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u/JTazmania · 1 pointr/darksouls

If you have a lot a lot of money, figure out a way to import the trilogy edition of the Dark Souls remaster from Japan. I think it may only be for PS4 but it comes with all the games and a lot of great goodies. Otherwise if money is tighter there are some amazing Art Books (design works) you can buy online. Dark Souls 1 to 3 (3 comes out in August) with some absolutely stunning artwork from the game.

u/QtreadzSD · 1 pointr/darksouls

I'm around 30 hours into the game (PC). The controls aren't "terrible", but keyboard + mouse definitely takes a lot more effort than the controller. The game is definitely designed to be more comfortable using a controller. Maneuvering and timing attacks are definitely a lot more effortless with a controller. Definitely not necessary, but definitely recommended. Here's the controller I use

As for if it's worth it on PC: Definitely. Even without the controller, the game plays well. There are no bugs so far (I haven't finished the game, but I'm fairly certain I've at least been to 70% of the places in the game, and no bugs so far). Just get the 1920x1080 mod (works like a charm) and the new 60fps mod, and you'll be set. It should be better than playing on the console (especially in previous zones like Blightown that has issues with lag)

tldr: If you got yourself a controller (not necessary, but recommended), and the 1920x1080 and 60fps mods, buy PC version and have no regrets.

u/BillyHoWCR · -3 pointsr/darksouls

Pretty simple really. For those that can't handle the issues with setting up the game on their PC I recommend these simple steps.

  1. Turn on your computer and choose one of the following search items: 1 or 2

  2. Purchase said item and hook it up at home.

  3. Also ensure to purchase one of these corresponding items: 1 or 2
  4. Put second item into first item and you are set.
  5. Enjoy!

    :P j/k
u/kythe · 1 pointr/darksouls

Better yet, buy a wireless controller. for windows

The dongle the controller comes with connects up to 4 360 controllers wirelessly. Perfect for PC games that play better with controllers and emulating old games with multiplayer. (Turtles in Time? Xmen Arcade?)

u/videogameexpert · 10 pointsr/darksouls

While there will probably be rudimentary mouse and keyboard controls just like other xbox ports, I highly recommend buying a wired xbox (or xbox knock-off) controller for your PC. There are so many games that just play better on controller and as an avid PC gamer I believe this is one of them.

this controller is what I use for example.

u/sarinn13 · 1 pointr/darksouls

I'm not sure then. You'd think it's just install drivers and be all plug & play since it's all Microsoft.

Depending on how much you play games on the PC, you could invest in a controller for it. Personally, I would avoid anything but an "xbox for PC" controller, as I've heard prople having issues with other games when using non-xbox controllers.

Something like this should do the trick. There's also wired ones that are $10 cheaper.

There is also this item, which is a wireless receiver that claims to work with an Xbox controller, which will allow you to use it with your PC. Upside, it's like $12. Downside, it's 3rd party. In theory, it should work, but YMMV. I've only used the one that came with mine.

u/DeltaSolly · 1 pointr/darksouls

Alright then. I despise fighting with uncooperative software, so I'll pony up for a new/mostly new wired X360 controller.

Would you say either of these would work? Is one better than the other? I'd be getting the second offer on the one only available from third parties so there wouldn't be a big difference in price.

Really appreciate the help either way.

u/madestro · 1 pointr/darksouls

I use an Xbox 360 controller and so far it works great for DS and other console ports. Drivers are built in so is just plug and play. To make the game better do install DSFix though and look up some texture mods on Dark Souls Nexus but I found the experience better with a controller.

u/GateshipOne · 1 pointr/darksouls

Roxio is meh. It really is not the best choice at the price. Here are your best options. Both work on Mac and PC:

Hauppauge HDPVR

Elgato Game Capture HD

Best Mac recording software. Also "obtainable" by "other" means...

