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u/EvocativeEnigma · 1 pointr/wacom

I found a review for that tablet.... it does say that it needs the Bluetooth connector, but IMO, if you have to save up that much just for the connector for a tablet that might not work, it might be better just to save up for a better tablet either new or actually refurbished rather than hoping the one from Goodwill does work, as there are issues brought up in the video that would make me not want the Bluetooth version in the first place.

The Wacom One for example, would actually be cheaper than buying the connector for a tablet you might not be able to work still?

If you go up a bit more, the Wacom Intuos Graphics comes with good set of programs as well as the tablet, too.

u/shinsameh · 1 pointr/wacom

So yea... I bought the 16 Pro. Mostly unaware of its issues.
Took a while, but once I got it to work I couldn't be happier.

Its a weird thing to say since so much people has been shaming this model. And to be honest it has a lot of issues, specially with product shipment.

For all the issues you stated, I had them and I managed to work it out. Just be sure to buy this baby:
(or any mini DP to DP that some people have been testind and managed to make it work. I used this one and it was fine for me.)

If you use the wacom link + miniDP to DP cable = should work perfectly in 4k.
I am using a GTX 980 and it works in 4k without a problem.
If your 970 supports 4k then it wouldn't be a problem. I would not recommend it for you if you have an AMD card since I had errors trying the 4k in my RX480 card.

The hardware is great, the problem is really just the software. Wacom's drivers still suck and you will need something like Lazy Nezumi's stabilizer to help with the infamous wavy lines.

And, to be honest. Even tho it is full of problems, I would still buy it again. Cuz it is a gorgeous display, and even tho I come from Intuos Pro, I felt a lot of difference from Pro Pen 1 to the newest Pro pen 2 model.

Still... it is your call :)

u/lowlifeking · 2 pointsr/wacom

I've used an Amazon brand arm with some success. It served me pretty well, though I felt the monitor might have been too heavy for it at times. It required a lot of tightening to keep it from drooping. Great arm though overall!

Recently I switched to the much more expensive Ergotron DX which has been overall much sturdier for me.

Both have about the same range of motion and articulation.


As for desks, I currently use an IKEA Bekant (motorized sit/stand version) which is not small. However they sell it in a smaller size. The legs are quite sturdy and the tabletop I use is pretty thick so I have no safety concerns there as far as weight goes. You can always get a custom top if you want to go thicker. On the site it's not rated very highly and I think perhaps there were flaws in the electrical components early on. In my personal experience, I've had the desk for the last six months and experienced no difficulties yet. I love it so far.


Good luck on your hunt.

u/KeyboardThing · 1 pointr/wacom

Here's my accessories I prioritized weight and portability. I own the 13 in version

15 inch fits the 13 inch version nearly perfect. the edges are cushioned and the entire sleeve has the shock cushion bubbles. It also has a little storage pocket, that can fit all of these accessories including the pen's cigar case.
I regret getting this case, not that it's bad, but adds a considerable amount of weight, it's kind of tacky and it's overkill for my everyday travel, and pricey, but it does provide a great deal of protection and you can use it as a stand somewhat and you can store a lot in it.

Lightweight, portable, folds flat, supports 7 - 17" tablets, sturdy.


You can use the F1 stuff by pressing fn or something like that.


Other than that I got the thunderbolt 3 cable and card to use it as a cintiq with my desktop

Thunderbolt 3

Expansion card

With that I wish there was a more compact charging cable, maybe the apple USB C wall charger will work and a portable battery. Does anyone know how much power is needed to charge the Mobile Studio? and a good desk arm for this thing.

Here is a useful app if you want to voice control your tablet, but I think it might cause battery drain

u/BigHonkerDonkers · 2 pointsr/wacom

The laptop being slow will dictate on what programs he can use for art, not the tablet itself if that is what you are asking. Can you get the make and model of the computer? I will be able to tell you which ones that would work. What version of Windows is he running?

But for now, I can list off some free ones.

Mediabang: It's completely free. It is designed for comic artists, but honestly it work for any type of art project you are doing.

Fire Alpaca: Free. it's a very light art program, so I doubt there will be lag at all.

Krita: Free. It has more of a professional look. I say it looks like one of the newest Photoshop layouts.

I suggest getting this one:

It's cheap, good for beginners, and the Intuos line of Wacom tablets are very good. It comes with three different art programs, but I do believe they are trial only.

u/tagten · 2 pointsr/wacom

There are several factors that may be at play here.

