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u/disgustipated · 3 pointsr/ModelCars

Here's a quick list of goodies to consider:

Testor's Model Master Glue - works on all of the kit's plastics except clear glass (use Elmer's glue for that). Be sure he scrapes any paint or chrome plating off the parts before gluing.

Tamiya Fine Surface Primer - painting is much easier with a primer coat. It gives the paint something to bite into. This can be used on the body and really any other parts that get paint. Makes it much easier to brush paint on smaller parts, too.

Model Master Black Lacquer - this will give him the base for a great matte black finish.

Model Master Flat Clear - this is a clear, non-shiny protective top coat that will take the shine off the black paint and give him a nice, matte finish.

Here is a build guide - much more than he needs, but the painting process is the same, except he'll be using a flat clear instead of gloss.

Feel free to ask any questions or send him over to /r/modelcars when he gets the kit. Have fun!

u/indigoswirl · 3 pointsr/ModelCars

Good questions. Yes there is Testors special glue for clear parts. It's basically PVA (Elmer's) glue and it has a fairly weak hold. Wood glue is a type of PVA glue - that's probably why you read that it will work. Let me list a few other options that I use.


  1. Formula 560 Canopy Glue by Pacer - This is like a Testor's clear parts glue (a PVA) but much stronger.


  2. SuperGold + by Bob Smith Industries - This is a very strong CA glue (superglue). It's special because it's a superglue (and I think the only one too) that doesn't release fumes and won't fog up clear parts.


    Hope this helps
u/crystalmerchant · 5 pointsr/ModelCars

Looks like washes and pigments. For this and a lot of the weathering I've come across, a couple simple cheap things can give a really convincing result:

  • A few colors of oil paint: for example this
  • Oil-based thinner: for example this
  • A few colors of pastel chalk


    Put a pea-sized drop of oil paint in a small container, add some oil-based thinner, and mix it up. You'll end up with a mixture about the consistency of milk or coffee, in whatever color you're using. (Neutral darks -- blacks/browns -- are good starting points)

    Now dip your brush and do a test on scrap plastic. Too thick? Add thinner to the container, re-mix, re-test. Too thin? Add paint. Once you've got it how you like it, apply it to the model. Can go heavy or light depending what you're going for.

    Then brush/swab the excess away, leaving behind however much you want in whatever places you want. Voila, you have washed the piece. Plus you can spot-add wherever looks good (probably don't want it too thin for this -- fuel stains, grime, oil residue, etc) then use a q-tip to blend it just right.

    Don't need the "system" that Vallejo/Tamiya/all the others are happy to sell you. Using basic oils gives you way more flexibility and control. And it's dirt cheap.


    Same idea as above: find the color(s) you like/need. Crush up a bit of the pastel, get it on the brush, dab it on the model wherever you want, however much you want. Gives a dusty/used look.

u/ILW23 · 3 pointsr/ModelCars

Thank you! To make the clear coat finish would I use a clear acrylic like this one:
Since this is my first model I want to keep it cheap. I was wondering if you have anything to say about either of these models:
lastly: the Revell 302 Mustang Boss

or the Tamiya #24090 Skyline

u/cggzilla · 3 pointsr/ModelCars

I made a spray box out of a plastic box/tub from home Depot ($7) and a washroom box fan ($18 or so) and see extendable metal vent tubing (maybe $10,it can be extended). I also threw in a furnace filter to pick up all the paint particles. I then cut a hole in the bottom of the box and put the fan there. It works extremely well, the suction power is pro ably 10x better than the expensive spray boxes you buy elsewhere.

I think I got the idea from Google or YouTube.

edit: if you're in the USA

u/honda_fast · 1 pointr/ModelCars

I use this:

Loved it so much I bought another one to increase the size! One is enough for all cars and most planes. If you like to built huge 1/48 planes you'll need two pushed together.

u/Lord_Dreadlow · 1 pointr/ModelCars

Can you find this kit: "Joker Goon Car/Gotham City Police Car"?

$50 is pretty high though. I should have bought it when it was $15 at K-Bee.

u/R1CHARDCRANIUM · 1 pointr/ModelCars

It is this one. It is nice, it has that stand and then a flat turntable in the set.

u/RazrDuke1 · 2 pointsr/ModelCars

Hey that makes two of us! I got it from amazon, it’s made by AMT model number 1074. here

u/Turbojett · 5 pointsr/ModelCars

It's made by Tamiya. It should be available at your local hobby store, but it is also, of course, available on Amazon.

u/datcivicdoe · 1 pointr/ModelCars

There is a tutorial to scratch build an Optima battery, and it is quite simple. Let me see if I can find it.

Edit: here is a tutorial.