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u/FrenchPressMe · 19 pointsr/baseball

Not as impressive as some of the ones ive seen on this subreddit, but Im excited! Wake up everyday to change chalk records, and adjust the pennants (velcro on back)

Got the pennants from amazon (

Spray paint chalk board for the records!

u/Komacho · 7 pointsr/baseball

If anyone is interested in buying the set.

u/Toa_Quarax · 6 pointsr/StarWars

The EFX one is pretty good (here's it at, but I think the best value is easily The Black Series stormtrooper helmet, which is being released on Force Friday (September 30). It's even based on the stormtrooper helmets from Rogue One (check out this comparison by "spacebob" on the RPF), and you can already pre-order it from a few places (example). The only problems I can see with it are that the lenses look a little too transparent and Hasbro might find a way to make another surprisingly-terrible voice changer feature.

u/cooperred · 5 pointsr/flashlight

Any sort of quick release? For example

u/alwayssleepy1945 · 5 pointsr/SexWorkers

Decoy phone is a good idea, I never thought of that. Even just a cheap prepaid phone that can be used in an emergency but is otherwise not worth much.

There are also keychain add ons like this that don't even look like weapons (and this just became legal in Texas):

And then I found this while browsing Amazon, which would be even better than keys:
EIOU Self-Defence Key Chain Aluminum Anti-Wolf Defense Keychain, Ladies's Aviation Rings- 5 Pack

u/thehulk0560 · 4 pointsr/baseball

MLB Mini Pennant Set (all 30 Teams) by Rico Tag

u/skinsballr · 4 pointsr/nfl

FYI, for those looking at Secret Santa gifts, I highly do not recommend purchasing any of the faux LEGO brick helmets (like this one), or anything made by the Brxlz company, as these fake-LEGO pieces are extremely tiny; the instructions poor (not going as step-by-step as LEGO does), and nearly impossible to put together (due to the tiny size of the pieces). They look cool, but are terrible to assemble.

Just wanted to get that out there, FWIW.

u/Joel_M · 4 pointsr/StarWars
u/iFightForUsers · 3 pointsr/playingcards

Talking about these?

These are the Bicycle tactical field playing cards. They're designed to be more weather resistant than your normal bikes and to be visible when used with a red lens flash light so the pips don't disappear when under the light.

u/poo-poo · 3 pointsr/Showerthoughts
u/mattyboy323 · 3 pointsr/CFB
u/specktech · 3 pointsr/StuffOnCats
u/scarneface · 3 pointsr/poker

Here is the colored deck if you want to check that out

u/The-Rev · 2 pointsr/tampa

I'm not what one would call 'artistic' so putting one together myself would come out looking like it was done in arts & crafts time at a special ed school. Do you know someone that would commission one? I find it's much easier to pay people that know what they're doing than dicking it up myself and feeling shame

Edit: Is something like this decent? or are there better ones?

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/EDC

Like most have said, situational awareness and avoidance tactics should be foremost. But if you do wish to carry some sort of force multiplier in case of trouble, there are legal options. I carry this flashlight, which is not only blindingly bright but also makes a fine kabuton (worth every penny, I might add). There are also self-defense products like this which are legal in most places. Even a roll of quarters can make a nice fistload. Thing is, you need to learn to use the tools/weapons you choose, carrying them is not enough. Training is essential, so consider looking into some practical martial arts or defense classes.

u/papeipou · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

My mom raised me to always wear my bitch-face, from a very young age telling me all sorts of horrid things people might try and do. And the walk, I have the walk as well, I'm very able to carry myself in a confident 'not-to-be-fucked-with' sort of way.

I carry two small self-defense weapons. For my keys, I have a Black Cat. For my pocket I have the ComTech Stinger which I'm most comfortable carrying. While self-defense classes can obviously only help you here, the Comtech Stinger concentrates your punch into a 1/4" sq. in., multiplying your force by x40. It's small so if you can land just one solid hit they're not gonna know what hit them, just gonna know they don't want to fuck around with you anymore.

u/Corricon · 2 pointsr/fatlogic

haha I got pepper spray all over my leg one time. Accidentally pressed the top while it was in my pocket somehow. Hurt about as much as my period so it wasnt too bad, altho i did have to leave work early. I got some of those fake-lipstick ones with caps so it wouldnt happen again.