On the power brick it says it's specs are 5v 3a (15W), and has a second 20v 5a (100W) mode as well. I'm guessing that the 5v 3a mode is for when it's plugged into a computer, since it doesn't need to power the other components. So if you just want it plugged into a usb c on your computer, you'll need to make sure both the cable you're using and the port you're plugging it into support this power output. Or use the brick along with a usb c cable.

The second thing you will have to look out for is using a usb c - usb c cable that supports 10 gbps and charging at the same time. 10gbps is usb 3.1 gen 2, which is the current standard. You will need this speed in order to drive the 4k/1440p screen.

So it's really just make sure that the cable you're using is up to spec, and make sure the input on your computer is gen2 usb 3.1 that can provide the power as well as data.

This is one of the only cables I've found that would support both:

and this card is one of the only ones that come with the power requirements:

u/kodack10 · 1 pointr/wacom

Get yourself an Artisul D13 Freestyle stand and some foam bumper feet. Cut the feet in half with scissors and stick 2 of them at the bottom of the lip that supports the tablet so it creates a small gap to let air in the bottom of the MSP's vents.

I have the MSP13 and it fits like a glove but provides great cooling, and a 16 should also fit but with a little overlap.

It's also a solid stand and fully adjustable. I couldn't use my MSP without it. I draw almost exclusively in my lap and the stand is solid for this purpose.

u/_Asparas_ · 1 pointr/wacom

Thank you for the reply!

Thankfully my laptop supports display Alt mode. I couldn't really find a cable that mentioned that it supported DP Alt mode so I ordered this cable

Hoping it will work.

u/itsleemcguire · 2 pointsr/wacom

The same youtuber linked in the comments (LawrencecanDraw) just mentioned in his own youtube comments that he can shortly release some information on hooking it up to a vesa stand and then to the fantastic Ergotron arm

Im patiently waiting for him to confirm theres a solution before I start buying everything to get ready for the Dell coming out! Hope it comes to the UK fast!

u/tanr-r · 1 pointr/wacom

I have a 13HD on a home-made VESA adapter connected to an Ergotron Arm and really like the setup.

If you are talking a tabletop stand, and are okay with just landscape orientation you can use:

u/Zheta42 · 3 pointsr/wacom

I would second getting at least a Medium if possible. As soon as you get to school and past the mandatory analog courses, you'll wish you had a larger tablet. Ideally your school will have some Cintiqs to practice on as well, and going from a Cintiq to a small Intuos won't be fun.

So yea, seems like a good bet

u/fungee_ · 1 pointr/wacom

Not at all! Ok so I just did some double checking - I had found that pen by selecting "CTH - Bamboo Fun / Pen & Touch / Intuos" from the dropdown, and the pen used to come up (not sure why it doesn't anymore). Also in this post, someone said that all the pens with the prefix LP are compatible with CTH-470 tablet.

BUT in several Amazon Q&As (here, here), Wacom said that it's not compatible :/ so sorry fam! Hope you hadn't made your purchase yet!

u/draykow · 2 pointsr/wacom

Anything except the Draw. The Art, Photo, 3D, and Comic are all the exact same thing; the only differences are what kind of software they come bundles with and what sizes the actual tablets are. The small sizes are good for portable note-taking, while the mediums have twice as much writing space (less scrolling and more compact handwriting on screen).

Just weigh what software sounds the most fun to toy with in your free time vs the costs of the devices.

For promotional information, here's the official webpage for the products and here's an Amazon link where at the time of this writing, the Art small is the cheapest at at $80. The small ones are $80-95 while the mediums are about $190.

Each device has a small handful of extras, but the largest bonuses are as follows:

device | size | software
:--| :--| :--
art |small/medium| digital painting software
comic |small only| manga-oriented painting software and introductory 2d animation software
photo |small only| 2 photo-editing softwares
3D |medium only| 3D sculpting software

u/chrisav · 1 pointr/wacom

I figured out by researching it that it's the middle port on my msp 16 that allows video. Initially I tried to connect to my 15" MacBook Pro with the apples usbc cable and that gave no video. So I ordered this cable and used the middle port and it works perfectly:

That cable is only $20 so it doesn't seem very expensive.

I like the Microsoft foldable keyboard, I used it with my companion 2 and it works great.

u/tylermon2 · 1 pointr/wacom

-Stands and such.

