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u/MyNameIsRay · 7 pointsr/holdmyfries

After about 20 years of riding pretty seriously, I've learned that lesson the hard way, and won't go cheap any more.

Those bikes seriously just fall apart, I can't get a day out of one before I bend a rim or snap something.

But, then again, you get an entire bike for the cost of a name-brand tire. (EX: the online sale price for my tires is $55, each, they retail for $80. A cheap kids bike is $60-100)

u/the_shaman · 3 pointsr/bmx

It looks to be a "Schwinn steel base" saddle.

You can save some time by just buying Lucas' bike.

u/jazzadelic · 3 pointsr/bmx

I have the progression outlined here.

This is a much newer version of the bike. We got ours for $8 on Craigslist. I then spent another $15 to upgrade the tires and tubes. Also, ours did not come with all that flair- thank god.

u/ElleAnn42 · 3 pointsr/Parenting

Funny enough, she learned on a bike without brakes. It was this one: It claims to have brakes, but the one we had did not have brakes. I bought one at a thrift store for $5. It's SUPER light... less than 12lbs. She stopped with her feet.

We had a used 12 inch huffy, but it weighed 22 pounds and our kid only weighed 37lbs... so she just couldn't manage it. She also had problems with the brakes.

We got rid of the brakeless bike last week in preparation for a move (too cold here to ride much now, anyhow). I've been studying reviews on and I'm planning to splurge on a bike with a handbrake. We'll probably jump from a 12 inch bike to a 16 inch bike.

u/CarbonAltered · 2 pointsr/bmx

so the mongoose L100 -

or this bike if your a taller person.

both bikes are great , this framed is 22 inch bmx bike , take note its top tube is 22 inches so it means its for people 6 foot or taller , and if you bust the rims you would need to buy 22 inch rims , which are kind of hard to replace at times on the cheaper route any way

u/bicyclehubabaloo · 2 pointsr/bicycling

We're just moving out of 16" (with a tall 5yo). But I can share what I've learned. is a great resource for all things kids bike. I trust them and they are guiding our next purchase.

I HATE/ABHOR/WANT TO DEMOLISH his coaster brake (used Hotrock 16). He doesn't like it much, either. Problem is, 16 with hand brakes is tough to find at a reasonable price.

This is the best bang-for-the-buck in that category:

I also considered converting his coaster, but no Bueno. You need linear pull brakes or better for their little hands and cost was prohibitive just in parts (former shop mechanic).

I'd just buy that Sprinter and be done with it...

u/pandas_mom · 2 pointsr/SantasLittleHelpers


Jack is the cherry on top of our already awesome sundae. He was our surprise baby that we had while I was on dialysis and they said we'd never have another. He fought his way out and has been an absolute joy every day of his life.

Jack makes Lego things and reviews them on youtube I have a bunch of videos to upload but I have to wait until I can get a ride to the library where the upload speed is better than -4. He wants to be a professional reviewer when he grows up he says and for some reason refers to himself as DX Dot Com in his reviews, lol.

This bike is at WalMart and every time we go grocery shopping he begs someone to take him to the bikes so he can ride it up and down the bike isle revving it. He hasn't ever had a bike, only a scooter and someone stole his scooter and my other sons skateboard out of the yard last month.

Thank you so much for the contest, and even if we aren't picked, I'm so excited that some kiddo is going to have an awesome dream come true!

Jack's Wishlist

u/GrantHenninger · 2 pointsr/bicycling

The challenge I found with balance bikes for my 3 year old is that many of them are too big (he's on the small side, but still fairly average.) I got him one of these because it allowed me to flip the frame to accomidate a smaller child. Unfortunately, the rake of the front fork is such that it makes it very unbalanced and hard to steer. A friend has one that is more like what you're looking at that's much more stable. Just make sure it's small enough for your niece.

u/ARDad · 1 pointr/BikeShop

What does everyone think of this bike:

I think he would think it's pretty cool to have the same kind of bike his dad does. :-) Anyone have opinions about Diamondback?

u/inki3uno · 1 pointr/MTB

waiting for my 4 year old to get good at riding without training wheels so i can get him this bike and it has a front fork with 40mm travel at 150 bucks i personally think its worth it

u/skillfire87 · 1 pointr/whichbike
    I think I found your bike!! Frame size looks very small. It has flat (not drop) handlebars. The tires are slim enough for fast & smooth commuting on roads. The only drawback is not having disc brakes, but well-tuning that rear v-brake should stop you really well.