There's also these things if you want something faster acting:

There was a guy who'd walk around naked before dawn when i walked to work, so it was reassuring to have something, anyway

u/friendlyfire · 2 pointsr/billiards
u/sydney0168 · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

holy shit I'm so sorry that he did those things to you. he sounds like a super garbage human.

I'm gonna list some stuff out, feel free to take or leave any advice.

So. I'm a big fan of therapy as a way of dealing with trauma. but if that's not your thing you can try journaling about this incident or finding a support group. If you need help immediately then call the sexual assault hotline number at 1-800-656-4673. If you're more of an internet chat person than there's a chat option here. Some sexual assault survivors find self defense classes very therapeutic so they can prevent themselves and others from being assaulted while also getting some tension out.

I'm not sure what your living situation is like but if you have neighbors that you feel comfortable with then I would recommend making some connections there. That way there's someone who knows you and your patterns/schedule so they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity. My neighbor and I let each other know when we're leaving for the weekend. Another option would be to share your location with a family member or close friend and be honest about why.

If you want extra security for your home these are cheap and reliable ways to prevent doors from being forced open., and of course I'm a big fan of blinds/ curtains. Depending on the laws in your state, consider getting pepper spray, or a small weapon. As far as internet profiles go make sure all of them are set to private, where you can't view posts or anything related without being a follower. Avoid posting things about your new town for awhile, until you can be sure he's not trying to find you.

I'm so sorry that you might have to adopt some new habits just to avoid someone who did something so heinous. I hope that at least one thing helped you in this list, or that someone else can help you. Reach out if you need anything else!

u/Garth_McKillian · 2 pointsr/Browns

Googled "browns suit pin" and this was the first result. This is what I thought of reading your post, not sure if it's what you're looking for or not.

Same but on Amazon
aminco NFL Cleveland Browns Logo Evolution 4 Pin Set

u/TTPMGP · 2 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

It was the A’s official logo for decades, as seen here. They never used it on their caps, the same way the A’s have never used their current logo. Based on the other hats in the collection, they went with the team logos from the designated periods.

If you’re interested, here’s all of their official logos throughout the years.

u/arrggg · 2 pointsr/playingcards
u/teeim · 1 pointr/Browns
u/PhifeFootAssassin · 1 pointr/footballcards
u/LevelReward · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

how about remove the bead from here and keep the keychain as backup? --

u/ozythemandias · 1 pointr/Leatherman

I use a system similar to this , there's something similar (McGizmo?) made out of stainless if you don't like plastic.

I don't carry the Dime on my keys though, mine is just thrown into a pack somewhere.

u/juust1ncase · 1 pointr/EVERGOODS

Highlandhawker's Original Quick Release Keychain

I originally wanted to buy Kappa Quick Release Keychain but it was little bit more pricier but I'm liking highlandhawker's a lot for now!

u/SpaghettiAndWatches · 1 pointr/Gifts

If you know his favorite football team you could get him a lego helmet .

This inflatable football target also seems cool.

I would say you couldn’t go wrong with any football themed game. Also a nice pair of earbuds or cool colored headphones are not a bad idea.

u/theredview · 1 pointr/begleri

As I pointed out below. Mine and the ones linked are 2 different sizes. The 3.5cm will be ~1.4" as mine are 2.7 and is ~1".

When buying these I searched quite a bit til I found a 1" set.

This is the style I bought except I got all 7 for 13$

u/CreeDorofl · 1 pointr/billiards

Is $300 for 3 people or for each person? I'm gonna assume $300 each, because at $100 each you're looking at a cheap cue for each person, and nothing else.

