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u/bakedbaker23 · 19 pointsr/bdsm

5 Brass Nail Armour Rings, Cosplay Accessories, Long Sharp Nail Claws, Stiletto Nail Rings, Vampire Nails, Costume Nails, Dragon Nails

u/slothlover_ · 11 pointsr/ProductPorn

If someone interested, you can get it from here.

u/arana-_-discoteca · 3 pointsr/EngagementRings
u/cloudmonkey42 · 2 pointsr/ADHD

Following because I have a similar problem...I play with my hair a lot and I have a weird compulsive thing where I start looking through my hair for interesting split ends. I also bite my hair if I'm really anxious. Also trying to stop, partly because it looks weird if I do it in public/at work and partly because it can take up a lot of time (the looking for split ends thing ends up being a procrastination thing).

I have also tried a fidget cube and it helped for a while but then I got bored of it and started leaving it places. My hair is always on me so anything I have to remember to carry round has an instant disadvantage. I keep thinking a fidget bracelet might help (at least I could keep that on me) but I haven't seen any nice ones.

It's frustrating when nothing seems to be as satisfying to fidget with as long hair.

I might give one of these a try - discrete and kind of nice looking...

u/TheAnimatedDeer · 2 pointsr/insaneparents
u/chriz_ryan · 2 pointsr/FemdomCommunity

We don't have feathers, but she has these:

She'll lightly go up and down, and it tickles quite a bit

u/picklejinx · 1 pointr/Edmonton

Ow. The broke my Google fu. The closest I could find was DogsKin Jewelery. You could try contacting them through etsy to order a heavier gauge wire for a tighter weave.

The search terms I used were "5 wire flat braided silver ring"

u/Pharazlyg · 1 pointr/CrazyIdeas

Poisoner Rings exist, my dude. Even got prime shipping.

Poison Ring Bali Sterling Silver Locket Ring rainbow Moonstone AR04

Bought one for my wife to hold an emergency migraine pill for nights without a purse. Or if she's mad at me.

u/Switchy_Temptress · 1 pointr/Femdom

Yeah definitely! I alternate between getting stiletto nails done and using some nice ones like this

5 Brass Nail Armour Rings, Cosplay Accessories, Short Sharp Nail Claws, Stiletto Nail Rings, Vampire Nails, Costume Nails, Dragon Nails

u/paisleyowl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy Birthday 🎈🎂🎉🎁🎊

This fidget ring would make me happy as would this unicorn onesie (warm, cozy, and happy) or this owl heat pack

My two favorite (lame) jokes

A guy walks into a bar...........

And says damn that hurt!

What do you call a unicorn’s father?

Pop corn 🦄

u/amitsharma01 · 1 pointr/u_amitsharma01
u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/gadgets

Hello, /u/Amazoncomjewelry! Thanks for contributing! However your submission has been automatically removed. Per the sidebar:

u/mjduq · 1 pointr/Moissanite

here!. It was more expensive than my engagement ring, though. Could be worth running it by another company who could custom make it. I will say that it is sturdy and FANTASTIC quality and we had a great buying experience. My e-ring was province.