I typically have worked with Cintiq's. Im a huge fan of an arm+screen mount...this is my intended solution for my desk. +

For on the go the above wont work so I am looking at this: Artisul Stand $60
It seems compact, should fit in any bag a MSP fits into.

u/tomatogoatee · 1 pointr/wacom

That model, unfortunately, does not support Bluetooth. (Gotta love those proprietary communication methods. Thankfully, the latest generation tablets DO have native BT support.)

There's two solutions for you. Either get a USB-C to mini USB cable and use the tablet wired. Or, if you would prefer the wireless option, you'd need to get either a USB-C to A adapter (which seem to want to come in pairs for some reason) or hub that has standard ports. (If you have a Samsung S8, S9, Note 8, or Note 9, you should have a C to A adapter in the box.)

There is a third option, but I don't know if you're interested in buying a current generation Intuos tablet just yet. ;)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/wacom

Her Intuos model number is CTL-4100. Here is the pen I ordered. I notice that the model numbers don't match but I can't seem to find any pens that are compatible. Would it be easier just to get her a replacement tablet?

Thanks. I appreciate the insight. Next time I'll have to pay closer attention to the model numbers instead of relying solely on looks. :/

u/aozixuc · 1 pointr/wacom

Never seriously drawn before, but I sculpted in high school! :P Oh, I also do photoshop moderately well with a mouse. Drawing on paper is irritating since when I make a mistake my reflex is to hit ctrl z. That's what I like about the tablet concept.

Also there's money burning in my pockets. Don't wanna hear your sensible advice of getting the $70 version. What I wanna know is should I get [this thing, the old model, the tried and true model;] ( or should I do the the new kid on the block? I've heard there are some bugs but I like to be on the cutting edge. I also like to use functional things too.

u/c4ge1nvisibl3 · 2 pointsr/wacom

Yeah man it will work, I'm using my cintiq like that, I have the Startec Hdmi to DisplayPort, however, you need an extra Displayport to minidisplayport cable, don't worry if the name is backwards, it'll work, however even if it says it works in 4k, mine only allows upto 1080p, but Wacom has said in some foorums that using HDMI with 4k would cause a terrible lag as refresh rate is not that high, unless you have HDMI 2.0, but the adapter isn't HDMI 2.0. This will cost 50 bucks (plus shipping), but, as others said maybe, if you have a desktop pc, a new video card with minidiaplay or just display port would be awesome, as you would get better performance, but as far as I know most software it not designed to use your graphic card cores, at most, as far as i remeber, only video or 3d software does that, and of course videogames. Well there you go.

u/Mugeno_o · 1 pointr/wacom

Your motherboard would need an onboard Thunderbolt 3 header. And the expansion card you linked is not displayport alternate mode (it actually says it down near the bottom), so that specific card wouldn't do the job anyways. You need to be very careful about buying USB-C expansion cards, since only a couple are actually DP-alt Thunderbolt, and not all motherboards even have Thunderbolt headers. You would need this. After that, you would need an Asus motherboard with an onboard Thunderbolt header, meaning if you do want to go that route, you'd need to get a new motherboard as well as the expansion card. Asus offers great motherboards, but I highly suggest not doing that. It's not worth the money just to use Thunderbolt, and the expansion card itself isn't all that great.

The whole Thunderbolt thing is really only for Macs and other laptops at the moment - it's not meant for desktops currently. We just need to wait until we get a better option (hopefully in the form of thunderbolt ports on graphic cards) - we can get USB-C easily, and I myself have a few USB-C ports, but Thunderbolt is a different matter entirely. As of right now, the only real way to get Thunderbolt on a desktop is having an Intel CPU, the older Asus motherboards, then their expansion card. But even that is unreliable and too expensive for something you could get much cheaper by using the Wacom Link. After all, all Thunderbolt is is a spliced displayport + usb connection - there is no real difference between Thunderbolt and the Wacom Link. The wires can be a bit iffy, but it really isn't that bad.

u/WacomSupport · 3 pointsr/wacom

Thanks for the question. The Wacom Intuos (CTL4100) would be a great tablet to start with. Its the tablet many people will choose to learn how to use a tablet and to get started with editing.

u/Some_Kuy · 2 pointsr/wacom

I just bought [Intuos Draw] ( for taking notes (in OneNote) and moderate drawing (I'm a beginner, as you can see).
But since you have Mac, you might want to get pen AND TOUCH.
And yes, the tablet does work in OneNote. I am actually using the tablet in OneNote a lot for calculus homework (lots of mistakes, so good way to save paper :p).