I would not spend much more than $125 on the cue because in terms of 'playability' or 'technology'... most cues under ~$350 are fairly similar. The extra money between $100 and $300 buys mostly cosmetic differences. People will argue about this but trust me, you won't know or care about the differences.

Get something made of wood, not fiberglass. Get a real tip that's glued on, not a screw-on tip. Get a 2-piece, not a solid 1-piece bar cue or a 4-piece weirdo novelty cue. Suggested brands: Action, Players. Don't sweat the brand of tip, as long as it's normal leather... Everest, LePro, Boarskin, they're all fine.

For the remaining $200ish:

Absolutely get at least 1 set of Magic Ball Racks. These are cheap compared to a nice wooden or metal rack, and they rack the balls perfectly tight, and the games just go better with tight racks to start.

Get a tip tool -

Someone suggested lessons which is not a bad idea, but I know that isn't what you're after. Still, if you want to improve and have a lot more fun, for just a little more money, set aside ten bucks for "the 99 critical shots in pool". It's a great book which is basically a quickstart guide to pool.

Are the uni. balls shitty, full of scratches and dings, never rack tight, always looking dull and rough?

Spend the rest of the money on new balls. The best Aramiths you can afford for around $200.

I promise this will add more fun to the game for everyone, than making sure everyone has their own case or chalk or whatever. The balls NEED to be decent, or every rack you play will suffer a little. The spreads after the break will be shittier, balls will roll off more, there will be fewer makeable shots, the games will take much longer, people will get more bored waiting, it will feel more random and luck-based because there's fewer makeable shots after the break.

Are the balls in ok shape, but grimy, rarely cleaned, and it's hard to get them to rack tightly? Get some ball cleaner and a nice microfiber towel, polish them by hand periodically, and spend the rest of the money on a tip tool and a break cue. If you keep using your playing cue to break, you'll wear out the tip faster, and tips cost maybe $20 to change by a competent professional, though you can learn to do it yourself. A break cue will help with making those decent spreads and runnable racks, and nobody has to watch their tip flatten or fall off due to repeated power breaks.

Once cues and balls and rack are ok, invest $50 in a basic case to protect your cue and break cue -
edit: I see someone linked one for $20. If it doesn't fall apart then that's a great deal.

If you opted not to get a whole ball set, you will find you add some consistency if you get at least a decent, fresh new cue ball. Some people like the red circle or red dot cue balls, I like the measles ball, which is the one you see in most pro events. It lets you see the spin on the cue ball. Could potentially be helpful once you learn about english -

If you get serious about pool and start learning about jump shots, a jump cue would make a decent investment.

Lessons are actually a great but if you don't want to spend that kind of money, a good pool book or some videos.

Here's the tl;dr:

• $100-125 cue - Action, Players, or Schmelke
• $20 magic ball rack set
• $10 for 99 Critical Shots (or buy used for less)
• $20 for cuetec bowtie tip tool.
• ALL remaining money on the best set of Aramith balls you can afford, unless the uni balls are ok.
• IF uni balls are ok - ~$50 for measels ball, microfiber towel, & ball cleaner.
• $20-$50 for cheap 2-cue case.
• Optionally, break cue instead of the case.

Things you may not need to spend money on:

• Chalk - virtually every place provides this free of charge... if uni doesn't provide this, shame them into buying the 144-pack for 21 bucks :)

• Any sort of wooden, metal or plastic rack... these will get less consistent results than the magic rack, and those $3 plastic POS'es aren't worth it.

Alternative: someone asked about cues in the $300 range elsewhere in this sub. If you can stretch to $400, you can afford cues that are actually constructed differently, with specialty shafts, cues that actually handle a bit differently than the $125 Action or Players stuff. You could forsake everything else and just get a truly nice cue that "plays" as well as what any pro uses.

u/Hitem20 · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney
u/RebelNutt18 · 1 pointr/baseball

Here you go

They are high quality. Only complaint is that every pennant says "Rico INC" in small writing, but you can't see it and I am nitpicking.

u/advicevice · 0 pointsr/EDC

Comtech Stinger

This is actually the only thing on my key ring.