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u/LordofSnails · 202 pointsr/bisexual

The hat


The Glasses


The Necklace


The Pin


The sweater


The Sweatbands


The Underwear


The socks

u/recovering_bear · 79 pointsr/ChapoTrapHouse

No but when searching for it I did find that you can buy these bad boys

u/TheBatIsBack · 11 pointsr/asktransgender

I started wearing a necklace that I heard about from here, although I realize that doesn't really work for FTMs...

u/beany_juice_ · 10 pointsr/ffxiv

Turns out this, as well as others are actually on Amazon, rejoice

u/quietgamer · 10 pointsr/asktransgender

I got this pendant a while back after someone else posted it on one of these subs:

Mostly because I just like it, but now I'm hoping it'll be a nice, subtle signal to anyone who anyone who recognizes the meaning in those colors.

u/urutu · 9 pointsr/Beading

I wouldn't worry about that. The material you are stringing with is the issue, not the beads. If you google "elastic bracelet how to tie and hide knot" you get some contradicting but typical answers. You might consider adding spacer beads between the stones as it helps keep them from grinding against each other and helps to hide any cord. You can then use a matching cover over a knot without it standing out too much.

Like I said though, I hate elastic cording. It breaks eventually. Using crimp covers with wire can look great and clasps can add a lot of design options. If you are personally having a hard time putting a clasp on, I suggest using a chain extender as part of the end of the bracelet. Pinch the end of the chain between your finger and palm and use your other hand to loop the bracelet around and attach the clasp. I add a matching bead to the end and tend to use lobster clasps that can hook into any point of the chain. Using this type of closure widens the range of the bracelet market by fitting a wide variety of people while still proving a lasting and professional finish.

Alternatively, you can take a page from common round stone bracelets and do a sliding knot closure with a cord. Like this example. Additional example. (Random google images that matched what I meant. No relation to me.) This is a very inexpensive method and what you'll often see from the Chinese type imports because it's so straight forward. Because of the lack of additional material (chain, covers, crimps, clasps) this helps keep the material cost very low and flexibility high. So the type of market you are targeting and how to manage your costs is another factor sometimes.

u/CailanJade · 6 pointsr/bisexual

On Amazon there's a seller who makes cool LGBT jewelry using elements of chainmail. It's called Tattooed and Chained Chainmaille, at

u/MyTransAccountv1 · 5 pointsr/asktransgender

I've got that one :)

The shop that has that also has a few other trans pride things (also bought).

Edit: Like this

u/Kanadark · 4 pointsr/whatsthisworth

People are mistaking faceted jewel grade sapphires with carved sapphires. This likely is a carved blue sapphire, likely even a natural stone, though possibly heat treated to intensify the blue colour. The value is in the metal used in the setting and in the quality of the carving.

As a comparison, here are 6 natural carved sapphires for $95 usd. The carving is quite crude.
Here is a larger Buddha set in gold for $795CAD

u/124Cuber · 4 pointsr/bisexual

I'm getting a necklace pendant ( ) and my parents have no idea I'm bi as well ( I'm only 14 ) so I picked up a gift card and bought one, just hope they don't get to it first.

u/LittleLimax · 3 pointsr/knitting

I like Jill's Beaded Knit Bits. She sells on Amazon and has a wide variety. Not sure if she has holder alternatives, but I like her markers.

Here are some that I have:

Little Bird Stitch Markers

For alternatives to holders, look for shawl pins maybe.

u/Dr-Whovingi · 2 pointsr/bisexual

This thing is beautiful and smaller than you think so it's not very gaudy or loud, but I still get complemented on it a lot

u/Teejay90 · 2 pointsr/MtF

Not op, but I've seen them on amazon

u/Break4Coughy · 2 pointsr/piercing

I got them on amazon, here’s the link- Super Tiny 2mm Round Sterling...

u/bigstu_89 · 2 pointsr/CFB

That’s why I got one of these bad boys. Hoping it helps keep the element of surprise.

u/LivPlusPlus · 2 pointsr/MtF
u/paolazriel · 1 pointr/jewelrymaking

>The last piece of jewelry available. 950 sterling silver and inlaid energy stones extracted in a city of Cusco, Peru.

u/BlerptheDamnCookie · 1 pointr/bisexual

I don't own any, cuz money + still sorting stuff out, but absolutely love these ones:

Shirts: 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5

Hoodies: 1 -- 2

Other: 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 8

u/mjduq · 1 pointr/Moissanite

here!. It was more expensive than my engagement ring, though. Could be worth running it by another company who could custom make it. I will say that it is sturdy and FANTASTIC quality and we had a great buying experience. My e-ring was province.

u/TitleLinkHelperBot · 1 pointr/u_Craftmidas

Hello, it appears you tried to put a link in a title, since most users cant click these I have placed it here for you

^I ^am ^a ^bot ^if ^you ^have ^any ^suggestions ^dm ^me

u/SubjectAcorn · 1 pointr/piercing

This is the specific one I ordered with white opal

u/Fwyee · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

This is the closest I could find so far. It looks like it is a play on the whole "diamond in the rough"

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/gadgets

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u/ImSchland · 1 pointr/EDC
u/lilyhasasecret · 1 pointr/MtF

Also on