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Kingston Digital 64GB Data Traveler Micro Duo USB 3C Flash Drive (DTDUO3C/64GB)
Store more - Extra storage for the latest smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac computers with Type-C ports.Fast - USB 3.13 performance for speeds up to 100MB/s and 15MB/s write - so you're not waiting for content-rich files to transferVersatile - DT micro Duo 3C works with newer USB Type-C devices such as smartphones and tablets and is also compatible with USB Type-A ports on existing USB host devices.Guaranteed - for your peace of mind, DataTraveler micro Duo 3C is backed by a five-year warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.
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31 Reddit comments about Kingston Digital 64GB Data Traveler Micro Duo USB 3C Flash Drive (DTDUO3C/64GB):

u/outbound · 31 pointsr/Nexus6P

I've got a couple of Kingston OTG flash drives; they work great.

u/SomeRandomMax · 4 pointsr/Nexus6P

The Kingston drive that /u/outbound linked to above is cheaper still, and more versatile, so seems like the best wayto go.

Edit: Or Sandisk has one that is cheaper still.

u/smmnyc · 3 pointsr/teslamotors

I use a Kingston Digital 64GB Data Traveler, mainly because it has USB-C on it so it works with my laptop and I saw someone else recommend it. Haven't had any corruption issues since I installed it about 45 days ago. Had to copy files off of it once and everything was readable.

u/sbach89 · 3 pointsr/Nexus

Bought this. Works perfectly.

u/Strooble · 3 pointsr/Android

Kingston DataTraveler 64 GB Micro Duo Type C USB 3.1 Gen 1/USB 3.0 Flash Drive

u/Heyapple2k17 · 3 pointsr/macbookpro

Check this out:


Also, you can get another smaller USB-C hub if you needed to plug in things on the go, such as:

And there are plenty of USB-C + USB-A flash drives if you need that for
school/work as well:

This settles the port situation, other than that the 2017 mode is superior in every aspect. And in few years you'll be glad that you went that route. USB-C will be a big thing and the 2015 model doesn't have any USB-C ports. The new one is also smaller, lighter, has a better screen and battery. No reason not to buy that one in 2017 IMO. If you had the 2015 or even 2014 model I would not recommend to upgrade but if you are upgrading from an older model, upgrade to 2017.

u/streetlight2 · 3 pointsr/ProjectFi

There are flash drives with USB C connectors that can give you off line storage. They're a lot smaller than a laptop computer! Here's a couple. The Kingston has has both USB A and C connectors. Apparently not so for the Verbatim.Not a recommendation as I have not used either of them. There are others on Amazon.

u/bully_worm · 2 pointsr/TeslaModel3

Good PSA. I've been using the Kingston 64gb data traveler (Kingston Digital 64GB Data... and it works very well like you said. A breeze to review and delete on the fly.

u/shakenbak3 · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

As a 6P owner, I'ma little biased but all that put aside, I came from a Note 3 so I had the same gripes as you: No expandable storage, no removable battery, etc...Here my solutions to those problems. For the most part the 6P battery will get me through a day of heavy use pretty easily (listening to spotify, watching videos, texting, emailing and whatnot). Just in case I always carry around a portable power bank. As for expandable storage, I would like to point out with Google's photo app, you receive unlimted storage for high quality photos, however, don't quote me on this, but at some point I believe past 1080P it starts to eat into a 10GB limit. I advise using a USB stick for external storage, it's small, portable, and overall very convenient. Best of luck making your decision! It's a tough one! If you have any questions about the 6P just let me know!

Edit: If you are strictly looking just to offload files to get more storage and not transfer them to a computer via usb, this Dongle gives you more storage and it costs less than the previous link. If you do want to move pictures and videos, you can always buy an adapter.

u/sevenlegsurprise · 2 pointsr/Android

I have been thinking about that! So I will be getting this flash drive for transferring thing on the go and to carry media if I need to:

I will also be getting this mouse for on the go productivity as it folds flat:


I already have an OTG cable and plan to use an Xbox 360 controller for games.

I was thinking about getting an HDMI/power adapter but the last time I got that (MHL)for a tablet I never used it. Also I have a chrome cast so that should do the trick.

That is my list so far. I will have to look I to that Microsoft continuum thing! I wonder if it will work though :/

u/reeelax · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

Is this what you're talking about?

I had no idea you could even do this with the Pixel or Type-C devices..I'm amazed. My spotify is using up like 27 gb of my 32.

Could I use this and force Spotify to download files to external storage (in this case the the flash drive connected to the phone?). I'm not sure I completely understand that role of this versus phones that have MicroSD slots.

