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u/mzieg · 442 pointsr/politics

Don’t “hope.” Get out there and post some signs. Got a yard, a fence, a car? Use ‘em!

Google your local Democratic campaign office and request some materials, or make your own. Find some generics on Amazon, whatever.

Don’t trust in blind hope, get out there and actively wrestle the future into being. Try posting IRL where real voters can actually see it.

u/katnotcat · 44 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

I found the flowers on amazon

u/jimmywiddle · 33 pointsr/MensRights
u/Blunt_Force_Meep · 21 pointsr/InteriorDesign
u/swedishsurprise · 16 pointsr/trees

Here is the one I am using. I also have a handmade shop on Amazon if anyone is interested. Also, I am happy to provide the DWG files for this design- I cut out all the pieces on my cnc machine.

u/AmazonWTFBot · 6 pointsr/AmazonWTF

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your item -- that was quick!

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Product Title: LARY CLINTON Toilet Bullseye Target Pee Vinyl Decal funny Anti bulls-eye

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u/Jonah_Cade · 4 pointsr/horror

It's not really new, but if he doesn't already have one, Amazon has a good-looking Hellraiser Lament Configuration Puzzle Box...would make a good centerpiece.

u/Anhedonaholic · 4 pointsr/horror

I think most Hellraiser fans would love to get their own replica of the Lament Configuration puzzle box.

There are some that actually open and move, but they are significantly more expensive.

Depending on how your giftee dresses, maybe consider a shirt or something from their favorite movie(s) from somewhere like Fright Rags.

EDIT: Or perhaps tickets to a horror convention!

u/nicekid81 · 4 pointsr/nexus5x

Here are the product links:

I ordered my case with the purchase of my N5X. I'm not 100% sure if I will keep it, but overall I would say it's a solid choice for someone looking for a wallet phone case.

EDIT: While debating to keep this case or not, I've also ordered another:

I might do a review of that case if there's interest.

u/KATZEN17 · 2 pointsr/succulents

He does make his own molds for some of his other original bowls and he's in the process of making a mold for this one. Here are the other bowls on [Amazon Handmade] (

u/Muskogee · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

Maybe a last name sign. There are a lot of different wood or metal options out there. You could do just an initial instead of your name.

u/Rosegoesplatinum · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh Happy Happy Birthday to your baby!! Mine will be 1 in April. It goes so incredibly quickly. Just know that you’re there in spirit and we have to do things like work on special occasions because of them ❤️ Thank you for the contest, very sweet of you!


Rustic Bathroom Get Naked Sign - Bathroom Decor - Wood Sign - Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Hanging

u/th3worldonfir3 · 1 pointr/starterpacks

Rustic Bathroom Shit Sign - Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Hanging

u/bigforblue · 1 pointr/Michigan
u/silverjce · 1 pointr/subaru

thanks! quality is super good. wish they'd make a crosstrek delete plate

Subaru Front License Plate Delete frame Acrylic 12" Laser cut out

u/ricctp6 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This magnet. It makes me laugh so hard. It has utility because it is so big, it can hold up something very heavy.

Or if you want the six pack these are cute; especially if you drink wine :)