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u/xstine22 · 50 pointsr/nfl

Antonio Brown has signed a picture of him kicking Cleveland's punter in the face

u/MILLERRRR · 10 pointsr/hockey

this made me dislike Lucic
this made me hate the Bruins fans

yes, I am biased.

u/passwordsarehard_3 · 10 pointsr/movies

Not just one, two. And several other muscles connected to them.

u/littleike0 · 6 pointsr/redsox
u/daveloper80 · 6 pointsr/hockey

edit as /u/Jan_17_2016 points out... it was already solved and not Mike York

ok wait.. it looks an awful lot like Mike York's signature who wore 61 for USA in 2002

using a similar stick


Maybe multiple people wrote on it? Maybe Mike York just really likes New Brunswick?

u/octogono · 6 pointsr/MMA

These are the ones I was able to identify:

Kelvin Gastelum: Right next to Max's face, you can make out the K and G.

Israel Adesanya: Right on his chest, it says "StylesA" or something along those lines and is underlined. Like this.

Poliana Botelho: Sideways next to Adesanya's face.

Montel Jackson: On top of Gastelum's head.

Brandon Davis: "Killer B" right between Adesanya and Gastelum's names.

Belal Muhammad: "BM" On the right of Adesanya's shoulder.

Boston Salmon: Top left, right by UFC 236.

Khalid Taha: Top left, left of Boston's signature.

Alan Jouban: Gold ink on Adesanya's right arm.

Also Max's signature is the one below the circled M, right by his nose.

I'll get back to you if I identify any others, and really cool poster, by the way!.

Wilson Reis: Below Max's chin, above Montel's signature.

Ovince Saint Preux: "O-SP", barely visible, sideways next to the APR 13 on the bottom of the poster.

Nikita Krylov: Circled "N Krylov" next to Gastelum's hand.

Eryk Anders: It's kind of hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure it's the unreadable one on top of Israel's head, next to Botelho's signature. Comparing it to this one it seems to match, with the upwards-shooting lines.

u/Raiichu_LoL · 5 pointsr/TexasTech
u/frotorious · 3 pointsr/NewYorkMets

Especially when compared to the $20 Doc Gooden photograph...

u/PM_ME_UR_ANKLES · 3 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

Definitely Bill Schroeder and Dexter McNabb, but no idea about the far right. The players from roughly the same era to wear #40 were Eddie Lee Ivery, David King, Johnnie Jackson, Chris Hayes, and Pat Terrell, and I don't see those names in those squiggles. Or anything resembling these names in the squiggle

E: Apparently that cluster of lines says Tony Fisher

u/run_nyg · 3 pointsr/NYGiants

[Pretty sure it's Hampton. The one below him is Randolph.] (

u/omenien · 2 pointsr/steelers

In case yinz guys didn't see the signed Bell jersey sale on Amazon

Le'veon Bell Signed Custom Football Jersey Auto PSA/ DNA White

u/Undsputed · 1 pointr/Nationals

Some cool ideas:

  1. Game Ball
  2. Signed Game 7 HR photo from Howie Kendrick
  3. Decals - Simple and cheap yet pretty cool
  4. Blu-Ray Set of the entire WS
u/Clem_Doore · 1 pointr/RBI

Could be....Here's picture of his autograph for reference.

u/OsStrohsAndBohs · 1 pointr/ravens
u/RiflemanLax · 1 pointr/eagles

Saw this the other day. This shot is a little diferrent, I saw it in the mall. It was signed "Sorry Frank, Chuck Bednarik."