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u/Omnux · 1 pointr/redditblack
  1. You need a USB drive. Download this program. This is all legitimate and nothing piracy. It's from the Microsoft website.
  2. You're going to need a Windows ISO. ISO is a file type, and is basically the entire file of what Windows is. I cannot find a legitimate copy of that, so you're going to have find one. Note: When looking for ISO's make sure you have the correct kind of Windows for your key. Example: You had Windows Professional, make you get a Windows Professional ISO or your key won't work.

  3. Once you have the ISO, you can then start up the USB tool program and you will have to select the ISO from wherever you have it saved to create a bootable USB so when you start a new HDD on your machine, it will launch the Windows install with the version of Windows you have in the form of that ISO. Note: you may have to change settings to boot USB first so it actually initializes the USB and loads the Windows install.

  4. Go through the windows install process and enter your key when prompted.

  5. The best way I can think to recover your data from your old HDD is to let it sit for a few days without trying to run it and using a tool like this to recover your data. This cable will only work if you can get the HDD to work for a small time. It's really cool, cheap, and I've used it before. It works if the HDD does.

  6. Invest in backup USBs in the future to prevent this and always keep and ISO handy in case of this again.
u/ghambyt · 1 pointr/redditblack

Could just get something like this and customize every key.

I have a Razer Black Window and I love it, they are releasing a new version soon that would make this idea awesome. Custom key caps on the new black widow and change the light scheme to match.

u/kitchenpatrol · 1 pointr/redditblack

Invest in rechargables. They are great.

u/RabidGrinch · 2 pointsr/redditblack

Amazon seems to have them in stock? Unless there is something about this that isn't right or not what you're looking for?

edit* you're a mod here, can I have my dual colored flair back.... please.... lol

u/PhiKizzle · 2 pointsr/redditblack

Lol... formatting is hard today for some reason. Going to try one more time. Picked this up at Christmas. Very happy with it.

u/TheMiamiWhale · 1 pointr/redditblack

yep! it all checks out! Next stop.... Amazon

u/SpeclalK · 2 pointsr/redditblack

Razer Deathadder. I've had it for 3-4 years and have never had a single problem with it. Simple mouse with scroll wheel and 2 buttons on the side.

Amazon has them for under $50 right now.

u/ITK_REPEATEDLY · 1 pointr/redditblack

the biggest issue I see now is I have an extra female end that I have nothing to plug into? So basically:

Controller -> X1 chat adapter

X1 chat adapter -> 3 ring male end 'smartphone adapter'

3 ring female end 'smartphone adapter' -> 2 ring 3.5 mm male

2 ring 3.5mm male -> Tritton

That basically seems to be the path, but I have an extra female on the 'smartphone adapter'?

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/redditblack

This is the one I recently bought.. 27'' Asus monitor with 1ms response time and on sale for $262 (if you have prime I think). I'd highly reccomend it.

u/AphoticAffinity · 1 pointr/redditblack

what mics did you get? and what set of cans do you use?

Edit: found'em: Superlux HD681's

u/BIacked0ut · 1 pointr/redditblack

I know you can't prevent a ddos but you can mitigate its effect. Its a single person (most of the time unless they are using a paid service) sending you a UDP flood limited by their router and bandwidth aswell. All I need to do is mitigate it long enough so I do not lose connection to the xbox live service.

I also have a real hardware firewall, I use a cisco ASA5505 as my home border but I don't know how to specifically setup rate limits for UDP 3074 traffic (has to be a class map I can create), I'm looking into it. I watch the logs on the firewall and see the DDOS as its happening I just can't figure out the settings to mitigate it. There is no built in configureable ddos protection on this level hardware firewall however it does have better cpu/ram resources than the out of the box router that your ISP provides so if I can write something to identify and flag the IP I should be able to shun it and have my ASA use its resources to mitigate. I'm trying to fix an issue and the only responses I get are "Nope won't work, dont bother" thats bullshit there are ways to stop this.

edit: K I found it, its threat detection in the ASA which is what I was looking for.

For the total nerds/ engineers , its the burst settings I am going to mess with. I'll let ya know if this pans out.

Basically when you boot someone you have to be doing it from a seperate public Ip than your xbox or you will kick yourself offline. This is easily done because most ISP's provide you with 1 dmz ip address when you sign up for service. The ddos'er will use a seperate IP address to send the spam and the firewall can detect this traffic and auto-shun it. Auto shun blocks the ip address for a period of time, the cpu / ram cycles should have no issue.

Once I get this setup I'll let ya know if I can block some of the tools used.

Just for more info this is the firewall I have

Supports 85,000 packets a second mine is 1GB ram version