If you have any more questions, I can try to answer. :)

u/stranded_meerkat · 1 pointr/wacom

Glad to help. Since the MSP has all USB-C you'll need an adapter, but that should be easy. I use this one with my Cintiq Pro:

u/tox-box · 1 pointr/wacom

Ok, thanks. Will any miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable work? Like this one (first result on google).

u/Lucy-N · 1 pointr/wacom

I bought the Wacom Intuos S (wireless) as my first drawing tablet. It was only 75€ I absolutely love this tablet and I highly recommendit to you! Altough I don't use it wirelessly anymore because I noticed some lag. While using it with the USB cable there is no lag at all. I haven't figured it out the reason behind it yet, but to be honest I'm also too lazy to fix it lol and the cable doesnt even bother me, it's never in the way. Also it's a "small" sized tablet but I find it more than enough for me.

u/Viikkis · 1 pointr/wacom

I contacted Wacom support and they told me to try this adapter and that it should be 100% recommended while the other cable is not so I'll see if it helps.

Edit: also I just plugged the usb from the wacom adapter to my pc's usb 3.0 slot

u/misterpickleman · 1 pointr/wacom

I'm using a Cintiq Pro 24 on an Amazon Basics monitor arm.

(I also have an Ergotron arm and the two are virtually identical in function. The Amazon one is just $50 less.)

In my case, I drilled a hole through my table for the arm to mount through. Personally, I think this is a much more stable mounting solution as opposed to clamping it to the edge of the desk.

There is a dual monitor version of this arm available from Amazon as well. Though I cannot personally comment on how well it would work with a Cintiq. I use a dual arm at work just fine, but that's just a pair of 10 pound monitors, way less than the ~30 of a Cinitq.

u/nyc_traveler1 · 2 pointsr/wacom

Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions i'm going to go for the Wacom Intuos Art MD

u/illucere · 2 pointsr/wacom

As long as you have the Cintiq 24, and a VESA compatible monitor arm system, the adapter plate includes everything you will need to attach the two together.

EDIT: Anything with a VESA 100x100 pattern would work. Theoretically I could make it for VESA 75x75, but that's pretty uncommon.

Most people are using the Ergotron LX or something similar:
I'm personally using the AmazonBasics version. It's actually made by Ergotron in the same factory. The labels on the box openly say so, and its 40 bucks less.

u/Cancun_sucked · 2 pointsr/wacom

You are right! I checked amazon to look for a better alternative anyway which is: (Artisul Freestyle Stand - Drawing Tablet Stand for Artisul D13, D10, iPad Pro and Wacom Cintiq) []

u/Tripplejdog · 1 pointr/wacom

I would recommend this

I think you can spend a few more than $70
I think this is a good starting tablet, it is very cheap and name brand, it will work with any computer if you install the drivers.

Hope this helps,

u/mycomputerisapotato · 1 pointr/wacom

They have some nice beginner tablets like so. It is your cheapest wacom option that isn't refurbished.

u/bobbynofooot · 1 pointr/wacom

that 1050 id say is a wothwhile upgrade, any 1050 with display port will do. here is the brand of mini to full size adapter that I personally use with my cintiq pro 16 and it works flawlessly.

On your second point, they seem to cater to laptops more than desktop computers. You can go windows or Apple with your laptop and you will probably either have a mini-displayport or usbc with alternate display mode to save space, its desktops with far more IO space that always gets shafted in this regard.

u/LinkySnake · 2 pointsr/wacom

Yes, that's what I got. I bought this one

But it's an add-on item, so you can only order it together with other items that total $25 or more. I'm sure any other adapter would work though.

u/causal_friday · 1 pointr/wacom

What display outputs does your desktop have? HDMI will not work, there are no HDMI->displayport converters that I know of. What you have is meant for using in the other direction; computer with mini displayport, monitor with HDMI.

Edit: actually, there are active converters now:

These are pretty expensive because while Displayport can natively output HDMI (the converter just tells the graphics card to switch to HDMI signalling), HDMI cannot natively output a Displayport signal. So this box acts as a monitor, decodes the HDMI signal, and then retransmits it as Displayport.

u/nonelot · 1 pointr/wacom

AFAIK, the only way to get 1440p (aside from native USB-C support) on that device is with a Display Port to Mini DisplayPort cable. HDMI converters won't work.

