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u/ich_habe_keine_kase · 2 pointsr/AccidentalRenaissance

Sure! SmartHistory is an amazing resource ( suggest it to our undergrads constantly, and many of us still use it ourselves when teaching outside out speciality . . . There's also Art History Teaching Resources, which is designed for teachers, but can be really helpful with quick overviews of periods and styles, and often has reading recommendations for beginners (

If you've got money to spend, I also strongly recommend The Great Courses ('re dvds of courses by actual professors and experts in the field, and do an incredibly thorough job teaching specific material over a series of lectures. You can pick what courses you're interested in as well, and some of the lecturers are really amazing. They're not cheap, but they do go on sale a lot.

You could also pick up some textbooks, which do a great job introducing the whole history of art. We use [Gardener's Art Through the Ages] (, [Janson's History of Art] (, and [Stockstad and Cothren's Art History] ( Like all textbooks, they're on the pricey side, but new editions come out all the time, and you can find old editions for pretty cheap, and since art history doesn't change much, it really doesn't matter it it's out of date! A lot of them also come in "a la carte" editions, so if you're only interested in ancient art or the Renaissance say, you don't need to get a 900 page book that goes up through the 21st century.

u/Swayz3Train · 318 pointsr/AccidentalRenaissance

You wanna be the best fiance ever u/vickicamfield?

Get him one of these.

His neck will thank you, his hands will thank you, his precision will thank you. Probably the best purchase I've ever made for minis. You can snag em at most hobby shops.


Bonus, if he wants to do detail work I recommend a cheap set of reading glasses. He won't have to strain his eyes as much and they are a nice magnifying you get the point lol.


PS: I recommend bright white light for better color recognition and more akin to natural light.

Edit: Also if he is thinning with water, get this. I find it works better than water and mixes with metallics!

Edit 2: For brush care, dont forget to get some brush cleaner and conditioner. Maybe a wet palette for longer paint sessions. For brushes, winsor and newton are always a solid choice.

Edit 3: Folks are asking for essentials. Here is a short list:Vallejo thinner
Masters brush conditioner
Wet palette
Kolinsky brushes
Mini holder
Liquid cement for plastics
Vallejo paints
Citadel paints
Warhammer TV
Cheap airbrush for prime/basecoat

u/cmVkZGl0 · 0 pointsr/AccidentalRenaissance

> The 2010s will be known for their 0.2MP selfies or 2MP blurred photos, with instagram or Snapchat filters. Or you have a 1000$ canon because you're rich and your photos are artsy.

Ok this is some disinformation I need to immediately squash. I bought a Canon Rebel XTi in like 2007 with a lens for like $700. Even today you can get old APS-C size sensor cameras for extremely cheap. Some examples

u/vonHonkington · 6 pointsr/AccidentalRenaissance

amazing book, i'm going to second the recommendation. link

the book has lots of first-hand accounts of what was going on in berlin around 1932 when the nazi party was consolidating control. lots of talk about how hitler is viewed as crazy or incompetent or not really believing what he says, but the conservatives need to support him...

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 1 pointr/AccidentalRenaissance

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u/AvroLancaster · -5 pointsr/AccidentalRenaissance

> i'm super supportive of ANTIFA

Please read this book.

Antifascists don't beat fascists, they create them. The brownshirts could never have been an organised force if it weren't for the KPD.

Call me a basic liberal if you like, but political violence is a door that swings wide and closes slowly.

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u/_diaboromon · 3 pointsr/AccidentalRenaissance

The day the 60's died. Joe Selvin recently released a great book putting the concert in context

u/ferrod44 · 2 pointsr/AccidentalRenaissance

> During the Biblical period, two kingdoms occupied the highland zone, the Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) in the north, and the Kingdom of Judah in the south.

Those two kingdoms split apart and became enemies, eventually the Kingdom of Israel abandoned their Judaism and were invaded by the Assyrians with the approval of the Kingdom of Judah. So already at this point the true Israelites became intermingled with the Assyrian people and assimilated.

