these are what was originally broadcast on adult swim back in the day.

The Blu-ray set I have is an updated reissue of the remix dvds that look like this... or this...

I'm glad I'm not just crazy and am not the only one that this bothers. If you want the old broadcast versions, hunt down the first dvds I linked.

Even though I have the series on blu-ray, I will never get rid of those for this very reason. Also because it was the first anime on dvd I ever purchased (sentimental value, to the max).

edit- All these I listed are American releases.

u/PrinceDakkar · 3 pointsr/AnimeDeals

Outlaw Star: The Complete Series - Blu-ray + DVD Box Set for $26.88 and another 20% off? That's a steal. Thanks!

Cowboy Bebop: Complete Series - Blu-ray Box Set is on a lightening deal. All claimed for $18.49.

u/KihelHeim · 2 pointsr/anime

I'm really late replying but I hope still useful! I looked at the series you mentioned your giftee liking and used my knowledge of anime to go on Amazon and pick out 10 other series or movies they might also like, along with why I think these might be a good option. Your person seems to really like edgy and highly dramatic pieces with a scifi or fantasy flair. That's been my favorite for 15 years! A lot of these are a bit older; I am taking the gamble that with as many newer pieces listed, your person hasn't watched a lot of backlog, and therefore may have missed some really good shit.

Ghost in the Shell is a cyberpunk classic. Older, yes, but for anyone who likes drama and scifi, this is a good choice. It focuses on a classic mind experiment: if you can move your brain freely among cybernetic parts and bodies, what is really "you"?

Steins;Gate is what instantly springs to mind for someone who also likes Psycho Pass. And I mean instantly. Fans of one almost invariably love the other. A tightly-plotted time travel thriller.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a bit older, often controversial, and an absolute work of art. There's a strong chance your giftee is a girl based on the other series they like, but even if not, Utena is still a solid choice. Just be careful on this; sending it to a conservative person could backfire badly. I rather doubt that is the case with Attack on Titan and Shiki, but just to be safe. It's strange and beautiful...and stylish beyond all doubt.

Black Lagoon is anime's answer to a Hollywood big budget action movie. Comedic, violent, and unforgettable, it deserves a far wider audience than it's had. Almost every anime fan I know who's seen it has loved it.

Akira is without a doubt one of the most famous anime movies to ever be created. Animated without CG in the 1980s, the quality of its hand-drawn special effects has yet to be equalled by almost any other production to this day. For someone used to today's slick computer assisted animation, it's still mindblowing. Akira is often credited with being just as important as Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon in starting the anime boom of the 1990s, and this is a very nice edition.

Also in the classic scifi category we have Serial Experiments Lain, a show whose points on technology and the internet and the singularity still ring true today. Moody and thought-provoking with masterful use of color and a fantastic soundtrack.

Literally no adult-targeted anime is as famous and well-beloved as Cowboy Bebop. This space western with the jazz soundtrack is a perennial favorite on Cartoon Network Adult Swim, is often suspected as a major influence behind Firefly, and is one of the most popular anime in the US of all time... And it's hitting bluray this month.

Summer Wars should probably come with a bluray device as a tech test. It's that beautiful. A tale of virtual reality and the family and friends behind the characters, Summer Wars is an unforgettable movie which, despite being intensely Japanese, deserves a slot on any videophile's shelf.

My total wildcard pick is Mushishi. Beautiful and dream-like, like a series of 25 minute oases from ordinary life. If this is in fact a slice of life, these timeless Japanese almost fairy tales are like no life you've seen. Some call it slow and overhyped. I call it perfection. At any rate, this isn't at all what I'd get as an only gift; it's more a wildcard filler for a $20 other series. If you want my actual top pick.....

Baccano! is my final and top pick. It's really hard to go wrong with this. This rollicking action anime about immortal Prohibition-era Mafiosi in the United States is one of the best and most underrated anime of all time. Humor, violent action, mystery, drama, good characters, good animation, good music... It has them all. It's chronically overshadowed by its more popular sister series Durarara, and that makes me sad. But Durarara isn't easily available outside streaming, and this glorious madcap piece of anime is. Plus it has at least one theme in common with everything your person listed liking. You know what to do.

u/Verzwei · 2 pointsr/Animedubs

Amazon and Rightstuf and Amazon has some kind of exclusive special edition.

Release date: 16 December 2014.

u/Carfar_Farcar · 2 pointsr/anime

Desktop link for the lazy.

u/AbundantToaster · 2 pointsr/anime

In general, RightStuf has some nice deals, or you could try Amazon.

More specifically, here's Bebop for $30. Can't find Blu-Rays of Gankutsuou, but here's a DVD set. Summer Wars is here. Try this for Black Lagoon, but there's also a collector's edition here. Evangelion 2.22 here. Haruhi here, but as a pre-order and at an absurd price.

I can only find Madoka, Perfect Blue, Baccano, Code Geass, and Fate/Zero at prices you probably don't want to pay.

u/40ozmccloud · 2 pointsr/vinyl

it's dubbed, and dubbed really well (though you can watch it in the original japanese w/english subtitles). the first 3 or 4 episodes are kinda slow, but it really picks up after that. like i said, i don't find (most) anime appealing, but cowboy bebop is one of my favorite things ever.

you can pick up the complete series on blu-ray for 30$.

u/Smartjedi · 1 pointr/anime

Check out the top reviews of the blu ray on Amazon here.

The users do a great job on presenting the good and bad of the release.

u/Evix69 · 1 pointr/cowboybebop

I'm from EU (Finland), so I guess I can get it from the amazon.. But what I was actually asking that is that I couldn't find it from any torrent websites, I guess no one has uploaded it to online.

I wouldn't mind buying it but I still wonder why I can't find any bluray rip out of it.

I guess I will have to just get this then (it's the same on than the funimations one released (Dec 16, 2014)

u/SmurfRockRune · 1 pointr/anime
u/junktr0n · 1 pointr/anime

Well this year in anime has had some surprises and disappointments. This was my first year of watching seasonal anime (winter 2015). The anime that had the most impact on me and made into my top 10 was the 2nd season of JJBA: SDC. My friend got me into it and I was skeptical at first but I ended up loving.

In general this year I became more enriched in anime and I've watched more anime this year than other form of entertainment in my life. I don't what I would be doing without anime if I hadn't discovered it (probably just still playing video games) but I wouldn't have had the influence of anime today. I've been learning Japanese since my 2nd year of high school (because it's offered there) so it has also greatly influenced my intake of anime.

As for what I would want I would like either Steins; Gate Blu-ray, Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray, or basically any quality wall scrolls for the Fate Series or Kara no Kyoukai Series like this, this, or [this.]

Also thank you for doing this.

u/huevoscrisco · 1 pointr/mangaswap

Just to make sure we're looking at the same stuff, I've linked the items' listing and wrote some of notes. Let me know what you think.

Cowboy Bebop Complete Series BD (used?) - $15

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Limited Edition BD (used?) - $15

Spirited Away BD (used?) - $10

Your Name Limited Edition (Sealed) - BD (new) - $50

What a Wonderful World! 1-2 - manga (used) $10

H.P. Lovecraft's The Hound And Other Stories - manga (used) - $5


Edit: Also, which DVD Gurren Lagann set do you have?

u/Alinier · 1 pointr/television

Most stuff that comes out these days has both dub/sub on it.

This link here is for a $28 Blu-Ray of the series and it says in the product that it has both. For what it's worth, I have the DVD-version with the same cover and can absolutely confirm that that one has both.

u/WendyIsMyBias · 1 pointr/cowboybebop