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Point 88 Fineliner Pens 0.4m 30 color wallet set
COMFORTABLE GRIP - The famous hexagonal body shape of the STABILO point 88 makes it very comfortable to grip.METAL ENCLOSED TIP - The 0.4mm line width offers you a great deal of control and precision and the metal-enclosed tip provides strength and durability.PRECISE - For drawing you can create intricate details; for writing you can go really small with your font size. It is also perfect for use with rulers and stencils, making it ideal for precise work, structuring texts and taking notes.LONG CAP-OFF TIME - Thanks to the long cap-off time you won’t have to worry if you accidentally leave it off.SET OF 30 COLORS IN A WALLET - Start coloring now in a whopping range of 30 colors in a wallet case.
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11 Reddit comments about Point 88 Fineliner Pens 0.4m 30 color wallet set:

u/mitsumaui · 16 pointsr/cricut

Design on Thingiverse

This is for Stabilo pens to fit in a Cricut Maker, which has the same nib (0.4mm) as the standard Cricut pens at a much lower price.

Stabilo Pens (Amazon US)

Stabilo Pens (Amazon UK)

Details on printing and installing on Thingiverse site.

u/Nyaniko-tan · 4 pointsr/PenmanshipPorn

I'm glad I was able to give you some inspiration! Here are the pens I use:

u/Sremmurds · 4 pointsr/EDC

Phone: Nokia Lumia 345
Pen: Bic Ballpoint Pen
Car Keys: VW Polo
Fineliners: Stabilo Point 88
Highlighter: Stabilo Highlighter
Watch: One from River Island Mens - Can't find it on the webstore though.
Photo was taken with my trusty iPhone 5.

u/sg3niner · 3 pointsr/mapmaking

Oh OK, I like the idea of canals, that's actually really cool. Ummm, colored pencils would look really nice, but might smudge. I usually go with a set of Stabilo art markers. Either way, get something with a large range, so you can shade a lot.

This is what I use personally, although you should maybe buy a single pen or pencil to see how you like them before shelling out for anything big. Most art shops sell singles.

u/warmre · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Le Pen and Stabilo pens write similarly to Staetlers, but unfortunately, all felt tip pens tend to wear down rather quickly.

u/getchromaclub_com · 2 pointsr/Coloring

To be fully transparent I'll admit that we've had a few small hiccups in linework in the past, we're learning a lot in the process of digitizing some of the paper or "not print-ready" files some artists have given us, but we definitely recognize that people want quality and strive to improve.

Our paper quality, if that speaks to you, is 70# uncoated offset recycled content.

Typical office copy machine paper is usually coated (so less of a natural feel under the pencil, no "tug") and usually 22# or 24# (much thinner). Some markers bleed through though. In unscientific but well meaning testing we found that our paper resistance to heavier markers is roughly the same as the leading coloring books (a certain lady whose last name starts in Bas and ends in ford)

I use these a lot ( and for the most part it won't bleed through the page. Nevertheless we don't put coloring pages back to back so as to mitigate that risk.

Thank you both for this conversation, this is very helpful to us

u/ChelseaSchreiber · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

Love my Stabilo Pens, and also found lots of fun stickers on Etsy!

u/blackunycorn · 1 pointr/santashelpers

A good set of pens is really fun for creative types. Pentel SignPens (either these or these) are fantastic. Sakura and Stabilo make great ones as well. I like previously offered highlighter ideas and love my new see-through ones that I linked there. Also what about a set of sketch pencils?

What about some paracord and accessories for making guinea pig leashes? There are tons of sites that tell how to make them, she might be into it.

I also just recently got a little more into makeup and found an AMAZING set of cheap makeup brushes as a starter set - These and I'm actually getting them for my 18 yo niece for Christmas.

Best of luck!