  2. Diamondback Haanjo Metro 24 Youth Fitness Bike - 2016
    You've got the road tires, flat bars, disc brakes.... This might be a good choice. The 24" wheels should make you feel very comfortable getting off and on the bike at 5'0" tall. Note that 24 X 1 3/8" tire is meant to be a youth (or small adult) road bike tire.
    This describes the sizing: (Maximum Height 60", inseam 26")

  3. 2009 Specialized Ruby Elite Carbon XS - $550 (Hilliards, PA)
    The pluses on this one would be that it's your size. It's ultra light, so it would be a very fast commuter. You could replace the drop bars with riser bars (but you'd also need new brake levers and shifters . . . which is easy for someone who's a bike nerd who goes to swap meets, but if you bought bars, levers, grips and shifters, off the shelf, it could be like $140--although you'd still be well under $1000 budget). Also, does not have disc brakes (and they can't be added).

  4. New Raleigh Revere 3 touring/gravel bicycle Shimano 105 - $750
    Could be a good choice. You'll also have the issue of switching the drop handlebars, levers, and shifters as mentioned above.

  5. Ladies DIAMONDBACK Comfort HYBRID
    This style of bike is sort of the typical casual comfort hybrid. Squishy seat, step-through frame. High rise stem for upright position. Rack.

  6. Vintage schwinn womens road bike - $20 (Canonsburg)
    The thing about vintage bikes is they are heavy. For relatively flat cities, it doesn't matter, but if you have lots of climbs, it's noticeable. Also, the gear shifting can need help, and sometimes getting a good tuning on the shifting is easy, but other times, the derailleur is just tweaked and has to be trashed. A lot of people convert vintage geared bikes to singlespeed commuters for simplicity.

  7. Columbia Woman's Bicycle - $100 (Northern Cambria)
    This new-vintage style of bike is going to be heavier than a more sporty bike. But, it'll also be a smooth/solid ride.

    Good luck!
u/onyxandcake · 1 pointr/funny

Welcome to Canada, lol.

But that's a helpful link for Americans, thank you. :)

Edit: Actually, Amazon Canada does have some affordable options! I'm going to let all my friends with toddlers know.

u/brickfrenzy · 1 pointr/bicycling

Diamondback makes (made) a 24" road frame bike. My son rode the 2014 model for a couple of years when he was right around 5 feet tall until he grew out of it. I think a 20" road frame would be too small. The 24" frame is actually surprisingly small too.

That's 2015 model of the bike I'm talking about. My son had a 2014.

u/masturbathon · 1 pointr/bicycling

I guess MSRP on them is $170, but Amazon has them for $150. I bought mine at a LBS to support them. Honestly anything more than $50 is a rip-off for these things.

u/Dystopian13 · 1 pointr/Parenting

My 2.5 yr Old rides the 14" and his bigger 5yr Old brother has the 16". 12" would be too small.

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike, Boy's Bikes and Girl's Bikes with training wheels, Gifts for children, 14 inch wheels, Blue

u/Djwyman · 1 pointr/bmx

I found the particular bike on Amazon and found out it has a chromoly steering tube. I realize that is not much but it's a little better than nothing. DK "the machine" I will take a picture of it when I get back from out of town.

u/boredcircuits · 1 pointr/bicycling

We got this from Craigslist for like $20. I think the first owner got it from Target. Notice the lack of a brace for the training wheels...

I'm not a fan of department store bikes, but in general I think they're fine for kids. They don't use them for long, and don't need anything approaching high-end components. You just have to go over the assembly to make sure it's halfway safe.

But he's basically at the size limit for that bike, and has started riding a Mongoose bike our neighbors gave us a while back. It probably came from Walmart or Target, but I can't find it right now. He loves to ride it, but the thing is HEAVY. 30+ lbs is a lot to a kid that weighs 45. And like I said, we live on a hill, so he ends up walking the bike up to our house. And any other time there's a hill, which can really drag out the bike rides.

So, we're looking into getting him a lighter bike, maybe even something from the bike shop.

u/UnhelpfulProtagonist · 1 pointr/Parenting

My daughter out grew her trike early. If your kid is tall or really active I recommend skipping ahead to something like this - Bike

The race car orange works just fine for girls so I am glad I didn't get the 'girls bike' with the worse reviews.

u/JohnnyNapkins · -1 pointsr/assholedesign

Customer brought the bike in that he had ordered on Amazon. Nowhere on the page did they indicate that the bottle was for demonstration only. Goplus Freestyle Kids Bike Bicycle 12inch/ 16inch/ 20inch Balance Bike with Training Wheels for Boy's and Girl's (Red, 16-inch)

u/_ComeRideWithMe_ · -8 pointsr/gmu

this will be a good size and look 👍🏼