Best PC recording and editing same "situation" as above

Advice: Save more money. DO NOT cheap out on capture cards. The 2 that I listed are very high quality and I have personal experience with both and have liked them all. I have also had experience with the Roxio and the quality and ease of use just does not compare to that of the Elgato or the Hauppauge. These will last you quite a while for multiple generations of devices. You will regret going with a Dazzle, Roxio, AverMedia HD, etc. etc.

u/plasmalaser1 · 0 pointsr/darksouls

Less than the game on steam, honestly if you're going to play on the pc, you should own one. Dark souls isn't the first game to be better with a controller, and neither will any Souls sequel.

u/astro_fiasco · 5 pointsr/darksouls

Best bet is to buy used. Select xbox360 collectors version and sort through the prices and descriptions of the used/collectors ones. This is what I did. It came from Japan in less than two weeks in good condition.

u/ChingShih · 1 pointr/darksouls

I would assess what you want to stream and specifically consider what is going to set your stream apart from all the other Let's Plays and live streams out there.

After you've determined that, then look at what your streaming options are going to be (I think the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition might be your only viable option as a stand-alone recording device for the 360). However there are some other varieties of pass-through/recording devices if your laptop/PC can support it.

u/Oniwabanshu · 2 pointsr/darksouls

I would love to continue with the ps3 controller, but can't cause the software Motioninjoy is glitching, so ill buy a gamepad that looks like the ps3, except for the D-Pad -.-

u/CornflakeJustice · 2 pointsr/darksouls

I know it is less than ideal, and the controller is poorly designed in that aspect, but Real Triggers Are very cheap and can bought on Amazon or at Gamestop and totally solve the flaw. I have a pair for every controller I own and have been using them for a couple years.

u/Jack_of_Shadows · 1 pointr/darksouls

If you buy the 'normal' xbox 360 controller (meaning product title does not say 'for windows') you can usually save a couple dollars, and the products are identical. I recommend ordering from amazon

u/EzioSC5 · -1 pointsr/darksouls

There's a little more work involved, but it would work:

If you get a wired Xbox 360 controller, though, it's completely plug and play without any hassle. They're relatively cheap on Amazon:

u/thenplayon · 1 pointr/darksouls

You can actually buy, for like $5 ($3 on Amazon), clip on shoulder buttons that give it that classic PS2 controller feel. Cheap and easy to clip on.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/darksouls

Here's the link. I don't know how much of the original is going to make it into the English version. Hopefully it includes translated interviews.

u/dood23 · 2 pointsr/darksouls

If you went with Amazon a decent amount of time ago then you will get a CE. I don't know the validity of this, but if you check your order details and the product link goes to:

Then you should have a CE secured.

u/Linkitch · 3 pointsr/darksouls

Well depends what you prefer, but I can recommend the xbox 360 controller. And for that you'll need one of these.

u/trip354 · 1 pointr/darksouls

I just got a controller with a fan in it off amazon, and love it. I was planning on getting a controller just for Dark Souls, but then the Steam summer sale happened...

u/bojanged · 12 pointsr/darksouls

Here's a pretty cheap copy on Amazon

u/lockjaw900 · 21 pointsr/darksouls

As far as I can tell, the art is from the Dark Souls: Design Works book, illustrated by Udon and published by From Entertainment.

u/fajitaman · 2 pointsr/darksouls

I got what appears to be an automated message:

>We're sorry for the delay in shipping the order you placed on September 19 2011. We have good news -- the order is now being shipped! You should receive a shipping notification shortly, within the next business day, for the following item(s):
> "Dark Souls Collector's Edition"
>The shipping notification will include an updated estimated delivery date and tracking information if it's available.
>We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this delay.

But my account doesn't show it as being shipped. It doesn't even say "Shipping Soon." Given what others have said it's tough to figure out where to go from here. I'm so tempted to just leave right now and go to the Best Buy or GameStop, pick up a copy of the regular edition, and cancel my preorder with amazon.

Did anyone who talked to a service rep also get this email only to find out that it's actually on back-order?

u/Zombiestubble · 1 pointr/darksouls

Quick question: Why do you want it on console?

The PC version with DSfix can run/look better, but at the sacrifice of more connection areas for multiplayer. Considering you're in Austrailia, I wouldn't suspect that your connection isn't very good anyway, and moving to a new platform for a new platform's sake would be in vain.

If you're playing on a PC with M+KB(By the four lords, why), check out BetterDS3. It's the better, non-internet, no advertisement version of MotionInJoy.

Otherwise, you could attempt to get it off amazon, if you're willing to wait:

u/DrRichardShay · 7 pointsr/darksouls

Don't buy it used. Buy it new for $5 more and make sure From gets their cut instead of filling Gamestop's pockets.