If that's possible, then that's amazing, I wouldn't mind plugging in the flash drive while driving so Spotify doesn't use data to steam music. Can someone confirm?

u/quanzi1507 · 2 pointsr/gpdwin

> Also im wondering if there are any USB-C stick drives that would fit in the port without sticking out too much. Using the Lexar 128GB Jump drive in my USB3 port, but there doesn't seem something similar be available for USB-C.

Smallest ones I could find are these:

u/finblackzz · 2 pointsr/Android

I'm using this one. Its not fastest but its cheap and reliable! Working fine with op3.

u/thegrau · 1 pointr/Nexus

I don't know about adapters, but I can confirm that this works very well.

u/iWizardB · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

I'll add suggestions that aren't already mentioned.

  1. A dual port usb stick. I have this one. Plug in side A into computer. Copy stuff. Unplug. Plug in side C into phone. Paste stuff. Super convenient.

  2. Dukto. Small portable application on desktop. Small app on windows. No user account or sign in etc. Both components discover each other and you can transfer file via local WiFi.
u/mmace · 1 pointr/daydream

I have one of these on my keyring at all times:

it has video files on it (music videos for they gym, movies for travel etc), had it a year and it's been great.

u/Surfac3 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Yeah. These are the ones I meant though there are a couple others from different manufacturers that could also work.

Kingston Digital 64GB Data Traveler Micro Duo USB 3C Flash Drive (DTDUO3C/64GB)

Taipove USB3.0 Type-C3.1 High-Speed Transmission USB Flash Drive For Apple's Macbook,Google's Chromebook Pixel, Nokia N1 Tablet Etc (Type-C&USB3.0 Silver32G)

Verbatim 64GB Store 'n' Go Dual USB Flash Drive for USB-C Devices, Blue (99155)

EAGET CU10 USB 3.0 + Type-C 3.1 OTG Flash Drive, Smartphone Pen Drive U Disk for Macbook, OnePlus 2, Google Nexus 5x 6p, Other Cell Phones and Tablet, Water Proof, Shock Resistant, Compact Size-16GB

It seems like you could just dremel off the USB A section as the storage seems to be located between the USB c and USB a plugs. I'm hoping someone comes out with the super micro drives without USB a soon. Like the ones from Samsung and Sandisk that are literally just the USB a plug and a piece of plastic. (Like this Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM)

I imagine most of them currently have USB a plugs because USB c isn't as prevalent and for transferring files having an a plug on the opposite end is convenient. Sony also makes one (Sony 64GB USB Flash Drive for Type-C Smartphone and Tablets (USM64CA1/S) that is kinda small that fits into an adapter for USB a so the drive itself is USB c only but it's still about as big as the ones I linked with USB a plugs built in.

The taipove one, the second linked one, will probably work the best as it's completely flat around the USB c connector where as the Kingston and verbatim have a slight rise before the USB c plug.

u/smoothlol · 1 pointr/Android

>does TWRP recognize OTG?
>does TiBu work off a memory stick?

Yes. No, I usually transfer my TiBu stuff from my OTG to my internal memory before restoring.

Edit: I use

u/Nematrec · 1 pointr/tech

Try this one

>Kingston Digital 64GB Data Traveler Micro Duo USB 3C Flash Drive (DTDUO3C/64GB)

You might need to find it on your own amazon if you're in a different country.

u/LordSkeletorEsq · 1 pointr/tech
u/VagabondVivant · 1 pointr/chromeos

Incidentally, I've got one of these and it's great because it's both tiny and the dual-connector makes it an incredibly easy way to transfer files between computers.

u/baldthumbtack · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

Sounds like 64GB is the safer option - you never know what you'll start accumulating.

However, just to toss this out there: I have a 32GB, and keep a small music library (for poweramp) plus movies and other videos on a USB-C OTG flash drive. I just plug it in and access it via ES File Explorer. Swap out music, play a movie right from the drive, etc.

I have a separate OTG drive that I use for TWRP backups. I mount the USB storage in TWRP, do a backup, un-mount, done.

If that sounds like an option for you, these are the drives I bought:

u/crushforce · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Nexus 6p and this thing

Just use USB otg to get expandable storage or a larger cpacity version or the nexus 6p (64gb or 128gb versions).

u/Klm2349 · 1 pointr/GooglePixelC

There is with an SD card. However, I don't get the option when I go into the menu on my pixelc. Link to my drive: I like it so far. Was about as cheap as any I could find. I will likely lose it at some point, because it is so small.

u/DethKlokBlok · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

I use this:
Very nice, but no loop for a chain so very easy to lose.

u/cheesepuff07 · 0 pointsr/macbookpro

You can always get this little guy for $30 to store anything large such as audio/video/photos/backups/documents on, and can easily transfer files to another machine that uses USB-A:

Just don't use it to run applications or a virtual machine off of.