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SanDisk 32GB Class 4 SDHC Memory Card, Frustration-Free Packaging- SDSDB-032G-AFFP (Label May Change)
Cards include security feature for protection of copyrighted dataSD cards are fully compatible with all SD-compliant devicesSpeed performance rating: Class 4 (based on SD 2.0 Specification)Writeable label for easy identification and organization5-year limited warranty
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22 Reddit comments about SanDisk 32GB Class 4 SDHC Memory Card, Frustration-Free Packaging- SDSDB-032G-AFFP (Label May Change):

u/Xauric · 5 pointsr/smashbros

I would. That's what I'm doing. However, with SSB3DS being twice the size as Fire Emblem: Awakening, you'll want a massive SD Card. Amazon has some 32 GB cards on sale if you wanna snag one beforehand.

u/ASFx · 4 pointsr/3DS

Got the 32GB Sandisk here and it's been amazing.

I compared it with the speed of a class 10 sandisk extreme card I had, and there was absolutely no difference in loading/save time. I think the read/write on the 3DS is capped at a certain speed and anything higher than that doesn't matter. From the research i've done, it's more about the brand you get than anything else. People have tried lesser known brands and they ended up getting read/write errors, or sometimes it didn't show up at all. Sandisk and sony cards are good choices though.

u/iwrestledasharkonce · 4 pointsr/3DS

I just got this one in the mail.


  • reputable brand
  • Unscrupulous brands may sell very small cards and label them as very large cards; some brands also spontaneously dump their information and stop working. Read the reviews! Brands commonly sold in physical stores such as SanDisk and Kensington are usually trustworthy.
  • reputable seller
  • If you're buying on Amazon, make sure it ships from and is sold by, not SUPER AWESOME ELECTRONICS EXPRESS. If you're elsewhere on the web, make sure it's a very reputable online dealer (TigerDirect, newegg) or has a physical store counterpart (, I'd definitely recommend buying online from a web-only retailer; the prices are MUCH better online.
  • 32 GB or lower
  • It's possible to go higher than 32 GB, but you have to do some special formatting tricks and 32 GB is a ludicrous amount of space anyway. Consider that a very large game still only takes maybe 2 GB; you need 16 very large games to fill that puppy. 32 GB is totally fine and pretty cheap.

    Other notes:

    The "class" of the card refers to the read/write speed. Apparently it doesn't make any difference in gameplay and the system itself, but when you transfer files from your SD card to your computer (transferring to a different SD card or uploading a screenshot to Facebook for example) the higher the class, the less you have to wait. I'd recommend a class 4; it seems to be the most common class and works just fine for me.
u/Striking_Quote · 4 pointsr/synthesizers

This is everything you want and more :)

Include one of these babies

Pop a SD card into your computer. Download free program SP-404SX WAVE CONVERTER. Load samples into program. Pop SD card into sampler. You're ready to rock and roll

u/whaddadoo · 2 pointsr/3DS

That seems pretty expensive for a class 1 32 gb card, I just picked up a class 4 32 gb from Amazon for ~$19 (this one, to be exact: It's worked perfectly for me. Class 4 is really all you need if you're just using it for gaming, classes really only matter if you're using it for something like photography and want to take super fast high action shots, then you might want a class 10, but class 4 is all you need for a 3ds.

u/abluecolor · 2 pointsr/themountaingoats

Of course!!

It's a bit of an investment, but the equipment I used was the Zoom H4n Pro. Did some research and the Zoom H4n has been a standard for awhile- phenomenal device, and they recently put out an updated model (the Pro) which is identical save for some upgrades to the guts inside (the preamps and the onboard mics). I plan on using it for many years to come.

I took nigelewan's advice and set the h4n in my shirt pocket- it fits snug and perfectly. I kinda hated how it sticks out a bit- the mics are silver and shiny so I have to imagine JD notices it, but the fact that he's currently binging Grateful Dead tapes makes me feel a bit better. Still, I kinda want to paint them black or something. Not sure if that's possible though. The shininess is definitely gaudy, but oh well.

Try to position yourself as close to a speaker as possible. Your recording will end up being what the room at large hears mixed with the crowd audio from around you and also feintly capture JD if he goes off mic which is awesome.

The h4n has a bunch of quality options- I did some research and opted for 24bit/48khz . Apparently that's a sweet spot of making the bass sound really nice and juicy and being high quality but still allowing for a lot of recording time (depending on how big a card you get. I used this 32g card. I used a fresh pair of batteries for each show since I didn't want to take any risks.

You have to set the mic level- I was pretty freaking close to some speakers and it seemed like between 20-35 was the good spot. 20 for most songs, and I'd try to turn it up a few notches when a quieter one came on (and then I'd often forget to turn it back down for the subsequent songs so they'd be louder haha).

Wish you the best of luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.

u/dochardware · 2 pointsr/3DS

this one works perfectly. Some are probably gonna come and say get a Class 10, but it honestly makes no difference. the games don't load any faster so you can save yourself $2-3 dollars. Class 4 is what the system came with anyway

u/Seld416 · 2 pointsr/3DS

While it's not the best, I bought this one for my 3ds xl:

It works perfectly fine for me and I've currently got 6 digital games on it. But it's only a class 4 so it's a tiny bit slower than a class 10 (which I believe would impact loading + saving for 3ds games). However, since there's a sale on Sony class 10 cards, you might consider that if someone can guaratee that it would work for 3ds - though it probably would.

u/cmtrinks · 1 pointr/photography

Here is my SD card:

I assume this would be classified as normal.

u/Taedirk · 1 pointr/3DS
u/POTATOBONER · 1 pointr/gopro

Nope! You need a standard SD card for the model. The one you linked was micro. THIS card will work just fine for your gopro.

u/legos45 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop


I agree with the Acer Aspire 1. It almost has your minimums. It has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. You can buy a small SD card for more storage, like this 32 GB SD Card from SanDisk. It will be excellent of general use as you listed.

u/iciclecrash · 1 pointr/3DS
u/Sqeagy · 1 pointr/3DS

I see. I'm assuming mine is original 3Ds since I got whenever that Kingdom Hearts game was released.

I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff. Would this be a usable SD card for my 3DS?

u/thedamian · 0 pointsr/Bitcoin

The "size of the bitcoin blockchain" would fit inside of a $10 sd card.

I wouldn't call that massive.

Size of Blockchain:

$10 SD Card: