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u/Somescrubpriest · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

Well, looking through the WoW subreddit to get some help here(seen lots of people asking for laptop recommendations lately as the new expac Legion is coming out, and is a bit of a step up in requirements! but these should all still be able to run ESO pretty well, unsure about ultra, but it'll run on medium or high :) ) so This, this and this are three pretty decent looking laptops coming from those various discussions over the months. I'd also recommend /r/suggestalaptop for more help on the matter :) hope this helps!

u/imaginarygary · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

My specialty, cheap gaming peripherals!

Here are some of my recommendations:

E-3lue Mazer II wireless

Cheap but good Anker mouse

Cheaper alternative to the Razer Naga

For higher range mice, in the 50-100$ range, I'd suggest either sticking with Logitech or Razer. I personally use a Logitech G9X mouse, considered by a lot of people (myself included) to be THE BEST gaming mouse ever made, however it only has 5 buttons and currently costs over 180$.

However, this is one that I'm eyeballing pretty hard, since it has a ton of buttons and is wireless, thus easier to take with me travelling.

My biggest suggestion, however, is to find a mouse that has interchangeable weights. I know it sounds like a silly gimmick, but by having different weights you can fine-tune your mouse to different playstyles and games. A heavier mouse allows for more precision (think long range sniper shots), whereas a lighter mouse allows for better reaction time. Once you use a weighted mouse it's very hard to go back.

u/mini_painter_mark · 2 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

The Intel HD 520 graphics will significantly hold you back. If you want to crank the graphics up you will need a dedicated graphics card instead of an integrated card.

I imagine it would run the game at low settings but not very well. Honestly I just looked up the Thinkpad T560 and for the price it costs you could buy an ASUS Republic of Gamers laptop for the same price, with a better processor, 2gb dedicated graphics card, and 16GB RAM. You would be able to run ESO on High settings above 30 FPS. I have a 3 year old Asus ROG laptop and play on High settings with shadows on medium and water reflections turned down and run 30-60 fps depending on the area. You just aren't going to get a good experience with an integrated graphics card, so for the price you would be paying why not get a gaming laptop with better specs?

Here is a link to the ASUS ROG Laptop

u/Vipre7 · 4 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

Hi friend I build and mod gaming PCs and repair others. Not sure what your budget is, but first things first, that is freaking impressive you can even launch the game with that PC, as it has Intel HD graphics, not even a dedicated mobile GPU! Haha!

Anyway, I would try and dust out your laptop with some compressed air, and take the back panels out if you can to really clean it out, and replace the thermal paste on your CPU if you can. (Like $5-10). It is possible your game is freezing, spazzing out because it is overheating. You can also prop up the laptop somehow, at least the back of it, like where the battery is, to lift up the back an inch or two so it can breathe better. This can dramatically drop your temps.

But, since you need a different laptop for gaming anyway, I can help steer you in the right direction. Not sure on your budget, but this is a GREAT laptop for the price. It has a GTX 1060 8GB GPU, which will destory ESO. The 10 series GPUs from Nvidia is also the first mobile line of GPUs that are not hideous in comparison to their desktop counterparts. In fact, they are almost the same. Right now after rebate, this is $950.

Here's a cheaper option that is $660. I think it was cheaper a few weeks ago on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

u/Tactical_tampons · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

That sounds like a pretty great setup overall :) Personally I have this mouse and i use 1-5 for skills and 6 for bar swap.

u/App13c0r3 · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

Honestly, I think it's unlikely to be free to play, and with the fact that you can pre-order the game for 60 usd, I think it'd going to be buy to play, like Guild Wars 2. Probably with some small micro-transaction things, again, like GW2. I imagine that a monthly subscription on consoles would turn many folks off, as with the many Elder Scrolls fans that they seem to be trying to heavily target.

Here is the amazon page to pre-order the game.

u/Mipsel · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

That´s my understanding too, but normally they state this fact for noobs like me on the product page :)

I went to, and in the product description it is stated, that The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is included.

So I guess the same is true for the german edition.

Btw.: Why is the .com page of amazon looking slick as **** while the german pendant is rather boring?

u/AaronAZ623 · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

Razer Orbweaver so I can move and use my skills easily with my left hand and Logitech G602 for LA, sprint, jump and bar swap. I tried having my skills on my mouse but for me it makes LA weaving alot harder so I like this setup the best.

u/lusty68 · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

I bought a few days ago from amazon and got it yesterday. it pretty cheap there, not sure if you NA or EU but british amazon is pretty cheap. for about 20 pounds

u/HeyThisIsntTinder · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

I play the game with a Logitech G13. I'm also awful at hitting the number keys, so what's cool about this is you can map all the keys anywhere you want. I have all of the abilities 1-4 mapped on the joystick, so I can just flick my thumb to whatever ability I want. Ability 5 and Ult are on the two buttons next to the stick. It's made playing this game very convenient for me, check it out for yourself.

u/xdmanxd99 · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

Both are amazing and great.
10 pounds morrowind hard copy Linkk
26 pounds summer set Link
Id say get summerset as it's newer and more populated, morrowind is a bit empty at the moment.

u/shruel · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

If you don't manage to get the game on the official site you can try some other vendors like Amazon or G2A. You can even find it cheaper than on the official site, Amazon has it for $32 and G2A for only $23 (yes, also includes 30-day of free playtime).

u/john_doe_jersey · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

I use the Logitech G620 which has 6 buttons on the side instead of the 4 on this mouse and I have all my abilities besides ultimate and quickslot on the mouse. I love it.

u/-Admiral_Snackbar- · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

That's true, you'll have a possibly of your key being revoked if you go the route I mentioned. It doesn't happen to every, for example my friend bought a key from cdkeys and he's fine but it is quite common. Also it's really cheap jn amazon right now, only £8.

u/kadala-putt · 2 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

Like I mentioned elsewhere on this subreddit; I'd be a little more cautious about G2A since I've heard at least one publisher call them out publicly, stating that the keys they sell are "not legitimate".

If it helps, Amazon has it for only about $7 more, and I would never ever be worried about purchasing from them.

u/Niamh1971 · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

I recently bought a boxed from Amazon, think it cost £10 or something. If it's fulfilled by Amazon, it's very probably ok and no hassle to get cash back. Currently going for £7:

u/mysticmanESO · 2 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

I use a 12 bottom on the side MMO mouse to play ESO for me it makes play a lot easier.

This is the one I've been using for 3 years to play ESO but there are a lot of those brands out there.
Redragon M901 PERDITION

u/Alpha_Cider · 3 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

You don't get a digital copy of the original game at the moment of your pre-order; the base game will come with the morrowind expansion when it's released.

If you want to play ASAP I suggest getting the [Gold Edition] ( now and buying the [$40 Morrowing expansion] ( when it's released. If you arn't interested in any of the currently released DLC though then get the [original ESO game] ( for $12

u/Flaeor · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

"Too expensive"? No. Smart buyer? Yes. Amazon. $29 physical copy. They're trying to clear out their shelves, no doubt.

u/gungibinks · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - PlayStation 4 is on sale right now on Amazon. I am curious if this edition will unlock the Imperial race. I wasn't able to tell by the item description.

u/Phrostbite · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

This is what you are looking for. I mean I hope so since I just ordered it.

u/Sir_Vendaralyn · 2 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

Check these out:

I dont have the box set but I have book one; want to get the blue one next! You can also search on Amazon or Ebay for the collector’s edition books. I recently got the one from The Imperial Edition.

u/cynaes · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

I would recommend getting the American CE from

Keep in mind that the German CE has a German-language art book.

At least for me, ordering from instead of was a whopping 3€ difference. I'd expect shipping to the UK to be about the same as to Germany.

u/Strider_3x · 4 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

Amazon Morrowind collector's preorder is up




u/aiden_33 · 2 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

$29.99 for Gold Edition on Amazon. That's the lowest price you'll find for a new copy. Used copies will most likely have the DLC code already redeemed, don't waste your money.

u/Ebbenezer · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

Not sure if it is for prime or not but I think I saw it on amazon for $45.


u/Froggmann5 · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

> 60$? and if you were subscribed before the B2P patch comes in... do you have to pay the 60$? or do you already own the game?

You have to already purchased the game to have subscribed. You don't have to re-buy the game.

Also, some places are selling ESO cheaper. I believe Amazon was selling ESO keys for $30 USD last I checked.

u/gossi · 0 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

Just to follow myself up, you can get it boxed for £17 on Amazon: - probably cheaper online just for download code.

You won't need to pay a monthly fee.

u/barrrt · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

It's also available as mp3s on Amazon (for $8.99 in the US, vs 15.99 on iTunes):

u/Franc_Kaos · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

That price is the first months sub, so, far as I'm concerned, my point stands. I mean, in reality you can pick up ESO from Amazon for £16.21 sterling

So, you know, there's that.

u/CrazyRuskii · 2 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

This guy knows what's going on. I use the Logitech M510 for simplicity.
WASD to move, center wheel button for skill 1, skill 2 and 3 are default keys, the side forward/back keys on the mouse for skill 4 and 5, and V for weapon swapping. Works out really well for me.

u/Azhrarn666 · 6 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

WASD or ESDF does not make much difference when you're used to it.

Also, since you're using them as controls and not typing letters, the touch-typist habits are not relevant.

Furthermore, many gamers are not using a full keyboard anymore...

u/whoopzzz · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

Amazon still has it for $22.

You have to buy a physical copy though.

EDIT: Plus S&H is another $5 for standard.

u/PRbox · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

Is that icon on the front? I don't see anything on a new copy of the Amazon physical copy for example:

Edit: Answered my own question. There is a sticker on the front. See OP.

u/Kipawa · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

If you have some spare money, I highly suggest purchasing the Razer Naga. I absolutely cannot play ANY game without it.

You can get the earlier generation Naga's for a couple bucks cheaper.

u/trapcardbard · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

You are! The base game alone (just the bare bones) is $15. Ill link it for you, that sounds like the Els upgrade which gets you nothing unless you already own the game.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind - PlayStation 4

u/misternumberone · 4 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

He said that other players might be involved in the crime system! He also said that the payment model hasn't been announced! I'd thought it would cost $60 and be pay-once, but I guess is just guessing.

u/tsarkees · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

Oh, sorry. So there are actually 3 different things you can buy:

  • ESO Base game
  • ESO: Morrowind (the first big content update, from 2017. Includes base game)
  • ESO: Summerset (coming this June, but preordering it gives base ESO game and Morrowind immediately)

    You can grab a used copy of ESO: Morrowind for less than $20 on Amazon, which gives you full access to the game, no subscription required.
u/Aunty_Fascist · 3 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

You want this version not the upgrade. Upgrade is for someone who already owns the base game. There are four different bundles on PSN if you go via desktop and not PS4. You could try calling Sony and getting them to refund you so you can buy the right version. Don't just chargeback without going through them or they'll ban your account.

Editing to add: You can get base game on disc off Amazon for $13 right now. Though you might want to invest in gold edition for the DLC that's included.

u/Thalur · 1 pointr/elderscrollsonline

Does anyone know if the non-digital versions (e.g. will come with the 20GB data files on DVDs? I have a 10GB/month download cap so I currently have no other way of getting the game :(

u/chains- · 5 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

Gold edition has the four small DLC's (Dark brotherhood, thieves guild, imperial city and orsinium)

Tamriel Unlimited is just the base game on its own with no DLC.

You could try looking for the Morrowind version of the game. It has the base game along with the Morrowind expansion. You'd then just need to buy the other 4 DLC's if you wanted them.

In the UK you can get Morrowind with the base game for £9.