From personal experience, even with the right DP to mDP cable, the Cintiq Pro 16 is extremely finicky about staying at 1440p. Every time you boot Windows/Linux, you'll have to manually go through a routine which includes power cycling the device itself to reach 1440p resolution.

Unless you have a computer with native USB-C + DisplayPort Alternate Mode support (mostly newer laptops), I definitely do not recommend getting the Cintiq Pro 16 if you have the intention of using the device at 1440p. If you're still intent on 1440p and have a mDP port, then I can recommend this cable since I know it works (with the previously stated caveats.)

Even at 1440p, high DPI was an issue for me. This was my fault, but I thought the experience would be better than it was. For example, I prefer Krita over Photoshop, and Krita has limited support for high DPI on Windows/Linux. For the most part, using the device at 1440p when app support was limited wasn't an encouraging experience.

I ended up trying the Cintiq Pro 16 for a limited time and simply returned it because of how disappointed I was. It has some potential, but when you pay $1,500 for something like that, then I expect a relatively seamless experience.

u/hashtagcakeboss · 1 pointr/wacom

I did! All of those actually.

Right after I got the MSP I took it with me to a (very) local Apple Store and tried with their normal USB-C cables they had on the floor and it let me use it like an Intuos but would stutter. A Thunderbolt 3 cable works without a hitch, but you’ll still probably want to power the MSP as well.

And actually I went through my Amazon history, this is the cable I bought that works for me:

Naztech USB-C to USB-C 3ft. High Speed Charge & Sync Cable. Compatible Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note8/9, MacBook, ChromeBoook Pixel, HP Spectre, LG G5, HTC 10 Other Compatible C-Type Devices

u/mountainunicycler · 2 pointsr/wacom

I do pro-level photo retouching but only dabble in drawing, but the wacom intuos is really quite good for me. It might be a little bit small for big brush strokes of drawing, but its very accurate and works extremely well. It feels like a professional tool, just at a smaller size and lower (half) resolution. That double resolution will run you triple the price, however.

The pen buttons and stuff are so useful that I have it plugged in 90% of the time I'm at a desk, because I have it mapped to have hotkeys for all my apps and even use the pen buttons as an app launcher and switcher.

The only difference between the one I linked and the three new versions is the color, button shape, and bundled software. It's exactly the same tablet resolution and pen pressure resolution. Personally, because I use photoshop for drawing / painting digitally, I see no reason to spend the extra money on the "new version."

u/KatsuraDragneel · 1 pointr/wacom

Just ordered this

someone made a vid & reddit thread a few months ago about how this works with the 16 and is capable for 4k if plugged into port 1. obviously i dont care about 4k because the 13 only supports full HD, i just need a minidisplayport to displayport conversion that works. because this startech trash does not.

u/nicetriangle · 1 pointr/wacom

Yeah I saw your video about that. I'll see if I can reproduce that issue after work today and report back.

One thing worth pointing out is the older pen I'm using may not actually be a "Pro Pen". It's the one that came with this version of the Intuos Pro Medium, and I'm not 100% sure what that pen actually is called. I've found something on Amazon being called the Pro Pen and it has silver trim on it that my older pen doesn't have. The rest of the specs seem the same though.

u/Teutron · 2 pointsr/wacom

I use a 24HD at work, and I didn't know you could detach it from it's mount to begin with?

But for my home setup, I use an Ergotron Robotic Arm.
Keep in mind, I'm using that for a 22HD, and I'd wager the 24HD is too heavy for the arm, but I haven't looked into that before.
Might be a solution for you though!

u/StefMacHollywood · 2 pointsr/wacom

Does that pen look like this? if so, then its not compatible.

The Intuos Pro you have needs any one of these pens: Pro Pen (KP503E), Grip Pen (KP501E), Art Pen (KP701E2), Classic Pen (KP300E2), Airbrush Pen (KP400E2).

u/HieiUK · 2 pointsr/wacom

Yes but since your laptop only has a HDMI out it can get expensive I believe.

But I believe it's not as simple as getting a Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI cable, look for confirmation elsewhere but according to Wacom's website & other sources I have found.

You'll want a DisplayPort to HDMI converter...

Link -

You'll also need a Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable...

