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u/CN14 · 3 pointsr/KillYourConsole

My advice would be to go with 8GB of RAM, rather than 4GB. It'd give you a lot more scope for gaming, especially with newer titles.
Best to go with 2x 4GB sticks, rather than a single 8GB stick.

As for motherboard brand, I don't see a problem with ASRock. We could list our preferences for brands, but the best thing to do is to look at what you aim to do with your PC and then look at the Mobo specs (and any reviews describing it's reliability).

If you're looking for a basic gaming machine, then it is worth considering these when looking for a motherboard:

  • What size or 'form factor' motherboard do you want? Mainstream motherboards typically come in ATX, mATX and mITX.

  1. ATX is what most would consider a 'normal' sized motherboard. Genreally 4 slots for RAM, has more PCIe slots for adding extra cards.
  2. mATX (micro ATX) is the smaller version of ATX. they tend to be cheaper and at the basic to mid level of gaming, it makes no difference for gaming performance. They usually have fewer slots for RAM (the lower priced ones tend to have 2 slots for RAM, which is generally enough)
  3. mITX is similar to mATX. prices are similar and they're about the same size. Their design is slighly different, though and you may need to find a specific case to keep it in. It is my understanding that many ATX cases may not accommodate for mITX.
  4. Good thing about mITX and mATX is that they will fit in small cases, whereas normal ATX is too big to do so comfortably.

  • ensure it has at least 1 x16 PCIe 2.0 slot (which pretty much all current motherboards have) for your graphics card.
  • Also make sure it has the right socket for your CPU. The CPU you picked is great! But it needs a motherboard with the right socket, which would be an 1150 motherboard. Here is a solid example.
  • If you're interesting in overclocking, then you'll want to pick a motherboard which allows overclocking. For the 1150 chipset, you'd have to find a motherboard of the Z87 or Z97 type. If you're not interested in overclocking then any 1150 motherboard type will do.

    Other than that, you appear to have a good build there! As for peripherals, anything will do. It's a matter of preference and what you can afford. You'll definitely want to find a good value 1080p monitor but as for the rest, I cannot really say. Good gaming gear is great, and really helps! But it's not always necessary, and it's easy to pick up better peripherals a little later down the line. I personally use this mouse on my gaming PC it's great value and it's served me well. Being able to change mouse sensitivity on the go by simply pressing the middle button is very useful.
u/Lev_Astov · 2 pointsr/KillYourConsole

I'm sorry, but $500 is a pretty hard limit to deal with for any gaming laptop. Laptops in general tend to be way more expensive for the power you get due to things like miniaturization, thermal management, built in screen, charging systems, and battery regulation systems, etc. A touchscreen will easily add ~$100 as well.

If you must, however, something like this is probably your best bet and should play most games today nicely at at least low settings:

You really don't want any graphics card worse than a 960M right now, but if you must, try something like this with a 950M:

Integrated graphics are getting better but are still terrible for gaming and can't hold a candle to a 360/PS3.

Something like this might be able to play games from 2014 at low settings:

FYI, this is an incredible tool for comparing laptop graphics cards and seeing which games can run on what graphics:

If you could splurge, this is actually amazing for the price and I've seen it even lower before Thanksgiving week. It'll play anything today at high settings, pretty much.

Actually it seems to have sold out over the weekend... Most laptops with a 1060 graphics card sell for $1200 or more.

u/the_lost_carrot · 1 pointr/KillYourConsole

OP lose the Razer stuff, if you want a mechanical keyboard they can be had for significantly less Exhibit A

You can also get a good enough mouse for cheaper, but if you really want a nice mouse $50 isnt too bad, but a good gaming mouse can be found for cheaper as well: see here

Also save some cash on the monitor, with something like this

use that money that you saved and get a better GPU, just wait a few months and get something like the RX 480.