You can get it off here brand new from Amazon for a buck more than gamestop.

u/Static147 · 2 pointsr/darksouls

Yeah, DS2 has an almost identical control set up for both keyboard and controller. I'd suggest buying a controller. If you don't want to wireless (controller + wireless receiver) you could always try a wired controller link

Or something less official

u/Maximus-city · 1 pointr/darksouls

Well, it's taken from Amazon's DS Remastered page for the PS4:

So I guess they'd only have officlal trailers?

u/samuraisams123 · 3 pointsr/darksouls

You can also use your existing wireless 360 controllers with this.

Works flawlessly for me.

u/C0nguy · 2 pointsr/darksouls

I mean, i don't want to doubt it, but how do we know this is an official trailer? The channel seems unfamiliar, and i haven't seen anything from FROM or anyone else associated with the remaster on youtube/twitter/etc.

EDIT: i have been corrected. It's on the amazon page.

u/aewilson95 · 1 pointr/darksouls

I found it on UK Amazon here, but I assume it's PAL so it wouldn't work on my console... I'll probably just buy the DLC digitally

u/goldlobster39 · 1 pointr/darksouls

Yea its showing up as 30 for me. If it stays screwy you can try buying it somewhere else.

Like here

or here

It runs through steam regardless of where you bought it I believe.

u/Trooprm32 · 3 pointsr/darksouls

Seems to be available on and Canadian distributors.

u/kiwi_commander · 2 pointsr/darksouls

Most likely it's just the game. What you are describing is the Collector's Edition which came with artbook, downloadable soundtrack, and tips/tricks map.

u/thatfool · 3 pointsr/darksouls

There is a boxed version, but I think it's only available in Europe and Australia.

u/MrBeefhead · 4 pointsr/darksouls

You can buy a Physical Copy on Amazon. The physical one includes a Poster and an Artbook.

u/Burmi4Breakfast · 1 pointr/darksouls

I'm using Afterglow xbox 360 controller and playing the game on pc (steam) no emu.

u/TactualRain · 1 pointr/darksouls

It looks like there's a problem with the Amazon sale. I tried to buy it, and the order failed; got the most painful runaround from their customer services. Turns out (according to them) that they're having "licensing" issues, and aren't sure if the product will be back online (on sale or otherwise).

Anyone got any details on this? is the store page. I'd like to know (assuming anyone's got more information than me :) whether or not it's likely to appear back in the sale, or if I'm wasting my time clicking refresh a lot :)

u/Gammro · 2 pointsr/darksouls

I found one on Amazon:
I must say, I live in the Netherlands and they're quite hard to find here.

Scratch that, apparently that one isn't genuine.

u/thetrashboat · 2 pointsr/darksouls

Since it looks like you're in the UK, you can grab the Prepare to Die Edition from Amazon for ~20, which includes the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.

Amazon Link

u/lordgiraffe68 · 1 pointr/darksouls

Will they work? Yes. Though it's a SIN to pay that much. I've been using these bad boys for years now. You should be able to pick one up at any decent game store (I've even seen them at wallmart) Never bought one online but 30 USD on amazon is about what they normally go for.

Don't worry: LEDs can be toggled off

u/Zi1djian · 1 pointr/darksouls

I think they're publishing the book here in the US starting sometime this year. I'll see if I can dig up the amazon link.

Fake edit: Yerp:

u/Malathon · 3 pointsr/darksouls

I purchased this around 2 months ago, came with the DLC, didn't have to visit PSN for it, was on the disk seemingly. It's called the Prepare to Die Edition. It wasn't a collectors edition. Just want to say, don't dismiss the fact that the guy may be talking about this and he therefore should have the DLC.

u/aikoncwd · 1 pointr/darksouls
  • Don't unlock fps (30fps is OK for DS1). If you put something like 60fps, your character will fall down from stairs, getting stuck in the floor and ruining your whole savegame.
  • Buy a controller. Just buy it. Playing DS1 on keyboard/mouse is the shittiest thing you can do in your life. Really, just buy a controller, it will boost your PC-gamming for other games too.
  • Some texture packs can drop your FPS perfomance, other texture packs will ruin the whole atmosphere created by Miyazaki
  • Git Gud!