Link -

That would be everything you need to get up an running. But your laptop only having a HDMI out up's the cost you'd need to spend sadly.

Full disclosure, I have a Wacom Cintiq 13 Pro myself, but I have a Macbook Pro with USB-C connectors, an a PC full of DisplayPort out's so it's much easier for me to get it connected.

u/karanksm · 1 pointr/wacom

i have this one already, im hoping it can do the job, if not ill have to go for the wacom. but oh! the LX hd, can support the 24?

ill def be buying the wacom vesa

u/GinkoWeed · 1 pointr/wacom

I recommend this one. It's below budget, though you should grab one soon.

u/laicarys · 1 pointr/wacom

I use this one. It’s got more than one angle, it won’t slip on your desk, and it’s pretty sturdy. I’ve had no issues with it so far. Doesn’t raise the tablet though. Maybe pair it with a monitor stand riser?

Another option is to mount it to an arm. You can attach a laptop tray to an arm and put the Cintiq on that.

u/TheAsianGamer · 1 pointr/wacom

I actually bought a cable that's recommended off of this sub :( its this one:

If I do get a thunderbolt cable, that would mean my desktop's USBC port needs to be thunderbolt as well, right? If it isnt, any alternatives? Or will the thunderbolt cable just work.

The issue that confuses me is that using the same USBC to USBC cable, I get a reaction out of my old laptop, but not on my desktop.

u/Jandromon · 2 pointsr/wacom

I've just seen a video where this one works with Pro 13, I think I'm getting it:

So it should be a safe bet if you have DisplayPort on your GPU, but not sure if Pro 16 will be any different...

u/SweetMonia · 2 pointsr/wacom

Or you can get the medium-sized one, for almost the same price. Since the additional drawing space can make wonders to your art:-

u/AshBashBoBash · 1 pointr/wacom

Here are my recommendations (in order):

Wacom Pro Medium (PTH651): ebay and amazon
Wacom Intuos (CTH680): amazon
Wacom Intuos Art (CTH690AK): amazon

u/GloriaVictis101 · 4 pointsr/wacom

Since you didn’t say what kind of tablet this is for, I can only guess, but first search brings up this. It’s for Intuit’s, not bamboo. $26.

u/DeathscytheVash · 1 pointr/wacom

Might I ask, what is the DisplayPort cable you have that gets it to 4k? Some people say this one works, but others say it doesn't. Figured I'd ask someone who actually has everything up an running.

u/basketbroth · 1 pointr/wacom

I think that should work.

My laptop did not have a display port, so I had to use the adapter you linked to, but also this one:

The adapter you linked attaches to the one that I linked, then you plug the USB and HDMI into the laptop.

So, in case if the adapter you linked doesn't work on its own, maybe try the one I posted.

u/desmormos · 1 pointr/wacom

Male to male cable for what exactly? Cintiq will only hook up with miniDP, usb-c or regular display port. Unfortunately you can't run it through hdmi/dvi/vga. Your cintiq must be hooked up through one of those to display on the tablet. If you don't have a display port (mini or not) or a usb-c, you need to get a pci card with one of them or get one of these: (this is what I got and works great)--- sorry in advanced if I'm missing information and am giving irrelevant info as a result

u/drawkin · 1 pointr/wacom

I did this for my citiq companion, which should work for the intuous 3 (that's the 8" tall one, right?)

I have the amazon version of the ergotron arm (it's cheaper) with an extension made by ergotron so it's long enough to drop down to my lap.

u/caseycorrupted · 1 pointr/wacom

Unfortunately it is not USB C to HDMI. It's wacom link/mini displayport to displayport cable/active displayport to hdmi. I have a big ol mess of wires on my desk currently, but at least the cintiq works!

Here's what I'm using:
displayport/hdmi adapter:

minidisplay to display port cable:

u/TheNoLifeKing · 1 pointr/wacom

It works

Used this:

Didn't test out 4k since I don't have a PS4 pro.

No sound comes thru the MSP, there might by a way around this but I use headphone anyway


Sound does come thru the MSP, my ps4 audio setting were set for the wrong output

u/sierraiola · 1 pointr/wacom

Ugh, I need a stand too. I am currently using a bowl with towels on it. I have this beautiful product propped all willy-nilly because it didn't come with a stand.

I love Wacom, but every once in a while I get really frustrated with how they roll things out.

EDIT: I just bought this because I got so irritated. Supply and demand, Wacom- supply and demand.