u/michlantecuh · 1 pointr/KillYourConsole

After My experience with Cyborg mice I wouldn't touch those things with a ten foot pole, but with that being said a friend of mine has had his for about a year now and loves the thing. Mine the sensor went out after 3 Months and customer support was slow and really poor. So I just shelled out a few bucks and got a Zowie, although more expensive than that Cyborg, they are most defiantly worth the price. The tracking is flawless with 0 accel. Perfect for FPS games especially ! EDIT: Link to a great ZOWIE Mouse

u/uzuhl · 2 pointsr/KillYourConsole

To add about the wrist pad, get one that's about the height of your keyboard so your wrists won't fall into a weird angle causing stress, which I've noticed a lot of the stock wristpads that come with keyboards do cause your wrists to do.This one is pretty good. I got it on sale for about $6.

Another good one is this. They both sit about as high as a standard keyboard so you won't be causing any strain on your wrists.

A mouse-pad with a cushion may also help you, like this. It all comes down to preference though, as I like flat, large mousepads, but these can help reduce strain and keep your wrist straight.

u/sebb7y · 3 pointsr/KillYourConsole

Theoretically, they have similar hardware so you could do anything that you could do on a console, on a PC. As for answering your precise questions:

There are loads of options when it comes to cases, these may be annoying to build though - here's a link

I don't know about starting up the PC with a controller or booting into big picture but you could just leave the PC on with the controller(s) connected - have the monitor enter standby when the PC isn't being used and then just put it back on with the controller. Another option is using SteamOS, you could even dual boot it with windows if you want to use windows from time to time.

Very little PC equipment is CEC capable. Assuming your television is capable, you'd want an HDMI-CEC to USB bridge. Like this:

u/grendelone · 2 pointsr/KillYourConsole

You can pull out the CPU (it's socketed in), the HDD, and memory (SO-DIMM). So you could buy a compatible heatsink/fan, motherboard, power supply, and case. Then buy a GPU card.

The CPU is an older LGA1150 package, so you will need a motherboard that supports that package (Z87, Z97, etc.). The memory is an SO-DIMM form factor used mostly by laptops. There are a few mini ITX motherboards that do use SO-DIMMs, but you will need to check the motherboard specs.

A motherboard like the one below might work. But beware the limitations on the PCIe slot power. GPU cards tend to burn a LOT more power than 25W.

Supermicro also has some motherboards that would work, but they're not cheap (~$175):

Overall, it's not clear to me this is worth it. You might be better off getting a whole new machine (especially if you are not familiar with messing around with PC guts).

u/Ezreol · 1 pointr/KillYourConsole

Bit late but if you go 360 controller route us this I have that type of receiver. The ps3 controller I use wired (haven't gotten a compatable usb bluetooth yet) but people recommend motioninjoy which is terrible SCP is really good and after install should start on pc start up without needing to be opened again, plus it maps the ps3 buttons to the proper placement of the 360 buttons (i.e. left trigger = L2 B = O) and if you use a program like xpadder to map custom 360 controls it works with scp.

u/harpuajim25 · 1 pointr/KillYourConsole

Stretch that budget a little and get a good case. I have that case for a HTPC and while it does the job it is a nightmare to work in. You will thank me later, believe me.

Here is my recommendation

u/KodiakIsABear · 1 pointr/KillYourConsole

if you want a good mech keyboard try the Corsair K60

u/iceeice123 · 2 pointsr/KillYourConsole

by the look of it if you want to upgraded you GPU you would have to start from scratch since almost all the that computer is custom. The only thing you could bring is the CPU and maybe the ram.

Edit: There one motherboard which is let you bring the CPU and Ram Supermicro Motherboard Mini ITX DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 X10SLV-Q-O

u/TylerTheMLGPro · 1 pointr/KillYourConsole

Asus VN274H-P for the monitor, I have it, it works amazingly.
Find it here

u/whiprush · 2 pointsr/KillYourConsole

I have this guy:

But it mostly sits in a drawer, use it only for when I need to type in password for driver updates, etc.