>the Kingdom of Judah in the south. the area of ancient Israel was predominantly Jewish until the Jewish–Roman wars of 66–136 CE

False, by that time Jews might have been the largest sub-population but they were not the majority which is also corroborated by the fact that the official language there was Aramaic not Hebrew; Jesus himself even spoke Aramaic. If it was predominately Jewish, Hebrew would have been the official language.

>Originally an Israelite and subsequently Jewish holy site.


The Haram al Sharif is not where the Jewish temple was. The temple was located outside the walls, a few hundred yards to the south in the city of David. Jews have been praying to the wall of a Roman fort called fort Antonia for hundreds of years and this fortress was build before the temple was even destroyed.

>The Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries, or Jewish exodus from Arab countries, was the departure, flight, expulsion, evacuation and migration of 850,000 Jews, primarily of Sephardi and Mizrahi background, from Arab and Muslim countries, mainly from 1948 to the early 1970s.
>By the mid 1970s the vast majority of Jews had left, fled or had been expelled from Arab and Muslim-majority countries, moving primarily to Israel, France and the United States The reasons for the exodus are varied and disputed. In 1945, there were between 758,000 and 866,000 Jews living in communities throughout the Arab world. Today, there are fewer than 8,000. In some Arab states, such as Libya, which once had a Jewish population of around 3 percent, similar to that of the United States today), the Jewish community no longer exists; in other Arab countries, only a few hundred Jews remain.

An exodus manufactured by the Zionists and blamed on the Arabs.

  1. "Jews of North Africa and the Middle East were also needed “as cannon and demographic fodder” for the state, in the words of Hanna Braun, a Hagana member involved with bringing them into Israel, and so campaigns of misinformation, intimidation, and false-flag ‘Arab’ terrorism were used to get them to leave their homelands. A punitive exit tax and loss of original citizenship kept many from returning home once the deceit was exposed; and especially in the case of Iraq, there was little left of ‘home’ to which to return, as Israel’s manufactured exodus had effectively destroyed the ancient native Jewish community."

    Braun, Weeds, 82-83; and the author’s conversations with Ms. Braun in London, 2007.

  2. Also this testimony by an Israeli ex-combat soldier


    >Representatives of the various Jewish organizations succeeded in forming good relations with the Moroccan authorities, however they failed to convince them to allow the Jews to leave. Nevertheless, Israel had sent dozens of ‘Mossad’ officers to North Africa who carried out an operation ("operation frame") that entailed the illegal immigration of Moroccan Jews.


    >Two activists in the Iraqi Zionist underground were found guilty by an Iraqi court for a number of the bombings, and were sentenced to death. Another was sentenced to life imprisonment and seventeen more were given long prison sentences.[2] The allegations against Israeli agents had "wide consensus" amongst Iraqi Jews in Israel.[3][4][5][6][7] Many of the Iraqi Jews in Israel who lived in poor conditions blamed their ills and misfortunes on the Israeli Zionist emissaries or Iraqi Zionist underground movement.


    >However, at least one activist from the Zionist underground, Yosef Beit-Halahmi, did apparently carry out several terror attacks after the arrest of his comrades, in the hope of proving to the Iraqi authorities that the detainees were not involved in these actions. This is the first time someone involved in the episode is confirming that members of the Zionist underground did commit bombings in Baghdad.

  6. Here's an interview with an older Moroccan Jew living in Israel who describes how Jews were coerced to leave Morocco for Israel and how they were mistreated and used as human shields, placed on the border with the Palestinians/Jordanians during the wars.

    >They've literally been displaced since their homeland called Judea and Israel was taken away from them and renamed Palestine, and muslims came forth after and took it one ever since.

    False, the Palestinians and the Arabic speaking population in the surrounding regions are more likely descendants of ancient Israelites than the mixed race Jews you see there today. In fact, research shows that Palestinians and Lebanese trace their DNA back to the Canaanites and that they are natives to the land. Also, the Romans didn't expel all Jews, only from a few cities like Jerusalem and Hebron; usually the the ones who were expelled were the religious leadership. When the Arabs conquered they allowed those Jews to return.

    Not only that but for 1200 years Jews were free to immigrate to Palestine but most of the Jews did not bother taking that opportunity or were unwilling to do so even up until modern times with the birth of the state of Israel.